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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Isetan Lucky Bag Promotion


click on poster for larger read

I received my Isetan Newsletter last week but a lot of my readers haven't so I'm goin to briefly talk about it here coz IT'S SO DAM IMPORTANT. It's a Share-Fish kinda thing (instead of Sell-Fish). I will try to scan my newsletter tomorrow in office to put it up for everyone to see. For now must settle for a summary version okay?
Basically on Friday @ New Year's Day 2010. Isetan KLCC, Gardens & Lot 10 having BIG BIG LUCKY BAG Promotion/Event. I have never heard of LUCKY BAGS before! Isetan say Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag) is a Japanese New Year's Day custom where merchants make bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial amount.

click on poster for larger read

SO the Isetan Lucky Bags will range from cosmetic, clothing, children, supermarket, household lucky bags merchants with price starting from RM50-250 depending on which lucky bag category. Since I am a beauty crazy shopper.. i will show a lucky bag example on Cosmetic merchants k?

Ladies' Sundries - Gardens, KLCC, Lot 10
  • cosmetic 2 sample kit + 1 eyebrow service
  • fragrance 1 vials + 1 skincare sample
  • shoe voucher 6pcs
  • small pouch 1 pc
  • handbag 1 pc
  • costume accessory 1 pc
  • foot comfort stocking 1 pc
  • small accessory/costume accessory 1 pc
Gardens 50 sets, KLCC 100 sets, Lot 10 50 sets = at RM100.

Limited quantities: one customer = one lucky bag only! while stocks last. No reservation. Terms & conditions apply.

Haagen-Dazs Progress Recipe Book

click on the image for larger read

I wonder how big/small is this limited edition Haagen-Dazs Recipe Book? it comes free with purchase of a 5pc Gateau Gift set or just buy it at RM15 (proceeds will be donated to WAO).

Bazaar, Cleo & Female Mag Freebies


Bazaar (Msia) Jan Issue comes with free
OPI nail polish worth rm51
-only at Borders-

Australian Harper's Bazaar
comes with free mascara
-only at Borders-

On Christmas Eve I went to Curve to buy lambchops for my Christmas party so I drop by Borders to check out whether Female Magazine (Jan 2010) has come out. True enough Female is out! yippee.. but no freebie from Borders though. I saw Bazaar Msia is giving our free OPI nail polish and the Australian Harper's Bazaar gives out free mascara. I didn't buy them, not into nail polish or mascara. Also saw a magazine giving our some Bio Homme sample (not interested so din take note lol).

redemption details inside magazine

Today I went to MPH 1utama to see if Female Magazine has any freebies. Saw this poster about SJP's 3pc lovely collection travel spray free. I asked the MPH staff how to get the coupon? must I buy & redeem at MPH cashier? Apparently it's already inside the magazine so not consider a MPH freebie.

Cleo January 2010 comes in mini too!

Anyway I couldn't resist not buying the limited edition yearly Mini Cleo magazine! it comes with 2pc Garnier samples (wrapped together with magazine) and you can redeem Origins samples worth RM42 at MPH cashier after paying. Truthfully it's only a few sachets in a cute green see through holder.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


my Christmas tree this year

What's your Christmas tree theme this year? Mine is silver & red and I shall name it Ms. Heart-A-Lot coz there's a lot of love in this tree, especially the presents underneath it. Ms. Heart A Lot has a lot of accessories on her, I thought overloading on the decoration would be a big no-no but it turns out looking mighty fine to me!

behold Love Gifts for Miu :D muahaha all mine...

Rudolf the red nose 'lollipop' reindeer

of coz I couldn't stop myself from buying matching Christmas wrappers, ribbons & cards! the only problem I have now is identifying the presents coz it looks all the same! boo hooo! I bet u can see your gift here too somewhere kekeke. Again I'm a sucker for beautifully wrapped gifts. Unfortunately not enough time to wrap everyone's present so nicely T_T (crying face).

Thank you for the prezzies!!! it makes me so happy!!!

With this little post and a peep at my Christmas Tree, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year *muaks* especially to all my wonderful readers and super followers for making my Christmas an unforgettable one. Thank you all for the wonderful presents as well *muaks*

Ms. Read: Believe in The Magic


Christmas is around the corner and with all this shopping for presents, I forgotten to buy myself some Christmas clothing! Remembering that Ms.Read has revamp their boutique in One Utama, I went online to www.msread.com.my to check out their new arrivals. Boy was I in for a shock. The site has since been updated with plus size models wearing really cool clothings! I was instantly taken in by the fun & comfortable designs (secretly wishing how I would look in it!).

seriously I like the purple one, it's funky!

MsRead has clothings from size 12-22

If I wore that, I would look like a few pounds lighter!

oh pretty colors and still chic

this has gotta be my favourite day or night!

This is some really cool plus size fashion! comfortable, liberating and still keeping in trend, MsRead has something for anyone out there be it a size 12 or 22. Heck even the non-plus size women can wear this. Rethink beauty, rethink value. MsRead is here to empower women with the freedom to be just as they are; real women (like me).

there's more plus size clothings at MsRead's website

shopping online made easy with a few clicks

SO plus size kitties out there, please do check out MsRead.com.my & browse through their latest arrivals or something fancy like a dinner gown (i want one!) and if you fall in love with it, you can purchase the clothing online without having to go to MsRead's boutique. They accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal. If you are not happy with your order, MsRead has a 30-day returns window whereby you will be refunded, exchanged for another item or given a gift voucher of the same price you paid for.

Seventeen Magazine Freebies

free 2010 Roxy @ Seventeen Mag Calendar with Jan issue

The latest issue of Seventeen Magazine (January 2010) is out already at your nearest news stand! and it features Miley Cyrus on the cover. She looks fierce. A quick look! Seventeen is looking for 17 Girl Crew to add to their team!

click on poster for larger view

Also the yearly Seventeen Clinique Makeover Party is here and I see they are enforcing the age gap again this year (I attended the first 2 parties and had lots of fun!). Age gap is 24 years old and below. My sister & her friend is going!

click on page for larger read

The first 81 readers to sms wins preview tix! to watch Tooth Fairy on 19/1/09 (tues) 9.15pm at Cathay Cineplex Damasara (Hall 10).

voucher in this mag to redeem Clean Start preview pack

Your Free Trial
(click on page for larger read)

Also the couple of months Dermalogica has been promoting their new skincare range targeted at younger audiences called "Clean Start". I did not redeem any yet, possible because I got tons of skincare haha. Well their promotion is not over yet so go try it out if u haven't.

click page for larger read

Lastly, although I am not seventeen anymore which u might be wondering why this old bird still reads this kiddie mag it's bcoz I love the layout and creative approach to their content - makeover, clothes & make up. How Much Is Too Much? is my favorite page this month. It shows how much u need from ur skincare instead of pumping like mad covering ur whole face lol.

Kotex Luxe Roadshow

Kotex Luxe Road Show at 1utama Old Wing

Foya at 1utama yesterday night, on way to taxi stand saw the black & pink themed Kotex Luxe roadshow event at old wing concourse area until this weekend (with more cool activities). Kotex is promoting their latest New Fusion Techonology Kotex pads that combines the dryness of a net cover pad and softness of a cotton cover pad.

Combining Dryness & Comfort with just 1 pad
No More Compromises!

A lot of word to describe a new pad don't you think? basically it's new pads that comfy & absorbs well & has cotton wings instead of plastic wings (good for those sensitive to plastic wings). I still remember my classmate from school complaining to me that her pad gives her rashes and she's allergic to them.

my kotex luxe haul aprox RM18++
(lucky draw prize: Melinda Looi bag)

Their roadshow has some pretty nifty stuffs for shopaholics. First you can check out the Kotex Luxe pads (have a feel) and if you're itching to purchase make sure to get their limited edition tin can 5pcs starter pack RM3.90 which is a black & fuchsia packaged tin can fill with fuchsia covered pads. Their night time pads is worth a look too, it's so big! (kekeke) RM15.90 for 14pcs.

lucky draw prizes sony digital camera! guess watch!
melinda looi kotex bag & kotex pads

and with every RM18 purchase of Kotex Luxe you're entitle to a lucky draw on the spot, guarantee a gift. The grand prize is a Sony Digital Camera! (which I don't think they're going to make it easy for anyone to win), Guess watch, Melinda Looi designer Kotex bag and Kotex pads. I got the Melinda Looi designer Kotex bag lol!!! The quality of the bag is so-so only.

christmas tree decorated with lucky draw cards
(purchase RM18 above can get 1 lucky draw)

contest forms boxes

also with any purchase of Kotex Luxe, you can enter the DAY & NIGHT Contest to win Melinda Looi's dresses! whoopeee 7 winners! this contest is until February so I am predicting that it's going to be pretty tough to win this.

omg the dresses are awesome

love this one!!! arrghh just give it to me!

Attention freebieholics! you might want to check out Kotex Luxe website to get the free limited edition 5pcs tin can and a sample as well (but the page is not ready yet). Click here Kotex Luxe Website.

The Picture Company: Free Potrait for OneCard Members


SHIOK-nya! I was salivating outside this newly opened shop at One Utama New Wing. Ok it's been open for a month or so and I heard they're giving away free 5R potraits for OneCard Members. The promotion been extended till 31/12/09 which means U got until next week to go redeem your free potrait from The Picture Company. Oh yes I hear all the freebieholics going "omg".

sample album - aww cute baby!

I think they're targeted to people with babies
(but hey they do solo/group/family pics too)

like this one here which I really want to do!

the Picture Company at One Utama New Wing

Had a chat with their friendly SA, she showed me albums, told me about their member promotion, how their rates is and then asked if I was a One Card Member? coz I could get a 5R picture taken for free and if I want to print it bigger, just pay rm68 (only for this time, coz normally u gotta pay photo fees+picture charges). Anyone want to attack this place with me? let's start the new year with pretty pictures *giggles*

Free BIOXIL with Malaysian Tatler

Malaysian Tatler's 20th Anniversary Issue
(January Issue 2010 out already)

Free Bioxil Anti-Dot if u buy
Malaysian Tatler from MPH!

CIS.. $%%^^&&**(()())%^#$#$!!!! I thought what is Bioxil Anti-Dot??? didn't think much of it until I got back home now sitting in front my trusty old pc and google "bioxil anti dot". PUI! cis...! almost vomit blood when I read the description of the Anti-Dot which is what I have been looking for to remove my pesky blackheads without going for extraction! cis puik.. angry at myself now *slap face slap face* Malaysian Tatler only RM12 at 1 Utama MPH Bookstores and only the first few duno how many I forgot who purchased it can get the Bioxil Anti-Dot worth RM95 free! argh.. *punch stomach, slap face*

My Nippon Paint Room Makeover!


Mission : room makeover

My boyfriend’s room is white, plain white. It’s been that way since we moved in for a year. It’s time for a change!!!. I wanted to do a room makeover not just for myself but for him too and his birthday is around the corner. How often is it that you can get a room makeover for your birthday? Probably in TV shows right? Well I don’t need a TV show and I will show you how I did it, Miu-Style!

Our room white, boring, blah

With what I learned from the Nippon Paint Workshop, I started thinking how I would makeover my room. Would it be pink? Would it be orange? I wonder. Colors plays an important role in our rooms, red would increase your heart rate, while pink would be girly or sparks off your creativity. My boyfriend has high blood pressure and heart rate. He often comes back home from work, stressed.

this is my canvas

Through the workshop, I learned colors can help lower his heart rate and blood pressure. so I decided to use brown which is a stable, harmonious earthy nature color. The color also matches the interiors of his room (black brown). With the advice of Nippon Paint’s color experts, I finally selected 2 colors:-

Walls - Nippon Paint Odorless in Cotton Flannel 3035P
Feature Wall - Nippon Paint Odorless in Rocky Nook 4013D

I choose: The Secret Garden

I wanted to do something different too, not just painting but something creative & personal like creative wall painting. This can help create a more surreal setting in my bedroom. Nippon Paint workshop taught me a few basic do-it-yourself (DIY) wall art decorations. It's so easy anyone can do it, even me who has never done it before!

The Makeover – Paint Your World
(in this case my bedroom)

Watch The Painting Process

half-way there it took only 3 hours to paint my room

The Finishing Touch – Creative Wall Decoration

Wall Art Paint :
Nippon Paint Odorless and colour- Daisy Petal 6013P

Stenciling Tools:
Manila Cardboard
Masking Tape for Stencils

Watch How I Do Wall Art Stenciling

Painting the Stems

Watch How to Paint the Stems


the fingers that was harm during process
(lol! lesson no.1 wear protective gloves!)

Before the Makeover

BEFORE my bedroom was just a plain white boring space. Then I wanted to do a makeover not only for myself but also as a birthday gift to my boyfriend. I decided to do a tranquil retreat using Nippon Paint’s neutral earthy brown colors that matches the interior of the bedroom. I added a personal touch by painting a wall art stencil by following Nippon Paint’s Creative Wall Art Inspiration guideThe Secret Garden. The entire process took only 1 day. Here’s the AFTER result of my bedroom makeover.

After the Makeover!

Happy Birthday Baby! I hope you like your new room!

Special Thanks to
-Nippon Paint Malaysia
-Uncle Alan, his son & staff
-Hurley the photographer for my final pics
-Wing for her constant encouragement
-And my boyfriend for sponsoring some $$ for room decorations.

P.S: I went to the Nippon Paint Workshop (click here to read about it) to learn how to makeover my room. I asked if anyone could guess what color I would be painting my bedroom walls and u all said PINK! BOOHOO!!! wrong!!! no prize sorry!!!
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