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Sushi King SohoKL RM2 Promotion!


Sushi King, SohoKL (top floor)

Hola, I just came back from Sushi King at SohoKL (10mins walk from my condo). I knew about the RM2 promotion for colored sushi plates some time ago but never got the chance to eat until today! why is today so special? it's TUESDAY!!! and RM2 sushi plate promotion only happens on TUESDAY!!! it's kinda like ladies night right? I remember TGV used to have Tuesday as Ladies Night too with movies discounted! remember or not? big smiley face. 

every tuesday all colored sushi plates = RM2!!!
(xcept the special designed plates)

Well I know I know Sushi King is not all that right? well it's been some time since I ate Sushi King so I thought okie today I will eat some RM2 plates! don't care! must kill the expensive color plates! what's the expensive colored plate? the purple one which cost RM6 a plate! avoid all rm2 plates (next time can eat don't need eat during rm2 promotion right). 

whoa so many people suddenly?

Usually Sushi King SohoKL is kinda empty. Yea I know coz I always sneak up on them when I'm taking a stroll in Solaris Mont Kiara. I guess the promotion is really a good way to get people to notice there's Sushi King at the top level of SohoKL. Rarely people eat up there as it's out of the bird's eye view. Well except Tenji? the japanese eat all you can restaurant. I don't like Tenji anymore, when they first open it was okay, then now it's kinda commercialized fast food buffet type standard/taste. Anyway I manage to grab two RM6 purple colored sushi plates! Unagi & Deep Fried Prawn. Also one red plate where I tried scallop sushi and another is ebi prawn sushi pink plate. My bill came up to nearly RM9 for 4 plates of sushi that would cost me double the price. Great for tasting the sushi plates that's on the sushi belt. There's not too many purple sushi plates around but there's plenty of salmon type sushi going circling the sushi belt just now. I'm not salmon fan, bummer! Also I don't know if any other Sushi King has this RM2 promotion besides Sushi King SohoKL so hmm u gotta find that out yourself yeah.

Sushi King SohoKL
Lot J-01-15 & J-01-16 Soho KL,
No. 2 Jalan Solaris,
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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