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Laneige Malaysia: Meeting Steven Lee and Revolutionary Snow BB Soothing Cushion


this month's guest blogger!

I was deeply honoured to be invited to a Laneige event, as a guest blogger for www.plusizekitten.com, where they presented Steven Lee, Laneige's international visiting makeup artist all the way from Korea and a couple of new products they're launching. The night was super informative and fun with many other bloggers; everyone was pretty ecstatic to learn about tips and tricks to take better care of our skin and to apply the signature Korean makeup look - the ever natural nude makeup.

Steven Lee of Laneige - the fountain of beauty knowledge to us all bloggers that night haha

Now, every girl who has ever played with makeup would know that to put on good natural makeup is ironically the hardest. Unless you have near perfect skin, when you try to cover up your blemishes with face makeup it can be really hard to have it on like an untraceable thin veil - which is why in my opinion this new Snow BB Soothing Cushion by Laneige could be a perfect material since it's so lightweight and multifunctional as a BB cream, sun protection base (SPF50+ PA+++) and skincare (whitening & anti-aging) all-in-one.

Pleasantly surprised by this revolutionary new BB cream... in a cushion!
This product is supposed to be applied with a special blue puff that comes with each BB cushion. Other than the cushion (fyi: I once secretly flipped the entire case upside-down to see if the liquid will drop out, the answer is no, it doesn't :) good for me, if not I'm pretty sure my bag would have been a mess), I was honestly most impressed by this makeup puff / sponge. I like the colour in dark blue (as you can see in the pic above from the colour on the rim of the puff), how it's designed to absorb much less moisture than your ordinary sponge for better hygiene (bacteria grows with higher humidity) and to work hand-in-hand with the air pump technology in the cushion. "The air pump in the cushion contains air bubbles that function to disperse a thin layer of BB liquid with just a light pat." According to Mr. Lee, it's best to use this blue puff with this BB cushion and apply the product onto your face with quick, light patting motion as opposed to pressing or smudging it on.

Quick and light patting motion
Every blogger was given a BB cushion for review and after using it for a couple of times, these are my personal thoughts and findings:

  • Comes in handy in the morning when you need to do your face quick since you can basically substitute this for your UV protection. SPF50+ PA+++ is plenty for even sunscreen freaks (like me ha!) 
  • This baby provides medium to heavy coverage, depending on what you need and how much you apply but as a note for people with dry skin like I do, it's best to moisturise your face well before applying this 
  • It has a rather matte finish, thus will be most suitable for oily skin or anybody who favours a shine-free face makeup 
  • One small thing that I also notice is that the mirror in the case is of good high quality, it reflects proportionately and doesn't get blurry as easily as my other mirrors in makeup do. Might be petty, but true.
There are 3 shades available for this particular product - 21 (natural beige), 23 (sand beige) and 31 (brown beige). Each is selling at RM145 and it comes with a refill of the same shade and a new blue puff! I had lotsa fun attending this event, even won some prezzies in a contest that followed. Learned so much from Mr. Steven and he even did my brows for me by the way. Imagine how starstruck I was, you would be too if you knew he had done makeup for Daniel Henney hahaha, and many other Korean artists too of course.

The prize.
An animated moment captured ;)
Thanks to Hannah my guest blogger and Jeremy my photographer for the wonderful cover! Check out their blogs to see more pics and posts!

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