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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Fund-raising for Portable Microphone System


fundraising for community portable speaker

I bought a portable community microphone system that costs RM300 and I hope I could raise some funds to cover the cost of it and also the upkeep of the community website. If you're a beauty and craft lover, then I have two cute gifts for you to consider! First I have two things, a BB Decoden Kit set at RM29.90 and a set of cute birthday postcards RM10/10pcs which you can use as birthday party invitations or purely as birthday postcards. If you like to get both, I'll post to you for free!

Decoden Kit Set RM29.90

Are you looking to pimp your bb cushion up? You know, you can decorate your bb cushions to look like desserts just by using a piping cream made of white cream clay and dessert decodens. The key is not to think too much into it, I made mine by piping it like a whipped cream and then I place randomly picked dessert decodens on it. You can continue to fill spaces in between with the piping cream to make it more delicious.

What are Decodens?
Decodens are deco phone bits that the Japanese started. There's a whole craze over decorating our phone, your camera, your makeup products, just about anything with decodens.

How long does it take to harden?
It starts to harden once you have pipe it, but it takes 24 hours to set. Once it has set, it feels like hard rubber/silicone. The shape would not change as well. During the first 10-15 mins, you can still wipe them off and redo if you feel it's not up to your standards. The white cream clay I have is a quality one, used by many decoden artists.

How many decodens did I use on mine? (sample pic)
About 16 assorted decodens, in various sizes. I find that if you try to coordinate the colors, it won't turn out as cute as an assorted decoden arrangement.

How long does it last?
Depending on how you keep your bb cushion. I have mine for over a year now and it still looks good!
You can get my BB Deco Kit RM29.90 and it comes with the following:
  • 10pcs assorted dessert decoden
  • 1 white cream clay 50g tube
  • 1 random piping head*
Pos Laju RM6 WM / RM8 EM (courier)
Additional 5pcs of decoden at RM3.10 only.

cute birthday postcards

10 for RM10 / 100pcs for RM100 + free courier

These are matte colored printed double-side Birthday postcards which you can use either as it is or as a party invitation or deco. I only have 100pcs of these so if you'd like to support by buying a set of 10 at RM10 or 100pcs (courier free).


By Normal Post (FREE) no signature needed
By Pos Laju RM6 WM / RM8 EM (courier)

If you're interested, please drop me an email at tammylci@gmail.com. I hope this can lessen my burden on the upkeep of the community. If you buy both decoden kit + a set of postcards, I'll courier it free to you! 

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Avon Femme Exclusive & Avon Homme Exclusive Review


avon malaysia perfume
Avon Femme Exclusive & Avon Homme Exclusive Review

The OG #bossgirl is here. This is my first time reviewing Avon perfumes so forgive me if I don't know much about the range of fragrances they have. When a long time friend, Aisyah asked if I would review her new perfumes the Avon Femme Exclusive and Avon Homme Exclusive. I said yes, partly because of my curiosity since I've never smell Avon before. The magic word (from her) was that this is the exclusive version of the popular Avon Femme perfume #bazinga.

have you seen Girl Boss on Netflix?

I hate and love her at the same time
(it's like watching a spoiled mental girl trying to make it which makes it interesting but I still hate it)

A lil' bit about Avon. It was founded by an Irish man named David H. McConnell who created a company for women back in the 19th century America to have financial independence. Back then, this was kinda rare for women to be her own boss, much less work. Even if they do work, the earning power is very low compared to the opposite sex. You'll remember the Avon girls from here, all the sampling parties, house visits and makeovers. It's interesting that beauty marketing started out from the homes of the women (direct selling), and now you can just buy a beauty product online.

Avon's rich beauty history

the original girl boss - Avon

excited to test out these perfumes

So a month later, I receive the Avon box. Inside, two perfumes, a catalogue and a sample perfume card. A quick unboxing reveals the perfumes, all elegant looking like jewels. I liked the sparkling diamond design on the Avon Femme Exclusive purple box. The men, on the other hand, is just, very man. The box is in blue with a matte glossy diamond checkered pattern. I had to admit the price is affordable. You can start owning these perfumes for below RM100!

it's raining diamonds! (pic does not do justice)

diamond cut perfume bottle

the scent - sparkling pear, jasmine infusion & black vanilla essence
(only for illustration purposes)

Here come my thoughts on the Avon Femme Exclusive. It's a glamorous new fragrance for the glamorous ladies out there. Perfect for a night out, an elegant affair or a star-studded event. It's powerful, luxurious so yes, you want to go to that power lunch meeting, why not. The perfume is shaped like a jewel, with diamond cuts so the lights would make it shine. Picture a diamond ring, but now it's bigger and spritzes perfume just the brilliance isn't there which if it was would make this perfect. The bottle is see-through so you can see the liquid in purple. The cap is also shaped like a square diamond cut.

The scent? Opening notes of strong sparkling pears with hints of jasmine in the background. It quickly mellows to a musky, warm vanilla scent, which is not edible or sugary, more of a dark vanilla tone which will linger throughout the day.

This, in my opinion, smells like any other expensive perfumes out there. The notes of sparkling pears and jasmine infusion are more fruity, more berry-ish. Avon says this is Floral Oriental but I couldn't detect the floral in it. This lasted me a good 4 - 6 hours on my clothes but on my wrist, the scent weakens after an hour. 

for the man, blue and true

Avon Homme Exclusive

Now the Avon Homme Exclusive, on the other hand, is woody aromatic fragrance. It's not a unique scent IMHO but it's the kind of scents men typically go for - confidence and power. On the first spritz, it gives a refreshing energetic lift but quickly mellows down to a warm, woody, sexy scent which is quite powerful until after 2 - 4 hours it dissipates off. EDT so you can't blame its lasting power. The notes are zesty grapefruit, herbs, spices and earthy vetiver. There's not much description given for the ingredients, so I don't know what type of herbs or spices goes into this concoction.

The square bottle comes with a black cap that's see-through. If you're looking for the identical diamante pattern, it's actually on the back of the perfume.

I gave this to my boyfriend Baby G so he's now one happy guy walking about using this as a day perfume to go out walking about in the malls. He asked if I could still smell it by the end of the day, and I leaned over to smell him. Yeap it's there, but more of a powdery musk after a day out.

P.S: Thanks Aisyah for sending these over, I finally got a chance to own my first Avon product and it was the perfumes. 

Now readers, if you're thinking about getting perfumes for your friends or your partners as gifts, these are perfect since their price point is lower than your luxury perfumes, but they smell good too just like a premium perfume (no  kidding). They can be found on Avon Malaysia's website.

Avon Femme Exclusive 50ml RM89 WM / RM102.40 (EM)
Avon Homme Exclusive 75ml RM89 WM / RM102.40 (EM)

Free gifts while stocks last! If you have the Avon catalogue, show the page with the free gift redemption when you purchase these perfumes from Avon. The Avon Femme Exclusive's free gift is the 10ml purse spray worth RM29.90 WM / RM34.40 EM. The Avon Homme Exclusive's free gift is the hair and body wash 150ml worth RM29.90 WM / RM34.40 EM.

Expectations VS Reality : Online Shopping


expectations vs reality Lazada version

Last month I shared this on my Facebook because it was just too hilarious not to share. You see, I purchased 6 feet inflatable palm tree for a party from Lazada Malaysia thinking it would wow my guests. The price was affordable, it was RM80, about RM40 cheaper than Spotlight Malaysia RM120. It would take weeks to arrive, so I waited eagerly for my palm tree to come.

Then when it did, it was in a tiny flat parcel and I was stunned. I opened the parcel to discover flat pieces of material. Did I just buy a 6-inch palm tree instead of 6-feet? You know like how people always mistakenly buy miniature things for a fraction of a price without really reading into the finer details of the deal.

My staffs blew it up and we laughed - HARD. Instead of the 6-feet palm tree, what I got was a reindeer hat. This is a huge difference and clearly a big joke. While I was very angry and frustrated over my purchase and having to wait weeks for it, I couldn't stop laughing at how silly shopping on Lazada can be.

Thank god it wasn't a sex toy. Imagine what people would think I buy?

have you got a story to share?

I complained to Lazada's customer service and they gave the generic standard apology and whole nine yards of copy paste. This isn't my fault, to begin with, and I wasn't allowed a refund until I returned the goods. Seriously? So if I don't return it, could I report to the consumer ministry that I've been scammed by this website and they won't return my money? Technically, this is a scam. I can start selling diamond rings but deliver a burger instead.

So I had to fill up a form, print it out and spend time and money to travel to the nearest Lazada approved "returned" station to drop the parcel back to them before my refund could be processed. I just wish I was compensated for this? The reason I shopped online = convenience, but I guess these are the cons of shopping online.

You'll never know what may come.

Guardian X Anna Sui Luggage Redemption


Exclusive Anna Sui Luggages at Guardian

YES! I'm a bit late but here's the good news! For all you Anna Sui fans, you're going to scream at these beautiful luggage bags from the Guardian X Anna Sui collaboration! Already I'm gawking at the designs shown here! I didn't get to go to the media launch but I'll still share about this coz dam I love Anna Sui since I was a student! Her designs, creativity and magical butterflies never cease to amaze me.

The collection comes in 2 trolley bags, 1 tote bag and one designer case and can be redeemed at special prices via Guardian's loyalty programme where for every purchase of RM20 you get 1 stamp.

*Extra stamps are given if your purchases include one of the 33 participating brands. Bio-essence, Dettol, Dove, Maybelline, Nivea and Pantene.

Collect 10 Stamps to redeem one item at a special price!
  • 24-inch trolley bag at RM159.90 (compared to retail price of RM399)
  • 20-inch trolley bag at RM129.90 (compared to retail price RM199)
  • Tote bag at RM69.90 (compared to retail price of RM129)
  • Designer case at RM59.90 (compared to retail price RM99)
Stamps will be issued starting from 28 September 2017 onwards.
Redemption starts from 26 October and ends on 31 December 2017 or while stocks last.
For more information, please visit www.guardian.com.my

I want them all!

which one is your favourite?

Guardian X Anna Sui Luggage Collection

Anna Sui Perfume Lovers! Guardian is offering 2 limited edition Anna Sui Eau De Toilette (EDT) starting in November. The EDT, in handy size of 30ml each, are the Dreams Yellow, and   La Vie De Boheme, both priced at RM99.00, inclusive of GST, and would be available in only 150 selected stores. 

24-inch trolley bag

 20-inch trolley bag


Designer Case

The Story Behind The Bags:
  1. The 24-inch trolley bag: “The pattern comes from a Mid-century modern tea towel, with a barbershop quartet theme.  It originally appeared in my Fall 2012 collection, which was inspired by the work of Charles and Ray Eames, and their collection of Folk Art Americana.  We customized the print with Anna Sui slogans, perfume bottles and lipstick tubes.”
  2. The 20-inch trolley bag: “The butterfly print came from dresses in my Spring 2009 collection.  The colours of the original pattern were quite similar to the way they are on the luggage.  Some of the butterflies have been replaced with bottles of my Romantica fragrance!”
  3. Tote-bag: “The rose bordered stripe design was originally done-up in black and white, with red flowers for a dress in my Spring 2007 collection.  It remains one of the most iconic Anna Sui prints.  A runway shot of the dress is on the cover of my new book, The World of Anna Sui.”
  4. Designer case: “The pattern is derived from various Anna Sui cosmetic boxes over the years.”

I'm a bit tad worried about the quality of the luggage because we all know that loyalty goods are usually just factory reproduce merchandises for the sake of marketing redemptions. I hope these luggages are the real thing! I'm so going to Guardian tonight to get my stamps and collect all the luggages!

Update: I collected 15 stamps already! It's all thanks to the double stamp award under the brand partners for Guardian. Tip* Shop during the weekend because Guardian has special weekender promos! They'll give you the stamps and just stick them onto the card. Fill up details on the card and bring to Guardian to redeem your preferred Anna Sui luggage. There is no limit as long you have completed a full 10 stamps card. 
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