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Bake, rattle and roll - YES I WON!


OMG I received a call after dinner from "Michael" (The Star) saying I've won the Bake, Rattle & Roll contest and that I can bring a friend!! omg omg who to bring who to bring?? and I just realized it's this Saturday! wow time pass by really fast nowadays.. I thought it'll be like next Saturday or something. Thank god I've plenty of friends to ask :D and most of them loved baking, cooking and doing girly stuffs.. what am I saying..we're all girls.. *sigh*.

I did ask my guy friend Zuhri today and he gave me this big wide shock look on his face. I clearly asked the wrong person to go *lol* but I was so happy I wanted to share the news to him and my boyfriend (both did not look happy when I said I could bring a friend). O'well, I have until morning to see who's coming with me! I can't wait to learn baking and having a blast with my friend giggling and making our very own surprises ^_^!!!

Thank you AMBP for making this happen!!

The complete itinerary:

Bakin' with Dr Baker


July 5 (Saturday)


Malaysian Institute of Baking, 11 Jalan 52/B, New Town, 46200 Petaling Jaya


9am - 1pm





Briefing on the recipes and a little theory on baking


Baking session with Dr Baker


Q&A session & group photography (souvenirs to be presented to participants)



And on the other hand, I am pretty bum becoz I didn't win a handphone T_T sob sob so sad. I was really hoping to win one so I can replace my dingy handphone which is even not mine to begin with sob sob. But on a brighter note, I guess they rather let guys win techie stuffs and girls go to the baking workshop?! (my theory). Also I get to watch Evangelion!! hehe.. I wonder who should I bring? my friends and family are getting too "comfortable" havin not to pay for any movies for the past 2 years. I should ask the less fortunate to go, but how will they go.. without transport (sorry.. i don't drive and i don't own a car.. yes i am that poor T_T sob sob) sad day.. I really wanted a handphone.

update: great i just found out there's a site called nuffnang.. which if quite famous? (dam.. i am so.. BEHIND..................) and one of the guy that won the SAMSUNG HP..also won A SONY PSP recently from nuffnang contest. Seriously.. he's one dam lucky guy to be winning 2 gadgets in a time frame and I didn't know blogging could land u on stuffs like this? why didn't I start blogging sooner?? arghh..the horrroorrrr the hoooorrrrooorrr... it was suppose to be a fun hobby and I'm so sad now finding out writing stuffs online could land u a handphone and a psp.. God I hope I can sleep now..and wake up for the baking workshop... sob sob.


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