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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over a decade now. I work full-time in my dream company while juggling love, life, this cute blog and a blogger's community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • OOh La La Brunch & Self Care Workshop


    Ooh La La Brunch

    Self-care means taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, you can be well, can do your job, can help and care for others, and do all the things you want and need to accomplish in a day.
    What's The Ooh La La about?

    For one day, we ask that you leave all your worries behind, and come enjoy yourself in a self-care workshop with 3 mini exercises by our sponsored speakers followed by a delicious European brunch buffet. 

    If you're ready to let us bring you on this journey, register now and wait for our private invite.
    Private Event
    Date: 10th Sept 2022
    Time: 11am - 2.30pm
    Venue: Lou Lou James The Kitchen, Plaza Arkadia
    Dresscode: Parisian Chic (click link for example)
    *3 best-dressed ladies will win a prize worth RM128 from Lou Lou James The Kitchen.
    As seats are limited, we won't be able to invite everyone so do register early and save the date! Register Here

    P.S: Brunch will be served after 1pm and you're free to mingle and explore the sponsor's booth to collect your goodie bags worth nearly RM1,000 during that time.

    Many thanks to Lou Lou James The Kitchen, Skin Inc, Roots Malaysia, Us For Ocean and Monin for being our speakers and sponsors for the event.

    Recycle Your Batteries & Light Bulbs at Ikea Malaysia



    If you're asking where you can recycle your light bulbs and batteries amongst your other usual recyclables then sis Tammy is here to let you know, just go to Ikea Malaysia and dropped them off into the chutes there. They have slots for light bulbs, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, PET plastic bottles, plastic-based waste, and paper.

    I'm lucky since IKEA Damansara is just a walk away and I often bring my waste products here as I can't bear to put sharp objects such as light bulbs and batteries into my trash thinking of what they will do to our land.



    Dim Dou Duck, The Starling Mall

    My sister was craving Peking Duck for her birthday dinner so the fam went to the newly opened Dim Dou Duck The Starling Mall branch figuring it was the best place to avoid the crowd (covid). Their branch in Desa Parkcity had private rooms so we thought it would be a safer option for our golden girl mom.

    I called that branch and they told me they won't open the 1st floor where the private rooms are unless the ground floor is filled up. I couldn't understand why private rooms are made if they're not allowed to be reserved but since it's their business, I'll respect their conditions.

    Since Dim Dou Duck only accepts walk-ins, we took our chances at the Starling branch which was quieter. It looks bigger too since they took over the previous restaurant pub there. Dinner opens at 5pm so I was there early to get us a table. FYI they won't seat you unless everyone's there.

    U know what? I really like the colors and interior design of this outlet! Very quirky modern Shanghai vibes. Here are some pictures!

    big and spacious restaurant

    love the modern retro Shanghainese vibes

    the wallpapers are so nice!

    Since it's our lil' sister's birthday, we ordered a feast off the menu. The first was a whole Peking Duck with pancake and duck bone soup. Then we ordered pork belly for our mom, fish, rice, vegetables, and beancurd. Appetizers were the soups in which we could've opted out because the Peking Duck came with a big bowl of delicious duck bone soup. I like it so much because it had a preserved veggie taste in it too! Mom says it's too ducky for her.

    Roasted Peking Duck served with pancakes & duck bone soup RM95
    (half duck is RM60)

    the skin is so crispy, but the meat isn't overpowering ducky
    the soup is so good, don't bother ordering another soup!

    seafood black truffle soup RM20
    sour & spicy seafood soup RM15

    but we did so I'll share what we think about the soups here coz it was kinda exciting discovering these two soups. My sis and bro ordered the seafood black truffle soup and it is GOOD! It tastes like shark-fin soup with truffles and seafood. I ordered the sour & spicy seafood soup which was really weird. My siblings were laughing at me for ordering that. To me it tastes like tomato spicy shark fin soup haha it was weird but not too bad, I kinda grew to like it in the end.

    sizzling homemade beancurd with minced pork RM25
    stir-fried mixed vegetables & almond flakes RM28

    I love the beancurd! It had eggs on the bottom omg! nice!!! but the stir-fried mixed vegs & almond flakes was a bit of a let down because we were expecting the common stir fry vegs dish. This one was mostly eggplant in it and a bit of dark sweet sauce kind. That baby corn tho.. is so big. 

    yang chow fried rice RM25
    teochew orh ni RM12
    Lemongrass Jelly with Mint Lime Mixed Fruits RM12
    (forgot take pic)

    The Yang Chow Fried Rice wasn't to our liking as it's the oily and dense type. We prefer drier and yat lap yat lap kind (grain by grain kind). The desserts were not bad! My first time eating teochew orh ni which tasted like yam paste and the lemongrass jelly with fruits made a refreshing palate cleanser. It came in a ice-cream cup kind, topped with citrusy fruits. Really nice since I love lemongrass desserts.

    our round table feast

    Overall, the youngsters kinda OKAY the food but the boomers might feel they have eaten better Peking Ducks. Anyway happy birthday to my sister! We all got together to celebrate it early in the weekend so that my brother can relax a bit since he has to work almost every day. After dinner, we went jalan-jalan looking at the pop-up bazaars, do some grocery shopping, and headed back home.

    Jalan-jalan means walk-walk (take walks). 

    JALAN SS21/37, Damansara Utama,
    47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    Opens daily
    Lunch: 11.30pm - 2.30pm
    Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.00pm

    *No reservations allowed.
    *Everyone has to be there to be seated.
    * Starling has no private rooms.

    Adopt A Coral Lucky Bag by Kedai Mom


    The Coral Reef Project

    Did you know? Coral reefs are the rainforest of the sea. Besides protecting us, it is also the home, livelihood, and food source of many life forms. Let us not forget we may discover a new cure or medicinal treatment too! This is why Kedai Mom has created a special World Ocean Day edition to remind us of the wonders of corals and how we can save them from our very own homes.

    Kedai Mom's World Ocean Day Edition

    source: thewildcoastblog

    Mom made it all using special scrubby yarn

    solid coral balls

    sparkle coral ball

    These beautiful coral balls are both decorative and practical. Handmade using a special Grade A Scrubby Yarn that's currently popular in Korea. It's an eco-friendly, washable, long-lasting, and easy to grip bath/kitchen scrubby. More sustainable as it uses less water, less energy to make, and less cleaning time. 

    Easy to care, just rinse and air dry after each use. Throw them into the washer (gentle cycle) and dryer under low heat (no high heat!) Perfect for the shower experience, handmade collectors, and practical for the kitchen to scrub pots and pans.


    Inspired by the crochet coral reef movement
    by Christine and Margaret Wertheim

    Created using the special Hyperbolic Crochet stitch method imparted by the creators of the Crochet Coral Reef Movement to crafters all over the world. They're layers of yarn, spiraling into a form as beautiful as the corals in the ocean. 

    Adopt a no-die coral today at only RM50 each
    with a solid / sparkle coral ball inside!

    all these goodies in the Coral Lucky Bag
    (message postcard upon request for gifting purpose)

    10% of each coral sale will go towards
    @usforocean next beach clean up

    interested to volunteer? fill-up the form here

    and the rest will go to my mom for her monthly meds & essentials
    (and wouldn't harm if she has extras to buy stuff she likes)

    The corals are created to help spread awareness and make a statement about the vulnerability of coral reefs, especially in the face of global warming. Each purchase helps my mom with her monthly meds, and essentials and continues to create beautiful things to make people smile

    We also pledged to donate 10% of our coral sales to @usforocean's next beach cleanup in June in appreciation of the wonderful initiative by our friend Erjunn to make this world a better place. If you're interested to join them on their upcoming beach clean-up on the 16th June (Saturday) at Medan Selera Pantai Remis, do dm them! They also collect bottle caps to be upcycled into fashion accessories to fund their initiatives. 


    Squidgy, The Tentacle Scarf RM99 *preorder*
    Squidgy comes to live in this novelty crochet tentacle scarf. Approx 120cm, our tentacle friend will warm you better than a bf (or a gf!).  Takes 1- 2 weeks to make.

    ***OCEAN GWP***

    Jellyfish Accessories

    Octopus Accessories

    How Can I Adopt A Coral?

    • DM @hellotammylim or email tammylci@gmail.com
    • Buy 1 lucky coral bag + courier RM10 Malaysia
    • Buy 2 coral bags and we'll courier them free for you! 
    • Each coral bag comes with a cruelty-free clean-beauty kit thanks to Althea Korea
    • and a coral bookmark with 5 ways you can do your part as an eco-warrior today
    • Gifting A Coral Bag to someone? Request for our message postcard!

    While Stocks Last!
    Buy 2 Corals + free 1 small squid/jellyfish
    Buy 3 Corals + free 1 big squid/jellyfish

    * Delivery takes 3 - 5 working days. Delays may be expected due shortage of labor. 
    * You may opt to pick it up from Damansara Perdana.

    Disclaimer: Every creation is handmade with love using high-quality yarn with colors that are beautifully matched by my mom. Kindly allow variations in sizes, colors, and design due to the nature of handmade items and lighting. Not one item is alike. If you have any questions feel free to ask me!

    Recycle Your Clothes at UNIQLO Malaysia


    You can now recycle your clothes at UNIQLO Malaysia

    Did You Know? Through the RE:UNIQLO project You can now recycle your clothes at UNIQLO Malaysia who'll collect and give them to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and nonprofit / non-government organizations around the globe or locally where communities may have a second life with the clothes. The clothes need to be in good clean condition before you donate them. 

    John Authentic Foods Homemade Meatballs


    John Authentic Foods

    MCO getting bored at home? Miss eating hotpot at restos? Want to change things up? Introducing John Authentic Foods affordable homemade ready to cook #hotpot or #diy #HKSTYLE #prawnwonton noodles at home within minutes 💯

    All from #RM10 onwards
    ❌ Borax
    ❌ Preservatives
    ❌ Colouring

    Pork Dumpling 12pcs RM21.90
    Prawn Wonton 15pcs RM21.90 👍
    Mushroom Meatball 15pcs RM21.90
    Seaweed Meatball 15pcs RM21.90  
    Cuttlefish Meatball 15pcs RM21.90  👍
    Tender Egg Noodle 6 portions RM11.90 👍
    Prawn Broth 500ml RM10.90
    Prawn Oil 180ml RM10.90
    Crispy Fried Shallots 180ml RM10.90
    Specialty Chilli Sauce 180ml RM12.90 👍
    ***New Items***
    White Pepper Soup 500ml RM10.90 
    Pig Stomach & Radish 500g RM24.90

    all made fresh for you (preorder needed)

    Easy to cook, everything ready, safe & fresh 👍 Their signature is the prawn broth + prawn oil+tender egg noodles to make a flavourful bowl of HK-style prawn wanton noodles that your father mother will say "I'm so prawn of you!" 🦐

    here's how the packaging & homemade items looks like

    Currently have 5 types of homemade, ready-to-cook items! All come in nice packaging, seals for hygiene can keep a long time in the freezer but once open need to consume fast within 5 days bcoz no preservatives!

    The box packaging is very cute! I like it very much. So stylish when the delivery comes.

    Big pork meatballs (3 types to choose from) 15pcs for rm21.90?
    if u calculate it's only 1.46 each ball
    cheaper than Family Mart oden

    Here I show u each type of meat I tried after cooking 😃

    Their meatballs are big, fresh, and no borax but still can boing-boing 😱 Highly recommend trying the cuttlefish meatball 🦑 as it has cuttlefish bits in the pork meatball so delicious 😋  


    They have two kinds of soups, u can make a bowl of noodles or as hot pot. 1 pack is 500ml, which is enough for 1 hot pot. You can dilute with water for a bigger portion as the flavors are not diluted/light. If u have a steamboat bbq machine, it will fit enough for one round. If it's a duo pot steamboat bbq machine, it's 2 rounds of soup each pack can use.

    Their new item to accompany the white pepper soup. Some ppl don't like to eat but like the soup which is why they separated this. I personally ate this for maybe 3rd time in my whole life bcoz I'm scared of eating weird things. But after reading on google the benefits of Pig Tripe (stomach) and white pepper soup, I finish it all and slept well.

    Don't look down on the contents, it's actually quite a big portion enough for a big group to enjoy some each if eaten in a hot pot. To avoid over spilling ur hot pot, put a bit each time into hot pot soup if not there's not enough room for your meatballs.

    White Pepper Pig Tripe & Radish Soup
    white pepper soup + pig stomach white radish

    HK Style Prawn Wanton Mee
    prawn broth + tender egg noodles + prawn wanton

    I tried their new item White Pepper Soup + Pig Stomach & Radish for hot pot and the flavor is there! It makes me sleep so well at night I can feel my body detoxing! This is a famous soup to nourish the body especially new moms 👩‍🦰👶

    three types of sauces to choose from

    To complete your cooking, these John Authentic Foods homemade sauces will help combine all the flavors harmoniously together for an amazing meal.

    Here are some tips on how to use them:

    1. Speciality Chilli Sauce is like your homemade ah ma chillis sauce with added tanginess and a slightly spicy kick. It's really nice to dip and eat!

    2. Prawn Oil to add a stronger prawny taste into your prawn soup (hot pot) or finishing touch to your prawn wanton noodles. You can oil the bbq area with it and fry ur meats/vegs.

    3. Crispy Fried Shallots for those aunties n uncles who cannot live without this, it's the final ingredient to completing your wanton noodles. I also used this to oil the bbq hot pot and bbq my dumplings on it which turns out so great!

    (bbq grill shallot pork dumplings is now my fave)

    ✅【10% OFF】
    Use code TAMMY10 for 10% off min. order RM60. Exp 30/6/21

    Pre-order only as items are made fresh without preservatives!
    Wasap : wa.me/c/60126338812
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/john.authentic.foods
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/John-Authentic-Foods-102245518351809/

    🛵【Delivery - Preorder】
    Because it's preservative-free, you have to pre-order beforehand. Their delivery dates are Monday, Wed and Saturday. Delivery fresh food to your doorsteps within Klang Valley only using Lalamove. 

    Our Staycation Singapore 2018


    Our 1st trip together to Singapore

    Baby G and I were chatting the other day about where we would go with my RM1,000 k holiday tax exemption claim if the MCO allowed travel again. A few countries cropped up and eventually made the top of the list, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore. Singapore is the most accessible and nearest. It's also the most convenient if we were ever to go by bus again. 

    Chinese New Year in Chinatown

    Back in 2018, when Baby G stayed there for a month sightseeing and discovering Singapore on a budget, I visited him a couple of times during the long weekend holidays. Amongst the places he brought me to was Marina Bay Sands, which he frequently visited. 

    There are many different forms of public transport on offer to Singapore. You can go by car, train, bus, and plane. I've tried all 4 of them! In my opinion, I'd say the most relaxing would be the bus journey, although the fastest is by plane. Downtown Singapore is only about 25 mins away from the airport.

    Marina Bay Sands our dream hotel for staycation

    I remembered looking at photos online and thinking it was really impressive. Since it opened 10 years ago, it was only a couple of years ago, that I had the opportunity to see it with my own eyes. The world's most famous and iconic hotel, the most expensive resort ever built in Singapore by the Las Vegas Sands, at the very front of Marina Bay. Hence the hotel's name - Marina Bay Sands. 

    Anyone who is anyone would have definitely booked a hotel stay here, albeit being mighty expensive! Is it worth it for the whole experience? Read on to find out why we think so!

    it's so beautiful at night! we were amazed

    Firstly, it has an impressive Skydeck featuring that famous infinity pool, which overlooks the whole Singapore skyline - priceless! Just like that scene in Crazy Rich Asian. It also has an observation deck, a bar, and 2 restaurants.

    the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

    below here is a large whirlpool that forms the "oculus"
    a rainwater waterfall that fills the canal (see pic below!)

    the digital light canvas and oculus is a must-see here

    Secondly, it has everything you need within walking distance. I mean Singapore is not very big but if you don't want to travel far and would prefer everything within your vicinity, this place is gold. Shopping, sightseeing, convention centers, museum, digital light canvas, two theatres, and a casino. 

    So much to see, just at the mall alone, from the waterfalls to a romantic sampan ride (boat) around the shoppes.

    If I'm not wrong, there are over 80 restaurants as well here, some of which are by world-renowned chefs like Gordon Ramsay.

    at the deck where we waited for the spectra show to start at 8pm

    musical water and lights show

    fireworks finale

    that's the ArtScience Museum (ASM)

    Spectra Light & Water Show

    Lastly, the spectra of the light and water after nightfall, which anyone can catch for free by sitting at the deck. This is probably the most memorable and "it" moment of our Singapore stay. It's something like the KLCC water light show but this is by far 100 times superior. 

    A choreograph fountains, mist, music, with light beams shooting out of water sprinkles in all its neon madness. It only lasts for 15 minutes but stays in your memory forever.

    shall we go again baby?

    I vividly remember we just had to capture a picture of ourselves with the Marina Bay Sands hotel in the background. It looks like a giant ship perched on top of three magnificent towers to me! Boasting 55 stories, 2561 rooms with ceilings soaring high into the air. If you want to spend all day long just walking, people watching, or admiring every inch of this architectural beauty, then why not!

    A very unique and one-of-a-kind resort. If we had the money, we definitely would make this our "Staycation Singapore" again.

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