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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • 1 Utama Launches New "W.I.S.E WITH FOOD" Programme To Combat Food Waste


    Tammy checking out 1 Utama's W.I.S.E with Food Programme

    Our love affair with food here in Malaysia is well known, but unfortunately, we also tend to waste huge amounts of it. According to Solid waste Corporation Management, Malaysians generate 15,000 tonnes of food waste every day, which is enough to feed 12 million people 3 times a day! When food waste goes into landfills, it disintegrates and emits greenhouse gases leading to global warming.

    Malaysia's Largest and 1st Green Mall, 1 Utama is revolutionizing urban waste with the introduction of its W.I.S.E WITH FOOD (Waste Innovation for Sustainability and the Environment) program to demonstrate its commitment to conservation efforts. W.I.S.E is the largest on-site retail food waste management system to be introduced in a Malaysian Mall where food waste from 180 F&B tenants is transformed into high-grade organic fertilizers for a meaningful and holistic 'table to farm' approach.

    1 Utama is collaborating with Microbs, a local eco-friendly waste management company that caters to the F&B industry, in order to install a 2-tonne capacity machine which collects up to 4,000 Kg of food waste a day to be processed into 100% organic fertilizer. This will be used for gardening and landscaping throughout 1 Utama and the wider Bandar Utama area, as well as, to shoppers soon.

    During the launch of the event recently, 1 Utama's Director Teo Chiang Kok stated that they had to persuade and convince restaurant tenants about the benefits of the initiative before giving the green light to implement the system. He said he believes this zero waste ecosystem offers an efficient and socially responsible solution to the huge amount of food wastage. 

    So how does this food waste management system work? 

    Every day at 1 Utama, F&B tenants separate food waste at their premises daily. Depending on the tenant's operational size, each tenant is provided with a W.I.S.E food waste bin. 20L bins are given out to kiosk and medium-sized outlets, and 120L bins to supermarkets and large-sized restaurants.

    Food waste being disposed of in a 20L bin 

    In order for the W.I.S.E recycling machine to process food waste into organic fertilizer, the waste must first be properly segregated at source by tenants. Only solid food waste is accepted e.g. fish, meat, bones, vegetables, bread, pastries, cheese, rice, grains and any leftovers in dry form. Waste that is deemed unsuitable consists of non-solid wet waste such as, sauces, soup, curries and foreign objects like plastic, metal, paper, glass etc. All of these will need to be sorted and removed from the food waste before being deposited into the machine for recycling.

    Each Tenant is also allocated a Food Waste Monitoring Smart Card to track their daily waste disposal activities. By tapping the smart card to a reader located in the W.I.S.E recycling room when weighing in their bins, tenants are able to track the amount of food waste they dispose by weight. Data collected through the smart card is then available in a monthly report provided free to tenants so that they can conduct their own analysis on wastages, operations, and control food cost.   

    Unlike conventional waste conversion efforts, 1Utama has strategically chosen to process its food waste into 100% organic fertilizer because it has a higher value and is more beneficial for planting, vegetation and landscaping purposes.

    Organic fertilizer is collected

    According to 1 Utama General Manager Samantha Lee, tenants would be able to attain a much more successful business model by being aware of how much waste they produce on a daily to monthly basis. She says there are plans to add a 2nd machine to process even more food waste in the future and also to organize tours to educate the public about zero waste.

    So head down to 1 Utama to check out their W.I.S.E With Food program, where there is a 750 sq ft experiential showcase constructed, which includes a gallery for shoppers to watch the entire recycling process live. You can also find other "Green Attractions" all over the mall such as :

    • Rainforest - Award-winning tropical enclave with 100 species of forest trees and plants, a huge freshwater fish aquarium, koi fish ponds, waterfall, and overhead suspension bridge.
    • Secret Garden - SE Asia's largest rooftop garden 30,000 sq ft displaying 600 species of rare and temperate plants. 
    • Eco-Fabric Bank - The Public can donate clothes, toys, and bags here, to be recycled and given to disadvantaged and underprivileged communities. 
    • Water Refill Stations - Shoppers can B.Y.O tumblers and flasks to refill free drinking water of purchasing bottled water, creating less plastic pollution.       
    For more info : 

    Bio-Life Astaxanthin 6mg for Skin Health


    Astaxanthin 6mg for skin health

    Ever since I went keto and then low-carb last year, I have been quite obsessed with supplements that would improve my overall health, immune system and also my skin. I wanted to also detox my skincare regime as I have too many. I was getting tired of keeping up with all the beauty fads and wanted a break. Then I came across Astaxanthin by BiO-LiFE. The name is mighty weird like some space name! Here's how to pronounce it "Asta zan thin".

    Asta means crab and Xanthin is similar to xanthophyll (yellow leaves) which refers to the color and natural source of Astaxanthin.

    I read into it and was surprised to discover many benefits with it when researching online about keto-friendly antioxidant supplements. I have always associated superfruits as the supers of antioxidants but never occur to me that the microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis which is also found in krill, shrimp, lobsters, and salmon are also high in antioxidants!.

    Astaxanthin characteristics bright red-orange color pigment (Carotenoid)
    found in krill, salmon, shrimps, lobster and also (see below!)

    found in microalgae Haematococcus Pluvialis! 
    which is the greatest natural source of Astaxanthin

    What's Astaxanthin?
    Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring bright red-orange color pigment (Carotenoid) found primarily in marine organisms. Due to the strong antioxidant potency of Astaxanthin, it can serve as a skin guard by creating an internal protection shield in the skin to slow down the effect of aging. BiO-LiFE Astaxanthin 6mg is a high strength natural Astaxanthin extracted from microalgae which are clinically tested to produce visible cosmetic benefits on people who have aging skin such as wrinkles, loose skin, etc - BiO-LiFE

    Benefits of Astaxanthin
    source: www.oxfordvitality.co.uk

    There are seriously many benefits to taking Astaxanthin, but I would like to share more about the beauty benefit a.k.a. skin health of it today. Close friends who know me, know too well that I am a seeker of anti-aging products such as collagen drinks, bird's nest, supplements, and goo (skincare). And with this, I found out that the algae are the only Astaxanthin source that acts as a natural sunscreen to protect itself from UV rays by increasing the skin's resistance to UVA and UVB ray.

    Somewhat like a skin guard to protect the skin from the inside out!

    How does Astaxanthin 6mg help in aging skin?
    source bio life website
    • Astaxanthin 6mg forms the main protective barrier for the skin that can improve skin smoothness and reduce water loss as well as boosting the moisture retention in the skin. [1-3]
    • Astaxanthin 6mg quenches free radicals and protects the skin from oxidative stress. [4-5]
    • Astaxanthin 6mg slows down the degeneration of skin collagen. [6]
    • Astaxanthin 6mg speeds up the skin collagen fiber recovery that can reduce wrinkles and improve the elasticity of the skin. [2]

    Comes in an amber glass bottle for sunlight protection

    when I first opened my bottle, I was surprised to see the pill’s color!
    only one pill a day is needed

    Over the course of two months, I have been taking this supplement Astaxanthin 6mg once a day. It comes in a pack of 30 vegetable capsules for RM120. Good news for those on Keto or low carb diet! This is keto-friendly, and it helps to improve fat metabolism and increase muscle endurance and recovery which can help in weight loss along with exercise. 

    Tip: It is non-GMO and contains no added sugar, yeast, milk derivatives, wheat or corn starch, gluten, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

    before and after two months

    I started in December, and that was a super stressful month as work and community activities were weighing me down to the extent of me sacrificing my skincare regime. To be accurate, I forgot that I needed to use my moisturizers and serums during this period. My skin wasn't flaky, peeling or whatsoever that made me go "I need to use skincare". Only after a few weeks did I realize I was not using my H.A, oils, and creams and I trace back to when it started (which is after I started taking this supplement).

    In short, I am impressed that my skin condition looked healthy and youthful throughout the course of two months without skincare! To be fair I have normal-dry skin, so it probably did enough that I didn't realize I needed to splash skincare on my face.

    P.S: You can still use it while maintaining your daily skincare.

    I can't say if there was any improvement in wrinkles because I never notice I had any. The most significant difference would be my face wasn't flaky or dry and maintained well without skincare during this period.

    I also notice I was sleeping well into the night (if this helps?).

    high antioxidant activity against free radicals
    serving as nature’s strong antioxidant

    If you're looking for anti-aging + inner beauty + antioxidant + immune health + inflammation + joint health, then you can consider this. I take the one BiO-LiFE Astaxanthin 6mg which costs RM120 but if u buy online you can find a good deal. Available at leading pharmacies such as Alpro, Caring, Guardian and Healthlane.
    • High strength of natural Astaxanthin that gives optimum result
    • Antioxidant for aging skin
    • Clinically tested to improve skin condition within 2 months [2]
    • Solvent-free extraction technology to maintain the premium quality of Astaxanthin
    • Non-GMO and gluten-free
    • Vegetable capsule, suitable for vegetarian
    • Once-a-day convenient dosage for daily consumption

    Note: Store below 30 degree Celsius in a dry place, away from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Only for adult consumption. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

    For more information visit hwww.biolife.com.my and www.fb.com/biolifemarketing.

    Taste Australia Launch Fresh Juicy & Tasty In Season Summer Fruits


    A selection of Fresh Juicy Tasty Australian Peaches, Plums, Nectarines & Apricots
    If you are a lover of fresh juicy summer fruits such as peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots, then now is the time to head down to your local supermarket to stock up as they are now in season. Taste Australia recently launched the "Celebration of Flavours" campaign at Aeon Metro Prima, Kepong. Taste Australia is the whole-of-horticulture brand used by industry and Hort innovation to help increase the profile, sales and consumption of premium horticulture products in key export markets. Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day will be all that much sweeter with these tasty luscious fruits.

    Malaysian Celebrity Chef Abang Brian presenting the result of his culinary skills using fresh juicy Australian Summer Fruits
    As consumers prepare to Huat Ah and toss the Yee Sang high and wide to usher in prosperity and happiness this CNY, the campaign is aimed at inspiring consumers to level up the celebrations with exciting ways to enjoy these delicious summer fruits. Taste Australia, engaged Celebrity Masterchef, Abang Brian to kickstart the season with great recipes that Malaysians will love.

    L-R: Mr Liew Kong Cheng, Business Development manager of Austrade Malaysia, Ms Irene Khor Kim Eam, Persihabe, Dairy & Daily Senior Manager Aeon Co (M) Bhd and Abang Brian Malaysian Celebrity Chef displaying the Summer Fruits Yee Sang & Peach and Chocolate Trifle 
    At the Launch of the campaign, Abang Brian shared an unconventional Yee Sang recipe made sweeter and healthier with Australian summer fruits, such as succulent Australian White and Yellow Peaches, White and Yellow Nectarines, and Black, Red and Dapple Plums.

    Yee Sang Time!
    "The flavours of these stone fruits are incomparable - some sweet, some tart, and the combined flavours in a recipe such as Yee Sang is simply divine," said Abang Brian as he sliced and assembled the Aussie summer fruit Yee Sang. He went on to explain that stone fruits such as nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots have cultural significance for CNY as the fruits symbolize long life and prosperity.

    Abang Brian working his magic
    The celebration of flavours didn't end there as Abang Brian shared a recipe for Romantic Peach and Chocolate Trifle layered lovingly with juicy peaches and white chocolate cream, decorated with peaches and red plum. Perfect for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner or a CNY dinner party.

    Romantic Peach & Chocolate Trifle
    Business Development Manager of Austrade Malaysia, Mr Liew Kong Cheng, explained that Australian produce are usually highly sought after due to their deeper flavours and freshness. He added that thanks to Australia's warm climate and hot summers, the stone fruits come out sweeter and juicier. The proximity to Asia also ensures Malaysians have access to Australia's freshest seasonal produce.

    Fresh juicy tasty Summer Fruits In Season now all the way from Australia
    "These fruits can be enjoyed in so many different ways. They are perfect as snacks on their own, sliced up in fruit or leafy salads, delectable in baked and fresh desserts, perfect with creamy ones, great stewed, grilled, poached, pureed, baked or sautéed, and make excellent jams, chutneys, pickles, compotes and sorbets. It combines beautifully with so many recipes creating a joyous celebration of flavours,' said Liew.

    Summer fruits also make perfect gifts as their round shape and gold and red hues are said to symbolize prosperity and bring the recipient good fortune throughout the year.

    Available to buy In Season now at your local Supermarket
    To see the Taste Australia campaign in action and try the flavoursome summer fruits, head down to participating retailers including Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer & Aeon supermarkets.

    For more info :
    FB - https://www.facebook.com/TasteAustraliaMalaysia/

    Rip, Strip And Skip The Dip With The All-New Mission Corn Strips

    Mission Foods Introduces New Corn Strips in 3 new flavours - Tom Yum, Peri Peri and Spicy Szechuan Seafood.

    The New Corn Strips come boxed in cool retro looking ghetto blaster design
    Rip, Strip and Skip the Dip is their new campaign launched recently giving corn chip lovers a different way to snack. Perfect for Netflix & Chillin! 

    Mission Foods Corn Strips flavours Tom Yum, Peri Peri & Spicy Szechuan Seafood
    What's so different about Mission Corn Strips?

    The new Corn Strips feature a new shape and 3 new flavours making it easier to eat and deepens the 'crunchiness' of the texture compared to Mission's range of other tortilla chips. Generally corn chips are triangular but this new range forms a unique retangular strip shape. They're also healthier containing 30% less oil than potato chips, made from 100% real corn and free from preservatives and artificial colours!

    Fiery Szechuan Spicy Seafood Chips
    "We wanted to give consumers flavours that they love and are unexpected on a corn chip that can also be enjoyed straight from the pack so they can skip the dip altogether," said Constantino Flores, Vice President of Operations, Mission Foods Asia speaking at the Launch @Rumah Tangsi in KL.

    VP of Operations for Mission Foods Asia Constantino Flores (Centre) gettin down 
    The 3 new explosive flavours are sure to set taste buds aflame. Tom Yum Corn Strips marry the taste sensations that we all love in Thai food - sweet,sour,salty and spicy. One bite and you're hit with flavours of seafood cooked with hot chilli pepper, kaffir lime, galangal, lime juice and fish sauce. Sure to satisfy you when you're craving for that hot bowl of Tom Yum soup!

    Peri Peri Corn Strips have hints of citrus and lime, with a light smokiness that keeps you reaching for more. Peri Peri is always a winner with Malaysians as we love the chill-licious tangy heat, and each strip coated with this addictive flavour packs a punch.

    #RipStripSkipTheDip Campaign @Rumah Tangsi, KL
    Mala is all the rage now and if Mala is your thing too then you'll love the new Szechuan Spicy Seafood Corn Strips just as much as I do. These are perfectly coated with the picante combination of hot Szechuan peppercorns, chilli pepper, seafood and a fiery mix of other tongue-numbing spices.

    Local famous rappers Juzzthin, Loca B & Sophia Liana Rip, Strip And Skip The Dip
    To help launch the new Mission Corn Strips 3 local famous rappers treated us to rap performances waxing lyrical on each new flavour. Sophia from De Fam started the battle with her take on the Szechuan Spice flavoured Corn Strips. "Spicy Szechuan gon' turn the heat up with the media. When I got it you guys be like "Better call Sophia". Put your tastebuds on a joyride. So tasty, it makes your mouth open wide. The combination of both might just trigger your pulse."

    Juzzthin spiitin' bars

    Rap star extraordinaire, Juzzthin responded with a strong rap on the Peri Peri flavour. "It's a hot thing, in the making. Legendary. What we talkin' bout here, Peri Peri. Your tongue gets reborn soon as you taste the corn. It just gets better for the soulfood we on."

    Loca B ended the rap battle with a lyrical tirade on Tom Yum. "Tom Yum Brings That Heat, And It's Spicin' Up This Beat. My Mama Getting Mad - Lotsa Chips In One Receipt!" she rapped, bringing the house down.

    The #RipStripSkipTheDip campaign will see the rap stars along with a range of influencers share the delight in snacking on these new Corn Strips with their followers on Social Media.

    The new Mission Corn Strips range in 3 flavours are now available in 120g packs at all leading supermarkets in the snack aisle; alongside Mission's existing range od corn chips. As essential add-ons to any snack pantry, these 3 new flavours are sure to please. Hashtags to follow are #MissionCornStrips #MissionFoodsMY #RipStripSkipTheDip.

    For more Info :
    Website - https://www.missionfoods.com.my/en
    FB - https://www.facebook.com/missionfoodsmalaysia/
    IG -  https://www.instagram.com/missionfoods.my/

    Turn ON the ONGness with Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn!


     get more ONG by turning this on!

    Happy New Year Everyone! I can’t say how panicky I am feeling with having to just go through Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s (which is also my birthday) and now Chinese New Year is next weekend! OMG, I can feel my blood pressure going up just by thinking about spring cleaning and decorating my house!

    Luckily, I am not married yet, so decorations are minimal. Perhaps the usual mandarin oranges and the infamous must-have pineapple tarts can be my decorations this year but to those who are full-on hardcore to usher in the 2020 Ong, decorating your house is as competitive as the Americans celebrating Christmas!

    If you belong to this hardcore group, then you should not overlook welcoming all the ONG you can get by turning on this ONG-of-a-kind decorating trend for the modern home. 

    Your guests would be impressed because you’ve got it all covered!

    Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn; Art In Your Home

    Introducing AvatarOn, pimping your electrical fixtures (switches/sockets) to match your festive home vibes! Best of all not just for the festive seasons but practically you can personalize it whenever needed to match with your home decoration.

    cat ladies, this cat's meow is for you

    art deco at your very own home anyone?

    don't be jealous I'm different (flips hair)

    plant parents like me would love this!

    You may not realize it, but everyone touches this thing every day, especially when it gets dark so. Yes, I’m talking about our home switches and now these humble switches will get the attention it deserves.

    Changeable light switches just as you like with AvatarOn

    Schneider Electric’s AvatarOn is a revolutionary suite of switches that takes personalization to the next level with premium digital printing technology. It is an array of replaceable covers for full customization and integration to any home décor. Be it a décor from the year of the pig to the year of the rat, AvatarOn allows you to have the flexibility to personalize your switches and change it anytime and however, you want it. 

    customizable anytime you want, even double as a photo frame

    print out your family photos for example

    The unique, patented technology and exquisite manufacturing ensure comfortable operation, and the easy-mount design allows you to change the faceplates as quickly and easily as you wish. Now, you can blend in your Chinese New Year decoration ideas to your space and turn it into a piece of art! 
    AvatarOn offers four classic designs; White, Soft Wood, Dark Wood and Gold Hairline – letting your home's details change, just like the changes in your colorful life. The revolutionary switches can be fitted with a wide variety of changeable or customizable covers, giving AvatarOn the flexibility to integrate easily with any décor styles, meeting all aesthetic needs. 

    Check out for more information here and FYI you can buy them from Lazada too!

    P.S: You can also customize them too if you prefer your personal touch or to impress someone via Photobook

    Malaysian Hotel Tourism Tax Don't Get Scam


    Malaysia Tourism Tax

    It has come to my attention that I am sick and tired of educating hotel frontlines on how the Malaysian Tourism Tax rule works. I find myself arguing just to fight for my rights. What and how are these people train? Seriously the standard of customer service in Malaysia has always irked me. Not enough training and attention is given to customer services here!

    My first case was with Mercure Hotel Kota Kinabalu Sabah where the concierge lady charged me RM10 after seeing my second guest is Baby G (foreigner) so she jumps into automatic gear that she needs to charge me RM10 Tourism Tax without properly checking that my guest isn't the main booker nor the person paying for the room.

    Even after I confronted her about how the rule works, she continues to insist she's right. Oh fine, I'll take it up to your management after I am back.
    got my RM10 refunded after complaining

    And ok management has sorted that out and apologize. Here's evidence that they understand what, how and when to charge the RM10 Tourism Tax. It's not that I am a stingy mofo, but I can't stand it when information or rules are not followed properly (thanks to my 6 years working in a law firm, I have this iron bekside now). Worst these people don't try to LISTEN to you telling them they're not doing it right.

    FYI Tourism Tax came about in June 2017 where any foreigners holidaying and staying in Malaysian hotels would be charged an RM10 per room per night. I spoke to foreigners and tourists about this casually and they did not like the idea at all and would rather not visit Malaysia due to the "extra charge" on top of the existing taxes already imposed on them.

    Still, I think Malaysia has one of the most affordable hotel rates compared to neighboring countries. Especially for 5-star hotels. For RM200-RM500 on Agoda, you can already book a decent 5-star hotel room.

    Anyway, the Tourism Tax is imposed on foreigners who booked and checked-in to the hotel rooms. This means if the main person who booked is a local a.k.a Malaysian, you do not have to pay Tourism Tax. If you're staying with a guest regardless of foreigner or not, it does not really matter. That's just a second guest.

    Here's some info that I found on customs.gov.my

    23. Under paragraph 2 of the Tourism Tax (Exemption) Order 2017, the following tourists are exempted from the payment of the whole of TTx when they stay at any accommodation premise in Malaysia:
    a) a tourist who is a Malaysian national; and
    b) a tourist who is a permanent resident of Malaysia. (holds MyPR card)

    Q2: A Malaysian national (local) and foreigner both check into the same room and the local registers upon checking in. Upon checkout, the local pays for the stay. Is TTx chargeable?
    A2: Not subject to TTx because a local registered and stayed in the room. However, under a twin-sharing arrangement, the foreigner registers upon checking in and the stay will be subject to TTx at RM10 per room per night.

    Q3: A local and foreigner both check into the same room and the foreigner registers upon checking in. Upon check-out, the foreigner pays for the stay. Is TTx chargeable?
    A3: Subject to TTx because the foreigner stayed and paid for the stay.

    Q4: A local and foreigner both check into the same room and the foreigner registers upon checking in. Upon check-out, the local pays for the stay. Is TTx chargeable?
    A4: Subject to TTx because the room is registered in the name of the foreigner.

    I hope this gives light to who pays the Tourism Tax if you're staying with a foreigner. It is the person who registers and check-in (obviously only the main booker can check-in to validate identity as the main booker). I've stayed at many establish hotels and resorts in Malaysia e.g Mandarin Oriental Hotel, YTL Resorts many times with Baby G and I was not charged Tourism Tax.

    I could be wrong still, see for instance Genting reception tried to charge me Tourism Tax when it's registered and booked by a local - ME. I feedback this to their Facebook page so they could be aware of what's going on. Instead, I find myself having to train them too.

    A big mistake customer service people can do is take their customers for granted. As if everyone is an idiot who doesn't know how things work. Look who's the bigger idiot who says goodnight in broad daylight. Enjoy the screenshots!

    example of cs trying to think they're smarter than you

    example of cs not listening to your feedback about
    how Tourism Tax works

    from front desk to online customer service - all duno anything

    saying goodnight in broad daylight 11am

    My blood just boils when I encounter customer service experience like this, from banks to Maxis, hotels they're all the same here. But today it's about Tourism Tax and I hope you don't get charged unknowingly just because you're with a foreigner.

    P.S: This morning I saw my credit card was charged Tourism Tax RM10 by Hilton Kuala Lumpur and I reached out to the customer service team who promptly apologized and reversed this. 

    I think I may have found meaning to continue blogging just by ranting about customer service in Malaysia. I have so many stories to share actually! In which 90% of the time I let it slide because I understand how it is to be in the customer service line.

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