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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    Mini Malaysia Cyberjaya

    yay yay I sat in a Mini Cooper!!!

    love this the most so cool so retro

    like a jukebox!

    Big Thanks to Mini Malaysia & Aarti from Cleo Malaysia!

    Me & Jan (the two finalist) went to Cyberjaya with Aarti (Cleo Malaysia) to visit Mini Malaysia! It was awesome. The place is so cool and the cars, it felt straight out from the set of The Fast & The Furious. The Mini Coopers were beaming at us. All throughout my visit, I felt "OMG I wish I had a Mini!". While I couldn't drive (such a big waste, I missed out my chance to drive a MINI COOPER!) Jan drove and I sat next to her. I am no car fanatic so I don't know the car lingo :( but I will say this, the Mini Cooper is so cool! We could just stick the key in and press start engine button! Everything is so automatic (I love this!) the big huge speed meter is a Mini's signature look. I totally dig it, felt like a racing car, powerful and smooth on the road. How I wish I could own a Mini and have it as my first car! It's my dream car to have a Mini Cooper but I know maybe someday I could show off in a cute pink Mini, cruise around Malaysia, driving to Pangkor Laut or Penang with my friends and sing our hearts out.

    Marie France Bodyline Day 21 : I think I lost weight!


    This morning the two blogger finalist from Cleo Malaysia's Next Top Blogger competition went to visit Mini Malaysia at Cyberjaya with Aarti (Cleo Malaysia). We were to drive the Mini Cooper around Cyberjaya for a few hours! I took lots of photos of our experience together but I find this photo to be the best because omg look at my legs! love my legs haha! Janoah also surprised me by commenting that my legs look slimmer now! She asked how was my Marie France Bodyline treatments so far. Oh man actually I did lose a bit overall but the most was on my thighs! Guess I can show off my legs next time in a mini skirt!

    I did the FELLT treatment again last Friday at Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley. I know I talked about the treatment last week but I need to recap it. This time I took a good look at the products used in this treatment. It was body shaping cream, rose scrub and seaweed masque. There's also essential oil (lavender) that's used in calming and relaxing me down before the session begins. I was given a shoulder and feet massage (oh I love massages). Then the treatment focuses on my tummy area only, starting with a rose scrub (to remove dead skin cells and open pores up for better absorption of the treatment products). Then slimming cream was was rub and massaged onto my tummy in circular movements. This went on for 20mins.

    A seaweed tummy masque (greenish in colour) went on top my tummy and clingwrap. The therapist then started to wrap me up in a cocoon with hot blanket. Hot blankets are like heated sleepign bags, it warms you up causing you to sweat. I fell asleep since I was really tired that day.

    I still think TRST is the best! in terms of the products used (ampoules, slimming gel, fat burning cream, cellulite masque, machine + massage). Highly recommend people to try TRST! I even sneakily went to register for the RM58 Tummy Reduction Therapy + RM10 Coffee Bean voucher! but when Marie France called me up and found out that I am already doing treatments, they say I cannot!!! sad sob sob sob!!! I want coffee bean voucher and Tummy Reduction Therapy!

    HRH Nail Studio Pedicure Party for Plusizekitten!


    isn't this poster pretty?

    This is what you have been waiting for! June is the birthday month for Plusizekitten's Blog! Huurraaah!! it's been 3 years and hmm things has gotten interesting for me ever since I became a blogger! I got interviewed by BFM 89.9 radio, I did campaigns, I had parties from Shu Uemura, Benefit Cosmetics and Kiehls and now I'm having parties out of shopping centers! (phew). A shopaholic has got to do what a shopaholic does best after shopping! which is relaxing her aching tired feet and having them pampered and pretty up in a nail salon.  

    OPI, Nubar, Essie and China Glaze

    Which is why HRH Nail Studio (Section 17, PJ) has decided to throw Plusizekitten & her blogger friends a Pedicure Party! Yes it's for bloggers coz it's not just only a party, it's a blogger's review party! For nearly 50mins 6 beauty/lifestyle bloggers will be invited to have their feet scrub, massage, nails trim and shape to their fancy, top with the color of their choice! 

    Not only that thanks to Sidney Kan from www.BigBoysOven.com! he will be baking special pedicure cookies and cupcakes for us to munch munch on! Imagine that pedicure cookies! I can't wait to see and bite them off one by one!

    This will be a quick contest to select the 6 beauty/lifestyle bloggers! Don't waste anymore time and start blogging about this! Tell me why you want to go and don't forget to use the poster! Leave a comment in this post with the following details:

    Blog Post: 
    Follower ID: (if you're not a follower, click follow me on my blog!)

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. you have got to be a follower of my blog! not a total stranger
    2. you have got to have passion for blogging
    3. you love pedicures
    4. you promise to come after getting an invite!
    5. you own a decent camera to show off the party photos
    6. you can submit a review in 1 week's time!
    7. lastly, it's for ladies only.

    Contest starts Mon Jun 27th - Thurs 30th July, 2011. Winners will be contacted by e-mail.



    Happy Birthday To My BFF!

    Last Thursday was my bff's birthday. I was so caught up with work I couldn't really wish her Happy Birthday properly. I didn't even sms her I think! (oh crap) and I didn't bother to call too. Now that I remember, my bff called me on my birthday to wish me! (feeling guilty now). Today I met with her to yumcha and she was telling me that she still prefer the old school way of getting wishes. I guess wishing people "Happy Birthday" or telling them "I Love You" with a phone call is still better than facebook, twitter or sms messages which also limits your words =_=! 

    e.g 160 text characters only for sms / 140 characters only for twitter

    Buaya Wing (my nickname to my bff) if you're reading this blog post, I am sorry that I didn't call you to say Happy Birthday! but I hope the surprise birthday balloons sent by me & Kenby would redeem us from our "failure"!

    Happy Birthday Buaya Wing!

    I just remembered one more reason why I didn't call her was because my phone was barred due to not enough money LOL!!! how I wish I can make calls and earn money instead! Wait I remembered there is such a promotion going on where you can make calls and get rewarded with cash! it's Celcom's HELLO MONEY! 


    How it works? you just need to make 5 domestic calls a day to get 1 chance at winning the weekly cash prize so THE MORE CALLS YOU MAKE THE MORE CHANCES AT WINNING! Every week - 1 winner will get the chance to win RM50,000.00! Contest starts from 6th June - 3rd July, 2011

    Week 1 (6 – 12 June 2011)
    Week 2 (13 – 19 June 2011)
    Week 3 (20 – 26 June 2011)
    Week 4 (27 June – 3 July 2011)

    Yeah I should start calling everyone up now so I can win this RM50,000.00! If anyone wants to know more about this contest to win RM50,000.00 too just click here for the Celcom's Hello Money contest.

    Marie France Bodyline Day 18 - Did I Lose Weight?


    My friends and readers has been asking me about my slimming progress with Marie France Bodyline. Truth be told, I probably still looked the same but don't let appearance fool you! Few days ago, I met the Marie France nutritionist and she had a lil chat session with me. I was scared to death about having my weight checked on the 3rd week of my program. Shivering as I step onto the weighing scale, thinking about my judgement call, flashbacks of me finishing up a plate of Nasi Lemak came back to haunt me. "Die lah this time" I said. 

    eat right if not everything is futile! 

    When the readings were printed out (Marie France Bodyline has this weighing machine that reads your water retention, fat percentage, weight, fat mass etc! it prints the reading out after u get off the scale), the Nutritionist sat me down with a stern face. Have you been drinking enough water she asked? I lower my head down like a sad puppy and gave a guilty no. You see I work in the office most of the time under constant air conditioning and this made my skin and body dehydrated. It didn't help that I did not pay attention to drinking any water during work, so my metabolism was affected. The Nutritionist advised me to at least drink a big bottle of water a day (8 glasses of water) so that my body can flush out toxins and stuffs. I have been drinking 3 cups of water only so far compared to one each day. 

    The Nutritionist said "Well you have lost 1.8kg so far". I was like "WHAT?!" 

    Yes here's your readings. I stared at the piece of paper with my eyes wide open. OMG 1.8KG after 2 weeks of slimming treatments?! The Nutritionist said I should worked towards drinking more water and taking care of my diet. No more Nasi Lemak or oily or fried stuffs. A healthy diet is the path to slimming.

    1.8kg wow! 

    Marie France Bodyline Day 17 - It's Cold Cold Cold!!!


    Brrrr!!! omg cold wrap is really COLD! I never thought what my friends told me before was... going to be so true. I mean I heard about cold wrap slimming treatments and I thought it was just cold, until... UNTIL I TRIED IT MYSELF!!! IT'S FREEEZZZZINNG COLD!!! GOSH... I was literally jogging in the treatment room trying to keep myself warm! I also thought how cool it would be if I can buy this and use at home to replace my air-cond. 

    It was Day 17th and Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley just had their open house a day before my treatment. This post came a bit late coz during open house day, there will be no slimming appointments! BUT... Marie France Bodyline customers can come visit and eat beehon and cakes!!! there's even curry chicken, it was so tasty but I had to keep to my diet! T____T I am trying to lose some weight here. I did eat a bit but curry chicken would definitely ruined my diet! Besides food, Marie France Bodyline also gives out pampering sessions like foot reflexology! hand massage etc. It was just so sad that I didn't have time to enjoy all this during a working day =(

     brrrr!!! cold wrap is sure fire way to get your fats burning!

    Anyway move on to my treatment today, I was to do a FELTT (no idea what it means) but the therapist told me it's slimming tummy massage with hot blanket, tummy slimming masque and cold wrap (1 hour 30mins). Nothing special here today except that the cold wrap is one interesting session!!!  I used my iPhone 4 camera to snap pics of myself being wrapped like a Mummy! I think I kinda look like a cute fat mummy. Freeeezzziiinnggg cold!!! My fats will be burning away to keep me warm! 

    P.S: My friend told me she does cold wraps at Marie France and it helped her to slim down!

    Pedicure Party Anyone?


    in conjunction with Plusizekitten's Blog Birthday

    I can't believe how time pass! it's been 3 years since I started blogging. I know things gotten a bit boring now and then but hell there's so many things I want to do actually but my new job is taking up a lot of my time (until I forgotten June is my blog birthday month!).  I was just day dreaming away today and pop! Why not I throw a Pedicure Party? It would be a small pampering session for bloggers to come review pedicure at a chosen place. That gives us bloggers something to rave about! I'm looking for sponsors and in the midst of planning the Pedi Party for July. It would be held in a nice setting, big comfy chairs, everyone in pink bathrobes and doll up their hair (maybe wear a wig?) munching on pedicure cookies and having their feet pampered like silly. The girls would choose their colors, take crazy shots of their pinkies and then we would all pose with our sexy legs for a group photo! 

    Yes this is in the planning, I love planning parties and events. 

    Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy Facial Promotion at Cres Wellness!


    treatment rooms are decorated with wall decals now!

    Last Friday I went for my monthly facial at Cres Wellness, Gardens Mid Valley. It was a mini facial called Oasis Treatment that lasted for an hour. After my facial I was sipping my ginger tea at the counter and I saw that they started the promotion for the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy facial treatment. It was a package for 3 crystal facial sessions for RM607.00 (free RM199 face serum and 3 eye masques worth RM29.90).  Sounds really a lot of just 3 facials? well actually this is not just any normal or basic facial, it's one of restorative facials which costs RM408 per treatment. Yeah the ones that people pay a large sum of money to make their face really nice. 

    Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy RM408

    so tempting to try a crystal facial

    What I understand about this crystal facial is that it's a highly effective reversal and therapeutic treatment that uses the power of crystals and the state of the art nano technology. It can unblock and activate the lymph nodes, increase the flow of nutrients to the cells, and thus stimulate better and faster cell repair and renewal, leaving skin instantly revitalized and ultra smooth like baby's skin. The facial uses the following:
    • Natural Quartz Crystal
    • Chakra Massage
    • Crystalline 1 (revive, restores, stimulates cell for youthful & glowing skin)
    • Crystalline 2 (calm, sooth sensitive skin, cell repair, reduce wrinkle, Hyaluronic Acid)
    • Crystalline 3 (whitening and smoothing)
    • Enzymatic Gel Complex
    • Contour Crystalline Matrix Masque
    • Ginseng Soft Masque 
    That's hell a lot of information to digest here! Look at the amount of products used for this facial. The Chakra massage is facial massage, the therapist told me this facial involves a lot of massage that would firm and lift my face. I was so tempted because I love massages (face/body/feet/etc). Then I asked about the freebie that was given in this RM607 package. Plum (manager) went into the room and took out a box of Cellnique product. The box says "Rescue Essence" and it is priced at RM199! (face serum). I took some photos.

    Cellnique Rescue Essence worth RM199
    (free with Crystal Facial package)

    has 8 Barrier Rescue Essence to repair the face
    (for youthful looking skin)

    OMG when I looked at the Cellnique Rescue Essence which has 8 mini bottle sized face serums, my heart just melted. Pardon me I'm growing old, face serums are my kind of thing now! they're intensive skincare products that helps repair skin to get back that youthful moist baby skin back. The Rescue Essence also helps improve scars! I just had to get this package =_= I don't bloody care!!! 3 intensive repair facials that uses crystals and facial massages, free face serum and free 3 eye masque for RM607?! I took out my credit card n swipe it. FORGIVE ME CREDIT CARD! I don't want to miss out on such a good deal!

    Barrier Rescue Essence provides dehydrated and sensitive skin an immediate intensive relief by strengthening its lipid layers with the skin-identical Ceramide III. This protective action ensures long term skin lubrication and helps reduce external damaging to these natural protective layers. Barrier Rescue Essence is specially targeted to aging skin, dehydration, sensitive and scar skin.

    The Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy Package RM607 promotion is ending June 30th, 2011. The package is worth RM1, 512.70! You get 3 Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy facials worth RM408 each, 1 Cellnique Rescue Essence worth RM199 and 3 eye masque (to be used in 30days time after purchase) worth RM29.90 each.

    Marie France Bodyline Day 11 - What happens when you have period?

    Marie France Treatment rooms are dimly lit
    (for relaxation and resting)

    It's day 11 of my Marie France Bodyline adventure. It's hard to keep track as I could not use my camera during my slimming session, especially when I have a huge camera to hold. I have been wondering how I could snap photos while being massaged or under a cold wrap. I'll try my best to show more photos of my treatments!

    Can U Still Do Slimming When Period Comes?

    Has anyone ever wonder what happens when your period comes and you have your next slimming treatment scheduled? It'll be messy for sure! I was feeling quite shy about this but I voiced it out to my Jennifer and she was understanding!!! She swap treatments so I could do the ones that don't involved me having to strip down to my panties or disturbing my nether regions that would affect my womb/ovaries/period. Amazing that they think about this so I don't have to miss or reschedule my slimming session. It's not every day that a working person like me get to have free time to go for appointments.

     sometimes while I'm having my slimming wrap 
    I can come here to chill & read magazines!
    (Marie France Mid Valley lounge)

    SO today I'm getting a machine treatment that focuses on my flabby arm bits and back. Again the machine looks like a vacuum cleaner, but there's no suction involved. From what I see, it's an infra red roller that the therapist held on and move in a one direction technique. A cooling gel was applied on the areas before the machine treatment begins. This helps to combat cellulite and firmed my bits. It also makes it much a smoother process when a machine. I didn't any pain or discomfort in my condition, it was in fact relaxing to have something massaging me on my back and arms.

    there's also place for you to have tea and biscuits

    Gee... is all slimming treatments so relaxing? It's like a massage center + fat burning products and machine. How cool it is to get a massage that also helps slims and firms u up?

    Marie France Bodyline Day 9 - TRST is Awesome!


    few more steps and I'll reach Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley!
    (huff huff puff puff *sweats*)

    It's been 9 days since my 1st treatment at Marie France Bodyline, Mid Valley. I am so really happy with the services at Mid Valley! the staffs are so friendly! so far I think about 3-4 random stranger has seen my beautiful body (tee hee!!!).  When I say that I really mean your bits will be seen! that's quite normal for slimming treatments since the areas focused by the therapist are our problems areas, mostly tummy, thighs, arms, back. I try to cover my boobs as much as possible though and Marie France Bodyline always gives me a new disposable underwear to wear. 

    I do my slimming treatments here

    the kimono & towel greets me

    have to wear disposable panty to do treatments 

    kimono wrap keeps you warm

    Today I am going to try the TRST treatment. I don't know what it is in full words but the therapist told me it's a tummy reduction treatment. The treatment started with a rose scrub for breaking the fats on my tummy and thigh area. The therapist will then use a warm wet towel to clean the rose scrub. The scrub smells really nice! She then asked me to lie face up on the treatment bed and started giving me a welcome massage using lavender oil (to calm and relax me). I got a feeling this is going to be a wonderful relaxing treatment today!

    cold eco gel + electric rods massage

    After my welcome massage, she rub my tummy and thighs with a cool eco gel and using "electric" rods connected to a machine (not really electric but it has light small currents? to break fats on my problem area) massaged my thighs and tummy area. This went on for 10mins. I didn't feel anything at all. I was surprised it has electricity going through! It's very cold! brrrr...brrrr!!!!  

    todays treatment involves many products!

    Then she wipe the gel off and started to put slimming ampoules on me. Slimming ampoules important for penetrating and fat burning. Helps in slimming treatments. After a few mins, all the watery ampoule has been absorb by my body, so the therapist starts massaging my tummy in circular movements with a thermo slimming cream. There's so many slimming products being used in this treatment, I am actually enjoying the whole process! The massage went on for 35mins (tummy + thighs) and I actually slept because it was so enjoyable having your tummy and thighs massaged with cream. It wasn't painful at all! 

    slimming mask time

    Green Slimming Mask!!!

    When I woke up, the therapist was mixing a powder form mask with liquid to form a slimming mask. At this time I couldn't use my huge camera anymore so I took pics with my Iphone! It is a bit dark but u can see the greenish thing covering my thighs is the slimming mask. It was cooling when she put on, but after being cling wrap, it turned warm. I continue my sleep again for 20mins with the mask on. 

    I didn't know slimming treatments can be so enjoyable

    I think the treatment went on for nearly 2 hours! When I woke up I was really happy and had been thinking about signing up the TRST Slimming Package with Marie France since their 26th Anniversary is coming soon and they have discounts and promotional packages for customers to sign up. Get lucky draws if purchase RM2k above! You might even win an IPAD 2 if u purchase above RM5K and go into the IPAD 2 lucky draw round. Sounds so tempting right? So many slimming products given for this treatment session and it actually uses machine + massage. 

    Before I changed into my clothes, the therapist used one last product on me which BURN ME until the next day! Not burn as in Bakar/Fire but it was a fat melting heating cream that was applied on my tummy and thighs! I'm not suppose to bath after this too. The warmth sensation lingers until the next day! It's very warm, so I slept feeling like a kitten under the blankets that night. Awesome!!!

    Ayurveda Royal Indian Treatment at Summer Garden Detox and Wellness Centre


    Ayurveda Healing Treatments

    Being a big fan of pampering sessions like massages (particularly hot stones), foot reflexology, spas and just lazying around being pampered like hell, one of the cool stuffs I wish to try is the unique healing treatments from all over the world. When I was in The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in January, I came upon a Ayurvedic Treatment room which blew my mind off. The weird object hanging on top of the treatment bed where the head is positioned, is so dam cool. I asked the therapist what it was for and she explained it to me.
    Ayurveda is in Sanskrit. Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning science.
    That was the first time I heard about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing treatment from over 5000 years ago. They called it the "science of life". Today, Ayurveda is practiced as a natural health care and well being treatment. IIt focuses on substances and actions, which enhance the quality of our lives, by incorporating a philosophy of diet, detoxification, yoga, mental refinement and insight into living in complete balance with nature. There's plenty more to read about Ayurveda, I recommend from here.

    Shirodhara (Mind Relaxation Therapy)
    (credits to fotolia.com)

    see the video on how it's done
    Shirodhara (mind relaxation therapy) The procedure of rhythmically pouring Ayurvedic oil over the forehead (third eye massage) which relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind.
    Isn't it interesting? having herbal oil drizzling down onto your third eye chakra (forehead) to relieve tension and provide complete relaxation. They say this treatment also helps to reduce migraines and headaches (which I always get!). I find that the way the treatment is done is the same everywhere, just the atmosphere and interior of the place which differs from one another.

    Summer Garden Detox & Wellness Centre

    There isn't many Ayurveda treatment centres you can find in Klang Valley, albeit the traditional places vs health care centres vs luxurious "resort/hotel" like spas. The price difference is affected by the place as well. For the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat they charge RM500 ++ for a treatment like this couple with massage. For traditional places in Klang Valley, the prices goes up to rm180 for 50mins of Shirodhara treatment (just that). Everyday.com.my is offering only RM68 for a Ayurveda Royal Treatment (2hrs) worth RM189 which includes a 30mins Shirodhara treatment!!! The following treatments are given under the Ayurveda Royal Treatment (2hours):
    Shirodhara (Mind Relaxation Therapy) 30mins
     Hot Stone Back Massage (30mins)

    Neck Lympatic Drainage Massage 30mins

    top up RM25 for additional 45mins massage
    (hot stone or herbal compress)

    The place looks simple and comfortable enough so I bought 1 coupon to enjoy the Ayurveda Royal Treatment for 2 long hours! I get the oil on head treatment (30mins), back massage using hot stones (30mins), neck massage treatment (30mins) and infrared detox sauna (30mins). I'm going to top up RM25 for additional 45mins massage but using herbal compress. I have never done a herbal compressed before so RM25 for 45mins of this is worth the try! That would make my total treatment duration 2 hours and 45mins! This makes a great gift for friends too.

    If anyone is interested to pay RM68 for a 2 hours Ayurveda Royal Treatment click this link!

    Summer Garden Detox and Wellness Centre13-1, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1,
    Bandar Sri Damansara,
    52200, Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: 03-6280 4281

    Business Hours:
    Daily: 10.00am - 10.00pm 

    Charles Worthington Frizz Free Leave In Smoothing Spray Review


    Living in Malaysia, Frizz is a Problem!
    (photo credits to fotolia.com)

    In our humid hot crazy weather, our hairs are always in a frizz. The constant need to keep them in control is tiring and boring. We pay plenty of money trying to straighten things out up there either via drug store or pharmaceutical products, getting it chemically treated or just leave it to the experts. How much would you spend on these and get the right results? The answer? endless frizz frighting battle. Thanks to Charles Worthington from London, I have gotten myself a Frizz Smoothing Leave in Spray under the Charles Worthington Frizz Free range. The product says "SALON RESULTS" for stunningly sleek, controlled hair at home. Impressive I must say. How often it is you can get saloon result products at an affordable price range at home? 

    Created to provide up to 18 hours of frizz protection, Salon Results Smoothing Leave-in Spray offers the ultimate in long-lasting anti-frizz control. Part of the Salon Results collection, this wheat protein-enriched hair care treatment has been created to replace frizz frustration with repaired and conditioned hair. Weatherproofing your hair from the style-destroying effects of the elements, this intense leave-in frizz spray guards hair from the moment you apply. For instantly soft and shiny frizz-free hair, combine with Salon Results Frizz Free shampoo and conditioner and use our Ultimate Frizz Free Serum to calm those flyaways.

    Frizz Smoothing Leave-In-Spray 200ml @RM32.90

    Interesting note about products from Charles Worthington is that despite the simple and professional saloon looking packaging and design on their products, the way the descriptions and information provided on the back of the product is eye catching! You can spot right away what you want, need and results from an eye view. There's even an autographed of Charles Worthington readily available on the product (so for you big fans out there, you don't need to go all the way to London to get him to autograph for you!). Such simplicity makes customers like us happy. I hate squinting my eye and trying to locate product information on the back of a product to make some sense out of it.

    an autographed product? how cool is that!

    See how Charles Worthington played up the words? I like the Charles' Insider Tip =) a nifty way to say that the product should be paired with another product for best results. Check out the descriptions behind the product below:

    FRIZZ SMOOTHING LEAVE IN SPRAY with 18 hour frizz control
    you want: Stunningly sleek, controlled hair.
    you need: This frizz smoothing leave-in-spray, with Serum Smoothing Actives and intelligent 18 hour frizz control technology, guards hair against all frizz challenges throughout the day. Infused with high performance conditioners, it also nourishes and repairs damaged hair to renew hair's suppleness and shine.
    results: Hair is left sleek, replenished and frizz free for up to 18 hours.
    Charles' insider tip: For ultimate frizz management, top up your finished style with my Frizz Free Flawless Finishing Creme. Also containing 18 hours frizz control technology your hair will be protected from frizz throughout the day.
    Directions: Spritz directly onto freshly washed, towel dried hair and comb through. Do not rinse out. Style as desired to reveal super sleek end result. Avoid contact with eyes. For optimum results combine with Frizz Free Shampoo.

    Basically a leave in spray means something you can leave in on your hair (usually after washing and towel dry, not blow dry) without needing to rinse the product out. The most popular leave in products are moisture locking products like hair conditions/serums that with time, works it magic. However the Charles Worthington Frizz Smoothing Leave In Spray can be used right after towel dry and style as usual to reveal a sleek and shiny result. 

    Style as desired for super sleek hair

    My trial and error with this product:

    I made a mistake spraying directly without washing my hair, it's probably a mistake because although I have super sleek and shiny hair, I still get flyaways. The next round I used this product was right after washing my hair, towel dried it, spray generously and leave it overnight while I sleep. The next morning, my hair was manageable even without needing to iron/straightened it out. Blow drying sets my hair and the amazing thing is, the leave in smoothing spray also works to detangles my messy hair. The first time, I washed and blow my hair so it was tangled up. I used the spray generously on my hair and finger it through. The tangles were solved! and I could comb through without pulling my hair out. Great! 

    However the best result is still arming the leave in smoothing spray with either a iron straightener or blow drying your hair nicely to lock in the frizz for an 18 hour control. Combing just ain't enough to control those baby hairs that I have on my head. Also I find that I need to spray is generously to get the desired effects. This means no skimping on the spray please.

    The Charles Worthington Frizz Smoothing Leave In Spray
    Range: Frizz Free (Blue)
    Price: RM32.90
    Size: 200ml
    Packaging: standard saloon bottle with spray head inside
    Scent: not fragrance free
    Color: colorless
    Where to Buy?: available at Watsons Malaysia

    the FRIZZ FREE range

    About Charles Worthington

    The Charles Worthington philosophy of hair styling has always been rooted in quality and care; providing clients with the best possible styling results, and the most sophisticated treatment and protection for their hair at the same time. As can be seen in the enduring success of the Salon Results range, Charles has strived to achieve the same high standards whether the client is a celebrity, a salon customer or someone using Charles Worthington products from home. By developing a product range covering so many hair types and styles, the results can be more closely tailored to your needs. Charles also insists on natural ingredients wherever possible, helping to ensure that your hair is nurtured healthy, no matter how unruly it is or how much you style.
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