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  • Ayurveda Royal Indian Treatment at Summer Garden Detox and Wellness Centre


    Ayurveda Healing Treatments

    Being a big fan of pampering sessions like massages (particularly hot stones), foot reflexology, spas and just lazying around being pampered like hell, one of the cool stuffs I wish to try is the unique healing treatments from all over the world. When I was in The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in January, I came upon a Ayurvedic Treatment room which blew my mind off. The weird object hanging on top of the treatment bed where the head is positioned, is so dam cool. I asked the therapist what it was for and she explained it to me.
    Ayurveda is in Sanskrit. Ayur meaning life and Veda meaning science.
    That was the first time I heard about Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing treatment from over 5000 years ago. They called it the "science of life". Today, Ayurveda is practiced as a natural health care and well being treatment. IIt focuses on substances and actions, which enhance the quality of our lives, by incorporating a philosophy of diet, detoxification, yoga, mental refinement and insight into living in complete balance with nature. There's plenty more to read about Ayurveda, I recommend from here.

    Shirodhara (Mind Relaxation Therapy)
    (credits to fotolia.com)

    see the video on how it's done
    Shirodhara (mind relaxation therapy) The procedure of rhythmically pouring Ayurvedic oil over the forehead (third eye massage) which relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind.
    Isn't it interesting? having herbal oil drizzling down onto your third eye chakra (forehead) to relieve tension and provide complete relaxation. They say this treatment also helps to reduce migraines and headaches (which I always get!). I find that the way the treatment is done is the same everywhere, just the atmosphere and interior of the place which differs from one another.

    Summer Garden Detox & Wellness Centre

    There isn't many Ayurveda treatment centres you can find in Klang Valley, albeit the traditional places vs health care centres vs luxurious "resort/hotel" like spas. The price difference is affected by the place as well. For the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat they charge RM500 ++ for a treatment like this couple with massage. For traditional places in Klang Valley, the prices goes up to rm180 for 50mins of Shirodhara treatment (just that). Everyday.com.my is offering only RM68 for a Ayurveda Royal Treatment (2hrs) worth RM189 which includes a 30mins Shirodhara treatment!!! The following treatments are given under the Ayurveda Royal Treatment (2hours):
    Shirodhara (Mind Relaxation Therapy) 30mins
     Hot Stone Back Massage (30mins)

    Neck Lympatic Drainage Massage 30mins

    top up RM25 for additional 45mins massage
    (hot stone or herbal compress)

    The place looks simple and comfortable enough so I bought 1 coupon to enjoy the Ayurveda Royal Treatment for 2 long hours! I get the oil on head treatment (30mins), back massage using hot stones (30mins), neck massage treatment (30mins) and infrared detox sauna (30mins). I'm going to top up RM25 for additional 45mins massage but using herbal compress. I have never done a herbal compressed before so RM25 for 45mins of this is worth the try! That would make my total treatment duration 2 hours and 45mins! This makes a great gift for friends too.

    If anyone is interested to pay RM68 for a 2 hours Ayurveda Royal Treatment click this link!

    Summer Garden Detox and Wellness Centre13-1, Jalan Tanjung SD 13/1,
    Bandar Sri Damansara,
    52200, Kuala Lumpur.

    Tel: 03-6280 4281

    Business Hours:
    Daily: 10.00am - 10.00pm 


    1. sorry, out of topic. act, want to ask bout review on the banjaran retreat because i'm planning to go there for honeymoon. will it worth it? is it true, no room service? thank you ya! :)

    2. veesakura: wow!!! didn't know anyone notice about my banjaran review.. i haven't come down to blogging about it but i have so many photos on my facebook to share. Please take a look:


      and here http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150170921883356.358459.665433355

    3. tammy: thanks a lot! really helpful. thanks ya :)

    4. Hi..just wan to ask you either Summer Garden will force the customer that they got from discount coupon (everyday.com.my) into become member or to sign up for package? I have several frightening experience from some spa that I have went.
      Thanks for your review.


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