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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • The Big Fitflop Sale!


    Print this out in COLOR to get in!
    1 print per entry per person

    Whether you’re hiking, holidaying, lounging, shopping or working, you can do it in a FitFlop shoe. At FitFlop, we make irresistible shoes that feel good, too. BENEFITS! Case studies conducted by biomechanists at the Human Performance Centre, London South Bank University, show that wearing FitFlop™ footwear can:
    • Increase bottom muscle activation (up to 30% longer)
    • Increase hamstring muscle activation (up to 16% longer)
    • Reduce knee joint stress (up to 20%)
    • Reduce hip joint stress (up to 8%)
    • Reduce ankle joint force (up to 11%)

    Join their facebook for more info!

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    The Body Shop's Charity Movie Night! The Iron Lady


    exclusive movie screening

    I didn't know who Margaret Thatcher was until Meryl Streep came along. Dubbed the Iron Lady of Britain, the movie is about the life of Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep), the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  In conjunction with the International Women's Day, The Body Shop is having an exclusive movie preview of The Iron Lady  to raise funds for the Chin Refugee School (CSO Learning Centre) KL. The charity tickets are sold for RM50 each, spread the word :) for more information go to The Body Shop Facebook.

    The Iron Lady Of Britain staring Meryl Streep

    RM50 Charity Tickets For The Iron Lady

    watch the trailer in HD

    Also thanks to The Body Shop, 9 readers (and me) will be invited to this exclusive movie night to support the fundraising cause! All you have to do is be a follower of this blog and be the first lucky 8 to tell me why you want to watch this movie!

    Invites ends 25th February, 2012. Only for those who can make it! For WOMEN only.

    He Look Into Her Eyes & She Nodded


    finally my dream is coming true after 12 years
    (my ring don't sparkle here! sobs)

    This is a long overdue post! but I'm still going to write about the day my bf finally came out of his shell and gave me his heart. Oh well, half of his shell? coz he was too shy (or say very well versed in legal mumbo jumbo) to ask the question. After all his family business is everything about the law, one would think twice about verbally promising something right? Here's my valentine story, after nearly 12 years of waiting.

    how it happened on Valentine's Day

    I went home late after dinner at One Utama with my bff and bf. Call it a threesome if you want but nothing happened besides our tummy getting pregnant with Vietnamese food. Everyone had gifts and flowers from their boyfriends, it was almost to a boiling green point for me. Coming out of the bathroom, expecting nothing less than yet another boring Valentine's Day with my bf of 12 years who doesn't believe in Valentine's Day or Christmas or any festivities connected to commercial shopping escapes. I sighed and open the door, only to be blocked by that man.

    "What do you want? I need to work right now." I said coldly, acting like I owned a business.

    He continue to block my way. I was shocked and annoyed at the same time, thinking what is wrong with him? I gotta work!. Slowly he walked right in and stood right in front of me. I can almost feel his breath. Something is wrong here. 
    Suddenly he held my hand up gently but slowly, then I saw a tiny red box. My eyes fixated at the tiny red box, unable to move away. My heart skipped a beat and the world seems to be on a standstill. 
    He opened the tiny red box and a diamond ring stood perfectly still, shining at me.

    I panic! like how the cat sees it's prey from far. What do I do now? a sense of fear came upon me. What happens if the ring can't fit? Is he going to ask the question? Omg where are we now?!

    He took my hand and slipped the ring on my finger (omg it fits! did the guy measure my finger while I was fast asleep at night?). I waited for him to pop the question but instead of the question, he warned me not to lose the diamond ring knowing down right I'm a careless bum. A 0.65 carat, high clarity, brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring he said while looking lovingly into my eyes.
    Never mind the question, my heart is already his.


    The Body Shop Valentine's Day Contest


    weird funny crazy friends

    Buaya Wing made this photo collage of that night we made chocolate honey yogurt face mask and pose for the camera (many trial and error takes). The photos, she wanted them all so I send to her e-mail. She  used an app on her Samsung Galaxy S2 and created this love collage of our fun chocolate times together. Oh.. u must be wondering why we have words on our faces, we did it for The Body Shop's Valentine's Contest! lol.


    La Senza launches its Interactive Sassy Facebook Game

    17 February, 2012 - La Senza, the ultimate global fashion destination for the young, fun, and flirty, launches its interactive Facebook game that is designed to appeal to any avid Facebooker, especially their Lingeristas. The game features La Senza’s latest lingerie collection and the winner with the highest score gets to win a one-year supply of La Senza lingerie worth up to RM 2,000! Set to stir with their cheeky tagline “Get In Our Drawers!”, the game shows a sassy design and layout that is characterized by flirty, feminine, fun and sassy artwork - a reflection of La Senza’s fashion-loving customers. With this exciting and easy-to-play Facebook game that is open to everyone, La Senza reaches out to all individuals across Malaysia. Contest ends February 27, 2012 – Click Here To Join!.

    Buddy Vs The Killer, KL Hilton Charity Dinner

     invited to a musical gala

    As I was sipping my champagne today, I remembered that one night in KL Hilton where I had great wine paired with great food amongst wonderful people. It was 12th May, 2011. The show was Buddy vs The Killer, presented by Kuala Lumpur & British Theatre Playhouse. That night was a Yayasan Tunku Naquiyuddin, Stop Dengue Mission Charity Dinner. We were invited by The Body Shop to support the cause, alongside I met and talked to Red Mummy! (awesome). That night I also remembered some lucky guy who won an iPad 2 for the lucky draw. 

     the charity table with Red Mummy and Fatin

     the menu of the night

    feast of flavors prepared by KL Hilton

    let's rock and roll tonight!

    Buddy Holly hit songs

    ‘Buddy vs The Killer’ tells the story and lives of Buddy Holly and Jerry Lee Lewis. The musical features Buddy Holly hit songs such as ‘That’ll Be The Day’, ‘Oh Boy’, ‘It’s Raining In My Heart’, ‘Maybe Baby’ and ‘Peggy Sue’ and then a riotous contrast with Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Whole Lotta Shakin Going On’, ‘High School Confidential’, ‘Down By The Riverside’ and ‘Great Balls of Fire’. Other songs in the show include ‘Chantilly Lace’ by the Big Bopper, ‘La Bamba’ by Ritchie Valens and Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’. The musical stars West End British actor-singer-musician Billy Geraghty, who will feature the music, live and work of the two rock ‘n roll legends.

    The Body Shop Limited Edition Papaya Shower Gel!


    The Limited Edition Papaya Shower Gel is back!

     Papaya-zzi yourselves today!

    this morning I showered with...

    Being a fan of shower gels, I mean who can get enough of them right? we buy at least one shower gel a month to try! (or is it just me?). My shower room is full of 'em. Whether it be the scent, the packaging, my favorite fruit or brand, I just don't stop at hello. Just to share, one of my favorite hogging place to try out shower gels is at The Body Shop. Don't blame me here. They have so many varieties of scents there from strawberries to satsuma BUT once a while limited edition shower gels comes back. Like for Christmas, you'll see Cranberry and then now PAPAYA is back!

    have you tried the Papaya yet?

    Honestly this is my first time trying Papaya shower gel as I don't always get the chance to see it around. I'm not particularly a big fan of Papaya too, but when I flip up the cap the scent of Papayas surrounded me! One would think Papaya has an overbearing smell, but surprisingly enough The Body Shop's Papaya Shower gel smells sweet and juicy! like honeydew papaya (just my opinion). U guys should smell the scent and tell me what you think!

    clear hint of orange colored liquid 

    gets foamy when mix with water

    It gets' real foamy when I lather with water (it's great for bubble baths!). The scent of Papayas surrounds me while I shower - very refreshing! but the scent is faint after the shower. Moisturizing, soap free and 100% vegetarian. You can purchase the Limited Edition Papaya Shower Gel 250ml for RM22 at The Body Shop or for a limited time only, get your hands on them from LivingSocial.com.my website for 40% off!

    Scent: Strong upon use - natural Papaya smell
    Color: clear orange liquid
    Texture: gelish liquid, foamy when lather up
    Packaging: securely cap bottle, great for travel
    Price: 250ml for RM22

    My Verdict: Will definitely get Papaya again when it's around! I'm thinking of slicing up some, smashing them into pulps and adding them to my long bath with Papaya Shower Gel. Of course I'll keep some for my face too, it's going to be anti-oxidant rich!

    My Body Shop Sensational Chocomania Valentine Photo!


    we had fun posing with chocolates for this contest

    Yesterday Buaya Wing came over late night, succumbing to my phone calls of asking her to do lesbian Valentine's photo with me. Yeah two really "young girls" trying to be really "cute" here. Don't laugh please! we got so many photos taken but this is the photo I love the most! Valentine's Day is not just about smooching with your boy toys but hey, it's about love and love is abundant around us.. our friends, our families... our pets... and even our precious precious beauty stash! haha. So... Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Spread the love, spread the joy.. spread the chocolate today all day long!

    Cute Delectable Cupcake Trinkets


    it comes with curvature chocolate buttons inside!

    I bought 4 coupons from Delectable By Su's promotion with LivingSocial.com.my today. It's Su's idea to have her cute cupcake trinkets packaged and ribbon with two of her yummy chocolate truffles pops! Just the thought of owning one, no wait four of all her designs and getting those yummy chocolate truffles are killing me. Her delectable cupcakes was really popular with cute fondant characters like Gus, Jo, Lulu, and Teddy. Now they are immortalized on the cutest cupcake trinket box I have ever seen.

    If you are a Delectable Fan like me who can't keep her mind off her cute cupcake trinkets then get them while it's hot! This delectable promotion is RM33, you get a cupcake trinket (choose 1 from 4 characters) and you also get to choose the chocolates inside! (strawberry, white lime, dark or milk chocolate) and two earl grey chocolate truffle pops.

    Your girlfriends will go "AWWWWWW" when she receives this! Some ideas for your cupcake trinkets (after finishing the chocolates inside) can be used as:
    • keepsake box
    • jewelry box to keep rings/accessories
    • paper weight holder on your desk
    • paper clips keeper
    • spare coins keeper
    • hide keys inside
    • decorations on your make up table
    I am getting 4 designs with total 8 chocolate truffles pops! (which can eat sendiri or bundle up as Valentine's chocolate gift for boyfriend to eat hehe).

    photos credits:
    Main Pic Delectable Su
    Jeremy Teoh (photographer)

    Congratulations Mama Doroshi


     Doroshi Pregger's Photos
     a happy couple waiting for....
    healthy 3.3kg baby boy!

       Dorothy:  Hint hint * mamy poko diapers size L, ( got frens give newborn, s and M ) Baby bath shampoo Bud's or Moogoo milk bath shampoo, I x hav. Yes Mama Doroshi, we will get you the baby stuffs u want! and a cute lil cupcake bunny cupcake!

    I Want Rilakkuma Furry iPhone Casing!

     my first Rilakkuma casing looks like this
    (RM25 from KK)

    my 2nd Rilakkuma looks like this
    (RM69 from MidValley)

    now I'm looking for this!!!
    (saw RM128 on facebook)

     My dream Rilakkuma iPhone casing would be the furry furry one u see here! I saw it on my Facebook news feed but forgotten who was selling it! I remembered the price was RM128 and the day I saw it was on Feb 2nd. A bit sad that I can't find the seller anymore. If anyone saw this or know who's selling please let me know!

    Petronas Motorsports Episode 8: AHM Profile


    Check out the AHM profile!

    We are back on the latest episode of motorsports@PETRONAS! This week's episode is on AHM Profile! You will be able to get up close and personal with the heroes of PETRONAS Syntium Moto Yamaha AHM Team - Zamri Baba, Ramdan Rosli and Hafieenaz Ali. Click on the video to watch.

    For more updates join : PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS FB
    To subscribe to videos: PETRONAS Motorsports You Tube
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