learning to pause instead of pressure


Welcome to the humble blog of a shopaholic kitty who loves to spend money on beauty products, pampering sessions, luxury holidays and going crazy during sales. Have I got a name? well yeah readers calls me Miu or Tammy while some calls me meow meow (long story). 

I was the head of editorial at Livingsocial Malaysia (formerly known as Everyday). I no longer work for the company so feel free to approach me for any advertorials or review collaborations. Blogging started as a hobby of mine, sharing about the things I buy and things I love doing for myself. I am choosy but open to trying new products, services and experiences. I believe a honest feedback from a consumer's perspective is an important element in product/service review. If  it's not up to par or did not give me a good impression or experience, I will not be interested in publishing it on my blog for the better of both parties.

reviewing from a consumer's point of view

I have a healthy 5 digit average monthly pageviews and unique visitors. My target audience are females who share the same passion as I do. My demographics audience are females between the age of 24 - 34 years old, whom are working young adults from Malaysia. I have been interviewed by magazines, tv talk shows and BFM radio and I am also the winner of Cleo Malaysia's Next Top Blogger! (a competition held in late 2011). Some of the notable campaigns I have participated:

  • Nippon Paint (home makeover)
  • Olay (tvc & review)
  • Avene (user testimonial print ad)
  • Kinerase (product trial & video journey, print media)

I have worked with major brands such as Samsung, Flow by Valiram, Ms.Read, La Senza, Xixili, Clarins, L'oreal, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, P&G, Avene on advertorials, sponsored reviews, media events, workshops, shopping activities and blog parties. I enjoy reviewing spas, massages, face or body treatments (e.g Vila Manja, Urban Retreat, Jentayu Spa by Sheila Majid, Spa Village).

Here are my terms & conditions should you be interested to collaborate with me on campaigns/advertorials:

  1. I am not a full time blogger, thus for sponsored posts I would preferred to published on my free time. You are free to suggest a dateline and I will try my best to accomodate. 
  2. This is also because I have other products that needed to be reviewed, it will all be on a first come first serve basis unless there's a real urgency please let me know e.g this is our Christmas special, hope you can publish a post in December.
  3. I am not a professional make up artist or chemist, neither am I a professional beauty consultant or promoter.
  4. My reviews will be simple and easy to understand from a consumer's point of view.
  5. I am free to give my honest opinion about my user experience. 
  6. I accept cash advertisement, sponsorship or any form of compensation.
  7. For product reviews, it will be shipped at the company's expense. 
  8. Product(s) given to me for review are non-returnable.
  9. Product(s) given to me from goodie bags, or as a form of compensation belongs to me.
  10. For giveaways, I would preferred the company to ship to the winner(s). I understand if shipping is limited to only Malaysia, please indicate so. I use Rafflecopter to manage & launch my giveaways which is in line with Facebook's contest rules and regulations.

Feel free to contact me at to discuss possible projects and campaigns. I enjoyed organizing and throwing parties and workshops for my readers as I believe my readers and/or followers should experience and learn about the product/service first hand too.