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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    Lost World of Tambun Getaway

    Last month, I brought my staffs to Ipoh, the land of white coffee for a short getaway. It was one of the perks of working for Althea Korea. Every month, I get to bring my staffs out for team bonding with a budget. This is strictly only for employees, whoever that tag along has to pay for themselves. Stretching that budget is art. An art that I master in since I became a shopaholic. When I chance upon this year's MATTA Fair promoting Lost World of Tambun, I immediately decided this was going to be the trip we were waiting for. Our first out-of-the-city getaway. A chance for us all to unwind, enjoy and just let loose. My staffs are all crazy people. They're fun, adorable and well crazy. Sometimes I asked them if they forgot to take their medicine? It's supposed to be funny but it meant, are you okay?

    The Butterfly Project How It Started - Episode 1


    What's in a name? It all started one day when I was flipping through a copy of the latest Female Magazine from the newsstand. One of the features got my attention, it was called the Butterfly Project.

    Now if you google Butterfly Project, you'll be looking at anti-wrist slashing campaigns but Female Magazine was about a beauty makeover for women to undergo a series of positive change. From learning to makeup, going for facials, getting your hair done, and to creating a more healthy lifestyle at the fitness centers. I loved their makeover campaign and the name stuck to my head.

    Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 Kittie Yiyi Hazzer Wan Lee


    Happy Skin Happy People Happy You

    My first fashion show in ages brings me to the Neutrogena Happy Skin 24/7 fashion debut at the Mercedes-Benz STYLO AsiaFashionFestival last month. Just the curiosity and the hype got me there to check the fashion show out during my busy work quarter. Questions in my head on how this can a beauty (skin care) brand can pair off with fashion. While Neutrogena is a name everyone knows (yes I am assuming everyone, knows this brand! haha). Their products helped me through puberty and have since imprinted on my mind that they're the go to drug store cleanser brand to use. I still remember stalking the drug stores reading and checking out Neutrogena products. Their rain shower was a trophy to admire on the shelves out of reach because as a young girl, I couldn't afford it. I think I did save up for a few months just to buy that rain shower (body wash).

    I didn't regret going to the fashion show at all. Read why.

    My Chir Chir Pavilion KL Review


    Chir Chir opens in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

    It's raining Korean Fried Chickens now! The trend is so huge, you can see eateries popping out one after another. When BBQ Chicken came out (I was a big fan), it wasn't receiving the attention it needed but suddenly *boom* everyone is talking and eating Korean fried chicken. There is one exception out of all the Halal joints out there, which is the original concept of fried chicken and beer from South Korea called the chimaek. During my visits to Seoul in 2015-2016, I came across many chimaek eateries. They're popular amongst the Koreans and opens till late night accommodating laughter, beer, and yummy fried chickens. The Korean, of course, love to de-stress after a hard day's work by going for fried chicken and beer in the evenings. Usually

    So where to find South Korean chimaek in the Klang Valley? (Malaysia). Just head over to Chir Chir, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Chir Chir pronounced as Chi-ruh Chi-ruh, is the sound of chickens being fried in oil (giving the bubble oil sound). At first, I thought it was short for Chicken.

    Malam Tradisi Experience at Berjaya Tioman Resort


    Recently, I was invited by the Berjaya Group to review and experience the opening of their new Malam Tradisi (Night Market) at their resort in Tioman Island. Tioman Island is the largest out of all the 64 islands that inhabit the southeastern peninsular of Malaysia in the South China Sea. It lies about 56 km off the coast in the federal state of Pahang and is ranked among the 10 most beautiful islands on earth. An idyllic paradise for honeymoons, retreats, sightseeing and all sorts of water activities especially popular for scuba diving, snorkeling, due to its protected rich and diverse marine life.

    Malaysia Consumer Rights - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. YTL MEMBERSHIP SAGA.


    It's one of those mornings where I wake up thinking, so what is happening to the YTL Hotels Membership that has pushed its dissatisfied members into a corner subjected to their current "terms" whatsoever it may be as I have finally given up 2 months ago to pursue this relentless issue on how flawed our consumer rights system is. I'm not one for big words or the best at explaining things or have a knack with dramatizing this until it becomes viral juicy like xiaoxue whom I have admired for a long time to be able to speak up for her thoughts without a worry that a car might bang you on the road in broad daylight should you offend the "higher powers".

    Watson's Apologises for Lagenda Cun Video


    Watsons Malaysia released a public apology on their Facebook over the release of their Raya video Lagenda Cun which sparked an uproar from Malaysians over how insensitive the video is. The video features local stars such as actor Kamal Adli, Ruhainnies, Amber Chia, Thanuja Ananthan, Nadine Ann Thomas and Sasha Saidin.

    Watson's Lagenda Cun (click to enable flash player)

    From Watsons Malaysia Facebook Fan Page:

    Watsons Malaysia is aware of the post that has been made viral on social media.

    A post on 7th June 2017 regarding a video by Watsons talks about the legend of Dayang Senandong. The Legend of Dayang Senandong is a Malay folklore about a lady who was born cursed with black skin but blessed with a beautiful voice. The legend depicts that the king fell in love with Dayang Senandong because of her voice and inner beauty. The curse was lifted after Dayang Senandong gave birth to the king’s child.

    We stand firm on the belief that unity and fairness plays an important role, and we respect people from all nationalities. The video was shot to highlight the Legend and its moral values of inner beauty and that true love exist. We are sorry that some of our fans feel offended by the video which was not our intention. We take feedback from our fans seriously.

    Your continued support will be greatly appreciated and any feedbacks from you will help in improving our services.

    Maaf Zahir dan Batin.
    Thank you.

    Mamonde Available on 11Street


    congratulations Mamonde!

    Guys if you're a fan of Mamonde the Korean Beauty brand by Amorepacific then you'll be happy to know that you can now buy the products from 11Street.my from 1st June onwards. There will be 57 Mamonde products ranging from makeup and skincare to choose from. Exclusive online only items are also available! Rose Water Toner 500ml, AC Balance Spot Serum 15ml, AC Balance Spot Patch (12pcs) and the Color Tone Up Base 30ml (green/purple).

    Online Exclusive Mamonde Products on 11Street

    Basic Skincare Set RM49 (49% saving)

    In celebration of the partnership just for their launching month June like Basic Skincare Set RM49 (save 49%). First Energy Serum Set RM119 (save 20%), Highlight Lip Tint Set RM50 (GWP), Mascara Volume Set RM59 (GWP), Complimentary Cushion Case with every purchase of Cover Powder Cushion (21/23) GWP. Expect more deals and also a Mamonde Makeup Workshop for 11Street customers soon!

    Mamonde is also available offline at Mamonde counters at AEON 1 Utama, AEON Mid Valley, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Tebrau City and AEON Queensbay Mall in Penang.

    Mamonde is the first cosmetic brand of its kind that uses only flowers as its key ingredient coupled with other natural ingredients in its formulation. AmorePacific has invested a great deal in R&D to ensure the efficacy of Mamonde products and that these products are gentle on the skin just like the characteristics of flowers.

    Free Korean Beauty Products


    Free Korean Beauty Products!

    All you KBeauty lovers out there! Althea Korea is giving away free Korean beauty products @ Raya freebies for their customers from 1st June until stocks last (terms & conditions apply). It's simple, click here to view all the free gifts you can choose from their Raya Giveaway Festival page and select one (1) free gift to check out. The free gift would be discounted off during check out. There are 9 free gifts from this festival to choose from. Mostly makeup items to create your festive Raya look.

    the free items you can select to check out

    The Raya Giveaway Festival is only applicable to Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It's only for one customer per giveaway. You can get free shipping for purchases above RM99 as well. Althea has many good promotions despite their affordable best price on popular and trendy KBeauty products. Look out every week to see new promotions launch for Raya this month.

    available in 3 box sizes

    Also not forgetting their iconic collectible boxes, for Raya Althea is releasing a limited edition Ramadan Box for qualifying orders. Meaning not all orders will get this box, if your order is too little or underweight, it may be shipped by Althea Air which is a bubble package instead of the box. This serves to reduce breakage if your order does not fit the box (too much space, will cause risk in breakage). Anyway if you do get the Althea Air packaging instead of box packaging, you can cut the bubble packaging to release South Korea air into your environment haha.

    The Althea Raya Giveaway Festival & Limited Edition Box is available in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia. A matching Raya packet (duit Raya packet) with promo code is also given along with the box. While stocks last.

    Althea is available on www.althea.kr but the promotions may differ from one country to another. Althea is also available on Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (iOS) app. You can catch updates on their official IG account @altheakorea and Althea Korea TV on youtube. For Facebook, search Althea Korea.

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    My Fave Cleanser Is A Bar of Soap


    Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap 100g

    Yes, I'm embarrassed to say that I was a day late to submit my post for Butterfly Project's Blog Detox. The no frills no drills, blogging practice activity. I thought it would be a good idea to just bring the basics back. You know like how we all started blogging? We just went for it. There wasn't a studio, stress, or obsession about plating your content up to perfection which is one of the reasons that demotivates bloggers to continue blogging. 

    For the Blog Detox, it's the main objective is to chill and write something. No making sure your photo is perfect or taking 1001 photographs to make just that 1 picture is perfect. No spending money on flatlays or what not. Really easy, either take a picture with your phone, camera or rip it off google (but credit the source pls) to accompany your review.

    Detox, flush all those worries out and just keep calm and blog.

    Here's my post about my favorite cleanser but I'll share more about my skin type first. I have dry combination skin which tends to flake around the cheek areas. This is especially hard in putting on makeup as makeup tends to cake or looks flaky. I can see dry cracks and all, even pores. Anyway, blabla bla... I prefer cleansers that don't dry out my skin. For this sharing today, it's only going to be normal skincare cleansers and not makeup removing cleansers.

    Before I really liked Too Cool For School's Egg Mousse Pack as a pack cleanser with my Clarisonic facial brush but I have discovered a really simple bar of facial soap that wow-ed my heart and skin. It's the Sulwhasoo Herbal Soap. I got that in my Sulwhasoo Essential Kit a few years ago but only recently I have "unbox" it to use.

    It's a block of brown soap, made from an aged red ginseng. The scent is not an overbearing ginseng scent, it's herbal-ish, I do like the scent because I have a thing for traditional herbs made using Ginseng. Somehow I feel healthier... for no apparent reason at all. Well, that's just me. I know westerners do not like this scent at all. Maybe even millennials because this scent has been associated with smelling like your grandmother. They don't know what they're missing out on IMHO.

    I used this with water, it suds up quickly but not in a foamy way. I use my palm and cleanse my face like normal. I love the watery, slippery, sudsy feel here. My skin felt like it was on ice minus the cold feeling. After washing it off, my skin feels immediately smooth, moist and nice! I can't get the feeling off. I spray on my hydrating toner followed by a gel moisturizer.

    I seriously like the soap so much, I'm going to get the whole set with the soap dish when I'm done with this one here. I love the whole hanbang feel and concept of Sulwhasoo's products but this soap is the only item right now that wow-ed me from them. Hanbang is Korean Traditional Medicine (herbs/tcm/acupuncture/etc).

    Efficacy is optimized by harmonizing ingredients using Korean medicinal herbs
    The harmony of Korean herbal medicinal ingredients, including Korean Red Ginseng, Small Solomon’s Seal, Chinese Peony, and Adhesive Rehmannia, leaves your skin clean and moist.

    40 days of dedication provides special nourishment for your skin
    Herbal Soap is made with a special 40-day aging process, giving you rich and nourishing bubbles that spread smoothly and help nurture youthful and clear skin.


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