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  • My Chir Chir Pavilion KL Review


    Chir Chir opens in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

    It's raining Korean Fried Chickens now! The trend is so huge, you can see eateries popping out one after another. When BBQ Chicken came out (I was a big fan), it wasn't receiving the attention it needed but suddenly *boom* everyone is talking and eating Korean fried chicken. There is one exception out of all the Halal joints out there, which is the original concept of fried chicken and beer from South Korea called the chimaek. During my visits to Seoul in 2015-2016, I came across many chimaek eateries. They're popular amongst the Koreans and opens till late night accommodating laughter, beer, and yummy fried chickens. The Korean, of course, love to de-stress after a hard day's work by going for fried chicken and beer in the evenings. Usually

    So where to find South Korean chimaek in the Klang Valley? (Malaysia). Just head over to Chir Chir, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. Chir Chir pronounced as Chi-ruh Chi-ruh, is the sound of chickens being fried in oil (giving the bubble oil sound). At first, I thought it was short for Chicken.

    let's CHIMAEK at Chir Chir

    your next stop fried chicken + beer joint

    a fun, wacky chicken restaurant

    their menu is ideal for a group of friends to share
    (although spaces seems constraint for it)

    The restaurant isn't certified halal because they serve beer (alcohol) but don't worry, they are pork and lard free and in fact, they are the first fusion restaurant to get their chickens from a certified Halal chicken farm. Their drinks selection is available in acholic and non-alcoholic, creatively concocted to still make your South Korean fried chicken and drinks, a memorable one.
    Chir Chir is a casual restaurant chain that specialises in freshly-cooked chicken dishes. It is one of the largest “chimaek” franchises in South Korea with over 100 outlets across the country, China and Taiwan.

    I heard it was pretty expensive and the portions are large and ideally for a group of friends to dine in so I brought my minions to try after work. We look through the menu and omg there are so many varieties of fried chicken you can order. We just didn't know where to start so we ordered the drinks first based on recommendations from the restaurant. Of course, Baby G was with me and we definitely wanted to try the infamous chir cream beer drink. It's our first time seeing this so I'm pretty excited to see how it fares!

    the signature chir cream beer must try
    RM24.90 @ 350ml / RM34.90 @ 650ml

    Basically, Chir Cream Beer is Carlberg beer topped with whipped cream. It comes in regular and large size, so Baby G ordered the large one to start. I had the regular. It tastes weird though, whipped cream with beer. Sweet, creamy & bubbly bitter. It's like root beer float, but now you have beer float. I don't think I'll order this again because I'm watching my calories and whipped cream is already a cheat on beer. I heard they'll change the beer to another type soon.

     oh grandmother, what colorful weird drinks you have
    grandmother: to better delight you with my dear (evil laugh)

    Eros & Anis enjoying their Tok Tok!
    (non-alcoholic cool drinks)

    Besides alcoholic drinks like beer, cocktails, and soju (yes they serve soju here too) there are also fun drinks to discover here in either alcoholic or non-alcoholic versions. The photo above shows a Raspberry Double Smoothie RM24.90 (RM32.90 with soju) and Red-gizer RM24.90. Red-gizer is the combination of Red Bull with mango and strawberry syrup. They actually topped the drink with a real Red Bull can (I hope health and safety are taken into account).

    I like the Tok! Tok drinks
    RM32.90 alcoholic / RM24.90 non-alcoholic

    I think my favorite would be the Tok! Tok! drinks which are fizzy sodas with flavored syrup. The interesting part is they would prepare it at your table using a iSi soda charger to create "fresh" carbonated water poured into your glass jar mug, topped with mint leaves and lemon on the side. Choices are Passion Yellow Tok! Tok! (tropical passion fruit), Blue Marine Tok! Tok! (green grape), Berry Purple Tok! Tok! (blueberry berry), and Blue Sky Tok! Tok! (blue lemonade).

    what to order? scratch face

    Mango Salad RM21.90 / Toppoki & Cheese RM15.90
     (RM14.90) and double (RM28.90)

    For starters, we ordered the Mango Salad and Toppoki & Cheese. I'm not much of a fruit salad fan so I didn't try that. Baby G and Bo ate it all, it was pretty much the only "vegetables" in our dinner that they'll get. The Toppoki & Cheese were cheesy yummy! The soft cream cheddar cheese and toppoki made it a super cheesy chewy combination. Too sinful imho but so delicious. It's comfort food T_T sob. How did the Koreans not get obese with their food lifestyle?! I don't get it.

    of the variety of fried chicken, you can order!

    Crispy Fried Chicken RM49.90
    Spicy Chicken RM56.90

    The star of the show was definitely the signature fried chicken!!! We had the crispy fried chicken and spicy chicken. They weren't oily and we asked if they were air fry but turns out it was just a preparation method that made them crispy, not oily, with juicy tender meat inside. Chir Chir says their chickens are only cooked upon ordering. No frozen, overnight dried up chicken here! Fresh only. You can select from the menu chickens in whole (15pcs), chicken wings (7pcs) or the boneless chicken tenders. A variety of flavors from marinated ones to ones crispy fried with garlic!

    My fave? The fried spicy chicken, marinated for 6 hours before frying topped with hot sauce.

    FYI: You get chicken claws to tear them apart and eat like wolves! They're mini tongs which grip and tears the meat off the bones so your fingers don't get dirty.

    Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken RM62.90
    Nest Snow RM62.90

    Here are two unique ones we tried apart from fried chicken. The Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken and the Nest Snow. The Spicy BBQ Roasted Chicken reminds me of your steak with potatoes and sides of potato, salsa, and egg. The egg was a weird addition to this. This has a milder spicy roasted taste compared to the spicy fried chickens. Smoky and flavorful. The Nest Snow would remind you of Mont Blanc but as a chicken dish. Chicken tenders topped with chunky mash potato on a bed of cream sauce with sides swimming in it (broccoli, capsicum, olives). By now I've already raised the white flag surrendering to the chickens on my table.

    I'll come back to try the other cool drinks again!

    It's going to be some time again that I would visit here because one night in Chir Chir is enough to last me for a few months! The sauces are rich, and the drinks are huge. It's no wonder they're a bit tad expensive that the other Korean fried chicken eateries in Malaysia. In comparison, I could say here's where you get the full picture of the chimaek experience and a menu of food other than just fried chicken. There's the South Korean snack toppoki to try and also the cream beers (must try at least once). My friends are already asking me when are we going again.

    P.S: Photographswere takenn with my iPhone 6S. My camera in hospital when I went T_T

    Chir Chir Malaysia
    Level 1, Pavilion Elite, Kuala Lumpur
    Contact No.: 03-2110 4867
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChirChirMY
    Operating Hours: Daily 11am – 10pm


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