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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Urban Retreat Spa: Best Aromatherapy Massage Ever!


    Urban Retreat Spa, 1 Mont Kiara

    hidden gem in the concrete jungle

    I visited Urban Retreat Spa once years back at The Curve, for their foot massage. Back then they only have one outlet. Now they opened up another one at 1 Mont Kiara shopping mall, which is conveniently located in Mont Kiara (opposite Plaza Mont Kiara). I needed a massage badly, my migraines were killing me and my body screams for relaxation. Stress from a recent work related issue was on my shoulder, I needed to get rid off it.

    "Urban Retreat Spa provides a comforting, yet stimulating, atmosphere in which customers are able to relax both their body and mind, reconnecting their daily lives to their true purpose through massage" - Urban Retreat Spa

    I decided to try their signature Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage 60mins | RM97 and Aromatic Facial Rituals - Decleor Aromassage Facial 60mins | RM169.00 (50% OFF with any body massage). The facial was something new to me, I have never tried a massage facial before. Yeah I know facials incorporate massages for lymphatic drainage / lifting, but a facial that's totally focused on massaging your face for relaxation is something I am not able to resist. It reminded me of Vila Manja's face spa (using essential oil of a special nut, to massage the facial points), I wonder how will this one fare?

    I booked an appointment for 6pm, expecting this to be like a normal massage outlet. Upon arrival I was greeted by Cally, the manager. She let me take photos of the place, I manage to snap a few photos showing the serene urban like atmosphere, where one can have a quick escape from the stresses of life and work. 

    waiting lounge, where I drank ginger tea 
    (scent of burning lemon grass oil relaxes me)

    small spa place with a unique setting

    the beautiful foot bath
    (before start of any main treatment)

    after foot bath, I walked inside n this is what I see
    (the foot massage area is so beautiful)

    Back to the waiting area, I sat down and had to choose a massage oil for my body massage session. There's 3 types of aromatherapy massage oils to choose from. Naturally I will go for lemon grass (my favorite scent) for stimulating blood circulation and relieving water retention. My first time knowing that lemon grass is also used for firming and tightening of the skin besides the relaxing scent.

    type of massage oil n its benefits

    My Aromatherapy Massage Experience:

    As I was changing in my room, I realize there's no door to lock for privacy but there's string door curtains as a barrier alternative. I wonder if there was doors for couple rooms here (if they have). I requested my masseuse, Eve to dim down the lights.  I lay face down and wonder if I should let Eve know how I like to be massage (pressure). On second though, maybe I'll let her judge? Sometimes I like to test how good a masseuse is this way.

    my treatment room
    need to change into these b4 treatment start

    I got comfortable and Eve started to rub the therapeutic lemon grass massage oil on my back. It was super nice having the sensation of warm oil on my back. With gentle long strokes, Eve started a rhythm that was almost poetic. I was falling in love with her. Her pressure was soft and yet firm, caressing and easing my muscles. Using acupressure, she gently releases tension on tight areas and joints. I was really enjoying my massage with her and regretted not going for the 90minutes session instead. I dozed into a state of deep relaxation but not sleep. How could I? I wanted to savor every waking moment of this experience. This was arguably the best massage I have experience this year, and second best after my spa experience at Spa Village, Pangkor Laut (YTL). I am so coming back.

    After 30mins Eve asked me to turn around and she places a pillow under my head. Using the towel under my head, she covers my eyes with each side and continue the massage. This time, I fell asleep.

    Aromatic Facial Ritual Promotion 50% OFF

    My Decleor Aromassage Facial Experience

    Once Eve was done, Catherine the beautician took over and started my Aromatic Facial Ritual using Decleor products (famed for essential oils in their skincare). Like all facial, the common steps were cleansing, exfoliating, extraction (I opt this out, I don't believe in extraction) and using mask. Suitable for all skin types, theAromassage facial is a blissful facial with plenty of face massage to relax and replenish our energy. It's great to relieve headache and have your face pamper and lifted to its youth. I really enjoyed this, it was a never ending pampering session for me from head to toe. I could feel my wrinkles melt away with each knead and movement from Catherine (I'm so drama!). The facial massage is good for lymphatic drainage, draining toxins out of your system and giving you that waking shine again.

    Catherine explained to me that they believe that when a body is released of pressure and stress, it goes into a state of relaxation. The face is then able to effectively absorb the goodness of the facial products used. Although it was a basic facial, what made it so special are the therapeutic massages on the face with essential oil, every facial step was massage focus. I was in bliss of having my face kneaded away for an hour wishing it would never stop

    a happy kitty out from spa

    Two hours passed and I almost went into depression knowing my experience is coming to an end (drama again). Seriously I didn't know this place was so good and it's nearby my condo! Definitely a must go, considering so many promotions they have in house now. There's also packages where you get 30% more value. Sipping my tea, I studied the promotions available. What caught my eye was the member package of RM36X (don't remember the exact price), valid until 31st Dec, 2012. The member package includes a 10% off body massage discount, 2 sessions of Aromatherapy Massage 90mins and 2 sessions of Foot Massage 45mins. The total worth amounts to nearly RM400. Other on going promotions:

    Citibank 20% Off Spa 15% Off Massages
    OCBC Bank 15% Off Massages
    Buddies Deal (Daily) RM249 / 90 min and RM279 / 120 min (2 pax)
    Mid Day Deal 12pm-3pm RM129 / 90min and RM139 / 120min
    First time trial Facial promotions (check at 1 Mont Kiara outlet)

    facial + massage promo buy at Curve, do at Mont Kiara
    (ending 31/7)

    credit card discounts

    happy hour discounts and buddies deal

     menu price from rm39 onwards
    membership package rm319

    ramadhan special package

    More promotions and festive packages at Urban Retreat Spa Facebook. There's really all sorts of promotions announced there. Whichever best suited for your pocket, I say go for it. I highly recommend trying the Aromatherapy Massage and if you're game for the whole experience, grab the 50% off Aromatic Facial Rituals. The promotions will end soon so don't miss it. 

    What I have tried:

    • Signature Hot Oil Aromatherapy Massage 60mins | RM97Gentle long strokes and acupressure with therapeutic essential oil, enhances mood and awaken senses for deep relaxation. Three types of massage oil available to choose.
    • Aromatic Facial Rituals - Decleor Aromassage Facial 60mins | RM169.00Aromassage is a blissful face massage to relax and replenish.

    Urban Retreat Spa Outlets

    1 Mon´t Kiara Lot 15, 2nd Floor,
    1 Jalan Mont Kiara Mont Kiara,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur.
    Monday - Sunday : 11AM-9PM

    Reservations: +603.6211.3116 or +612-6179509

    The Curve Lot 157, 1st floor,
    The Curve Shopping Mall,
    6 Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara,
    Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Monday - Sunday : 11AM-10PM
    Reservations: +603.7710-3239

    website: http://www.urbanretreat-spa.com/
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanretreatspa

    We Grill Champions: Who's Feeling Lucky This Week like Harry Kok?


    introducing Macho Kai n Harry Kok Battles

    ******LAST WEEK'S WINNER!******
    congratulations 2 reader chowchow7
    (I'd like to watch you chicken dance!)

    (closing friday, who will win?)

    question: what do you like about Harry Kok?
    (watch this video to find out)

    Peri Platter for 4pax worth RM62 for a winner a week!

    Contest Details: Will run on a weekly basis every Monday for 4 weeks (starting 18/6 until 13/7). Contest will end every Friday and a winner will be selected. After 4 weeks, winner list will be sent to Nandos Malaysia who will deliver the vouchers to the winners after 20th July, 2012.
    How To Win A Peri Platter This Week!
    1. leave a comment with the following details:
      follower name: (yes only for followers of this blog! click follow to be a follower)
      after watching Harry Kok's video, tell me what do you like about him?
    - contest starts Monday 25th June - 29th June, 2012
    - open to all followers of this blog
    - Malaysian residents only
    - you can enter as many times as you want but only 1 winner will be selected per week based on the most creative answers.
    - prize will be delivered to you by Nandos Malaysia after 20th July, 2012.

    My First Brazilian Wax Experience at Strip!


    no longer a virgin Brazilian Wax virgin

    I've been secretly admiring those who has the courage to go for Brazilian Waxing for some time. I heard how much it changes one's life down under, especially when you don't have to use the shaver anymore which is annoying as hell. Almost everyone has tried shaving at least once in their life (I'm one of them). It was pretty easy right? just use the shaver, shave all the hair down and wash off. Yes real easy, until you do it! My experiences using the shaver?

    • razor cuts leading to bleeding  (may lead to infection) 
    • ingrown hair turning into monster pimples
    • hair grows back next day and it itches like crazy!

    The long term effects? probably a phobia not to shave anymore because of the post-shaving experience (itching due to shaved hair growing back meaner and fiercer) and risks of cutting, scarring yourself and having unsightly bumps caused by ingrown hair infection. Now I have scars and bumps that will never let me forget my shave-perience.

    yeah hairless and loving it

    Thankfully with the introduction to Brazilian bikini waxes introduced in New York by 7 Brazilian-born sisters, The Brazilian has become popular hair removal method where hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between using wax. This is an alternative to using the shaver and still be hairless!

    The Benefits of Brazilian Wax?
    • Feel Good
      Imagine there's no hair anymore, how liberated and awesome you're going to feel!
    • Clean, Uninterrupted. 
      Especially when you're having your period.
    • Hairless is in
      The popular trend now and the reasons to why we shave our underarms, upper lips and our brows is why we're moving ahead and making sure down under is no different too. Orang Utans are hairy, we can be hairless.
    • Better than Shaving
      Waxing removes hair from the roots while shaving only cuts the hair at the surface. After, the hair will grow into rough stubbles which is uncomfortable and annoying. Waxing on the other hand reduces in-growth, last longer (will not grow back in 3 - 6 weeks) and hair is significantly softer and finer than before.
    • Hollywood here I come!
      Brazilian Waxing is also popularly known as the Hollywood waxing. You can now show off your clean bikini line and wear low cut bottoms like a celebrity on a beach. No paparazzis will catch your Kodak moment with hairs in sight.

    Warning: While it may seem waxing is better than shaving, do not attempt to try waxing it all off at home as it takes a skilled therapist to remove hair from our sensitive down under.

    My Experience at Strip, Ministry of Waxing

    I shall now disclose that I have never done Brazilian Wax before and at Strip, they call people like me virgins! Oh how much will you pay to hear that again? (haha). Having a virgin forest, I was feeling nervous about my first time. Things like will it be painful? will the lady run after I show it all? will she ask me questions about my past? (well it's like a history down under right?) how long do I need to bare it all on the table? bed.

    if it's your first time, ask to see the guidebook

    Brazilian step-by-step illustrated

    Tip: Don't be afraid to ask questions. At Strip, there's a Virgin Forest GuideBook where they walk you through the whole process and what you need to know before and after a wax. It's a really cute book.

    waxing rooms and music studio deco

    So when I arrived at the latest Strip outlet at Solaris Dutamas (Publika) I was excited to find out that the newly launched store is a music studio inspired decor with distinctive perforated walls that are splashed with striking bright red and burnt orange. Here's something you should know about Strip outlets - every outlet carries a creative feature and distinct identity to give their members a unique experience. Now it would be cool if a DJ is spinning records while I have my virginity taken away (pun intended).

    eliminate your fears by asking questions

    Before my session start, I asked a few questions:
    1. Will it be painful? is it scary? how long will it take?
      Thanks to Strip's founder Cynthia Chua who created a brand new set of Brazilian waxing techniques that is significantly less painful and embarrassing. Rest assure we are under the hands of the experts who knows what they're doing. While the level of pain is different from one person to another, it is tolerable. For some there would be a slight pain experience while for others it would be a peachy pinch only. The process will take 30 minutes or less.

      Advise: Do not go for waxing a week before or after your period. The skin is more sensitive during this time and the level of discomfort will be heightened as a result.

    2. I'm embarrassed to show my bits!
      It's like a visit to the gynae, they seen it all and would care less what yours look like or if you have monsters hiding there.

    Strip-ologies (HSQs)

    something for you to focus on while getting waxed

    strip mantras in the room

    important things to have

    The room was small and clean. I see curtains and posters on the wall. Their breath mantra is a familiar sight. I got a Hygiene Pack - a sealed pouch containing disposable waxing equipment (gloves, face masks, pH balance wet wipes and spatulas). I was given a few mins to change out of my bottoms and a towel to shield the area. I used the pH balance wet wipes to clean my private areas (don't want to freak people out do we?). My Waxpert was back and she lay me down on my bed, gave me a cute squeezy orang utan toy so I could squeeze my pain away. She then ask me to open my mouth and put in 7 drops of bach flower essence – nature’s secret healing remedy that induces a calming sensation.

    I'm having the Strawberry Wax (hard wax)
    click here to read about this wax

    Explaining the process in steps, my Waxpert started to dip the spatula into the warm pink strawberry wax and on my skin. The warm sensation was incredible. Holding my orang utan squeezy toy, I held my breath and got ready for my first strip. 1, 2, STRIP! holy cow! I just got waxed. The feeling was a mixture of fear and excitement. I felt alive, my senses went BAM! Can't believe I'm really so daring. It's so exhilarating why didn't I do this earlier?

    To describe, it was super fast, like peeling off a sticker on your body. The discomfort went off before u can finish saying oh! My Waxpert told me after a few times of having Brazilian Wax, one would not even feel any discomfort anymore. Inspiring I would say.

    My Waxpert quickly hold down the area, to soothe it. I was game to continue, there's no stopping me from going bare now. Strip! Strip! Strip! and finally after 10mins, I was as bare as a baby! My Waxpert finish off by tweezing stray hairs off and applying  Ice Cream on the waxed area. Truly a professional, she waxed me like trimming my eye brow. There was no embarrassment there, she didn't run out of the room when I show her my bottoms, or gave me a weird stare. 

    Ice Cream is a soothing, calming cream that puts out 
    any skin flames and fires with lasting moisture

    The whole session took no longer than 30mins and the first thing I did like any human being was to look at myself in the mirror. So this is how I look like many years ago. How did I forget? and like any other human being, I started examining and feeling the area. Holy cow! it's super smooth and soft? what's this feeling? Was I did soft before I don't remember. All I know is it feels like a completely whole new me. 

    Interesting Fact: Brazilian Wax means everything off, that includes removing hair in between of your buttocks. Yes for some people, hair grows there so your Waxpert will ask you to turn around so she can wax there.

    Wax aftercare tips and Ice Cream

    Post waxing care is very important to reduce itching, inflammation or infection. If you have redness or inflammation you can use a soothing cream like Strip's Ice Cream RM98. I used this at home after waxing for a few days. The cooling sensation is comfortably nice to calm my area down. The packaging is also cute, I admire it for quite a fair bit on my drawer. Now I wish it came in colored flavors, it will be irresistible to say no to.

    smells fruity and easy to use, highly recommended

    To prevent ingrown hair, redness, bumps and itching, I used the Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream RM98 religiouslyIt contains Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme to exfoliate and eliminate ingrown hair concerns. Vitamin B5 and E to promote skin repair while botanicals of Allantoin and Chamomile soothe and calm itchiness and irritation. Surprisingly, this cream actually works to combat itch and ingrown hairs. I didn't have any crazy itch problems and when it started to itch, I quickly apply this cream. It's also cheaper than the Sothy's Post Depilatory Softening Care Cream RM219.

    before and after

    Final Verdict: You'll love the new you.

    Getting a Brazilian Wax will definitely make you feel different and good about yourself. It's an awesome experience that one must try at least once! You'll feel liberated (set free), clean and baby soft down under. When doing a Brazilian Wax for the first time, it's not uncommon to experience slight discomfort as the roots has been growing since puberty. Remember no pain no gain, that's what we girls always say ;)

    special promotion for Brazilian Wax Virgins

    STRIP: Ministry Of Waxing now offers a special promotion to celebrate its global authority in hair removal. STRIP Brazilian Wax virgins will be able to experience the Brazilian Wax treatment at a special promotion price of RM58 (U.P. RM114.50). Valid for new customers and for one time redemption only until 30 September, subject to changes.

    Strip Solaris
    D4-G3-8, Solaris Dutamas,
    No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur
    T 03-62079 012 / 013
    Store Operating Hours:
    From 10am - 9.30pm daily
    Closed on selected eve of and day of Public Holidys

    website: www. strip-my.com
    facebook: www.facebook.com/stripofficial


    the sale is back! get your purses ready girls!
    (and apply leave coz it's a Friday)

    The sale you have all been waiting for! the question that everyone asks "How cheap?" or "How much?" one definitely answer would it's a sale, whatever you see there is definitely slash off :) For my past reviews on Loreal sales, you can search "Loreal Sales" or "L'oreal Sales" on my little blog search button on the right.

    Nandos We Grill Champions! WIN A PERI PLATTER (for 4PAX)

    introducing Macho Kai n Harry Kok Battles

    question: what will you do to be a winner like Macho Kai?
    (watch this video to find out)

    Peri Platter for 4pax worth RM62 for a winner a week!

    Contest Details: Will run on a weekly basis every Monday for 4 weeks (starting 18/6 until 13/7). Contest will end every Friday and a winner will be selected. After 4 weeks, winner list will be sent to Nandos Malaysia who will deliver the vouchers to the winners after 20th July, 2012. 

    How To Win A Peri Platter This Week!
    1. leave a comment with the following details:
      follower name: (yes only for followers of this blog! click follow to be a follower)
      tell me what will you do to be a winner like Macho Kai! 
    - contest starts Monday 18th June - 22nd June, 2012
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    - Malaysian residents only
    - you can enter as many times as you want but only 1 winner will be selected per week based on the most creative answers.
    - prize will be delivered to you by Nandos Malaysia after 20th July, 2012.

    Make Your Own Bath Salts


    Make Your Own Bath Sea Salt

    Being in love with having baths, one would start experimenting and making their own bath products to use at home (saves your pocket and it's great fun to diy!). I did a bit of research online, there's tons of information out there about making your own bath salts. From just the simple basics to adding flowers and what not. Having bought some Himalayan rock salt (can use Epsom salt too) from Cold Storage, Mont Kiara months ago, I only started to make my own today to de-stress. Here's what I used:
    1. Himalayan Rock Salt (packaging says can use for baths)
    2. Blue Food Coloring (safe to add some color to your bath salt)
    3. Sandalwood Essential Oil (for aromatherapy)
    4. Spatula/Spoon (for mixing)
     things I have on my table

     makes perfect gifts! cute right?

    this can be a scooper too!

    Here's what the packaging says: Adding rock salt in the bath can help draw out toxins and to remineralise the body, soothe aches, as well as soften the skin. Yes that's why adding a bit of bath salts into your baths will help soothe that muscle ache of yours after a long day running around. You don't need to go out and buy expensive bath salts when you can make your own "stock" at home!

    How To Make Your Own Bath Salts?
    1. Depending on the amount of bath salts you would like to make, prepare a bowl that can fit the size. I used a large bowl with a spatula for mixing.
    2. Pour the salts into the bowl and add a dab of the food coloring of your choice. Depending on how strong/dark the color you want, you can add a second dab or more to control the control tone. For mine, I added a drop into a bowl full of salt. 
    3. Mix it consistently, the color will gradually even out.
    4. Add a few drops of essential oil to your mix. Try lavender for relaxing baths or refreshing fruity smells.
    5. Continue to mix it evenly. The final product is a evenly colored salt mix that smells lovely!
    6. Package in glass jars (recycle jam jars, clean and dry) or smaller gift packs.

    decorate with sea shells

    They're also perfect as gifts, think personalized birthday gifts or thank you appreciations? How about bridal shower or wedding favors? Just need to add a twist to your bath salts (scent/color/flowers/etc) or package them in a special way. My idea was to make blue Bath salts, put them in glass jars (jams or recycle your glass jars don't throw them away) and add in a sea shell for decoration. The sea shell acts as a scooper as well which is makes it so beach-perfect.

    pictures taken with iPhone 4 only 

    Mr.Lens Malaysia: Winner of Pretty Sexy Beautiful


    Congratulations Elle from WifLuvElle!

    Everyone must be waiting, heart thumping and finger's cross to know who is the winner for the Mr.Lens Malaysia Pretty Sexy Beautiful Blogger's Review Contest! The dateline was the first week of May, and for several weeks the judges went through the blogs and all voted for the final winner based on how creative she/he was (yes we even had a guy blogger enter!) and how they reviewed Mr.Len's service, or whether they love the Freshlook Colourblends contact lenses! There was a total of 30 bloggers shortlisted, but a few dropped out in the end. Each blogger were given a voucher to redeem 2 boxes of Freshlook Colourblends with their preferred choice of colors! They shared photos of their before and after look and I was really happy to see some happy faces! 

    bloggers who reviewed Freshlook Colorblends

    And as promise! here's a list of the bloggers who reviewed the contact lens. You can visit their blogs and check out what they share everyday. Some of they are so cute too! I've followed all their blogs hehe! Have fun checking them out! It was great to get to know them a lil better and interesting to find out that the most of them choose the Freshlook Colorblends in Sterling Grey! I should try that too one day.

    Mr.Lens Bloggers Review Contest

    1.     Traclyn

    2.     Elle

    3.     Esther

    4.     Janoah

    5.     Joyce Chua

    6.     Ella 

    7.     Adrienne Wong 

    8.     Kim 

    9.     RANC

    10.  Suzlin

    11.  Faizah

    12.  Alicia

    13.  Glam Pink

    14.  Caroline

    15.  Naomi

    16.  Emily

    17.  Sue

    18.  Ayna

    19.  Cynthia

    20.  Rane Chin

    21.  Laura

    22.  Jeremy

    24.  Jovy

    25.  Wendy Pua

    And now the winner, Mr.Lens loved her pictures! she dressed up like a Parisian babe and I love her lace collar! (this so in now). Congratulations Elle! I will be contacting you to arrange for your prize collection. Hope you continue blogging and show off your pretty sexy beautiful eyes! Thanks everyone for participating! 

    congratulations to Elle of Wifluvelle!

    For my beloved readers, if you're looking for affordable contact lens (either color, fashionable or normal wear), do check out Mr.Lens Malaysia website! the prices is amazing compare to what you get from shopping mall. They have a variety of brands to choose from, say Acuvue to Freshlooks. They give free delivery in the Klang Valley for purchases above RM50 and a friend recommendation program on their website where you and your friend will get RM5 off! Share Mr.Lens Malaysia Facebook button and if 10 friends like, you get a RM20 voucher. They occasionally have giveaways on their facebook too :)

    The many brands MrLens have:
    Acuvue Tru Eyes, Acuvue Moist,  Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Oasys Astigmatism, Acuvue Define, Soflens 38, Soflens 59, Soflens Toric, Purevision 2, Purevision HD, Biomedics 38, Biomedics 55, Proclear, Definition, Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort, Focus Night & Day, Air Optix, Air Optix for Astigmatism,  Freshlook One Day, Proclear 1 day, Sauflon Clariti 1 day, Soflens daily disposable, Acuvue 2, Acuvue Advance, Adore Dare, Adore Imagene, Adore Pure Eyes, Air Optix Multifocal, Biomedics 55 Evolution, Biomedics Toric, Blincon BB, Blincon Big Eyes, Blincon Classic, Blincon Elegance, Blincon Jazzy, Blincon Sweetie, Chameloen, Colorvue, Freshkon Alluring Eyes, Freshkon Color Fusion, Freshkon Dezigner, Freshkon Mosaic, Freshlook Colorblends, Maxim Color Blue, Maxim Colors Orange, Maxim Color Pink, Maxim Color Toric, Sauflon 55UV, Sauflon Bioclear, Saulfon Bioclear Toric, Sauflon Clear Comfort Aspheric, Soflens Multifoca and etc

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