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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My First Brazilian Wax Experience at Strip!


    no longer a virgin Brazilian Wax virgin

    I've been secretly admiring those who has the courage to go for Brazilian Waxing for some time. I heard how much it changes one's life down under, especially when you don't have to use the shaver anymore which is annoying as hell. Almost everyone has tried shaving at least once in their life (I'm one of them). It was pretty easy right? just use the shaver, shave all the hair down and wash off. Yes real easy, until you do it! My experiences using the shaver?

    • razor cuts leading to bleeding  (may lead to infection) 
    • ingrown hair turning into monster pimples
    • hair grows back next day and it itches like crazy!

    The long term effects? probably a phobia not to shave anymore because of the post-shaving experience (itching due to shaved hair growing back meaner and fiercer) and risks of cutting, scarring yourself and having unsightly bumps caused by ingrown hair infection. Now I have scars and bumps that will never let me forget my shave-perience.

    yeah hairless and loving it

    Thankfully with the introduction to Brazilian bikini waxes introduced in New York by 7 Brazilian-born sisters, The Brazilian has become popular hair removal method where hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between using wax. This is an alternative to using the shaver and still be hairless!

    The Benefits of Brazilian Wax?
    • Feel Good
      Imagine there's no hair anymore, how liberated and awesome you're going to feel!
    • Clean, Uninterrupted. 
      Especially when you're having your period.
    • Hairless is in
      The popular trend now and the reasons to why we shave our underarms, upper lips and our brows is why we're moving ahead and making sure down under is no different too. Orang Utans are hairy, we can be hairless.
    • Better than Shaving
      Waxing removes hair from the roots while shaving only cuts the hair at the surface. After, the hair will grow into rough stubbles which is uncomfortable and annoying. Waxing on the other hand reduces in-growth, last longer (will not grow back in 3 - 6 weeks) and hair is significantly softer and finer than before.
    • Hollywood here I come!
      Brazilian Waxing is also popularly known as the Hollywood waxing. You can now show off your clean bikini line and wear low cut bottoms like a celebrity on a beach. No paparazzis will catch your Kodak moment with hairs in sight.

    Warning: While it may seem waxing is better than shaving, do not attempt to try waxing it all off at home as it takes a skilled therapist to remove hair from our sensitive down under.

    My Experience at Strip, Ministry of Waxing

    I shall now disclose that I have never done Brazilian Wax before and at Strip, they call people like me virgins! Oh how much will you pay to hear that again? (haha). Having a virgin forest, I was feeling nervous about my first time. Things like will it be painful? will the lady run after I show it all? will she ask me questions about my past? (well it's like a history down under right?) how long do I need to bare it all on the table? bed.

    if it's your first time, ask to see the guidebook

    Brazilian step-by-step illustrated

    Tip: Don't be afraid to ask questions. At Strip, there's a Virgin Forest GuideBook where they walk you through the whole process and what you need to know before and after a wax. It's a really cute book.

    waxing rooms and music studio deco

    So when I arrived at the latest Strip outlet at Solaris Dutamas (Publika) I was excited to find out that the newly launched store is a music studio inspired decor with distinctive perforated walls that are splashed with striking bright red and burnt orange. Here's something you should know about Strip outlets - every outlet carries a creative feature and distinct identity to give their members a unique experience. Now it would be cool if a DJ is spinning records while I have my virginity taken away (pun intended).

    eliminate your fears by asking questions

    Before my session start, I asked a few questions:
    1. Will it be painful? is it scary? how long will it take?
      Thanks to Strip's founder Cynthia Chua who created a brand new set of Brazilian waxing techniques that is significantly less painful and embarrassing. Rest assure we are under the hands of the experts who knows what they're doing. While the level of pain is different from one person to another, it is tolerable. For some there would be a slight pain experience while for others it would be a peachy pinch only. The process will take 30 minutes or less.

      Advise: Do not go for waxing a week before or after your period. The skin is more sensitive during this time and the level of discomfort will be heightened as a result.

    2. I'm embarrassed to show my bits!
      It's like a visit to the gynae, they seen it all and would care less what yours look like or if you have monsters hiding there.

    Strip-ologies (HSQs)

    something for you to focus on while getting waxed

    strip mantras in the room

    important things to have

    The room was small and clean. I see curtains and posters on the wall. Their breath mantra is a familiar sight. I got a Hygiene Pack - a sealed pouch containing disposable waxing equipment (gloves, face masks, pH balance wet wipes and spatulas). I was given a few mins to change out of my bottoms and a towel to shield the area. I used the pH balance wet wipes to clean my private areas (don't want to freak people out do we?). My Waxpert was back and she lay me down on my bed, gave me a cute squeezy orang utan toy so I could squeeze my pain away. She then ask me to open my mouth and put in 7 drops of bach flower essence – nature’s secret healing remedy that induces a calming sensation.

    I'm having the Strawberry Wax (hard wax)
    click here to read about this wax

    Explaining the process in steps, my Waxpert started to dip the spatula into the warm pink strawberry wax and on my skin. The warm sensation was incredible. Holding my orang utan squeezy toy, I held my breath and got ready for my first strip. 1, 2, STRIP! holy cow! I just got waxed. The feeling was a mixture of fear and excitement. I felt alive, my senses went BAM! Can't believe I'm really so daring. It's so exhilarating why didn't I do this earlier?

    To describe, it was super fast, like peeling off a sticker on your body. The discomfort went off before u can finish saying oh! My Waxpert told me after a few times of having Brazilian Wax, one would not even feel any discomfort anymore. Inspiring I would say.

    My Waxpert quickly hold down the area, to soothe it. I was game to continue, there's no stopping me from going bare now. Strip! Strip! Strip! and finally after 10mins, I was as bare as a baby! My Waxpert finish off by tweezing stray hairs off and applying  Ice Cream on the waxed area. Truly a professional, she waxed me like trimming my eye brow. There was no embarrassment there, she didn't run out of the room when I show her my bottoms, or gave me a weird stare. 

    Ice Cream is a soothing, calming cream that puts out 
    any skin flames and fires with lasting moisture

    The whole session took no longer than 30mins and the first thing I did like any human being was to look at myself in the mirror. So this is how I look like many years ago. How did I forget? and like any other human being, I started examining and feeling the area. Holy cow! it's super smooth and soft? what's this feeling? Was I did soft before I don't remember. All I know is it feels like a completely whole new me. 

    Interesting Fact: Brazilian Wax means everything off, that includes removing hair in between of your buttocks. Yes for some people, hair grows there so your Waxpert will ask you to turn around so she can wax there.

    Wax aftercare tips and Ice Cream

    Post waxing care is very important to reduce itching, inflammation or infection. If you have redness or inflammation you can use a soothing cream like Strip's Ice Cream RM98. I used this at home after waxing for a few days. The cooling sensation is comfortably nice to calm my area down. The packaging is also cute, I admire it for quite a fair bit on my drawer. Now I wish it came in colored flavors, it will be irresistible to say no to.

    smells fruity and easy to use, highly recommended

    To prevent ingrown hair, redness, bumps and itching, I used the Malin+Goetz Ingrown Hair Cream RM98 religiouslyIt contains Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme to exfoliate and eliminate ingrown hair concerns. Vitamin B5 and E to promote skin repair while botanicals of Allantoin and Chamomile soothe and calm itchiness and irritation. Surprisingly, this cream actually works to combat itch and ingrown hairs. I didn't have any crazy itch problems and when it started to itch, I quickly apply this cream. It's also cheaper than the Sothy's Post Depilatory Softening Care Cream RM219.

    before and after

    Final Verdict: You'll love the new you.

    Getting a Brazilian Wax will definitely make you feel different and good about yourself. It's an awesome experience that one must try at least once! You'll feel liberated (set free), clean and baby soft down under. When doing a Brazilian Wax for the first time, it's not uncommon to experience slight discomfort as the roots has been growing since puberty. Remember no pain no gain, that's what we girls always say ;)

    special promotion for Brazilian Wax Virgins

    STRIP: Ministry Of Waxing now offers a special promotion to celebrate its global authority in hair removal. STRIP Brazilian Wax virgins will be able to experience the Brazilian Wax treatment at a special promotion price of RM58 (U.P. RM114.50). Valid for new customers and for one time redemption only until 30 September, subject to changes.

    Strip Solaris
    D4-G3-8, Solaris Dutamas,
    No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
    50480 Kuala Lumpur
    T 03-62079 012 / 013
    Store Operating Hours:
    From 10am - 9.30pm daily
    Closed on selected eve of and day of Public Holidys

    website: www. strip-my.com
    facebook: www.facebook.com/stripofficial


    1. Replies
      1. after many many many years thinking.. finally tried it, not as scary as I thought it would be! and... ahhaha.. treat it like go to doctor nia

    2. It doesn't sound all that scary after reading your blog post! :D
      If ever I feel the need to wax down there, I'll definitely consider going to Strip. Plus, they have quite a few branches around the Klang Valley, very convenient. ^^

      1. they also look dam cool for a waxing salon compare to most of the salons around klang valley!

      2. P.S: thanks for your comment btw! I was wondering if I sounded scary about getting waxed.. haha

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Your blogpost is so fun but I'm still scared T___T. Do they still have the virgin kit package or squeaky toy is separate cost? :P Wanna get it as my trophy after surviving the 'experience' XD;;

      1. I'll ask! U wan my virgin kit?

      2. Why my reply kena makan?!??!! T_T Anyways your orang utan holds your first memories leh, don't you wanna keep it? XD;;

      3. let me ask the person in charge whether got the old promo or not for first timers who wants the sos virgin kit. I got one extra orang utan :) if u mau!

      4. If they don't have the old promo then I want~~~~ :D

      5. Sadly... the previous promo no more de :( but now they have the Brazilian Virgin Kit. Info below:

        STRIP presents the delightful Brazilian Virgin Kit. Packaged exclusively for first-time Brazilian customers, the Brazilian Virgin Kit is designed for easy post-wax care and maintenance. It contains miniature-sized tubs of X’ed Out Cream, Ice Cream, Strawberry Body Scrub, Strawberry Moisturizing Body Butter, and a Peace Ampoule – the complete post-wax care.

        Strip X'ed Out Cream - to help prevent ingrown hair
        Ice Cream – to soothe irritated skin
        Strawberry Body Scrub – to exfoliate the skin
        Strawberry Moisturizing Body Butter – that absorbs beautifully to leave skin silky smooth
        Peace Ampoule - to soothe hair follicles and retard hair growth

        The Brazilian Virgin Kit is priced at RM65. There is no promotion on going. Having said that, they do have offers on a regular basis so do please keep an eye out on the Strip Facebook page www.facebook/StripKL for updates.

      6. weih :) i don't mind give u my orang utan! just don't know how to pass to u only.. haha...

    5. brave tammy ^__^
      i feel wanna try it out *blush*

      1. SHIRO u should!!! I'm telling u, it feels totally different down there after becoming hairless!

    6. how long d treatment tahan b4 d "tree" growing up?

      1. right now already July 5th, my "tree" is not the original size n shape yet. i read it would normally grow in 3-4 weeks time but that depends on individual people's growth rate.


    7. u made me feel like trying it~ =x

      1. friend ask, guy one got promo price or not..
        I have so many guy friends love to be botak.. lol

      2. Jean: go try lah! or offer ur forest for volunteer review kekekee.........

        I think this price applies to all, if not mistaken... they can check with Strip outlet by calling :)

    8. My first time was at a Strip too, but I haven't been back for awhile... been going other places :P

      1. ah synical, u r the only one reader i know that does b.wax regularly! which place have u been going? mind to share? i wonder how much is the price range to have b.wax since u're like a pro...

    9. RM58 for wax virgin. Tempted but malu LOL

      1. i aslo malu malu... but i think it's dam exciting to show and get away with it? hahaa......

    10. I'm so glad you've shared your experiences with us! This has always made me incredibly nervous but seeing it firsthand from you has helped a great deal!

      1. it's a great experience for anyone, the first time will always be your most memorable one so do it at a place that's going to be great yea

    11. your blog is really fun to read, and really helpful for new. thank you so much.

    12. Where is the shop? I would like to try for it cause im very hairy. I feel so embrass without wearing nothing infront of the waxer. Sighs. And how much does it cost?

      1. the one at Publika? it's just outside of Publika ground floor on the right. Not the outside facing mainroad but the other entrance facing shops :)

        I was also embarrassed but they're professionals so you can bare it all infront of them n they don't feel a thing.

        First timers like yourself, will be cheaper RM58. The promotion is still on going! fyi

    13. i want to remove my hand hairs. they are too big and they are annoying me . please tell me your saloon is unisex or just female?

    14. seriously you kinda need to lose some weight . writing a blog like this , you need to look good in everything you do n promote . and definitely after reading this , I dont think I'm ever gonna go there .

    15. thank you fat cat :)

    16. Plus Size Kitten, disregard the comments of the above user. Obviously not very smart if they log on to read a blog titled 'plus sized kitten' then make nasty remarks about someone else's weight and appearance. You're writing a great blog and I for one find it both informative and fun.
      Anonymous above needs to learn: people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I mean, unless he/she looks like a perfect supermodel they should keep their nasty comments to themselves.
      Writing a blog is very time consuming. Keep up the good work :)

      1. Dear Anonymous , aka ( Plus size kitten)

        If you are not ashamed of posting your humongous body and cibai for the whole galaxy to see , I'm sure you will not be ashamed to comment on your own wall as well. But dont take this to heart , and dont be sad / cry ,, as the saying goes , Elephant do not easily forget . Just a word of advise , do promote more on slimming products such as Detox-Slim to lose some Michelin fats from you body .
        My philosophy : Fat people can still be fit and healthy / slim . But if you're ugly . well .. you cant mess with genetics right baby. ?

    17. Don't take it to heart, Tammy. That anonymous in the comment above must feel bad about that way herself/himself look that the only way to make her/himself feel good is by judging how other people look. Ignore them because from what I see... You are one confident woman and you are genuinely want to share info to all the girls around because you see... I'm 18 and I grew up with 6 brothers and I do have sisters and a mother but asking them questions like waxing and beauty is kind of embarrassing and I spent most of my puberty era figuring out stuff like removing unwanted hair, smelly armpit, make up, skincare (and periods too) alone and when I found your blog, man~ it was helpful, fun, very informative and not to mention adorable too. I'm pretty sure there's tons of other girls that's just like me find your blog interesting like I do and your effort have help and will always help girls like me go through their puberty era. A big thanks to you! :D *I'm totally bookmarking this blog in my browser <3

    18. stop logging in as an anonymous and defending yourself . If you are a hardcore fan like you say u are , u wont be posting as an anonymous . Yeahhhh right... you would write like super long comments just to defend someone you never met before . Yeah....how hardworking ehh.

    19. There square measure many strategies you'll be able to use to assist mix during this hair line, typically a mix of them yield the simplest and most natural look, for more information click here male waxing.

    20. Tammy, thank you so much on this post. I was thinking about waxing and I found your post. It is so helpful. You inspired me to do it. Will update you once I do it. Thanks again.

    21. You should start getting Brazilian waxing because this waxing method makes both women’s and men’s body smooth, hairless in hygiene effective way

    22. Dear tammy, after you got brazillian wax, do you get so many little bumps down there? I am trying strip in Indonesia because I read your blog..

      When I got it, it's not painful at all. But after 12 hours, my skin down there is so red.. and after 18 hours little bumps came out and it was spread in all my vagina area in 24 hours. And till now.. after 48 hours it is not vanished..

      If you do get bumps, how you treat it?


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