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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Paul & Joe Cosmetics Lot 10 up to 50% off


    News Update! Alexis text me and she said Paul & Joe Cosmetics at Lot 10 is going for up to 50% off! I don't know how true or why, this is for all you P&J fans out there to check out! It's while stocks last and no they're not closing down the SA said.

    Loccitane Singapore's Latest Promotion


    colorful & fun Loccitane Singapore website

    I been stalking Loccitane websites around the globe for a couple of months now, enough to know that Loccitane Malaysia's GWP system and discount/sales is boring compare to neighboring Singapore or Canada (who had a mega online sales with latest products being slashed until you scream like a girl). The latest promotion by Loccitane Singapore is another girl-screamer. Well at least for me... I still can't believe whether it's really that good or they have a typo error on their poster.

    Spend $160 & you get this complimentary gift set
    Shea Butter fresh face water 100ml
    Shea & Organic Cotton Ultra Comforting Serum 3ml
    Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream 50ml
    and Shea Hand Cream Pouch

    (can you believe their gwp? is there a typo?)

    I was thinking maybe they added extra 0 to the 10ml making it 100ml? and that 50ml body cream is probably 5ml? all typo? perhaps. NO ITS TRUE THERE IS NOT TYPO! my brother just called me from SINGAPORE confirming this is all real. I was like oooooommmmmggggg... why Malaysia's Loccitane GWP is so [fill in the blanks]. Business must be so good! Well I know Malaysia Loccitane member can get 5% discount but gwp really is sux man, they always give small items, even sachets consider as gift (Isetan member day Loccitane).

    click on poster to read
    (also don't miss out the fine print)

    Anyway this is the GWP poster from Loccitane Singapore. Tell me you can't believe it too. I hope Loccitane Malaysia improves their GWP system soon. My brother who was not a Loccitane member can even diffrentiate which promotion is better. He will be bringing back my Loccitane haul (which Loccitane Malaysia has been out of stock for 2 months! I am already feed up of waiting for it to be re-stock) & gifts tomorrow from Singapore. Can't wait to see to see my haul & the gifts. I am now a Loccitane Singapore VIP member too.

    Consumer Rights by NCCC


    Hak - Hak PenggunaPDFPrintE-mail
    Written by Administrator
    Thursday, 13 August 2009 15:49

    Pengguna yang bertanggungjawab adalah pengguna yang menyedari hak-haknya sebagai pengguna dan bertindak dengan penuh bijaksana dan bertanggungjawab. Lapan hak pengguna yang perlu diketahui dan difahami ialah:

    Hak untuk mendapatkan keperluan asas
    Pengguna berhak mendapatkan barang dan perkhidmatan asas bagi menjamin kehidupan yang memuaskan di dunia moden ini. Keperluan asas ini termasuk makanan yang mencukupi dan selamat, pakaian, perumahan, kemudahan kesihatan dan pendidikan, dan sebagainya

    Hak untuk mendapatkan keselamatan
    Pengguna dilindungi daripada pemerosesan dan pemasaran barang serta perkhidmatan yang boleh membahayakan pengguna.

    Hak untuk mendapatkan maklumat
    Pengguna mesti diberi maklumat yang mencukupi dan tepat untuk memudahkannya membuat keputusan yang bijak. Pengguna hendaklah dilindungi juga daripada dakyah pengiklanan, pelabelan dan amalan lain yang palsu, penipuan dan penyelewengan.

    Hak untuk membuat pilihan
    Pengguna dipastikan mendapat maklumat langsung mengenai pelbagai keluaran dan perkhidmatan. Pengguna perlu diberikan penerangan yang dapat memberi pilihan dalam membuat keputusan. Perlu ada jaminan bagi menentukan mutu dan perkhidmatan memuaskan dengan harga yang berpatutan.

    Hak untuk bersuara
    Ini bagi memastikan kepentingan pengguna mendapat pertimbangan yang sewajarnya dalam penggubalan dasar kerajaan dan tindakan yang cepat serta saksama daripada pentadbiran pengadilan.

    Hak untuk mendapatkan ganti rugi
    Pengguna berhak mendapat penyelesaian untuk pembelian keluaran yang cacat atau berbahaya ataupun perihal dagangannya yang `mengelirukan’ serta pampasan bagi perkhidmatan yang menyeleweng atau tidak menepati perjanjian.
    Ganti rugi harus diberi bagi keluaran atau perkhidmatan yang mengakibatkan kecederaan kepada penggunanya yang menggunakan keluaran atau perkhidmatan itu mengikut arahan pengeluar. Ganti rugi juga wajib diberikan kepada pengguna yang menjadi mangsa akibat kecuaian majikan.

    Hak untuk mendapatkan pendidikan pengguna
    Pengguna berhak mendapat pendidikan pengguna yang mencukupi dan berterusan. Ini kerana sistem pendidikan lazimnya tidak memberi perhatian yang sewajarnya kepada pendidikan pengguna. Falsafah pendidikan pengguna masa ini lebih cenderung melatih pelajar menjadi pekerja atau majikan yang berkesan dan kurang melatih bagaimana hendak menjadi pengguna yang bijak.

    Hak untuk mendapatkan alam sekitar yang sihat dan selamat
    Pengguna berhak hidup dan bekerja dalam alam sekitar yang bersih dan sihat serta bebas daripada sebarang keadaan yang berbahaya. Hak ini diperjuangkan oleh pengguna kerana kadar pencemaran kian meningkat dan adanya unsur alam semula jadi yang semakin pupus atau dimusnahkan.

    Free Isetan Chinese New Year Vouchers

    IMC/ICC Member Exclusive Promotion Coupons
    Chinese New Year Bonanza 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010

    YAY! I finally received my Isetan Member Chinese New Year vouchers! *only for Isetan Members. Okay so the booklet has lots of coupons in it, but only a few or maybe all will be useful to you (depending on your shopping fetish). For me, only 4 coupons got me excited. The Shiseido (skincare), Jean Paul Gaultier (perfume) and the Supermarket rebates. The rest are like shoe/bags/clothes/jewelry/etc (will update in my post on the coupons in it).

    yay time to collect my Isetan Rebate Vouchers!
    (from collecting points as a Member)

    Also I thought I won't be receiving this letter until like a couple more months! but HOLA it's finally here! yay! good timing! coz I need to shop for CHinese New Year! why am I so excited? well it's because as a Isetan Member you can collect points from shopping. With the points, it's turned into rebate vouchers for you! it happens like twice a year only. I became a member last July, so my points accumulated to 7k over and I can now redeem RM360++ rebate voucher from Isetan after presenting the letter and my member card! yay! time to foya-foya in Isetan tonight!

    I like this 2 voucher... rest is just okay

    love the supermarket voucher! coz cny is near

    The Coupons:

    Shiseido White Radiance Set RM140 (normal price: RM393)
    Promotion Period: 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010
    Limited quantities: Gardens 45 set. KLCC - 75 sets. Lot 10 -15sets.

    *one coupon per brand in a single receipt.
    *limited quantities
    *please read terms and conditions of coupon before purchase.

    Jean Paul Gaultier Madame Summer Edt 100ml
    RM90 (Normal Price RM208)
    Promotion Period: 25 Jan - 18 Feb 2010
    KLCC - 80 bottles ^ Lot 10 - 50 bottles.

    to be updated when I finish typing out..the coupons

    The coupons has terms & conditions on it. Please read carefully before making any purchase.

    Sneak Peak: My Birthday Party

    Party People Party! Miu's Birthday Party 25/12/09
    since I only had one group pic I decided to MIU it
    (Miu It = "Omph" it)

    This may come as a post too late but January is still not over and it's still my birthday month! MUHAHHAHAHHA... evil cruel laughter. Ok here's the thing :( the reason why I haven't blogged about my birthday party is that this is the only 2 pictures I have of the event! sob-sob!!! so who took pictures of the party (group pics, food pics, etc) please email me? tammylci@gmail.com

    my favourite ice-cream cake from Baskins!
    (I din get to taste... lol)

    Yeah I have a birthday cake picture yum yum. There's 2 good thing about an ice-cream cake. One it's so YUMMY right? TWO it's a PAIN TO CUT! a few people got hurt in the process of cutting this cake! including me! my finger now has a scar to show for it! (coz it's bloody stone hard the ice-cream) Anyway muahaha... was it delicious? coz I din get a bite T_T didn't know so many people aiming my cake! ok lah next time i buy bigger ok? i was broke already sob sob.

    Party attended by bloggers & readers! this to show my new found friends from 2009. Thank you all for coming and for loving me as a friend. MUAKS.

    New Head Shoulders Knees & Toes Lush Kit


    YAY! today checked my e-mail and my future cousin-in-law Pau @ Canada bought me the Lush Head Shoulders Knees & Toes Lush Sampling Kit from Lush Canada! It seems to be over now coz I can't find it in the Lush Canada website anymore. Even Lush Australia don't have this yet (if it has I'm so asking my mom to go over n grab it!). BIG BIG BEAR HUG & THANKS to PAU!!! will treat u to yummy Korean when you're back yah!

    I got my Heads Shoulders Knees & Toes! yay!

    There's 9 products + 1 extra to try! will talk more.. now rushing off to office. Tululu!

    Malaysia Women's Weekly February

    this is my monthly dose of reading
    (I don't read books anymore, it takes up my time)

    don't look that exciting this time around
    (need to sms, pay, etc 88th person)

    SASA's Exchange is back! yay!

    Clarin's Workshop and this time has YOGA!

    March 6, 2010 (Saturday)
    10am-12.30pm at The Royale Bintang Damansara
    RM30 per person or RM25 if you're The Weekly's subscriber

    Loccitane's Delicious Almond Christmas Sets


    Christmas at MidValley with boyfriend

    Last Christmas, I hinted to my bf that it's time to give me a present. He's not a present kinda person and he don't believe in giving as well. He prefers to feed people during special occasions. It's kinda like a family tradition. Then suddenly my bf took me to MidValley (his most hated place) without complaining. I knew I was going to get some present!!!

    My bf asked me to pick a stuff toy from here sob sob

    We passed by a toy stall and he asked me to pick something out from it. I told him NO NO NO!!! Quickly pull him away from there. I have been hinting him on that Loccitane's Christmas Almond Set promotion for a few days. I told him here, see this Almond set it has 3 products in it that is very good. See the shower gel? it's a 500ml bottle and it's limited edition, not for sale unless u buy this set. Then the milk concentrate? it's their best selling item for body care & it firms too. HUH and this bust gel? well this [the conversation is being censored to protect the public]. My bf asked how much is this? Oh it's very expensive. How much is it he asked again? I showed him the flyer n he freaked out.

    Delicious Almond Set is RM490

    Yeap u guess it, it's RM490 and my bf was screaming away. SO I calmed him down & say that's why I think the other Delicious Almond set RM280 (scrub & Shaping Lift) which is much cheaper and good (ngek ngek since u want me to lose weight) is the best set you can give me hehehehe!!! OK back to MidValley story, when we finally reach Loccitane shop, my bf pointed out to me that he's giving me rm25 to buy something. My face went blank. Then I was like sob sob alright and look around for something to buy. After trying to figure out what I can buy for rm25, my bf suddenly told the SA to get me the RM490 set and the RM280 set and whatever Almond item that I am missing out on. The SA's jaw almost dropped on the floor. I was grinning away sheepishly whole night.

    the Delicious Amond RM280 set
    Delightful Shape 200ml
    Delicious Paste (Scrub) 200ml

    Delicious Almond Christmas Set RM490
    Almond Shower Oil 500ml
    Almond Milk Concentrate 200ml
    Almond Bust Gel 50ml

    Free Gift with RM450 purchase Verbana Set

    My bf carrying my Christmas presents

    I now have the whole range of Loccitane's Amond body products on my dresser, thanks to my darling boyfriend who surprise me and the Loccitane SA. Every time I look and use my Almond bodycare, I think of this funny story and how my bf acted so naturally and still manage to surprise me in his very own way. I love you Baby! muaks.

    Robinsons Ignores Customer/Member

    It's been nearly 10 days since I last wrote to Robinsons Gardens Customer Service by E-mail & also by fax. I also personally fwd the copy of the complaint to Marissa Loong (customer service) whose contact was given by Robinsons staff to me. I find it amusing that they have not reply my queries yet.

    My complaint can be read from here:

    Blog Birthday Giveaway 2: Results will be out SOON

    who will win this Kiehl's Grapefruit Gift?
    stay tune, results will be out soon

    Clarins Starter Kits

    Clarin's Isetan KLCC

    SORRY! I wanted to post this up sooner but my modem is still hibernating waiting for streamyx peps to come wake him up. I went to Isetan, KLCC's member day and stop-by Clarins to pick up my Birthday Gift (yes Clarins Member has a birthday gift! whopeee). While I was there, these lil' red boxes attracted me! When I inquire, boy was I in for a shock.

    Younger Longer Kit RM78

    GOSH I literally fainted when the SA told me how much this cost! It's RM78!!! I love love love Clarins Starter/Trial kits because they have so many goodies for us to try! (without spending a bomb on a big bottle only just to try you know). This RM78 Kit, let's call it the YOUNGER LONGER Kit has:

    Younger Longer Balm 12ml (that's worth RM115!)
    Clarin's Holy Grail "HydraQuench" serum 15ml
    UV Travel 10ml

    WHY it's so amazing? let me tell you this. Younger Longer Balm is the ultimate youth fountain cream from Clarins. It's so potent you can't use it everyday and just by using it you don't need any other products for that day! (or so at least that's what the SA told me). For an actual size of 50ml it cost RM480!!! Besides this, the Holy Grail item @ HydraQuench bi-phase serum is 15ml which is HALF! I say HALF the size of the actual which cost over RM200!!! so what we're having here? a kit that is worth your bloody time & money I say. Get THIS while it's STILL HOT!

    Shaping Facial Kit RM68

    Next kit has a Shaping Facial Lift (travel), HydraQuench Cream mask (travel) and a Renew Plus Body Serum (travel). The only thing I had tried is the shaping facial lift n hydraquench. Both are awesome products alright! The Shaping Facial Lift really works! in a matter of few mins after applying (using the Clarin's touch) you'll see your face being lifted! next time I shall DEMO to u girls OK! Don't get me started on the HydraQuench Mask. It's the thirst-quenching mask that you can apply all over your face including your lips. Your skin will drink the mask up! see believe it (the more dehydrated your face, the more the mask disappears).

    HD Body Lift Kit RM58

    OK the cheapest kit of all is this one at RM58. It has HD Body Lift, Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Pure & Radiant Mask (all travel size). For those itching to try the HD Body Lift, this set is your baby! ALL the kits come with a Christmas decor & a heart bracelet too! (talk about being worth your money).

    I bought the Younger Longer Kit RM78

    comes with heart bracelet & xmas deco

    *these kits were previously Purchase-With-Purchase items in Christmas. Now it's available without PWP but you're not entitle to any GWP/Vouchers when you buy this.

    Free Shu Uemura Hydrability Samples


    the latest DeepSea Hydrability Range

    Whoopee! show your newsletter for freebies!

    Calling all Shu Uemura Fanatiks! (also known as members). Check your mail box coz the latest Shu Uemura Newsletter is out and this time featuring their revamp Deepsea range called the Deepsea Hydrability which is the first tri-action moisturizing programme from Shu Uemura! Using your newsletter you can redeem free samples from Shu Uemura.

    For those who are Citibank Member! you can also show your credit card to Shu Uemura Parkson and redeem samples muahahhahaha and there's a special promotion too for Citibank Member.

    For those who's not a member or holding Citibank card, don't worry I'm sure if you ask nicely, you'll get to try some samples too. After all sampling is a way of getting customers (new or old) to fall in love with your products. Once they're hooked, there's no saying what they'll do!

    Lush Swap: Angels On Bare Skin, Ayesha, Honey I wash the Kids and a Fairytail

    Birthday Surprise!

    I swapped my RMK eyeshadows with Stellarvixen for this yummy yummy bag of goodies that she got from Lush Hong Kong on her Christmas holidays. Actually it was just the Angel On Bare Skin face scrub that I wanted! but Stellar was so sweet to surprise me with a few more extras!

    I'm starting to feel like I'm making a porn-duct
    (always camwhoring my products)

    Lush Lush Lush

    O.M.G it's 120grams of Angel on Bare Skin (instead of 100grams which I asked her to get), a Christmas bath ballistic called FairyTail (how cute) and Lush samples! packed nicely in a Lush box into a Lush Christmas Paperbag (I love packaging, the complete everything). Thanks so much Stellar for the Lush Swap & Birthday Surprise! muaks

    Lush Review: Ickle Baby Devil


    Ickle Baby Devil

    I was ecstatic when I received a Lush present from Candy for Christmas. She bought this limited edition Lush bath ballistic "Ickle Baby Devil" from her trip to Japan for me. On first look this item looks really horrible/scary to me especially with the grin and horns on it. It seems to be crumbling so I had to use it asap. The description says it's a children bath bomb and that would be great for sensitive skin too since it's made to be delicate for children to use. The scent is chamomile/lavender-ish and is pink in color.

    the sodium bicarbonate makes this devil very fizzy

    Under running bath water in my bathtub, I dropped the Ickle Baby Devil in and it fizzes away like a devil being splash with holy water. Very good "distraction" for parents trying to make their kids go to bath! The bath water turns slight pink and there's a slight smell of what's left of the bath bomb. I wish the scent was stronger. I didn't feel that it lives up to its description (soothing sleepy bath). Probably it's really meant for children to have the effect? I need something more aromatic to make me go into a dreamy state. Till my next bath ballistic!

    Ickle Baby Baff And now there are two! They smell the same as our previous wonder bath to get children to sleep, but now one is blue and one is pink. The Ickle Baby Devil Bath is pink; it's for kinds who are devilishly difficult to get to sleep. Sooth their tantrums with a fizzy, mood calming Bath Ballistic. The Ickle Baby Angel Bath is blue; its for kids who deserve a treat for behaving well. Make sure they stay calm all the way to bed with a fizzing, soothing sleepy-time bath. Your kids can choose the colour they prefer; we wouldn't be so assumptive as to assign them to boys or girls. It's bigger too, so it lasts longer and wafts out more mind-calming essential oils to prepare the little 'uns for a good night's sleep. One thing we won't change is its magical powers!

    source: Lush Australia

    IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign

    anyone heard of IDI-Italy 1858?
    (Italian Dermatology Institute)

    I have been keeping a secret. The secret is, I have been chosen to participate in the IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign! which started in January 2010 and will go on until March, 2010 (for 3 months). I first heard about IDI-Italy 1895 at their launching in One Utama last year. All I knew was that this is a SLS free product (that bad cancer causing chemical) and that it came from a dermatological hospital specialized in treating skin problems (burns, problem skin, etc). This sounded like the "creme de la mer" that I could afford.

    the picture that got me in (though i still look good haha)

    So when IDI-Italy 1858 came up with their Super Fan Campaign, I quickly applied to join. They're looking for 3 participants for 3 skin types only (acne, dry & sensitive). I belong to the sensitive type category for now & I wish to treat this before I can use any skincare product sob sob. My first picture, IDI said my face has no problem *lol* and asked me to send another picture! so it was a good time to show my face coz the weathers been BAD! bad bad. This second picture got me an interview. Note the circle areas are my problems which causes - redness, itchiness and burning/tingling sensations.

    I am going to use all this for 3 months believe it!

    I met Juliana the IDI skin nutritionist at their office in Plaza Vads, TTDI. She was friendly and informative. The interview started with Juliana assessing my skin and my concerns. After, that she introduce the skincare products to me & told me about how IDI came about. Ching a guy, helped Juliana to gather the products that my skin need. I was quite shocked when they showed me 9 items. Surely my face don't need 9 items?! read on!

    cleanse correct care & treat

    The products that was given to me is for cleansing, correcting, caring & treating my face. I particularly love the treating part coz IDI has a professional series called lab[md/pro] series that target specific skin needs of each individual (and they're also much pricier). Juciy Info, IDI skincare range is divided into 4 series with unique codings:
    • 1.0 for oily/acne prone,
    • 2.0 for normal/combi,
    • 3.0 dry skin , and
    • 6.0 for sensitive skin.

    the order in which my skincare range should be use

    Believe it or not, I had 3 different moisturizers to use to treat/correct my face. Also I'm told that I should not wash my face with pipe water (Msia pipe water is not actually clean!) it might be the reason for my skin sensitivity. I been complaining that my condo water is rusty and has some kind of smell. SO the cleansing milk given to me actually can be use for my face without needing to use water to wash! muahahahaha. ALSO I love love love the toner which is something like SK2's miracle water! muahahaha (will tell more juicy next review).

    slurp... luxury treatments

    Pro Lab series which cost like nearly RM200 and more. I was given 4 out of 5 of the pro series to use as my daily treating regime. They include the Tri Action Age Defender Cream (my BB cream! ngek ngek), MultiAction Mask (super mask), ClariAction Lightening Cream (for my pigmentation) and lastly UltrAction Protection Cream which I will use when I go about KL doing my work under the BBQ-Sun. I was actually hoping to get the moisture treatment but I was presented with all this (and bcoz the moisture treatment is not in the market yet).

    This is the starting of my IDI-Italy 1858 Super Fan Campaign review. I hope you stay tune and enjoy my skincare challenge for the next 3 months! Signing off, Miu.

    P.S: My blog links will be up at IDI's FaceBook too as part of the campaign. If you like my post/review please click "Like" on my link (when it's up). The more likes I get, I could win a year's supply of IDI skincare! meow!

    Products given for 3 months:
    1. 6.10[six] DermGentle Cleansing Milk 150ml RM95.90
    2. 6.11[six] DermGentle Conditioning Lotion 150ml RM95.90
    3. 6.21[six] DermGentle Soothing Paste 50ml RM145
    4. 6.30[six] DermGentle Relief Cream 50ml RM154
    5. 6.31 [six] DermGentle Barrier Cream 50ml RM154
    6. Lab 0.20[md] TriAction Age Defender Cream 50ml RM228
    7. Lab 0.22[pro] ClariAction Lightening Cream 50ml RM228
    8. Lab 0.30[md] UltrAction Protection Cream 50ml RM186
    9. Lab 0.31[md] MultiAction Mask 50ml RM186
    Prices range from RM84.90 to RM228. Available at Guardian Pharmacies (not all Guardian).

    Kiehl's Newsletter January/February

    the latest Kiehl's Newsletter is out! grab yours today!

    I received my Kiehl's newsletter few days ago by post (yeah if you fill up the customer information sheet, Kiehl's will send you newsletter by post). The front page was colorful, filled with comic like design centered around Kiehl's latest skincare range called the Acai Berry Damage-Repairing Skincare (which I blogged about here).

    feels so organic right mate?

    Sweet Surprise in January

    What's more surprising is that as I flipped to the last page of the Kiehl's newsletter, I saw my blog/face on it! quickly I read through it and was touched that my blog was mention by Kiehl's Malaysia. Secretly in my heart, I smile & said, Thanks for the wonderful birthday surprise Kiehl's! (runs to show off to bf that blogging is not a waste of time).
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