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  • Clarins Starter Kits


    Clarin's Isetan KLCC

    SORRY! I wanted to post this up sooner but my modem is still hibernating waiting for streamyx peps to come wake him up. I went to Isetan, KLCC's member day and stop-by Clarins to pick up my Birthday Gift (yes Clarins Member has a birthday gift! whopeee). While I was there, these lil' red boxes attracted me! When I inquire, boy was I in for a shock.

    Younger Longer Kit RM78

    GOSH I literally fainted when the SA told me how much this cost! It's RM78!!! I love love love Clarins Starter/Trial kits because they have so many goodies for us to try! (without spending a bomb on a big bottle only just to try you know). This RM78 Kit, let's call it the YOUNGER LONGER Kit has:

    Younger Longer Balm 12ml (that's worth RM115!)
    Clarin's Holy Grail "HydraQuench" serum 15ml
    UV Travel 10ml

    WHY it's so amazing? let me tell you this. Younger Longer Balm is the ultimate youth fountain cream from Clarins. It's so potent you can't use it everyday and just by using it you don't need any other products for that day! (or so at least that's what the SA told me). For an actual size of 50ml it cost RM480!!! Besides this, the Holy Grail item @ HydraQuench bi-phase serum is 15ml which is HALF! I say HALF the size of the actual which cost over RM200!!! so what we're having here? a kit that is worth your bloody time & money I say. Get THIS while it's STILL HOT!

    Shaping Facial Kit RM68

    Next kit has a Shaping Facial Lift (travel), HydraQuench Cream mask (travel) and a Renew Plus Body Serum (travel). The only thing I had tried is the shaping facial lift n hydraquench. Both are awesome products alright! The Shaping Facial Lift really works! in a matter of few mins after applying (using the Clarin's touch) you'll see your face being lifted! next time I shall DEMO to u girls OK! Don't get me started on the HydraQuench Mask. It's the thirst-quenching mask that you can apply all over your face including your lips. Your skin will drink the mask up! see believe it (the more dehydrated your face, the more the mask disappears).

    HD Body Lift Kit RM58

    OK the cheapest kit of all is this one at RM58. It has HD Body Lift, Gentle Foaming Cleanser & Pure & Radiant Mask (all travel size). For those itching to try the HD Body Lift, this set is your baby! ALL the kits come with a Christmas decor & a heart bracelet too! (talk about being worth your money).

    I bought the Younger Longer Kit RM78

    comes with heart bracelet & xmas deco

    *these kits were previously Purchase-With-Purchase items in Christmas. Now it's available without PWP but you're not entitle to any GWP/Vouchers when you buy this.


    1. Yes, I saw the Younger Longer Kit.

      It's really very good value if you are using the items in it!

    2. Dun know isetan gardens got or not..

    3. isetan Gardens not many ... but got.. body kit about RM300+ with about 3-4 full size products.

    4. you my dear, are a lemming inducing agent :P

      great starter kits, i hope i can take a peek at a counter near me :D

    5. all the sets were NICE ~~~~
      ermm....the body set, the HD Body Lift is hw many ml ar? interested wif ths product^^ hahaha

    6. i really love clarins^^
      oh very beautiful bracelet!

      drey jewelry

    7. I just back from Clarins at Isetan KLCC. One of the kit that i want to buy is out of stock, so i asked the SA to check with other's Clarins counter. But she refused to do that and she gave me the kit that they used on display counter which full with dust without feeling guilty! arghhhh...i'm so mad! Very rude, i should write a complaint letter to Isetan KLCC instead.

    8. Oh no! I hope they still have stock! I want the sets with HQ stuff in it! Anyone can help me buy?

    9. my sis jz bought a yonger longer set in isetan klcc yesterday ohh...but i nt sure do they still hv more stock for it lar~
      abby: i help u check wif my sis
      which set u wan?

    10. Shaping facial (travel size) + HydraQuench Cream mask (travel) + a Renew Plus Body Serum (travel).
      for RM68? Hmmmmmmm

      SIGH. The promo with Isetan is Buy one Shaping Facial Lift GWP 1 x shaping facial lift + other samples (which she gave me face oil), and the gold makeup pouch.

    11. Maybe i should have asked her for more.. but anyways, i didn't like any of the other stuff, and i bought another multi active RM88 kit coz i wanted to join as a member.

    12. CY: how much is yours that buy one shaping lift gwp? rm190 or rm200. The shaping lift is great stuff :D

      aiyohh the multie active, i bought rm68 at workshop :D but i think urs extra 1 more item


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