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TrulyBeaute Expo Midvalley

Event Duration : Fri, 15 Jan 2010 - Sun, 17 Jan 2010
Company : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Location : Level 3 (Hall 1 , 2 & 3) Mid Valley Exhibition Centre
Event Description : TrulyBeaute 2010 Truly Beauty Consumer Fair, Showcasing latest range of beauty and spa products and services, Beauty Talks, Spa Forum, Free sampler massage, Free skin, fat and hair analysis

TrulyBeaute 2010 Fair at MidValley


Anyone went to the TrulyBeaute Expo yet in Midvalley Megamall? it's from 15/1/10-17/1/10. I dropby today to have a look & was so hoping to buy the Beauty Diary Masks again which I tried last year at the Beauty Expo, PWTC. The Platinum Nanocolloid Mask is apparently the best of the higher end range for the Beauty Diary Mask variants. Althougth only 6pcs inside compare to the 10 pcs normal variants, the Platinum Nanocolloid is much better in essence and it's benefit for our face (or so as I heard & what the Sales Assistant told me). Of course I did try it myself and regretted not hauling more last year. Thankfully this expo came just in time!

My Beauty Diary Masks

I hauled 10 boxes for RM499 (they're selling at Guardian for RM60++ per box) I also got 3 more extra box free for buying 10 boxes! SO it comes to RM38.40 per box then! Of course I don't need that many masks! so who else wants to share this with me? I have 7 extras! drop me an email at You gotta pay for postage! UPDATE: FOUND PEOPLE ALREADY NO MORE BOXES LEFT.

Wendy - 3 boxes RM115.20
Pigita - 2 box RM76.80 + Variety Box RM49.90 = 126.70 -paid- (pick up)
Babygirl - 2 box RM76.80
Alexis - 1 box -paid-
V Ng - 1 box -paid- (goin to post soon)

Jolin @ the Skin79 BBCream

Also at this sale, my favourite BB Cream from Skin79 (gold caviar) is for sale at 50% off! omigosh.. so it'll be RM85 if u buy it at this expo! Also available for 50% off is the Skin79 BB Cream in red packaging. Check the booth out to try this miracle BB Cream which is on sale now before u miss it!


  1. hi~~
    *shrugs* i missed this event!!
    can u reserve one box of the Beauty Diary mask for me???

    thanks thanks!!i'll email u =)

  2. i miss the Expo event too!! :(

  3. candygal: i din buy :( coz the one i bought last expo still not yet habis!

    so... logical now muahhaha

  4. ShaynaJo: I'll get back to u coz now mostly all booked already n waitin for payment. If nobody pay i email u k

  5. Xannon: T_T it's a small expo..not as big as last years


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