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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Stila PAV Extended!


    Just as I thought, Luxasia has extended again the Stila Sales. We all know that Stila Pavillion is the last standing Stila counter in Malaysia and they should've closed by end of June. However things has change and they're closing down this Sunday (4/7/09) instead of today 30/6/09.

    Corus Hotel Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics Warehouse Sales Again!

    saving myself up to ravage Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales!
    not going to this one, bye bye Corus Sales@!

    Discount Duration:Wed, 8 Jul 2009 - Fri, 10 Jul 2009, 10am to 630pm
    Company:Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics
    Location:Crystal Ballroom, Level 1, Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Promotion:Branded Fragrances & Cosmetics Warehouse Sale Up to 70% Off
    Brands Offered:
  • Givenchy
  • Paul & Joe
  • Moschino
  • Guess
  • Esprit
  • Loewe
  • Kate Moss
  • Nautica
  • Paris Hilton
  • David Beckham
  • Morgan
  • MNG
  • Miss Sixty
  • Versace
  • and many more..

  • You can check out my previous reviews about this warehouse sales.
    Few questions to ask yourself if you want to go to this warehouse sales:

    1. Are you interested in any of the brands/perfume offered in this sale?
    2. Are you willing to stand for hours just to get in/pay in this warehouse sales?
    3. Are you ok with crowds on the first day?
    4. Are u coming to buy to earn some extra moolah from ebaying these perfumes?
    (or blogshop/bargain hunter/personal shopper/etc)

    To go on 1st day or following days? which better?

    1. Are you a bargain hunter?
    - if you are u might consider going on first day & last day (for chances of price reduction).
    2. No I just want to browse.
    - then go on any days u like, avoid 1st day if possible bcoz it's ussually crowded like mad.
    3. I prefer no Q or less waiting time.
    - then go late or run when u see crowd
    4. I want to get the best sets/items/limited edition perfumes!
    - go early, buy early and get out early! usually for this sales it's MAD on the 1st opening day.
    5. I am here to make extra moolah!
    Then consider going on first day opening you might find some nice sale items worthy of making extra moolah. Last day is great as well since they might slash prices.

    *u may refer to my countless experience report by clicking on the above links where I go mostly on first days first opening.

    The attack of the killer hair


    Before Tarzan, After Cinderella

    Today I walk in to Jean Yip Hair Saloon in curve to redeem my hair spa+rebonding service that I have purchased last week from 1utama Jean Yip promo roadshow. Ok please don't laugh at my before picture >_< somehow I feel that my hair is sexy until I look at the pictures I take which look like I'm from Tarzan movie. SO FEEDUP of my uncontrollable hair I finally went to REBOND IT. It took about nearly 3 hours for the entire process to end. My hair feels nice now and soft! I'm suppose to go back for hair cut + treatment which I paid rm88 promo price tomorrow or so.

    Freebies I gotten this week


    Aesop's roadshow at 1utama new wing

    with this Aesop brochure

    redeemed 2 face cleanser & 1 face serum sample!
    (not sure when their roadshow ends)

    the watson's sale on 24th July, 09
    coupon redeemption free Ascience sample!

    Ascience's Empty Shampoo Bottle Exchange Program
    (bring 200ml empty shampoo bottle & get a Ascience exclusive gift pack)

    23rd-28th July, 09

    not exactly freebie but.. then again :D
    didn't expect to get it!

    I bought the Malaysian Women's Weekly recipe book for healthy meals rm9-90 and I was given the last Nando Goodie Pack with 2 full size Nando's famous peri peri sauce bottles in it! (i've been wanting to get a bottle ever since i finish my supplies, I love spicy sauces/food!). Not sure if other MPH Bookstores are having this promo? they seemed to be clearing that recipe booklet (that came out last year for rm9-90).

    This clearly shows I've been spending a substantial time at One Utama this week haha! so while I was there for the shampoo exchange program, I spotted something I didn't know! My pic was pin up for the photo contest! (which today Sunday would be already over, I wonder who was the winner? sob sob i was not there).

    can u spot my pic?

    I wanted to try Ascience shampoo & conditioner so I bought the 550ml bottles and got a free rm20 hair wash voucher from A Cut Above, a sample pack, a exclusive gift set, hair & makeover and a photo of it to bring back (with the duplicate being put up for contest).

    the Ascience Hair & Makeover

    Blog Birthday Giveaway!


    You'll Shine with this Gift worth over RM120!

    Yes its time for an online giveway for my dear readers! Those who could not go or are too shy to participate in my movie preview contest can now do so *silently* here! yes yes yippe hooraay! but wait what's the catch? no pics? no interviews right Miu? please tell us no!!! Ok ok I'll make it EASY this time! All you have to do is be my follower, blog about my contest and tell me what you love about my blog :) YES! easy? Be sure to leave your blog links as comments under this post.

    By the end of the month, I'll pick a winner randomly! I'll be spying don't play play!

    Fabulous Flawless Workshop

    Benefit is organizing a Fabulous Flawless Workshop at Robinsons! I haven't been to a Benefit workshop yet so this is my chance to try & review *so excited*! The workshops are on 25th & 26th July, 2009 with the time slots of 10am, 2pm and 5pm. I've already called in to register with Ratni, I'm going for the 25th July workshop at 2pm. Ratni says details are not confirmed yet, they'll be having a meeting to discuss & then update those who called in to register. Refreshments/voucher/etc they can't confirmed atm.

    Fees RM100 (fully redeemable)

    Receive adoor gift worth RM120 (they don't know what is given)

    RSVP 03-2284 6266.

    Limited seats only.

    Rebond OR Digital Perm?

    Yesterday after the Ascience event, I walked around until I bumped into Jean Yip Hair Saloon promotion on 1st floor old wing (1utama). They're having a promotion. My hair is like amazon jungle so I really needed a rebond/relaxer. The sales girl introduced me to ice rebond? (hair spa + rebond) which they put a scalp protector (hair spa) that's cooling and protect your scalp before any perm/rebond. Interested I inquire further coz I thought of going back to Peekaboo for hair relaxer which cost RM350 last year =_= sigh. Now this promotion RM168!!! and I get hair spa!!! and don't count hair lenght!!! whopee!!!

    but the question now is rebond or digital perm? I never do digital perm before? is it hard to take care? will it turn our horrible? got many "hairstyle" to choose from or it's standard small curls? In the picture of this flyer look nice though. Digital perm can do big curls like my Ascience makeover? realize i like big curls make me look slim (HOHHOHOHOHOHOHOHO) but it will be frizzy/damage/hard to maintain right?

    HELP HELP!! tell me which one?

    Shu Uemura Sales

    Heard that it's today:

    Shu Uemura Sale
    Brands offered:
    Shu Uemura, Kiehl’s, Giorgio Armani & LancĂ´me !
    Date: 26 June, Friday.
    Time: 10am – 5pm.
    Where: Shu Uemura Training Room, Level 14 (13A)
    L'oreal Office at Damansara Uptown 2.

    Ascience Road Show Event


    the cream of the top - hair & makeover by Kanebo
    with purchase of rm50 above of Ascience products
    at 1utama Old Wing concourse!
    update: power of contouring my face so slim

    Today I went to 1utama old wing and saw the latest roadshow event on the concourse floor by Ascience (a hair care brand that arrived on our Malaysians shores few months ago). I had wanted to try this "specially made shampoo for Asian hair" after hearing girls raved about it. I got a free sample from them (hehe!!!). Then the sales girl began to explain to me more about it and gave me a free hair check (my hair is in stage 2 sob sob, damage slightly). She recommended me the special set which is only rm29-80 if I am not mistaken.

    japan's exclusive secret tailored for the lustrous asian hair

    There's also a promotion going on, purchase rm50 above in Ascience products (excluding the special set) and I got the complimentary hair & makeover by Kanebo, A Cut Above rm20 voucher for hairwash (using Ascience products), a lucky draw where I won a Ascience travel gift set (45ml shampoo & conditioner inside!) and I also get to join their contest (huh what contest? lol). No only that, you can bring empty shampoo bottle 200ml above and they will give u a complimentary Ascience gift set! (only for the first 30 customers a day).

    SO I WAS IN FOR A SHOCK when they did my hair & makeover. I could not believe it was so good. My hair is so nice!!! my make up... fuuhh!! I get to choose which photo I can take back home to frame up! and they duplicate it to enter the contest (I didn't know there's a contest too!). Overall, I'm very happy that for a mere purchase of rm50 in shampoo & conditioner that I wanted to try, I got all these freebies & walked out looking beautiful. When I got home, my bf scolded me for going out dating with other guys =_= (Seriously I wasn't expecting a makeover today!!! by a mere shampoo roadshow!).

    the photo contest

    FYI In Malaysia only 1 type of Ascience shampoo which is the Deep Nourish range. You can find the pricelist below for the products sold at this event (and at Watsons or Jusco).

    Asience Deep Nourish Shampoo 220ml - RM14.90
    Asience Deep Nourish Conditioner 220ml - RM14.90
    Asience Deep Nourish Shampoo 550ml - RM26.80
    Asience Deep Nourish Shampoo 550ml - RM26.80
    Asience Treatment 180g - RM26.80
    Special Set rm29-80 (shampoo, conditioner & treatment!)

    This promotion starts from 23rd-28th June, 09 at 1utama Old Wing Concourse and the complimentary makeover is from 12pm - 8pm and limit to the first 20 customers (week day) and 40 customers (weekend).

    click on the images in this post for larger view

    Free Hair Do & Make up by A Cut Above & Kanebo
    -Consumer to purchase Set of Asience 550ml Shampoo & Conditioner and will receive a Free Hair do & make up
    -Complimentary photo shoot

    Spin & Win Wheel
    -Consumer to purchase the full set of Asience 220ml Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment and will stand a chance to spin the wheel. Prizes will be KAO products or Jusco Vouchers.

    Photo Shoot next to Asience Mock up Bottle
    -Consumers to purchase 220ml Asience Shampoo & Conditioner and will receive complimentary photo shoot next to bottle or they can enter the 'BEST POSE' contest. Voters will be roadshow consumers.

    Emcee Announcements
    -Emcee to pull in the crowd before the Asian beauty Talk show for a Q&A session about the product for Consumers to win free Samples

    Asian Beauty Talk Show
    -Talk show between local celebrity Stephanie Chai, A Cut Above Salon Manager and emcee - topics will be on Asian Beauty & Hair care tips.
    -After the show, Q& A will be done with the Emcee & Audience to win free samples.

    Hair Checks
    -Consumers get free hair check with the hair check machine to test if they have healthy hair.

    Balloon Give away
    -Promoters will be giving away free balloons with Asience logo printed on it.

    gosh all this for rm50?

    u bethca!

    Benefit Sales Review

    I did not think of going to Benefit Warehouse Sales this morning until my boss wanted to go and brought me along to be navigator (seems like I am very good in finding warehouse sales area now). We reach about 10.15pm ++ and already there is a huge long line in front of us.

    The Q-line for this sale is long n slow, mainly because they're doing a crowd control to maintain a handful of people only inside their small sales room which is on the right after u go in. Basically they let in 2 by 2 customers, and maintaing a firm control inside the room. This is great because it would control crowd pushing/mobbing/thiefs, bad side is the long Q and slow as it's a buy and leave kind of thing.

    My boss already pissed off and ask me to take taxi back after this sales. She could not wait anymore and it was really slow. Imagine we're still only this way to the entrance after nearly 1 hour standing.

    cashier counter
    (a breeze since crowd control at max!)
    credit card payment only above rm100

    Products wise
    , there's not much selection and very little variety compared to last year. Probably 1/2 of what last year offered and pricewise it has gone up. Expect items to be marked up rm10-30 compared to last year (but e/s is still ok rm25, the creme e/s for rm29). It's still cheaper than retail. Please check your items as I notice Benefit items are either slightly discoloured, oil seeds, dry or nearly dry especially any cream/mascara/concealer. Please note that Benefit Warehouse Sales don't intend to sell their best sellers in here e.g Dr. Feel Good, Benetint, Dandelion etc. SO don't go with such expectations, it will be a let down.

    B Spot 50ml for rm65
    (manu 2008)

    Brush sets the one I bought with 4 brushes inside, no longer for sale but there is one brush set which they COMPILED themselves by adding in 3 brushes of their choice into the brush pouch (just brush pouch alone is rm16 but sold out already) and marking this brush set at rm85. Basically they prepared 2 types of brush set for you.

    Type 1:-
    Slant Powder Brush
    e/s brush
    concealer brush

    Type 2:-
    concealer brush
    fan tail brush
    e/s brush

    I guess it's still worth it because they were selling these brushes from rm25-35 (sale price) each individually. Now 3 in a brush pouch is rm85. However compared to the originally brush set it's quite pricey. Retail brushes also of course we all know is over rm100 more or less.

    Last year's brush set had 4 types of brushes in it.
    This year only 3.
    Last year rm50 then mark up to rm80.
    This year rm85.

    Eyeshadows are rm25 each (Buy 2 for RM40)
    Creaseless e/s buy rm29 each (Buy 2 for rm50)
    Brow Zing is rm59 (last year rm40)
    Silky Finish Lipstick rm29
    Lemonaide rm49
    Boing rm45
    Lust Dusters rm20
    the small sales room
    (that's why crowd control)

    There's lemonaide, some kind of gorgeous (deep), lip plumping gloss, lip liner D'finer, lust dusters, creme e/s, Dallas/10/etc (those not very popular face powders) for rm59. B-Spot perfume manu 2008 (their latest perfume EDT 30ml) for rm65, Maybe baby manufactured in 2006 100ml is rm100. Creme blushers, concealers, lemondaide, boing, Brow pencil, Ms. Popularity (i bought one last year and there's only 1/3 of powder inside! and it was said to be "like that" by the management). Mascara in plum and blue (last year bought blue & it was almost dried).

    Overall: very disappointing especially when they marked up the price and there's very little selection to buy. Prices are mostly 40-50% off only. Compare to Anna Sui, Chanel, Estee Lauder warehouse sales, Benefit is way behind on the track line. However I would say Benefit fans will sure BENEFIT from this sale. WHY? simple. Still cheaper than retail hello!

    Stila Cosmetics: Indian Summer


    Wow the Indian Summer collection just came in time for our heat wave @ summer in Malaysia. It's a pity we don't have only a season of summer here otherwise I bet we'll go crazy with getting our skins tanned and looking yummylicious like the Stila girl here on the poster. Also another good example is did u all notice that the Hollywood babes are all chocolate-y sexy now? Megan Fox strutting herself on a silver platter in Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen. Lovely tanned btw.. yum. I just read that their new mineral bronzing powder is made with Mediterranean CLAY! omg! how cool is that? Gosh all we can do is admire posters for now.

    AUCTION: Stila World Tour Brush Set


    Stila World Tour Brush Set Pink

    it has 5 basic mini brushes

    #1 blush brush

    #13 one step eyeliner brush
    #6 Lip Brush
    #5 all over eye shadow brush
    #7 precision crease brush

    I'm auctioning my beloved world tour brush set to the highest bidder. Please leave your bids in this comment box. Bidding starts at rm100-00. Buy it now price is rm300-00. Only for serious bidders. This is a RARE limited edition Stila Travelling Brush set called the World Tour Brush Set. Starts today and ends on 1st July, 09. If I am not happy with the bidding price, I shall not sell it. I may sell it off even before auction end if i find the price is right.

    The Brushes are made in Japan. Pony and Goat Hair. NEW.


    Female Mag July Issue is OUT!

    Today I grabbed the latest issue of Female Mag which is already out in major bookstores & newstand! (I already had Cleo, Seventeen, Women's Weekly, InTrend, Marie Claire July issues! yay all of them out!!). After flipping through Female Mag, I saw their report on the Clarin's Pure Pampering Workshop held in January! (now July already). I can spot myself in there! especially enjoying the facial hehe in one of the pictures! Can u spot me anywhere on the page? Let me know!

    Can you spot where Miu is?

    ROC Workshop

    Skincare beauty workshop with ROC on August 8th, 2008 at Amoda Hotel, KL. Tips & goodie bag worth rm200!!! Check out more info with the latest July issue of Cosmopolitan Malaysia! or their blog :)

    Benefit Warehouse Sales 2009

    Discount Duration:Thu, 25 Jun 2009 - Fri, 26 Jun 2009
    Company:Starlight Cosmetics Sdn Bhd
    Location:13-05, Level 13, Menara Milenium, 8 Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara, 50490, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    *striclty no bags, camera, food/drink allowed inside sale area.
    *all sales are final on sale merchandise
    *no exchange or refunds will be entertained

    Blog Birthday Contest 2 - Winners


    In conjunction with my blog birthday celebration, I am organizing a movie preview spree to watch "Transformers 2" at GSC, MidValley on 22/6/09. For more info about the movie contest read here. I'm announcing the winners selected today and if I don't receive anymore entries I shall be closing this contest at 11.59pm and name all 10 lucky winners who will receive a pair of Transformer movie preview tix :)

    To the winners, thank you for your birthday wishes for my blog :) It's an honour being read by all of you including those who had participated in the contest. I'm sorry I only have 10 pairs of invite and I've picked 10 loyal readers who successfully impressed me with their pics and entry. Those who did not win, don't worry I have more contests coming up soon!

    1st Winner - Hanna from Kuala Lumpur

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLUSIZEKITTEN! MAY YOU BE MORE CUTE & POPULAR (AND get more sponsors in the future. ;p) Oh yeah one more thing: KAKAK MIU RRRRROOOOOCCCKKKKKKSSS!!!!!

    Thank you Hanna :) I have read your blog post and receive your awesome pic. Congratulations you have won yourself 2 tix to watch Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen on monday! May u win your bf's heart and wishin him a happy birthday :)

    2nd winner - Ayna from Cheras

    Dear Miu2, After one wonderful year, I believe your blog have certainly became an important part of yourself… You may not realize this but somehow, you have touched and inspired lots of people in so many ways… Keep being yourself girl, we won’t have it any other way, your blog is so special, just the way you are… Happy Birthday plusizekitten.blogspot.com, wishing you the very best and many great years ahead!!! Gambate Kundasai!!! @_@

    Dear Ayna, you're right. I do like the second picture!! no I love it! I read your email entry that you bribe the kids with milkshakes and cookies (yum yum) to get them to do that! AMAZINGLY COOL! you have won Congrats!

    3rd winner - Doroshi from KL
    (she's a piano teacher & she played me a birthday song n sent to me!)

    Wishing Plus Size Kitten a very big happy birthday and looking forward to many many more plus sized happy years to come! This blog is a shopaholic's best friend because it has the most updated info on all the great sales and warehouse clearance in KL! I have decided to play you a Birthday Song! (sorry the recording not that great because my phone is a bit antique) Hope you like it!

    Thank you Doroshi for your amazing piano birthday song and wish! I look forward to hearing you play it personally to me yes?! Congrats and see u this Monday :)

    4th winner - Basirah@THE G.E.D.I.K.S in KOREA

    Happy Birthday dear Miu!~ In Korea we said Saengil Chukha haeyo!!~ I hope you will always have time to update your blog because my day will be empty without reading your new entries. First day I bumped to your blog, I finished all the entries in 1 night and since that day, I am your fan! I love love love what other girls like to do..such as shoppings, sales, make up and stuffs so THANKKKK YOUUU SOOO MUCHIE MUCHIE to you! YES! YOU! Because your blog has all the informations that girls always wanted..ALL in 1 blog! And you are such a sweet and beautiful girl and really adore your life with your boyfriend.. I hope you will be always happy and get all dreams that you really want to achieve! LOVE YOU millions times!

    p/s: I hope you will like the picture.. This picture was taken at Nami Island, South Korea, which is famous island for Winter Sonata's Korean drama.Nami Island is a MUST-GO place when you come to Korea with your loved ones. Nami Island is a symbolic place for story of a man and a woman who loves each other but have to get through all the obstacles before they can live happy ever after.If you have time to watch that drama, please please watch it!

    Gediks, waiting to meet u this Monday! since I can't go to Korea (shopping like this how 2 go?! sob sob) and visit that romantic island, I'm quite touched that you have made me virtually there at least!!! Gamsah Hamida! (thank you in Korean?) CONGRATS!

    5th winner - the Mama of this kid!

    Dear Kakak Miu yg baik hati dan sexy. Firstly..Happy 1st Anniversary to ur lovely blog..mama spent hours reading n checking for updates everyday! It made her really happy..and when she’s happy, I’m happy too! It is very gracious of u to organize such contest..n I hope u like our greeting picture! We had fun doing it together..hoping that u’ll enjoy looking at it too! Keep ur creative juice flowing ok kakak miu? Long live plusizekitten.blogspot.com! Hail kakak miu! May joy, bless n prosperity alwiz be wif u! Happy 1st Blog Anniversary!! Thank u for all the joy u brougt us! Xoxo..Aisyah Zaharah ( on behalf of mama angelzoe) *p/s: pls do let mama win a pair of the tix so she can go out for a date wif papa again..i wont cry at granny’s house..i promise..hehehe

    Ini satu lagi kes guna anak untuk enter contest!!! but it's so adorable I can't say NO! Aisyah CONGRATS your mama gets to date with your papa! and may I say, the picture is AWESOME I feel like celebrating birthday too now!

    6th winner - Cuna from Gombak

    Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! 1 year old ady. Yayy!!Really enjoy reading ur blog! Interesting entries especially when it comes to SHOPPING!! Ur details in each entry make me feel so impressed and excited to wait for the next entry. It's really nice knowing such a friendly and cheerful person like u! Please keep on update more stories coz me (opppssss it's us! me n meor) will always get ready to come n visit ur fantastic blog. Go go go Plus Size Kitten! Caiyok2!

    Meo & Cuna you guys are so adorable, thank you for your support to my blog! I can see that your bf Meo is really into transformers with his toy collection! Congrats to u 2! See u on MONDAY!

    7th winner - Joyce from Klang

    Happy Birthday to Plusizekitten... you were born in Blogspot.. with the other crazy bloggers... Happy Birthday to you!! :) Thank you so much for infecting me with your Stila madness that I'm equally affected financially. ;) Love your tips and insiders to where to get good deals.; especially the fact that you're a lifesaver should I need a gift instantly! :) Why should you pick me? It's because I'm thick skinned enough to be begging you on both knees; asking you, "Miu, will you please pick me? I need Transformers to break free from this reality. " :) Look how touched Miu is... hehe (Miu's picture is courtesy of her own blog... )

    OK that's PHOTOSHOPED!!! but nevertheless quite impressive. You know what, you better pose this way back this coming Monday at GSC, MIDVALLEY infront of me ok! I DARE U!!! btw congrats :)

    8th Winner - Cai Wing

    Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! Ever since I discover your blog I have not stop reading it! I love your shoppin hauls, your personal shopper sales & experience and your fantastic workshops that you keep attending!!! life seems so beautiful for u and fun!! If I can't go to sales I can always ask u or buy from your garages sales! (still cheaper than retail muahahhahaha) SO DUN STOP BLOGGIN MIU!!! LOVE U LOTS!!!

    Wow that's another awesome pic. Is that cake for me??? Pls don't forget to bring it on MONDAY! CONGRATULATIONS 2 u & your geekie bf!! TY for your support on my blog too! ^__^

    9th winner - Kitty

    Happy Birthday to our dearest WWW.PLUSIZEKITTEN.BLOGSPOT.COM From the Happily Ever After family!!!! WE LOVE READING YOUR BLOG, MIU!!! (actually Mommy la hahaha) Keep on blogging!! More spywork!! More personal shopper! (Daddy faints away at the thought of Mommy shopping lagi!)

    thank you very much kitty & family :) looks like a big happy family (kena forced to pegang poster happy birthday?!) haha.. very cute indeed! CONGRATS!

    10th Winner - Harim Hamdan!

    "your blog have everything a girl could ever wish for...a guide for everything...a place where we found new friends with same interest, with a chatting box where we can spam as many as we want cause you paid for it, a blog name which we will never forget and easy to remember, a space where we connect with each other ;) I just CANNOT not wish ur lovely blog -Happy birthday-!!! " Have a blast!!!

    wow this really shows you read my blog! really pure butter here i gain 10kg already!!! congrats!! it was a tough pick for the final winner and I must say your photoshop skills dam good, i feel almost in that party celebrating!!! SEE U TOMORROW!

    ^_^ Congratulations to All 10 Lucky winners who will be receiving a pair of Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen movie preview tickets! See you all tomorrow at Midvalley 8.30pm at GSC Midvalley! (not Gardens ok).

    It was a tough call but I have narrowed down 10 lucky winners judging by their creativity, their greeting, if they were really my blog readers! I have to reject all entries made after the dateline so sorry. However, I have special prizes for the following girls who blogged about it, with the exception of Tutu J who send me a POWER POINT PRESENTATION!!!
    Please e-mail me your full name, address & contact so I could send your prizes to you :)

    Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes MUAKS!

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