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Freebies I gotten this week

Aesop's roadshow at 1utama new wing

with this Aesop brochure

redeemed 2 face cleanser & 1 face serum sample!
(not sure when their roadshow ends)

the watson's sale on 24th July, 09
coupon redeemption free Ascience sample!

Ascience's Empty Shampoo Bottle Exchange Program
(bring 200ml empty shampoo bottle & get a Ascience exclusive gift pack)

23rd-28th July, 09

not exactly freebie but.. then again :D
didn't expect to get it!

I bought the Malaysian Women's Weekly recipe book for healthy meals rm9-90 and I was given the last Nando Goodie Pack with 2 full size Nando's famous peri peri sauce bottles in it! (i've been wanting to get a bottle ever since i finish my supplies, I love spicy sauces/food!). Not sure if other MPH Bookstores are having this promo? they seemed to be clearing that recipe booklet (that came out last year for rm9-90).

This clearly shows I've been spending a substantial time at One Utama this week haha! so while I was there for the shampoo exchange program, I spotted something I didn't know! My pic was pin up for the photo contest! (which today Sunday would be already over, I wonder who was the winner? sob sob i was not there).

can u spot my pic?

I wanted to try Ascience shampoo & conditioner so I bought the 550ml bottles and got a free rm20 hair wash voucher from A Cut Above, a sample pack, a exclusive gift set, hair & makeover and a photo of it to bring back (with the duplicate being put up for contest).

the Ascience Hair & Makeover


  1. Jamie...Sexy nice photo so are you still off the ice cream until you loose some weight?? Or has the Boy friend eased off??

  2. Hei i saw ur pic when i went for window shopping at OU on Sat...I wanted to try it too but was too broke....sob sob T-T even the makeup they are selling at 50%..

  3. oh my god!!!! i was at 1u last friday!!! T.T ... missed all these freebies..... sad~~~~~

  4. Your pic are really nice, I like it :)

  5. thts quite some goodies huh ;) i love nandos sauce too!!!!! im a shopping ban =/ have not been to one-u for about 2 weeks!!!! gosh, think i can join some guiness world record with that already.

  6. So far the best picture :)

    Or did you ask them to specially put you to the not so good ones so that your picture will stand out better?

  7. nice picture tammy! :) you looked nice in curls. well, i guess you can think of curling your hair. it's sexxaaayyy~~~

  8. yep u look hot in those curls miu..esp. with ur long n not so layered hair..i know curly hair susah jaga one...but beauty is pain babe..=)

  9. You look so hot n sexy la miu, on second thought, i think curl looks better on you..Love it

  10. they've done a pretty good makeover....u looked great in curls....should tryout curls on u...


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