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  • Rebond OR Digital Perm?


    Yesterday after the Ascience event, I walked around until I bumped into Jean Yip Hair Saloon promotion on 1st floor old wing (1utama). They're having a promotion. My hair is like amazon jungle so I really needed a rebond/relaxer. The sales girl introduced me to ice rebond? (hair spa + rebond) which they put a scalp protector (hair spa) that's cooling and protect your scalp before any perm/rebond. Interested I inquire further coz I thought of going back to Peekaboo for hair relaxer which cost RM350 last year =_= sigh. Now this promotion RM168!!! and I get hair spa!!! and don't count hair lenght!!! whopee!!!

    but the question now is rebond or digital perm? I never do digital perm before? is it hard to take care? will it turn our horrible? got many "hairstyle" to choose from or it's standard small curls? In the picture of this flyer look nice though. Digital perm can do big curls like my Ascience makeover? realize i like big curls make me look slim (HOHHOHOHOHOHOHOHO) but it will be frizzy/damage/hard to maintain right?

    HELP HELP!! tell me which one?


    1. personally i think curls are very difficult to maintain.
      you cant comb your hair unlike straight ones.
      just my personal opinion thou :P

    2. do your hair like the make over...u look good like that...

    3. Agree with Lynn, curls will a bit difficult to maintain
      If you like the curls during the Asscience photo shoot, you can get a hair curler, then you can make your hair curl for special occasion

    4. Definately agree, want to curl then be ready to take care of it to look gorgeous,

      Most importnantly u cannot play with your hair anymore though i love my curl hair when i have it last time. just too must hastle ~!\

      curl make u looks sexxxxxyyyyyyyyy

    5. i had curls before and it hardly lasted me a month before cutting it away! It is nice to have it for function but not practical for daily life. Just personal taught! =p

    6. Miu, on a personal note, I'll suggest you to go for rebonding; much easier to maintain on a daily basis plus nicer. You'll look even younger & I love the silky hair afterwards :). If you opt for digital perm, there's a lot of maintanence that need to be done day in and day out. To maintain the curl and what not. Otherwise, your hair woul definately look serabai & like a wacko girl. Trust me; I've gone thru it before & totaly hate it. Even my frens dislike it. But the final decision is still up to you, dear. Decide wisely...and take care Miu! Keep on blogging, yea & share wth us all of your warehouse sales review & etc. Love it. Keep it coming! Bravo! xoxo

    7. straight better, when u go for dinner or any special occasion then make curl ...otherwise daily hard maintin u need to keep on using finger everywhere u see mirror when some part no curl u need to twist twist........spray spray curler n twist twist.......there is no way to do like ur photo shoot that nice one...lor...honestly.....unless u hire the hair styler follow u everywhere hahaha touch up hair like hollywood celebrity.....

      relaxer n rebonding i prefer rebonding....bcus relaxer is just like 1 time nia rebond can last longer ( money wise) .......if u noe how to take care....like endure super hot without tie it up for 1st week after u just do the rebonding otherwise hor.....u see the mark of ur tie up then become rosak hahahaha......

      my hair i do rebond cost me RM 400 at wisma central saloon.....

      MOST right choice : invest good equipment BRAND : BABYLISS curler or straighterner , nowdays got 2 in 1 or u buy separate one also can ^____^

      i write so long hahahaha sorry

      tutu J

    8. straight la.

      i love your hair as it is now.

      entah, if you think your hair is amazon jungle, then mine is what? hahahahahah.100x worse than yours!

    9. promotion price until when?
      need make appointment first?

    10. Hey Miu, if you like straight hair like me, then straighten it. But if you like to try perming your hair, then why not? :) I have naturally wavy hair and I've been straightening my hair for years! It's time I stop fighting it back!

      P.s, I'm sorry for not chatting on the cbox nowdays :( can't hardly find my last post there. too many people xD

    11. Hi! I just got a Digital Perm at Chin Korean Salon yesterday (October 07,2011), I liked my curls at first though but now I'm so bored with it coz' I missed combing my hair (well, that's what i'm used to) and it's so hard to maintain a curly hair! and I also realized that I love having a long straight hair! Now, i really want a Hair Rebond but i'm not so sure as to when i can get one, any advice??? I've been having my hair rebonded for 5 years now at Luce Hair Salon in Banilad and It was my first time to get a Digital Perm. Can you give me any advice or tips as to when I can get my hair rebonded again since I just had my digital perms yesterday (Oct. 07,2011)??? I hope you can help me! thanks a lot!!!


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