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Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten!

Today marks the one year birthday celebration of my blog! yes it's been one year since I started blogging. My has time pass by! I remembered I quit playing World of Warcraft and started blogging to keep myself amused. FYI World of Warcraft or WOW for short is a online mmporg game where everyone in the world who has WOW can play together, killing evil people and monsters while going to dungeons to slaughter big  gigantic evil monster bosess. Well ever since I quit WOW, life has been pretty amusing so far. I am not really sure what I'm blogging about nowadays, it went from talking about things I do, to events I go to, to movie previews, food and then warehouse spying. 

wow took up 2 years of my life

SYCK is my WOW Club Gang.
I organized movie sprees & previews for them.

The this year I started my own blogshop, well not really a blogshop more like a bargain corner, tiny one just to support my warehouse/sales spying. One cannot talk about sales if you don't buy something from there! yes shopaholics! I am incurable and there is a black hole in my pocket, wallet and bank account. My credit cards are already burned beyond recognition. Thus I have slow down on the warehouse sales scene! oh the horror!!! 

if my blogshop was as cute as Nyanko's cafe

Nevertheless, I have met so many friendly people around from blogging. I remember my first pack of friends were Hurley, Uncle Frog & Jamie from Canada. They were the ONLY people who read my blog. Then suddenly boomed. Girls were reading my blog too, and the 3 guys shy-ed away. It seems my blog has become the girl zone page and guys don't understand what we're all crazy about. 

the movie preview gang
(hungry for free movies like me!)

As I am typing away while juggling my work, I'd like to thank you all for reading, supporting and simply just harassing me and my blog everyday! I'd like to update more content! soon! after I get my life back after Stila Fever. Currently my credit card statements is saying "FEED ME U FOOL". Maybe I should apply for a companion for them to go on strike outside my house. 

if only stila fever in malaysia was up to 80% 

Of course, I would like to have contests n such, which I am brainstorming now! but with all the freebies and contests going on around the blogsphere, I don't think you'll pay much attention to mine. 

So Happy Birthday Blog. It has been 1 year and I'm still blogging!



  1. Happy Birthday Miu's blog!!! thanks for sharing all those great info and your experiences and of coz the shopaholic craziness... ;p your blog rox!
    most of all i just love your blog...keep it up and of coz we all will support u all the way!

    Cheers to u dear!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!

    Thanks for blogging, Miu! Without you, I'd never have known Stila and never have made a friend - YOU!

    Wa sudah addicted ooo... everyday ada internet connection must go check what you are up to hahahah...

    Keep on blogging, lots of hugs and hope your credit card will stop asking for Food soon!!!!!!

  3. happy birthday miu miu ........
    may this blog grow older and nicer and more n more fantastic & estatacy hahahaha.........
    i love your blog reading everyday.......

    tutu J

  4. Happy birthday Miu's precious..may your blog keeps rocking the blog's world for many many and many years to come dear..

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PlusSizeKitten!
    Thank to to Miu and her muse, PSK, I'm now blogging. Thehee~ sure, with blogging I got tons of new, cool friends, swapping cool makeups. Gosh I never knew that blogging was so much fun if not for PSK.

    Keep up the great job, Miu. We readers will always support you.

  6. Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! Keep bloggin' & keep on sharing your thoughts and insider info :D

  7. Happy Birthday Plus Size Kitten! Wish you would grow more famous than before, more readers and more income to cover up your burning hole!!! :)

    Happy Birthday~

  8. yayy!!
    happy bday!

    i might say ur blog is simply the best.
    contents that everyone could relate to in our everyday life, esp the stila one, ur blog has become the guideline.

    i met a lot of fantastic people who is now becoming my friend from here...just because we all simply like stila.

    thank u so much for ur effort of feeding us with news and etc.

  9. Happy Birthday Miu! Hope everything runs smoothly as you wanted it to be. *hugs*

  10. Jamie Martin.....Happy Birthday Miu as long as your having fun that is what life is meant for So enjoy yourself and it is always good to see your getting more and more enjoyment out of Bloging!

  11. Happy Birthday :)
    Inspired us more with your content and happy blogging everyday!
    nice to meet you babe!


    Wishing u the very best year ever and so many great years to come... Ur blog is as nice as u r are dear, lovin u both, hehhhe ^_~ Gambate kundasai Miu2, hait2!!! ^_~

  13. Happy Birthday Tammy's blog. May you keep blogging the blog for a long long time :)

  14. Happy Birthday! Live long and prosper :D


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