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  • Anna Sui Warehouse Sales


    warning: the following blog post contains old granny panties story!

    The Anna Sui Warehouse Sales

    Today is the first day of the Fragrance Warehouse Clearance at 3k Compleks & Inn in Subang Jaya (near Metropolitan College). As I usually distinguish warehouse sales from the brands feature, I would refer this as the Anna Sui Warehouse Sales for easier referencing. This warehouse sales would be on from 12th to 13th June, 2009. You may refer to the poster above for more details.

    at 9am shoppers were already waiting

    As usual, invited guests of the distributor/organizer of the warehouse sales would be allowed in before opening. For this warehouse sales, guests with invitations were allowed to go in at 9.15am along with their friends. You may wonder who gets to be invited? usually distributors/vendors/clients/specially invited guests of the organizer/company/brand. They would have an advantage to get the top of the cream of this sales (meaning they will get all the goodies first before public).

    at 10am still waiting to get in

    As the public crowd watched outside, I manage to take a peek at what's going on inside. I could see the latest Anna Sui perfume "Live Your Dream" being displayed alongside Secret Romance, Wish, Flight of Fancy, Night of Fancy and Anna Sui Edt. It's shocking that the latest perfume is being sold for RM65 at this warehouse sales.

    Invited guests were peacefully shopping and taking their time inside, grabbing what goodies in full sight of the public. It would've been better if they allocate a different time/day for this and prevent any disgruntle feelings from the public. Of course by the time the public were allowed to go in, all the perfumes mention were sold out except for Night & Flight of Fancy and Anna Sui Edt. I could not see if other brands of perfume were available before and after this time.

    The organizers were clearly unprepared for the large amount of crowd that bulldozed this warehouse sales. The hall were small and there was plenty of spaces behind the counter tables where stocks were lying around. Compare to the many years of having this sales at 3k Complex (and before it was in a hotel at KL) the crowds drawn in were not as humongous & monstrous as this year's sale. At just 10am ++, the place were filled with people. Girls attacked the Anna Sui cosmetic counter like tigers. I don't blame them, Anna Sui is the star of the show and she stole the limelight here.

    I'm not lying about the crowd

    it was hot, stuffy and cramped inside

    with the crowd inside, shoppers have to wait in line to get in

    people complaining about the paying system & long Q

    There were only 3 cashier counters, with one on the right being only for cash transactions. The paying Q practically filled up 85% of the entire warehouse sales area where shoppers crowd around. It was hard to walk or to buy anything without squeezing and fighting through whatever space available. Customers complaint that they wait for hours just to reach the counter and find out it's only for cash transactions. Staffs try their best to stay focus but some were unable to handle the stress causing more complaints from customers as can be read from shoppingnsales.com.

    the crowds were unstoppable at Anna Sui counter

    swatches and examples available for customers

    the staffs will pack your items for you

    Ever since cosmetics items in warehouse sales got stolen, the organizers of various warehouse sales has come up with a solution. That customers are not allowed to hold or choose the product at hand. They will have to choose according to the swatches and testers on the counter table. Upon confirming an item they want, the SA will then packed their orders in a plastic bag, numbered it and give it to the next person for calculation and bagging.

    Face Accent (blusher) rm32 each
    (and i bought 1 as a xmas gift last year for rm91!)

    eye liner & sui rouge

    liquid eyeliner & super mascara glitter

    nails polish rm10 only!

    eye color accent rm27 (bottom) rm15 (trio e/s pan)

    You will be given a number (exactly on your order bag). Then when you're ready to pay at the cashier, they will look for your bag number and bring it to you. This system has it pros & cons but so far, while it keep thieves at bay, it has caused customers a lot of inconveniences. The weakness of this system is:

    1. Time used to order, serve, bag, locate and retrieve
    2. Missing/Misplaced bags among heaps of bags
    3. Conflicting number/name of bag that has been tagged
    4. Under staff will caused a large crowd of angry customers waiting to be served

    With such a large amount of crowd, I am unable to give a price & product list of what's available. Don't worry! Since I was mostly stuck at Anna Sui counter, I have done a price list for it. We all know perfumes are roughly more or less rm100 in all warehouses by now. SO in the future I may not provide such a list anymore and focus on its star/hot products on sale.

    the Anna Sui perfumes

    Anna Sui Cosmetic & Skincare Price List

    Moisturising fluid rm40 (retail rm134)
    Refreshing fluid rm31 (retail rm88)
    Foaming Wash rm33 / rm39 (retail rm99)
    Cleanser Whitening rm33 (retail rm93)
    Whitening Fluid 300ml rm53 (retail rm150)
    Intensive Moisturising serum rm69 (retail rm196)
    Whitening Treatment cream rm67 (retail rm191)
    oil control emulsion rm33 (retail rm124)
    oil control gel cleanser rm31 (retail rm88)
    whitening spot rm37 (retail rm105)
    whitening cream rm56 (retail rm160)
    whitening milk rm54 (retail rm155)
    whitening mask rm51 (retail rm145)
    moisturising intensive essence rm63 (retail rm181)
    Oil cleanser rm33 (retail rm93)
    whitening fluid rm33 (retail rm93)
    rose treatment gel rm29 (retail rm83)

    Loose compact powder rm54 (retail rm155)
    Loose compact powder uv rm21 (retail rm52)
    Protective Fluid Foundation rm50 (retail rm144)
    Control Color Primer UV rm38 (retail rm108)
    Eye color accent J rm15 (retail rm77)
    Eye color A rm27 (retail rm77)
    Lip balm rm23 (retail rm67)
    Rouge Jar rm64
    Hair Brush rm50 (retail rm144)
    Face Color Accent rm32 (retail rm91)
    Moisturising Powder foundation rm16 (retail rm52)
    Eyeliner pencil rm22 (retail rm62)
    liquid eyeliner N and L rm25 (retail rm72)
    super mascara glitter rm15 (retail rm77)
    eye liner pencil rm12 (retail rm60)
    super mascara rm33
    liquid eye color rm14 (retail rm72)
    Ring Rouge rm17 (retail rm57)
    Dolly Girl Lip Gloss rm26 (retail rm75)
    Sui Rouge (lipstick) rm27 (retails rm77)
    Nail Color rm10 (retails rm54)
    Eye brow liner rm39 (retail rm80)
    Eye brow refill rm14 (retail rm28)
    Lip Gloss rm26 (retail rm75)

    Anna Sui EDT 30ml rm43 (retails rm143)
    Live your dream rm65 (retails rm218)
    Magic Romance 30ml rm49 (retails rm163)
    Night of Fancy lotion 200ml rm32 (retails rm107)
    Anna Sui Night of Fancy 30ml rm65
    Anna Sui Night of Fancy 50ml rm87
    Anna Sui Night of Fancy 75ml rm119
    Anna Sui Flight of Fancy 30ml rm65
    Anna Sui Flight of Fancy 50ml rm87
    Anna Sui Flight of Fancy 75ml rm119

    Oil Control Paper rm20 (retails rm67)
    Nail File rm16 (retails rm52)
    Cotton N rm6 (retails rm6)
    Nail stickers rm9 (or rm5? price keep changing)

    Anna Sui Sets
    Brush Holder+Mascara+Mascara Primer rm85
    Beauty Set (tray+blusher+mascara) rm100
    Skincare Set rm116
    Cosmetic Set (mascaras etc) rm100++
    Anna Sui Limited Edition Rouge Set rm37

    *any other sets could not be traced as it was sold out/not packed at time of listing.
    Price may not be accurate. Pls update me if u have any info.

    Review on this Warehouse Sales

    Overall, this has got to be the worst warehouse sales that I have attended this year compared to the Fragrance & Cosmetic Sales (Corus/Armada Hotel) in terms of:
    • management
    • staff behavior
    • crowd control
    • hall/area space
    • payment counters & system
    Car Park was not so much of a problem as Wing & I arrived at 9am on the 1st day with plenty of ca parks available. On the second day, Von & I arrived at 4.30pm paid rm1 per entry at 3K car park. Better than hotel car park rates IMHO.

    Traffic would depend on the time around that area as u know Subang & Sunway has its traffic problems during peak time. The road leading to Summit is so JAM one would faint looking at it. There's only one way out from 3K, stick to the left and it will lead u to sunway pyramid and out to LDP. Just follow the signboards.

    A&W is next door, so while waiting for the crowds to subside so u could finally pay in peace, u may enjoy a drink or two at A&W (which is what Wing & me did, we drank a total of 3 ROOTBEERS today!). Me & Wing also had lunch while waiting for the paying Q to go away.. which it didnt and we ended up Q-ing for 2 hours at warehouse sales just to pay.

    The Nail Polish War
    Wing (bottom) VS Miu (top)

    Reach 9am leave 3pm. Horrible Crowd, Mob & Management! but the cosmetics are worth it. I have become immune now with all the crowd and long hours of waiting. If you want to share about your review/comment on this sale pls do so! I would love to read it.

    My Haul
    *blogging under process*

    I know the most famous question readers will ask me is "what did u buy" or "pls show us your haul" so don't worry! I have lots of pictures to show just too many that will make this post look like old grandmother story post! *lol*. I will try my best to post & for now you can have a look at the what we bought.

    this is my haul
    (I took so many shots until finally gotten this nice pic)

    this is Wing's haul
    (look at the variety & colors!)

    Surprise Birthday Present for Wing!

    After Anna Sui Sales, me & Wing left at 3pm and she was sweet enough to drive me to my office so I could drop my work off and pick up some work back home to finish. We stop by at Solaris, Mont Kiara and head to Kenny Rogers for tea time. We were so THIRSTY i tell u! thank god it's bottomless drinks at Kenny Rogers for us! I took out some things to snap pictures and asked Wing why she didn't buy any of the rouge set? Her reply was "money no enough". So I asked her between the red and the purple, which she think is nicer? She choose the purple one and I threw it to her (no la haha i gently pushed the box to her) and said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY".

    a surprise birthday gift for Wing!

    happy birthday Wing!!!

    she's doing Dr. Evil laugh wearing the ring

    this is what I gave her

    bought today, the limited edition rouge set

    if i tell u the price, pls don't scream

    beautiful! has 2 accessories inside

    the ring rouge

    that has this dull rose lippie inside

    this is some sort of keychain

    looks so enchanting...

    inside is a purple shimmer gloss
    (not very purplish, it's sheer after testing)

    Tell me, did I make a good choice and is this a dam good birthday gift? Guess how much? I bet you won't believe how much it cost. Unfortunately it might be sold out already before I left at 3pm today. Well maybe they will restock tomorrow as I see a lot of pouches, make up case and bags behind the cash counter. When Wing asked the staffs there, they said its already reserved (probably by their own staff again like last year). Kiutmiut a reader of mine was also here today & she saw a make up case in those boxes. However when she asked, they said it's not for sale. I wonder what's up?

    Today I met a few people from Shoppingnsales and readers of mine. I saw Wendy, Emily, Cuna & her bf, Shopaholic, a sweet reader of mine who offered me her seat! can't remember her name now sob sob T_T horrible day, i need to go on vacation to recover this from ordeal haha.

    *blogging under process*

    powder casing, uv protector & face accent (blusher)

    oil control gel cleanser
    (so impressive 200ml for rm31 look at the size!)

    trio e/s with e/s brush and casing! rm15!
    (and stila e/s pan on sale sells for much more than this!)

    flight of fancy & night of fancy 30ml rm65 each

    loose compact powder rm54 only!
    (has casing, puffer and powder inside with mirror!)
    it's limited edition too

    all kinds of nail polish for just rm10!!!

    even house displays cannot be bought for rm10

    army of Dolly Girl Star Light nail polish rm 10 each

    Dolly Girl Lip Gloss rm26!!!
    (it has 2 layers of gloss inside! look carefully!)

    the Beauty Set rm100 has a Beauty Tray in it!
    (and Mascara & Mascara Primer)

    I think the hottest item from this sale for sets is:
    The Anna Sui Rouge Collection 2008

    comes in 2 colors red / purple

    since I already showed the purple one, now is red's turn!

    it has 1 ring rouge, mini rouge in a jewelry box

    modeling time haha!!!

    the red set has orange-y shades of gloss

    the glitter orange gloss is very sheer when swatched
    (almost translucent with shimmers)

    the mini rouge is like a key chain holder

    the box is actually a jewelry/make up box!

    *will update again on products bought :)


    1. wow!!!miu,great job!!!
      u really geng ler....so many ppl also can write down price...

    2. Well Done MIU!

      Thanks for your price list update...

    3. i was there too...so upset with their staff...they were unorganized disrespect and rude to customers...

    4. cute nye that box... lovely for gifts and collections... ^_~ but the crowd is so crazy, no one fainted ke??? =P

    5. what kind of service they provided to the customers? this is warehouse sales and they should prepare (mentally) that this kind of situation will happen. you are absolutely right Miu, "be treated cheaply if you buy cheap stuffs". imagine if you go to anna sui's counter in any stores. they would come to you and treat you like a princess. why? for commissions? wtf.

    6. of cos u made a right choice to buy the limited rouge set..hehe...
      it is my 1st bday gift (another 10 days to go)...really loves it..and tx for your sweetness...:)

    7. LOL I like the Miu vs Wing's nail colors! BTW good report here! Only now I finally got the chance to sit properly n read the (lengthy) photo-loaded post! Good job!

    8. agree with pink princess .. went there too .. and bought nothing .. the staff are soo rude .. hate it .. just spent merely 15min and i dont know what to buy as not many brand available .. :p heheheheh

    9. wow!fligh and night of fancy!!sob! i was away from kl during the weeked ( fri-sun) and i totally forgot abt this sale!! waaaaaaa!!!lucky miu!hope i get to go next year..or will there be anymore this year?sob! i soooo adore those 2 perfumes ( the only perfume wif lovely bottle and the scent that i like..arrrrghh!)..the rouge set too..lucky cai to get such a sweet friend like miu..*growing green wif envy..hahahaha*..and wow!e/s wif casing n brush for rm15?madness!!bravo for gud report miu!:D -angelzoe-

    10. please sell the perfumes and the trio eye shadow. huhuhun :(

    11. sorry not selling perfumes or trio e/s :( I didn't think of buying to sell, no money already to do that haha...

      the perfumes i didn't buy any at this warehouse sales bcoz after trying the tester, i put back all the perfumes i took.

    12. Miu, can let go 1 Dolly Girl Lip Gloss (red) to me? Love it so much~~~ pls~~~

    13. HOw much is the 2008 rougeset? thanks

    14. hi miu,are you selling the loose compact powder?its sooo cute!!

    15. nini: :( no.. sorry.. i gave it as a present to a dear friend who's now in singapore. She loves Anna Sui.


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