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Bobbi Brown MakeUp Workshop

Last Saturday, I was specially invited by Von Von to attend the Bobbi Brown Makeup Workshop jointly organized by Bobbi Brown Pavilion & VonVon. Excited I said yes! even thought I had wanted to go Anna Sui Warehouse Sales in the same morning, but this was more important to me than any warehouse sales.

the lucky winners who attended this workshop by Von
(L)Syaz, Von, Jules, me & Hanna(R)

I arrived late as the taxi cab I called could not find my condo. I rushed to Pavilion and thought Bobbi Brown is in Parkson. I looked all over for it. Parkson staffs were amazed at what this girl was trying to do haha. Finally I called Von & asked her where the counter is, which is actually outside because Bobbi Brown Pavilion has it's own flag store! *cool* I thought in my heart.

I had picture it would be in Parkson, a small cramped area but instead it was a beautiful lit store beaming with Bobbi Brown cosmetics welcoming anyone who wishes to have a peek. It was not what I have expected and I smile.

Simone demonstrating

The Bobbi Brown staffs were friendly and ever ready to give a helping hand. I met Simone, the counter manager of Bobbi Brown Pavilion. She eluded a sense of confidence and enjoyed presenting and demonstrating Bobbi Brown's 10-Step Beauty.

What is the 10-Step Beauty?
It's the Bobbi Brown signature beauty routine where one can learn to be your very own makeup artist! Complete all the steps for a polished look. You may refer to Von's blog for a more comprehensive post on the Bobbi Brown's 10 Step Beauty.

Using the 10-Step Beauty as my guide, we followed Simone as she guides us from pre-make up to applying eyeshadow with the help of our very own personal make up artists. My make up artist was Rachel, who helped me as I was hopelessly clueless about Bobbi Brown's cosmetics. The concept was natural, fresh beauty. Unlike other workshops, this workshop has the make up artist ready to select colors & cosmetics that suit you (so I didn't get to experiment with Bobbi Brown cosmetics or choose my own colors).

Which is your Shade?

Jules so pretty!!!

I watched while Simone do her magic on Jules, transforming her from a plain Jane to a sexy siren in 10 Steps. Simone explains why Bobbi Brown's 10 Step Beauty Guide uses Blusher first before applying eyeshadow, it is simply because Bobbi Brown believes that with the right shade of blusher, you're already half way through your make up. Fresh & looking good just with blusher, I was enlightened & impressed.

the girls after makeovers

Overall I had enjoyed the workshop and learn that blusher works wonders on you during rush-hour. At the end of the workshop, we were given 3 skincare sachets samples as part of this workshop. I was also very lucky to have purchase the Bobbi Brown's Makeup Manual for RM120 (apparently it cost slightly more at major bookstores) and Simone told us we're just in luck as the books just arrived in time and will be snagged up quickly! In fact a lot has been reserved! Overjoyed, I bought the manual (heavy & big! ok worth my rm120! haha) and a lip gloss (RM68) in Marina Pink from Bobbi Brown's latest Nautical Collection.

The Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual RM120

The Bobbi Brown Nautical Collection

This entitles me to a free mini eyeshadow gift from Bobbi Brown (very mini, size of 20 cents coin). I wish they had a better promotion for us since everyone was spending nearly rm200 at Bobbi Brown, a starter kit of some sort or freebies. The mini e/s was not impressive compare to other major cosmetic brands which offers a much better selection of gifts for their customers especially new customers. Take for instance RMK was promoting on the very same day offering a makeover voucher, a 3 piece trial kit and on the spot make up from any 3 collection theme for purchases above rm150 (they were also giving out free samples without any obligation).


I would like to thank Von Von for specially inviting me to this workshop & to Bobbi Brown Pavilion for a wonderful makeup workshop with their 10 Step Beauty guide. It was well organized and executed apart from the friendly customer service. I do hope they improved on their promotional gifts as competition is everywhere now and customers decision making are based not only on the affordability and quality of the brand/cosmetic but also on promotional freebies/gwp/samples given to them. Stretching the Ringgit I say!

My Bobbi Brown Makeover
Fresh, Natural & Modern
(picture credits to Von)

Next update: I shall revealed my 10-Step Beauty Makeover by Bobbi Brown!


  1. Well written, esp on the part about BETTER PROMOTION FOR CUSTOMERS thingy! I hope someone from the Marketing Dept of BB read about this and take note!

    And basically we purchased the same things that day! The BB makeup manual and Marina Pink lip gloss....haha! Dear Miu, we do think alike sometimes. ;)

  2. Yes I agree with Vonvon there. BB products are good, but too bad the lack generous promotions.

    For instance, Jennifer, one of the MAs told me that they dont have free makeovers nor gifts regardless of how much u've spend.

  3. Brand loyalty is easily persuaded with better services & promotions. We have a large array of cosmetic brands now in Malaysia, the staying power is questionable since our ringgit is weakening and consumers wising up to what they can get out of their hard earn money.

  4. miu very natural i think bobbi brown suit u well......and like wearing no make up .......very very natural......
    maybe u should start change to BB liao.....and practise draw liddat everyday go to work hahaha........

    tutu J

  5. simone was STILA 1U counter manager many yrs ago. she is nice :)
    and miu, i think u look nice with this makeover. maybe a bit more blush :)
    -shirley ann

  6. babe, where's the makeover pic?

    i think in the group pic AFTER the makeover you look more glowing than usual. i think its cos of the blusher and the lipstick/lip color.

    keep it up, hope you got the colors that suited you best. you look REALLY nice in the group photo (because I like you with a little bit more color, i guess hehehe)

  7. BB colors are very2 nice la... too bad they are cheapskate with the freebies... =(


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