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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My birthday present!!!


    Jasmine bought me this La Senza's PJ !! they're having a 10 day sale now. Buy 1 set pjs free 1 set pjs! Jasmine got 1 and I got 1! not only that I signed up for La Senza member rm30, i get 10% off buying stuffs here and a free panty!!

    New Year Birthday Celebration!


    My dream birthday would be to book an entire cinema hall and screen my favourite movie accompany by catering services for my guest! but since I am not Lim Goh Tong or Donald Trump, this will have to wait. I can however make a mini one! which I am going to! here's my plan:

    4pm - Celebrate New Year by watching YES MAN GSC 1u 
                "Say Yes to Life" my new year resolution

    6pm - Let's get PERIFIED for NEW YEAR!
                Dinner treat at Nandos ^_^

    7pm - Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009! 
                Magical Adventure Photo Taking Session! 
                (it's the last day before xmas deco taken down)
    9pm - submit photos to Fotokem for free developing! (last day)

    ^___^ omg! my plan sounds great or not? I'm so excited... it's my birthday!!!

    The Magical Christmas Story

    Did anyone go to 1utama for Christmas? The place is so beautifully decorated and filled with fun activities and performances for shoppers! One of the activities that I'm goin to talk about today is the Magical Adventure photo booklet (given with any receipt shown to customer service).  

    I did my christmas shopping in 1u last week so I had a lot of receipts and I redeemed 10 magical adventure booklets from the customer service counter. It's actually a fun photo album book for u to take your pics with your family/friends at 7 magical places (set up by 1u) in 7 magical spots in 1utama new wing. The booklet is colorful, fun and is definitely a keepsakes!

    In the book, there is a map indicating the 7 magical spots u have to go snap your pictures. I've seen some of the spot and boy the decorations and the set up is really amazing! Worth taking your picture for! This adventure starts from 3rd Dec until 1st January, 2009.

    What is more amazing is after snapping your 7 magical pictures, FOTOKEM will developed them free of charge for u!~ yippee!! Of course in each booklet contains a small pink slip coupon to redeem FOTOKEM's services. No coupon, no free!

    After collecting your pictures, you can proceed to paste them onto your Magical Adventure Booklet and if u would like a xmas free tower from 1utama, just show the customer service people your Magical Adventure booklet with your pictures all nicely in there & walah! u get a memory photo album book of your family/friends with cool magical xmas background and a free towel. 

    SO actually I am having 10 magical books now and I am thinking of a nice adventure with my friends on New Year's Day (which is my birthday).  Maybe I would need to FORCED them to do it? hehe.. it's so childish yah?


    Birthday Pressies!!!


    my birthday pressies

    I love birthdays & the best thing about birthdays? the presents!(apart from being surrounded by love ones and friends! Thank u all for coming!) Yesterday was my BBQ Birthday Party which is a gift from my boyfriend, "the tutu-guy", a new nick name the bloggers gave my boyfriend *lol*. I would say this would be the last time BBQ in this condo (I'll blog why soon) and it roughly costs my boyfriend rm1k to host this birthday party (darn only realized how much it all costs after it's done! should've just do my birthday at Chillis or TGIFs!).

    Uncle Frog & Family
    "Thank u for the lovely homemade cookies & angpao!"

    Eugene & Jill

    Thanks! Zuhri & Onie
    (wow it'll fit all my shopping cards!)

    Thank you Xana, Jing & Sheila
    (crabtree hand sampler set)
    Thank you Immi
    (crabtree hand samplers in pink pocket)

    Xana, Jing & Sheila
    (oh miu mug?!)

    10Q Vivian & Family
    (my very 1st bento goodies! love 'em!)

    OMG thanks tubbies!
    (cupcake making kit!! giggles!)

    omg this wins the best wrapped gift!
    so cute & chic! creative!
    Thanks Shaz!

    inside? my dream books for 2009!
    Sophie Kinsella shopaholic books!
    (I can't believe Shaz got me so many books! and a starbucks teddy bear that I have been eyeing on for months! The first book, "The Secret DreamWorld of a Shopaholic" actually belongs to Shaz! I can't believe :) it's great! a dreambook passed down by another great shopaholic to me!)

    Thank u so much for the goodies girl!!!

    Thank u Lily ^_^ for the Christmas Gifts!

    My bf's cousin & auntie got tme this
    (I'm speechless)

    Yvonne got me Pineapple Rolls for my birthday
    (i think she don't know i hate pineapples)

    Ty SilverArrow for the soup mug!
    (my ex-ragnarok online game friend)

    omg! my dream anime!
    Ty Hurley!!!

    Thank you all for coming, for your company, for being there with me and staying until the wee hours of the night! that's the best birthday gift any girl could have! apart from the goodies u all gave me!!! Don't forget to invite moi to your birthdays too!!!

    A cute e-card from Hezra @ Debbie


    I received this Ecard of Hezra a.k.a Debbie & Timmy's dog Easter. He is 11 months old - 35kgs (so cute). Love the E-card girl! Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas, Happy HOLIDAYS & Happy New Year!

    Falling in Love...



    I am so going to order this design from Vivian of vivianchoo.blogspot.com for my birthday xmas party although the donut has no significance to the festive season, somehow it keeps on attracting me to look at it. WHY !! ARGHH!!!

    From Canada with Love

    I got this from Paulina (Canada)

    potato chips?!

    Guess charm bracelet!!

    lip smackers!! yay!!

    cute birthday card + yummy

    I got this gift package from Paulina (Canada) she's my boyfriend's cousin and we have a few common hobbies like manga, shopping, lip gloss haha. I missed her so much and family dinner/gatherings been so boring without her! sob sob come back soon Paulina! Thank you for the birthday @ xmas present!!! Love the charm bracelet! (is it real?? hehe)

    Shopping at Pos Office 2020 K.L

    something must be really wrong with me 
    to be happily shopping in a post office shop

    Today after finishing my work at the Land & Stamp office, I walk to big Post Office next to Daya Bumi, Kuala Lumpur to have a look see. It's been 8 years since I last step foot in there and boy it's really empty and have an ancient feel to it. I really wanted to get some Pos Laju plastic bags but they said only Brickfield's Pos Laju centre has it. Oh well after posting Serene & Diana's package I went to shop at Pos 2020 haha. I saw some cute boxes that I never see in post office before! rm2 each called mini paks (smaller than the 1kg rm2 box sold at post office) and some bubble wrap envelopes costing rm1-50 each. These will come in handy when I post my garage sale stuffs out to buyers. I don't know about you, but they're so cute aren't they! with the logo and all (can't compare to overseas, but this is better looking & easier to fix up than the 1kg post office box). 

    the 1kg rm2 box vs. the mini pak rm2

    Dato Lat!!!

    Before leaving the post office, I saw a lady sitting at a small glass table smiling at me. Seduced by her smile, I went to her and she told me "Dik, tak mau beli setem Lat? ini cantik la, nanti stok habis" (translated: Kid, don't want to buy Lat stamps? its pretty, out of stock later). Wow the stamp book caught my eye. I am a big fan of Lat when I was a kid and now I'm looking at my favourite Malaysian artist Datuk Mohamed Nor Khalid @ Lat work of art in the form of stamps. I bought 6 pax! hahaha. Each stamp book cost rm3 with 10 x 0.30cents stamp inside (so worth it!). I'm going to like send them to my overseas stamp collector friends and keep one for myself.  So far I have the stamps and stamp booklet only.

    the Lat Stamp collection

    the stamp booklet 30cents x 10

    the stamps 50cents (1 strip)

    miniature sheet rm5

    first day cover 30cents

    the Lat folder rm5.50

    Starbucks 10th Anniversary Promotion


    wa so many people

    I rushed to Starbucks, KLCC on 17th December to get the Starbucks Coffee Malaysia 10th Anniversary Tumbler! wow so many people on this day but I manage to get mine after ordering 2  grande size Toffee Nut Frap take away so I can get 2 tumblers (for me & bro). I can't finish both drinks so I gave one away to Vincent from Stila counters KLCC. Well I'm not hitting on him lah ok! (but that's quite a pick up huh?) I'm already so old, boys are not in my mind anymore. 

    click on poster to find out more

    Those who missed the 17h marked, don't worry still can buy the journal this month for rm18 with every grande size drinks. But only 1 for 1 yeah *sad*

    ClumsyQueen ask me to post up a picture of my buys so here it is haha. Looks quite nice in the picture! Sorry ClumsyQueen T___T showing off my tumblers, but the 2009 journal really cool! it's still selling so don't miss this one ok?

    My Xmas Birthday Party Cakes

    I manage to go order coffee bean's christmas cakes on the 15th which is the last day for their 10% early bird discount. At first I wanted to order the xmas log cake but Jasmine told me it will be small (not enough for party!) and yeah the coffee bean staff said it would be small. So I changed my order to the xmas party pack cakes instead. The cupcakes party pack look nice too but it's too expensive for just cupcakes (they look great thou). I paid rm60++ including tax! sigh the 10% discount is like tax rebate. 

    hagen daz xmas ice-cream cake

    Then for my birthday cake, I decided to order from Hagen Daz this year. They have a really beautiful xmas cabin ice-cream cake. The promotion is that for every cake u buy, they upgrade 500g for u! However because I am using rm100 voucher to order my cakes, I don't qualify for the upgrade *sad*. Flavour? - hazelnut brittle flavor! Hope my guests will love it! Ordered this on Wednesday morning at KLCC. Pick up at SOHO the new Hagen Daz shop :)

    Sugary Sacharinly Sweet

    Sorry I stole the topic words right from Uncle Frog's blog which I thought matches what I am about to talk a bout! Uncle got a birthday present from me and cheesey man turn artist a.k.a Hurley. A special something we wanted to give to him for the 8 months of knowing him through this special project by The Star called AMBP. It was a small token of appreciation for the kind thoughts uncle frog has always put in for both of us. Althought he's a bit grumpy nowadays about being old, his time's goin to be up (he's only like.. middle 30s or something!) we feel that this Aztec warrior infused elixir of youth would make him feel more like our age so to speak. I hope he's spritizing it every morning, every 2 hours (coz it's edt sob sob), and every time his wife turns to look at him with that loving stare (oh la la). Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Frog! 

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