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From Canada with Love

I got this from Paulina (Canada)

potato chips?!

Guess charm bracelet!!

lip smackers!! yay!!

cute birthday card + yummy

I got this gift package from Paulina (Canada) she's my boyfriend's cousin and we have a few common hobbies like manga, shopping, lip gloss haha. I missed her so much and family dinner/gatherings been so boring without her! sob sob come back soon Paulina! Thank you for the birthday @ xmas present!!! Love the charm bracelet! (is it real?? hehe)


  1. JAMIE... Now that was a nice present from your friend Paulina ( got a chuckle out of the name it was an old girl friends name) why did she not send you any snow? There is so much of it here, we would not miss it here....
    You Have A great Birthday and Christmas and I hope the New Year brings you much happiness. Be Good


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