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  • MAS Enrich Sales


    Mas Enrich Sales

    Just back from this sale. I got the pricelist in my hands but no time to type it out now. The cosmetics and perfumes are 20-30% off averagely. Dior Detective Lip Palette is rm116 after discount. Normal price is rm165. This sale has too limited and few items available for grabs. Most items look outdated, not worth your money although branded, and the cosmetics & perfume has very limited choices. Not a fun sale and you might regret coming, but if you're a Benefit fan, Benefit had their sales again (recorded 3rd time in a spam of 2 months) with the same people behind it.

    I was very suprised that Benefit staffs were rude/unwelcoming to me. When they saw me, they started taking away the price poster boards on the table "pretending to correct it" but kept it away at all times I was there. What kind of service is this? what are they afraid of? people knowing their price? hello it's a warehouse sale, we know how much the items are & u can't do much keeping it a secret from the public. Instead of giving me the black face & unwelcoming attitude, I would appreciate if you tell me that I can't take note of the pricing. After all, I just want to review your sales.

    First time I see paying system using the number ticketing system, but I must admit it was really slow during lunch time as there's only 2 cashier. However it does minimize the crowd around the paying counters (so less pushing, no cutting Q) and u could estimate how long more till your turn which enable u to go shop some more! Best? take your ticket number first then only shop! (but make sure enough people ahead of u to do that lah)

    GB Men's Fragrance (bracket meaning normal price) 20% off only
    Spiderman edt spray 50ml rm63 (rm79)
    F By Ferragamo Edt Spray 50ml rm146 (rm182)
    Acqua DI Gio Homme Edt Spray 50ml rm116 (rm145)
    Ferrari Black Edt Spray 75ml rm109 (rm136)
    Burberry Men's miniatures (set of 5) rm116 (rm145)

    GB Ladie's Fragrance all 20% off except marked red
    Bvlgari Travel Guest Set rm128 (rm160)
    Ferragamo Miniatures 5ml (set of 4) rm106 (rm132)
    Fuel For Life SHE EDP Spray 50ml rm116 (rm145)
    Precious Collection 2009 (set of 4) rm92 (rm115)
    Dior Midnight Poison EDP Spray 50ml rm202 (rm252)
    F for Fascinating Edt Spray 50ml rm190 (rm238)
    Kenzo 7:15am in Bali Edt Spray 50ml rm126 (rm157)
    YSL Elle EDP Spray 50ml rm207 (rm296)
    Lancome Miracle Lagere EDP Spray 50ml rm191 (rm239)
    Estee Lauder Fragrance Collection rm144 (rm160)
    Precious Collection Miniatures+Heart Pendant 4 x 5ml rm104 (rm115)

    GB Cosmetic Color & Skin Care
    Biotherm Homme Age Fitness rm88 (rm125) - 30%
    Lancome Trio Rouge rm100 (rm167) -40%
    Lancome Trio J/Tubes C/Pink rm105 (rm150) -30%
    Biotherm Celluli rm90 (rm128) -30%
    Trio CLR Riche + Mascara 2005 rm90 (rm128) -30%
    Lancome Trio Le Rouge Absolu rm102 (rm170) - 40%
    Loreal Tri Glam Shine Juice rm41 (rm68) - 40%
    Loreal Glam Shine Rose Harmony rm42 (rm70) 40%
    Lancome Macquicake UV Forever rm90 (rm150) - 40%
    Hydra Energetic Kit rm60 (rm75) -20%
    La Prairie Cellular Eye Cream rm256 (rm320) - 20%
    Age Fitness Homme/Aquatic Set rm147 (rm245) - 40%
    Dior Detective Lip Pallete rm116 (rm165) - 30%
    Sun Cream Protection SPF 50 rm51 (rm85) -40%
    Biotherm UV Defense 30ml rm77 (rm110) - 30%
    Biotherm Multi Protection rm32 (rm54) -41%
    Trio Juicy Tubes Benghal rm123 (rm175) - 30%
    Palette Benghal rm95 (rm135) -30%
    Biotherm Homme & Yeux Set rm163 (rm272) -40%
    Loreal Perfect Slim Massage rm46 (rm58) -21%
    E/A Ceramide Face Capsules rm100 (rm125) - 20%
    Loreal RevitaLift Double Lift Duo set of 3 rm90 (rm112) - 20%
    Dior L/Gloss LA Collection 2008 (5 lip color) rm136 (rm170) -20%
    La Prairie Extract Skin Caviar rm358 (rm448) - 20%
    Estee Lauder Bali Dream M/Up Pall rm93 (rm116) - 20%
    Elizabeth Arden Ceramide rm110 (rm138) -20%
    Loreal Trio Glam Shine set of 3 rm79 (rm88) -10%
    Loreal Double Extension Duo Mascara rm81 (rm90) - 10%
    YSL Trio Rouge Pur Lipsticks No34/68/125 rm204 (rm227) -10%
    E/A Gift-to-Go Eye & Lip Palette rm88 (rm98) -10%
    Loreal Ideal Balance Cleansing Wipes (25wipes) rm27 (rm30) - 10%
    Loreal MenExpert Turbo Booster Duo rm68(rm75) -10%
    L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Set (3pcs) rm115 (rm128) -10%

    One thing great about this sales is they give u a pricelist for u to check, don't have to keep asking their staff what is this how much is this that, there are a number of items without price tag so it's troublesome. That's why a pricelist is always handy!
    poster 1 

    (credits to shoppingnsales.com, a member scan the pricelist for us)

    lewre sale

    the enrich redemption counter

    fidani sale

    Other brands also had their clearance with MAS. They are Fidani's, Lewre, Benefit, Santai Spa & some other. Pricelist not joined together with MAs though, but girls say Lewre was a great buy :)

    benefit again! yay

    Benefit Cosmetics About Same price from previous 2 sales:
    Oct 31st -
    Benefit Warehouse Sales
    Nov 26&27th -
    Benefit Warehouse Sales Back Again

    They have stuffs like this:
    Betty Brush Bag Only rm20
    Georgia/Hoola/10/Dallas rm60
    Creaseless Eye Shadow/Eye Shadow - rm30 each
    Christmas Set near rm300 has benetint, dandelion and u rebel.
    Lip Plump
    Bad Gal Eye Lash in Blue
    (dun buy this, sudah dry!)
    Get Bent Mascara
    Some liquid foundation
    1 purple color Her Glossiness
    U Clean UP Nice! rm35

    Take note colors are very limited. This is the leftover sales from previous 2 above & since they deliberately take away the price posters from the table away, I can't give a price list for this sale. BOO HOO..

    I helped Rawkstar (from lowyat.net) buy benefit eyeshadows since she's a big benefit fan. She missed the 2 last sales and she would get heart attack if she finds out she's missing a third one.  Only rm30 each it's such a steal for her! (she wanted skinny jeans & recess).  Are these really good? I never use Benefit eyeshadow before, always a Stila fan. What's special about this "creaseless eye shadow cream?" does it mean good for no double eyelid girls like me? or it just means uh "easy to apply" eyeshadow? I am such a blur case.


    1. mas enrich only for inflight items? no flight tickets? can change with enrich point or not? got a little bit to expire end of month....

    2. hi there.
      May i know when does this sales end?

    3. i 4gt go there lah...who got buy more?

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