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  • Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging


    Just back from watching this movie preview at GSC 1u, courtesy of Hot Magazine (who arrived 30minutes later and has the nerve to say the movie starts at 9.30pm when it's clearly stated 9pm in their magazine, please don't smile and act like it's no big deal because we the fans have been standing like pure idiots for 30minutes in an empty booth waitnig to redem their tickets, with everyone watching). Sorry a bit pissy here because of what happened. The Hot Magazine staff is always, and I repeat ALWAYS LATE (90% of the time) to give out tickets at redemption time.

    Anyway this movie is really cool for me. First the movie is about Georgia and the ups & downs of growing up as teenager who wants to snog (kiss) the man of her dreams. She has as described by her, really mad parents and a crazy baby sister who dresses their cat Angus up in bridal clothing and thinks she's part cat. Georgia has a big nose rated 4 by her bestfriends (who is as hormonal as her). It's all about Georgia & I must say it's kinda fun listening to all the British accent and lingo like snogging, etc. Fans of this book (yes the movie was made based on the book) complains the book is better, as always with all the book-turned-movie sigh.

    I like this movie better than Wild Child. Full stop.

    Rating: 3/5 for a teen chick flick. Guys stay away.

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