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Fragrance & Cosmetic Warehouse Sales cosmetic price report

Paul & Joe Cosmetic Price List (done)
Lip Crayon rm26
Eye Gloss rm26
Nail Color rm19
Lipstick N rm31
Lipstick A rm30
Lipstick CSN rm33
Lip Liner rm17
Lip Gloss rm29
Fluid Foundation rm16
Stick Concealer rm32Light Cream Foundation rm51
Protective fluid foundation rm51
Pearl Powder rm26
Dual Crayon rm26
Mascara rm33
Eye brow pencil rm26
Fluid eyeliner rm36
Mascara Duo rm37
Lash Mascara rm35
Mascara Primer Duo rm40
Eye color rm26
Eyebrow Mascara rm25
water proff curly mascara rm25
Pencil Eye Liner rm25
Protective dual powder foundation rm57
Creamy compact foundation rm55
Triple gloss collection rm34


  1. Mow Miu... 4 hours stuck in the warehouse sale is extremely bad!! salute u... still got so much energy to update yr blog... Cant wait to see what u bought from the sales....

  2. hi,miu if not mistake i saw u there u bring a big beg rite?i saw u take picture there.i go b4 10am luckly so when open fast fast go into the hall i stay until 1pm then bak home.but alot of givenchy perfume i no try la..haiz..spend about rm900 about u?

  3. miu!
    xde yg nk jual ke?

  4. q damn long, if not cheap, no point wasting time there.

    i salute you and i owe you one, for you know what favour you done me.

    also, may be you can write officially to the organiser and teach them how to manage the crowd, some people are just plain stupid.

  5. hye gal!
    I luv to read ur blog!u r so damn effective in all warehouses!thx for ur worth it and helpful!keep going girl!!! :)

  6. WOO HOO!!! Tks Miu... once again u are CHAMPIONSHIP-lah!

    We've added your link on the main post ... tks for the Price list! :)

    Tks for bearing with us as we run thru all the teething probles of the server migration. Aiyoh-nya!

  7. Hi, so impressed with your blog. Definitely will drop by here again. Perhaps, I will shop here next time.

  8. Salute to Miu. Always referring to ur site for warehouse details. Thank u very much...really appreciate what u did...

  9. Oh wow, thank you for the list. When you gonna upload some more?

    -sns visitor-

  10. By reading this article many benefits that we can learn. thank you for sharing your insights to us all


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