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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Talika Lipocils Eye Brow Giveaway Result


    Hope everyone enjoyed my Talika Lipocils review! I have the winner result in my hands and the Talika Eyebrow Lipocils prize goes to reader Zuyyin Juhari for her cry for help to save her eyebrows! Babe I understand how sometimes we can't use certain cosmetic products due to sensitivity or irritation so I hope this product will go your way and help you with your problem.

    YES YES YES! (screaming excitedly, hihi) I have learned so much about Talika from your review, I now know that this product has various types of Talika . I used to,(still actually, hihi) google about it and sometimes I'll go to Sephora or Sasa just to hold it and read the information at the Talika box so many times since I am such a huge fan of having those thick sexy eyebrows. I couldn't afford to buy because its really expensive for me so every night I will just put vaseline on my eyebrows. This has always been on my wish list. I really really need Talika Eyebrow Lipocils because like you, I have really sensitive eyebrows too,I couldn't wear eyebrow liner because my skin irritates from it and when I wear mascara brow, my eyebrows will shed, everytime i wear it.So I would be the happiest girl if i get this product. Thank you so much for giving me this chance! - Zuyyin Juhari

    Kiehl's Scalp Treatment and Dandruff Shampoo Review

    will I love the new Dandruff shampoo & Scalp Treatment?

    There's one thing I always buy from Kiehl's and that is their Herbal Shampoo & Scalp Treatment For Dandruff Control. Years ago I reviewed about how well this shampoo worked for me but apparently it didn't work well for others (e.g my bff Buaya Wing). I love the shampoo but after using it for a long time, it made my hair very dry. This is normal when you use dandruff control shampoos unless you're using 2-in-1 shampoos like Pantene or Head & Shoulders. From time to time I would change shampoo (can't resist exploring other products in the market) but I will always go back to using Kiehl's.

    SO to my horror, I discovered that the dandruff shampoo that I so loved has been discontinued and replace with a more advanced solution combining Kiehl's expertise for skin and hair care. I was skeptical but excited at the same time. Will it be better?

    dandruff control treatment & anti dandruff shampoo

    the new dandruff fighting duo

    Here's how the duo product looks like, instead of the old packaging where blue text use with white background, it's now switch to white text on blue background. Kiehl's says to meet the needs of its sophisticated customers, they're offering a gentle, yet efficacious system to treat and promote healthy scalp and hair a pleasant, refreshing exfoliation for the scalp and a soothing, enjoyable aromatic shampoo experience. One to restore a healthy balance to scalp while prepping for the second product, a treatment shampoo that works to help prevent the recurrence of dandruff symptoms. 

    the first step - prepare your scalp with
    Kiehl's Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

    The Kiehl's Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment 100ml/RM95 is similar to when you go to the salon and the hair stylists always recommends to purify and remove dead skin cells on your scalp before shampooing when they see you have dandruff. It comes in a tube form where you flip open the cap and squeeze the product out. The direction says to apply on moist/dry scalp massage and leave for 5 minutes before rinsing. However I find myself finishing the tube faster than the shampoo because for 100ml a tube, I'm using 1/4 - 1/3 the amount on my scalp. This means one tube will probably last me 3-4 times of use only. 

    Formulated with Vitreoscilla Ferment, known to be rich in vitamins and minerals, combined with micronized Apricot Seed and Argan Shells, this preparation helps to restore a healthy balance to the scalp.

    Scent: Minty
    Texture: light, lotion like with Apricot Seeds & Argan Shells.
    Color: peach colored
    Feel: cooling, minty sensation upon applying onto scalp thanks to Menthol Leaves used.

     second step - wash using
    Kiehl's Scalp Purifying Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff Shampoo

    After 5 mins (which I think is too fast! I'm enjoying the minty sensation) rinse and wash with the Kiehl's Scalp Purifying Pyrithione Zinc Dandruff Shampoo 250ml/RM75. The shampoo is supposedly gentler and has essential oils - Rosemary Leaf & Marjoram Oil plus hydrating Aloe to avoid stripping hair of its natural moisture and shine. To be honest, I still needed to use a conditioner after shampooing, my hair still feels stripped and dry. Did it stripped my hair color?  I can't answer that as I only use the duo product once a week to treat my dandruff while alternating between shampoos. However I love the same minty cooling sensation it gives during washing and after!

    Though I'm not sure if I should enjoyed that because according to Paula (Cosmetic Cop) Menthol actually irritates your skin.

    Scent: minty with faint herb
    Texture: liquid cream
    Color: white
    Feel: minty cooling sensation during washing & after

     while waiting for my scalp treatment put on a mask

    I still can't get over my favorite shampoo being discontinued and I have my doubts with the new duo products that replaces it. While the shampoo is much gentler and I enjoyed the minty cooling sensations that it gives and the treatment purifies and exfoliates my scalp, I really think the old shampoo did a better job at controlling my dandruff. BUT that's me, maybe it would worked better for someone else. 

    Also I wish the treatment came in a bigger tube than a 100ml for RM95 (well it's still cheaper than doing it at the salon right?).

    Click here for more information about the new duo dandruff fighting products from Kiehl's.

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    Too Cool For School NOW IN MALAYSIA!


    from Korea now in Malaysia

    I went to Bangsar for breakfast today and while cruising around like "jaws" looking for a car park, my heart stopped beating when I passed by what seems to be a shop with a odd looking banner that says Too Cool For School. Girls, you might not know what's "too cool for school" so let me tell you something. This has got to be one of the awesome Korean skincare and beauty products in Korea that's making waves when it was first launched in 2009. Korean beauty products are already quite a hit, couple that with a rebellious streak and a dash of kwerky artsy fartsy dust and you'll have what we call "tool cool for school". Already I'm sensing their marketing strategy to look for students to be their ambassador as something so godammit cool that I wish I was a student so I can take part prancing around in school uniform acting all cool but still having that godammit flawless and pretty young thing look. 

    Introducing Vallwin & Property Deals


    a new deal site called vallwin

    With many group buyings sites conquering the Malaysian deal market, how does one stay different and unique from others? You either have celebrities promoting your site for you, do a lot of marketing and campaigns, hold facebook contests or provide an entirely different service from others, quality services that is. Then I was introduced to a new deal site called Vallwin.com.my (omg another deal site?) and thought it was just the same as the rest of the deal sites in Malaysia. I don't know many but I know the popular ones out there. I surf around their website and was surprised they're selling deals that's different from others!


    Hong Leong Bank Hello Kitty Debit Card


    come meet Hello Kitty & take pics!

    Hello Kitty is coming to Paradigm Mall tomorrow all the way from Japan! my childhood best friend (ahem). Those really crazy about Hello Kitty can take pics with Hello Kitty tomorrow and Sunday at the special hours stated below. They're promoting their new NEW limited winter edition Hello Kitty Debit Card with the special vertical design. I wish I have the pink card! XD will be so nice when take out for shopping haha.

    Loreal, Maybelline & Garnier Sales Muar, Johor 26 - 27th Jan 2013


    L'oreal, Maybelline & Garnier Sales, Muar Johor

    Hi OnlyBeauty fans, We are bringing you OnlyBeauty Sales @ Hotel Pelangi, Muar on this coming 26-27 January! Sales up to 63% discount for personal care products brand L'oreal, Maybelline, Garnier and more up for grabs! 

    Sign up now @ http://tinyurl.com/ak4jawc and you will receive a Free Gift Vouchers via SMS where you could redeem for a Maybelline Baby Lips for FREE during our sales @ Hotel Pelangi, Muar.

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    Cres Deep Tissue Healing Massage Review

    Cres's latest massage treatment

    Invited to review Cres Wellness's latest massage treatment the Deep Tissue Healing Massage. Deep tissue only means one thing, pain and I don't like painful, pokey massage where the masseuse would release your muscle tensions by strongly pressing your pressure points. BUT you know what they say, no pain no gain. Some people actually love being poke and kneaded like a dough. I was going to say no until I read the description of the treatment and that it's for deep relaxation and swift recovery. I love trying new treatments and the word deep relaxation changed my mind. 

    Facy 2 in 1 Cold Scrub Mud Mask Review (Bangkok)


    Facy 2 in 1 cold scrub mud mask

    During my stay in Bangkok last month for the P&G VisionHouse event, I followed a group of magazine editors around shopping. One of the editor, name Thara (not sure how to spell here name) went into Boots Pharmacy and bought the whole lot of Facy Mask off the shelves leaving none behind. Curious I asked her what's so nice about this face mask? Apparently her friend has asked her to get the masks and swears it's so good! I hunted the masks down, apparently it's rare and always out of stock.

    Dermalogica Daylight Defense System NEW & IMPROVED!

    protect your skin against your worst enemy

    Dermalogica is back and their latest product launch is on the new and improved formulations for their Daylight Defense System which is basically their sun protection series catered for various sky types and needs. You know how they love skin so much, which is why everything must improve! As our sun gets meaner and hotter, so will their sunscreens. Introducing...

    Japan's SENKA Skincare, Ma Cherie & ZA Bloggers Event


    invited to the exclusive preview of the newest brands in town

    Last month Shiseido Malaysia invited me & my friends to a private preview of the latest brands set to launch in Malaysia. They are the long awaited Senka Skincare and Ma Cherie haircare products along with ZA Cosmetics latest cosmetic collection. The event was held at Shiseido's office (near Ikea). It was the first time they organize such an event, so we were thrilled to be there having tea with pink cupcakes and pink sparkling juice!

    Clé de Peau Beauté Spring/Summer 2013 La Beauté Méditerranée


    Clé de Peau Beauté Spring/Summer 2013 La Beauté Méditerranée

    Recently I was introduce to Clé de Peau BEAUTE by Shiseido. It's French for "key to beautiful skin" but don't be mislead by that because it's actually from Japan. On first look at the concept and line of skincare and makeup products at the media launch of their Spring/Summer 2013 La Beauté Méditerranée, I could tell they're catered towards the more sophisticated women of the century, like my recent idol, Amanda Seyfried from Mama Mia, Les Miserable. She's the face of  Clé de Peau BEAUTE. 

    Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser Kwerkee Review


    cool retro cereal dispenser

    Kwerkee.com gave me something cool for my kitchen to review. It's a Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser made of metal and real glass. The color I got is fuchsia so I'm really happy :) because pink is my favorite color for gizmos and artsy fartsy stuffs. This is the first time I'm receiving something out of the ordinary for my kitchen, so I must say I'm still getting used to seeing this striking fuchsia boy holding a glass of cereal waiting for me on the table.

    Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser price unknown

    I feel like I'm one step closer to have that hotel breakfast buffet cereal dispenser rows but mine is cooler and has a naked boy holding cereals. I just can't resist not saying this! if you look closer to the metal boy, his pee pee can be seen! it's also quite strong since it can hold the glass jar haha.

    Waking up to drudgery work can be depressing. But with this Brandani Glass Cereal Dispenser to dispense your favorite crunch, there's a better reason to look forward to breakfast every morning now - Kwerkee.com.

    cereal dispenser with glass cylinder and a metal stand

    he's naked can you believe it?

    test drive with honey stars cereals

    It's pretty easy to clean the glass jar, the knob can be remove and that eases up the hold of the white turning thingy inside the glass jar. I was rather worried about the glass jar because it looks so fragile, but it holds up pretty well on the table. I can also put biscuits, candies or snacks instead of cereal. If you like this retro kitchenware, check out Kwerkee.com for more fun kitchen wares and stares. They have deals almost everyday at 70% off!

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    Enchanteur Love Samples & Giveaway Campaign


    Hi everyone! thanks for joining my Enchanteur Love giveaway last month. I have announce the three winners with the best comments & sent their mailing details to the Enchanteur Cupid Team for courier processing. I forgotten that I also needed to collect mailing details of my readers who joined this giveaway too *argh sorry*. I've sent everyone a form to their e-mail addresses so you can just fill up your name, mailing address & contact number. Once the form is filled up by this Friday 18/1/13, I'll sent to Enchanteur ^___^ All participants gets a Enchanteur Love sample!

    so check your emails today yeah! xoxo

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    Kwerkee Malaysia Daily Design Sauce


    a touch screen stylus pen that looks like a pencil

    Here's another product from Kwerkee.com that's useful, if you're looking for a touch screen stylus pen to prevent unsightly marks and finger prints on your touch screen phones and gadgets. I don't really use stylus pen especially for my touch screen phone but I find it useful for those having big touch screen gadgets like ipad or tablets. It'll reduce my annoyance on the marks & make presentation slides look more fun with a stylus pen that looks like your classic school pencil.

    keep your screes free from prints 

    also it looks really cool with my ipad

    For more quirky knick knacks and things you find inspiring cool to show off to your friends. Check out Kwerkee.com where the most offbeat design pieces cherry-picked for you at up to 70% off retail!
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    Sushi that's not Edible from Kwerkee

    my dinner tonight is a piece of sushi

    Yes I'm on a diet because I need to lose weight to marry my fiance. I looked around for food and found this instead. The irony is... I can only look at this piece of sushi instead of eating it. Awesome diet right? you'll understand why soon.

    can you guess what type of sushi is this?

    it looks delicious but it's not edible!

    b'coz it's a staple diet, get it? staple diet? hahaha
    (laughing by myself, please ignore)

    it's actually stationary that look like sushi

    check out the sushi magnets

     they're actually very tiny

    since I had "staple sushi" I need real sushi tonight dear
    (stuck the note on my fridge)

    This sushi inspired stationary are one of the the most offbeat design pieces cherry-picked for you at up to 70% off retail from Kwerkee.com. They have deals almost everyday on unique one of a kind gifts for friends, your geeky pals (like Star Wars) and for home. I'm surfing the site on my iphone at the moment, just to see what's cool daily.

    Tonight's sushi dinner is sponsored by Kwerkee.com.

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    Fuuvi Pick Toy Camera Kwerkee Review

    get your daily dose of design from kwerkee.com

    Yo, check out my awesome "spy camera" from Kwerkee.com. Well it's not for spying people it's just a really small camera that you can play around with. I can do plenty of things with it say go to a No Camera Allow area and start flipping my hair (when actually I'm holding the camera in my palm and each time I hold it up to my head, I snap a pic!).

    cute & colorful Fuuvi Pick RM217

    My perverted fiance saw this camera while I'm blogging and he asked me what it is. I said it's a toy camera. "Digital?" he asked. "Yeap" I said and casually asked him what could people do with it besides taking still pictures and movies? My fiance proceeded to use the camera under the table and took a picture. He just demonstrated the most obnoxious way he can use the camera *face palm*. I just had to include this in my review. Please don't ever think of buying this for your boyfriend if you don't want indecent photos of your sexy legs and what more showing up online.

     it takes still photos & movie

    this toy camera is about 3cm long

    It weights a mere 24g, is about 3cm long (pocket size gizmo) that captures photos at 1280 x 1024 resolution (2 megapixels), and can shoot video at 720 x 480 at 30fps. The tiny F2.8 lens shoots only at ISO 100. Do not expect picture perfect quality taken with a point & shoot camera. The Fuuvi Pick is your fun & tiny digital toy camera that takes retro like images. It recharges when you plug it to your pc/laptop and uses a Micro SD card to store. 

    pick & plug to recharge or upload photos/movies

    Being tiny is not just the best part of this. The Fuuvi is also a USB flash drive, just pop open the head to reveal a USB port and plug it into your pc/laptop. I'm using a MAC so yes it still recognizes the camera drive (awesome). Convenient *thumbs up*.

    unfortunately I don't speak or read Japanese
    (Fuuvi is from Japan)

    It took me a while to figure out how to use it. The manual was in Japanese but thankfully Kwerkee has translated it to English. Only with 2 buttons - one for on/off and shooting/recording, I find it a challenge to use the camera without a view finder. I wish Fuuvi would built the light behind the gadget so it would be easier to identify if the red light blinks once (when an image is captured). Takes a bit to practice before you're able to shoot like James Bond.

    camera mode: low light indoor

    camera mode: daytime outdoor

    movie daylight outdoor

    movie mode: night scene

    movie mode: indoor lighting

    visit Kwerkee.com for out of the box gift ideas

    The Fuuvi Pick retails for over RM200. Kwerkee.com (Malaysia & Singapore) is seen selling the Fuuvi toy camera range in many other designs that the one I'm having. There's the nano blocks, the delicious looking candy/chocolate inspired models and colorful models like mine. Currently they're selling the Fuuvi Pick at RM135.

    The most offbeat design pieces cherry-picked for you at up to 70% off retail!

    The Fuuvi Pick Mini Digital Camera simply plugs into your computer
    Runs on a MicroSD card (not included)
    2 megapixel colorful digital camera that shoots both still images and movies and recharges directly through your computer

    Image type: JPEG/AVI; Still resolution: 1280 × 1024; Video Resolution: 720 × 480/30fps

    Number of pixels: 2 megapixel Lens 200: F2.8 f = 3.2mm; ISO: 100
Power: Built-in lithium-ion battery (charging when plugged into the computer)
Recording Media: Micro SD (up to 16GB supported) (not included)
Size: 35 × 70 × 15 mm
    Weight: 24g

    Interface: USB2.0/1.1
No driver needed (external media and is recognized as a camera connected to your PC)

    Operating Instructions
It's really simple to use the Pick camera. Please follow the steps below:

    1. Put a MicroSD card into the SD card slot
    2. Turn the camera on (red LED light is steady)

    3. Image capture mode: Press one time on the shutter button (red LED light will blink one time)

    4. Video capture mode: Press and hold the shutter button until red LED light starts to blink
    Press and hold until the red LED light becomes steady again to turn off video recording

    This is a sponsored post by Kwerkee.com.

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    Hada Labo Air BB Cream 10 in 1 Benefits


    a BB Cream that's light & airy?

    I love having a clean, light and natural look on myself. I believe everyday make up is an enhancement of your natural beauty. Influenced by Korea, my number 1 must have in my bag is a BB Cream. I admit I'm not bother by the tedious steps of applying a base, color corrector, concealer, foundation cream/liquid and press powder to have flawless looking skin. If you have something that's a all in one solution, I'm game to for it! especially if it has sun protection and skincare benefits added.

    the new air BB SPF50+PA+++ BB Cream

    So when Hada Labo finally caught up with the BB Cream craze in Malaysia, they launched a BB Cream with 10 benefits and functions which includes make up perfect for all working women, offering a quick all in one solution for the skin. The new Hada Labo Air BB Cream offers complete care with a velvety smooth finish to help Asian women to achieve the flawless look. In Korean, it would be called the water glow look. Let's take a look at what the 10 benefits are?

    Hada Labo 10-in-1 Air BB Cream

    1. brightens complexionnatural shade helps to brighten skin complexion for a more radiant look

    2. perfect skin tonehelps to even out skin tone

    3. concealerconceals dark spots, fine lines & blemishes

    4. whiteningcontains Arbutin to help fight dark spots

    5. uv protectionwith SPF50+PA+++ protection from UVA/UVB rays

    6. hydratewith super Hyaluronic Acid to instantly plump up skin for a visibly soft & supple skin

    7. anti-agingwith Hydrolyzed Collagen to improve skin's elasticity

    8. oil-controlwith witch hazel extract to help control oil for a complete matte look

    9. minimizes poreshelp to refine pores for a visibly clear smooth skin

    10. anti-oxidantwith Vitamin C to help fight free radicals

    Besides the 10 benefits of a BB Cream which I think is God sent because right now I can see that it covers all the make up necessary for a flawless look, has skincare benefits (hydration, anti-aging, anti-oxidant) minimized pores (a major concern for many) and protects with a SPF 50+ PA+++! that could only mean the texture of the BB Cream is... thick? having thrown in so many added advantages? 

    thanks to the innovative formulation using the silicone Elastomer Blend ingredient, Hada Labo Air BB Cream has the 'AIR' light texture that gives a smooth and velvety finishing for a clear and matte appearance.

    see the difference with the Air BB Cream
    (baby soft effect on skin, natural with a good coverage)

    I went to the event bare face, ready to try the new BB Cream as soon as its in my hands. Surprisingly, the texture was not as thick as I imagine it to be. It's lighter than my current BB Cream and went on smoothly during application. The 'Air' texture attributes to this effortless application. It manage to even out my skin tone in a jiffy and did not leave my skin looking dry and scaly (some BB cream or foundation does that). The only qualms I have is I felt it was dry on my face (I have dry skin), but thankfully it did not feel uncomfortable or greasy. This might be a suitable BB Cream for oily skin as it has oil control properties.

    moisture meter shows an increase from 35% to 39% in hydration

    It brightens my skin as well (plus point). However I am not sure if the shade would work on darker or tanned skin. Also the extend of concealing coverage is questionable since I do not need much concealing.

    Hada Labo has the sensitive skincare range as well

    Monica Lee demonstrates the use of the Air BB Cream

    blogger FurFer volunteers to try it out
    (looking effortless radiant in the end)

    a fun event trying the Hada Labo Air BB Cream

    a test between other BB Creams in the market

    other brands leaves a clear whitish residue
    while Air BB Cream blends well

    comes in 2 shades: natural beige & ivory beige

    the difference? natural beige blends into your skin tone

    The Hada Labo Air BB Cream is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, mineral-free and low irritant on the skin (suitable for sensitive skin). You can purchase it at leading pharmacies nationwide from now onwards at RM55.90 (40g) with a choice of either Natural Beige or Ivory Beige.

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