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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Introducing Vallwin & Property Deals


    a new deal site called vallwin

    With many group buyings sites conquering the Malaysian deal market, how does one stay different and unique from others? You either have celebrities promoting your site for you, do a lot of marketing and campaigns, hold facebook contests or provide an entirely different service from others, quality services that is. Then I was introduced to a new deal site called Vallwin.com.my (omg another deal site?) and thought it was just the same as the rest of the deal sites in Malaysia. I don't know many but I know the popular ones out there. I surf around their website and was surprised they're selling deals that's different from others!


    if I was looking for a home

    Everyone wants to save, especially when you're buying a home. Think of all the renovation works, furnishings, getting that home theatre system? if you can save a few thousand ringgit why not right? I can build a jacuzzi with the money I save haha.

    I'm sure to ask for discounts! wanna save mah

    first time see property deal voucher!

    got terms & conditions, description

    Hope to see Vallwin.com.my grow with more property deals and maybe deals related to home furnishing and renovation. It'll make my life easier not having to scout and bargain all the time for  home related works to be done.  If they can aslo include rental deals? I know there's agents out there, but if we can save on rental deals for students would be nice.

    Anyway if anyone wants to know how to purchase a deal from here can read the following information below :) it's from Vallwin.com.my anyway. 

    How Vallwin works?
    Step 1 Become a Member 
    To purchase discount vouchers on www.vallwin.com.my you are required to register as a member. Upon completion of your registration you will be given a username and password. You are then required to login to our website and click on any deal which you wish to purchase.

    Step 2 Buy the Voucher 
    Select the Voucher you wish to buy and click buy. The two type of vouchers offer by us are explained below:

    • Normal Voucher (NV) is a voucher whereby the member paid fully for the products or services offered. On redemption by members, the members do not need to pay any additional money
    • Discount Voucher (DV) is a voucher whereby the member paid a sum of money to V Allwin for the discount entitlement. On redemption, the member must pay the Client for the services and products, less the discount as stipulated in the voucher.

    Step 3 Enjoy the deal
    Once you had completed the purchase of any deal on V Allwin, you will be emailed a security discount voucher. The voucher will be given a security code. Please print a copy of the voucher when you wish to make a booking or go to redeem your entitlement in our client business outlet. 

    Our Merchants' obligations
    We guarantee that all discounted deals purchase on V Allwin can be utilized immediately upon purchase of the said discount vouchers. Our Merchants' guarantee that members of V Allwin will be treated the same as their other customers without prejudice.

    example of Vallwin.com.my deals

    The Key Differences between V Allwin & Other Competitors
    1. Pricing of normal vouchers - our pricing structure of the voucher differs from our Competitor’s in which we do not impose a ridiculous discount to be given by our merchants rather we are flexible on that aspect as we recommend the discount on a level depending on the profit which our merchants can make out of the discount given by them; neither do we recommend to give a maximum discount to our consumers. The motive of this discount deal is to ensure three parties (merchants, members or consumers and V Allwin) benefit from the deal on a win win basis.  
    2. Advertisement - we guarantee that the discount given by our merchants are discounts which is attractive to the market instead of just giving a discount which is just the merchant to gain awareness of their product or services.
    3. Free business consultation for our merchants - we provide free business consultation on how they should package their deals to make it interesting to our members in which they will also make a profit of their promotion published by them on our website. The Company is back up with a panel of business advisors to help our clients to market their business products or services.
    4. Our discount voucher model - this model is beneficial to our merchants and members who are looking to published/purchase expensive services or products at a discounted rate.  The advantage is that we do not become the stakeholder of our merchant’s money while our members who purchase this voucher will enjoy the benefit of the discount as decided by the merchant upon display of this voucher at our merchant’s company or outlet.
    5. Not only F&B or Entertainment – We offer a service to increase household income by securing great saving deals for our members. We are the first to offer a property discount deal. A major college deal for children education. Both great savings!
    6. Long Term Relationship - We are looking into establishing a long term relationship with our Clients and members and we guarantee that our services delivered to our valued members are of the finest quality.

    Our benefit to our members

    1. Acknowledgment by merchant: We guarantee that our deals are acknowledged by our clients
    2. No inferior Services: Our members will enjoy the benefit as any walk in customer and they will not be deemed as inferior or discount customers to our merchants.
    3. Refund Mechanism: We acknowledge refund of the voucher monies to our customer [ terms and conditions applies]
    4. Exclusivity: Our merchant’s guarantee’s that the discount given to V Allwin is exclusive for our members during that promotional period as stipulated in the terms of Voucher
    5. Conclusion: We all Win

    www.vallwin.com.my is owned by V Allwin Sdn Bhd a private limited entity owned by prominent investors who share the same passion to bring win win deals to everyone. 

    Our website is now launched and we hope you could find something useful for yourself or as a gift for your friends. Although we do not have so many deals now, all are handpicked and we are adding. You are invited to visit hwww.vallwin.com.my and register as a member. We are an online marketing website which mainly focuses on advertising our client’s services for free. These promotions are aimed to drive traffic into our Clients' businesses to generate greater demand and customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our online marketing platform provides greater flexibility-e.g., discount rates, which is beneficial for the parties involved. Our main focus in our business which ranges from financial services, Property Development, Educational Services, sports and leisure classes and etc. Our target on FNB products is limited to certain Clients only. Merchants in V Allwin endeavour to deliver the finest quality products and services across Malaysia at very attractive prices.

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    1. property deals? it's the first time I hear too, thx for sharing.

      1. yeah :) if you're looking to buy a home or a friend is, this comes in handy to help them to save

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