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  • Dermalogica Daylight Defense System NEW & IMPROVED!


    protect your skin against your worst enemy

    Dermalogica is back and their latest product launch is on the new and improved formulations for their Daylight Defense System which is basically their sun protection series catered for various sky types and needs. You know how they love skin so much, which is why everything must improve! As our sun gets meaner and hotter, so will their sunscreens. Introducing...

    the Daylight Defense System series

    Looks like I'm going on a vacation by Dermalogica right? yes I really wish so! but no, I'm actually still in AsterSpring centre in One Utama where the launch was held. I'm holding a giant Solar Defense Booster SPF50 which is their best seller for this range. Darn actually I thought I should have chosen the Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 instead because I'd really like a sunscreen on without needing to use make up anymore. Also curious if it really does calms my skin done.

    wee!!! I'm goin to the beach now with this giant sunscreen

    One must give credit to them, they're starting to be really party people here setting up a beach background to promote sunscreens. What's missing is hunky guys putting sunscreens on my face (noty me). They also added tiny cocktail umbrellas to their food table. Wish I can bring back the beach straw hat, bag and sunglasses back home ahahahha.

    formulated without artificial fragrances and colors

    You might ask it's just sunscreen right? why so many products one? headache lah. WAIT you're so wrong coz sunscreen is not just a one product free for all to use, some people like me who have sensitive skin might not find it suitable. Some people like say Fatin (who has oily skin) might break out into a pile of oozing banana sundae face. We would like to see that right? There's where the Daylight Defense System series comes in. To each their own, you can now choose a sunscreen suitable for your face and with the newly improved formulation with UV protection technology!

    I have sensitive skin...

    you need the Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 with its calming formula and light tint! which only means you don't need make up anymore if you have great skin.

    I don't like tint...

    okay so maybe you can try the Super Sensitive Shield SPF30

    *both sensitive sunscreens contains the UltraCalming Complex to help reduce sensitivity, redness, irritation and inflammation.

    I hate sticky creams...

    Hey add a few drops of Solar Defense Booster SPF50 into your products like your moisturizer or foundation.  Suitable for all skin types and may use alone as well.

    Anything for oily skin?

    Get the Oil Free Matte SPF30 so you won't shine like a spotlight.

    You'll be glad to know that Dermalogica uses 2 sophisticated technology to ensure you get not only the highest sun protection but also maintaining the elegant skin care feel of it's formulas. The UV Smart Booster technology which releases antioxidants like Vitamin C and E when UV rays hit your face and the Oleosome Technology found in Solar Defense Booster SPF50 and Oil Free Matte SPF30 which offers more SPF protection without oiliness or chalkiness. 

    which one is your protector?

    The Daylight Defense System series is now available at all AsterSpring skin treatment centres and authorized Dermalogical retailers nationwide. Kindly have your skin check before choosing a suitable product. For product price and listing kindly refer below:

    Solar Defense Booster SPF50ml RM278 (WM) RM286 (EM)

    Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 RM220 (WM) RM227 (EM)
    Ultra Sensitive Tint SPF30 RM176 (WM) RM181 (EM)
    Oil Free Matte SPF30 RM230 (WM) RM237 (EM)

    Tip by Jesie Hong, Dermalogica Group Education Manager: Apply liberally and evenly to face, preferably 30mins prior to sun exposure. For continuous coverage, apply regularly and reapply as needed after swimming or exercise. Remember they're like your wall paint, sting on it and your wall looks patchy and will get damage in unprotected areas. SO apply generously, say 1 teaspoon size on face, neck and ears. 

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