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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Enchanteur Love Fragrance Launch


    celebrate love, forever by Enchanteur

    Enchanteur the no.1 brand in the mass market fragrances category in Malaysia has recently launched it's newest line of fragrance call Enchanteur Love featuring two lovely scents - Enchanteur Celebrate Love and Enchanteur Forever Love. Inspired by the lovely French expression of “célébrant l’amour pour toujours” (means celebrating love forever). They manage to capture the essence of love, even after years of being together, to fall all over again in a bottle. 

    Often, due to busy schedules, multiple roles playing and other distractions in life, less importance is placed to take time to express affection to loved ones which is essential in giving relationship the extra touch of romance it needs to make it interesting and enjoyable. Every expression of love, big or small, is significant in flourishing a committed relationship towards a love that is forever exciting and alive - Enchanteur.

    Created for women in a committed relationship, Enchanteur Love celebrates the joy of being together, keeping the sparks alive and the heart pounding faster. The fragrance bottle cap is designed to look like emerald cut jewel. This is inspired by sentiment "Diamond is forever" where we women would melt with glee when we receive a jewel, especially the diamond ring from the man we love.

    diamonds are a girl's best friend

    Invited to the launch at the beautiful and majestic Carcosa Seri Negara, I discover how Enchanteur re-create love just at the right places, at the right time with the right moments. Here's to celebrating love, Enchanteur way.

    what's the recipe for love?

    it starts with a beautiful wish

    in an enchanting place

    with the air filled with love

    and hopefully with someone beautiful like me
    (alright I meant the roses)

    The couple grazed the romantic fragrance is non other that my college mate Sazzy Falak and her husband Nazril Idrus. Though she won't remember who I am, I definitely remember her thanks to my classmate. I'm very happy that she found her soulmate. They seem perfect together from afar and even more so live infront of me at the launch. Envious I am ^-,..,-^ (vampire face).

    Sazzy & Nazril sharing their thoughts to the media

    watch Sazzy & Nazril's Enchanteur Love TVC

    Enchanteur Forever Love EDT 50ml RM31.90

    Enchanteur Celebrate Love EDT 50ml RM31.90

    Now what's the difference between the two fragrance? Enchanteur Celebrate Love & Forever Love? Well one is created to celebrate love (romantic moments) while the later signifies being forever together in love (proposal/marriage).

    ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette captures the essence of celebrating love every day together. Every gesture of affection, big or small, is significant in keeping love exciting and making every moment spent together worth rejoicing. Simple gestures such as leaving a sweet note on the fridge before going to work or even whipping up a hearty meal just for two keeps the relationship and passion going.

    The notes:
    ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette starts off with an explosion of sparkling freshness of bergamot, white peach and pineapple. The heart of the composition then sparkles with sweet red peony and passion fruit which symbolizes love and excitement of being together. Warm cedarwood, golden amber and musk wraps this lovely creation that together form a base as comfortable and warm as the embrace of a lover.
    Forever Love

    ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette unfolds the promise of an everlasting love. It is a scent which celebrates every chapter in a relationship such as marriage proposal, wedding anniversaries, moving into a new house and many other momentous occasions along the journey of togetherness.

    The notes:
    Just like the journey of a loving relationship, ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette opens up with a lively, fruity scent of citrusy bergamot, lemon and mandarin combined with the sweetness of cassis, pineapple and apple that symbolizes the beginning of a wonderful journey of love. It then blossoms beautifully into a floral bouquet of roses, jasmine, geranium and freesia just like true love that grows deeper, while the stable comforting nuances of musk and amber completes the fragrance to signify the promise of an everlasting love.

    celebrate love by making love coupons this Valentine's

    coupons that entitle your love one for...
    (get romantic or create an experience together)

    tie it up with a ribbon & give to your love

    Both ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette and ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette retails at RM 31.90 per bottle of 50ml Eau de Toilette. ENCHANTEUR products are available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. Visit http://www.enchanteur.com.my for more information.


    winners please check your email, I have sent you a form to collect your details!

    Results of the Enchanteur's Celebrate Love, Forever Contest *drum rolls* is back from the Enchanteur Cupid Team! Congratulations girls! The cupid team will need your details to mail your prize. Do take note there will be processing, packing & shipping time. The 3 winners are... 

    I personally is not so romantic, but I know someone that is, He is my special someone, aka my boyfie. He is so romantic, every friday he buys me flower, every week same flower different color, which is my favourite daisy. And every month, he buys me something, something special, small gifts and all, and he called it the "Romantic Budget". hahah Thanks to him, i got tumblr all over the world from starbucks, soft toys, dresses and many more cute and weird things that keep me smile. But the reason that he is the most romantic person I ever know, is not because of the gift but because every once in the while, in the wee hours when I am half asleep, he texts me and say "baby, I love you and I miss you so much." That is my favourite time of the day. :) - MaiSarah
    Some people say always remember important date of your partner and for both of you.I guess it true somehow. But for me, not only remember the important date.. appreciate your love one at any time. I will say I love him very much every time I want to say it. Im scare if I didn't say it now that I will no have chance to say it at all. I dont wait for the important date to buy him a present or do some thing nice . If it suddenly I felt that I need to buy him something , I will just buy the thing, wrap it nicely, write him a wish in a small card and end it with my red lips print as initial and I will secretly put the prize in his car, or inside his jacket , or even courier down to his office for little surprise. Like last year during our 6th anniversary I ordered an Ice cream cake and request to write my wishes to him on the cake. I then ask him to pick up the cake at the bakery shop a day before our anniversary date but I just told him that I buying my baking supply and I want him to check up the items weather they give me a correct stuff or not. When he went to the bakery shop and do what as I told him to , it come to his surprise when he read my message on the top of the cake. He instantly give me a call and told me how he really appreciate on what Im doing. We spend a whole day together afterward talking about how we first met while eating the cake! Im still smiling thinking of it. This is how Im doing to celebrate our love together. - ninazsyafinaz
    I always send my hubby a romantic text message on his cell. My man loves Snickers (candy bar) so I will put it in his bag secretly for a little surprise! When there is a special occasion coming up, I will leave my handmade "romantic" cards or "love letter" in his car, wardrobe or drawer. Maybe I'll even make him nervous if he totally forget our anniversary! We also have our code word for something that only the two of us know the meaning for and sometimes we will say it openly in public. That's our own inside jokes and it brings us closer together! ^_^^_^ - Jocy Tan

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    1. like it because it is affortable :DD

    2. wow!!! very romantic. even now i can feel and smell the scent. going to try it soon. :)

      1. oh i love the bottle!! look so classy... <3 Innanie let me know if u like the scents once u try!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

      1. the gift card is so cute n special. I have one guy fren who did similar thind for his gf, coupons to redeem one gift of her choice for xmas (there are two coupon with different gadget, can only choose to redeem one)! i find it damn romantic lo!!! at least there are choices and it won't end up disappointing. =p

    4. Thanks so much for selecting me as one of the winners!! \(^o^)/

    5. I like the bottle, simple but elegant~


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