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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Guerlain Aqua-Serum Light & Super Aqua-Eye Serum


    25 years best seller - new lighter texture

    Today I will be introducing Guerlain's Hydration Skincare products, the new Super Aqua-Serum Light and Super Aqua-Eye Serum. Now you know May - June is like the hottest seasons in Malaysia. It's so hot that your skin becomes unstable. I have dry skin and my skin went  berserk like old lady on menopause. I was given a chance to test out Guerlain's star product - Super Aqua-Serum which now comes in the form of an eye cream to complete every skincare junkie's collection and the newly improved version of the Super Aqua-Serum but lighter and made   for Asians with a normal to combination skin.

    meet the best sellers in a new light!

    lotions that turn into light watery blankets
    (Aquacomplex Purifies Cellular Water*)

    Now these are your basic hydration skincare but with an added omph. Both aims to hydrate, plumps and revitalize your skin to look healthier, juicier? and of course younger. Younger how? by plumping up your wrinkles to create a youthful outlook. I love how when I pump the products onto my hand for testing, it appears to camouflage as a cream but once you make a gentle swipe it immediately turns into a lotion transparent like liquid that lets us this cooling sensation. Massage it into your hands and you'll see how fast it gets absorb by you skin. 

    P.S: The Super Aqua Serum Light is lighter in texture than the Super Aqua-Eye Serum.

    the story of a 25 years best seller

    the Aqua-Serum Light is my fave!

    I tested the products over a month and came to a conclusion that over the two, I much prefer using serums than eye creams. Serums that hydrated and plumps up wrinkles making my dehydrated face and lines look younger is hard to say no to especially when they come in nice glass bottle. The texture is what I would say gives its second attraction in our hot and humid country. You notice skincare products are going through a change, Asians in warm countries are preferring to use lighter liquids that has fast absorption rate so they don't end up with a oil slick face by noon. Beneficial for ladies who wear make up for work, a lighter skincare that could hydrate and plump their face up to maintain a longer lasting make up is much beneficial compared to a creamy moisturizer in our weather.

    Super Aqua-Serum Light  is the improved version using Aqua Complex for double the benefits in anti-wrinkle hydration. *The advanced technology acts on water quality within the skin to purify cellular water and stimulate the production of collagen. Now in a lighter serum texture, the new formula re-launches hydration flows and restores youthfulness while filling the skin with pure and active water. Skin is left fresh, revitalized, radiant and plumped. Perfect for warm climates and normal to combination skin.

    With Super Aqua-Eye, Guerlain provides women with all the moisturizing anti-ageing power of its star product, Super Aqua-Serum, in a formula specially adapted to intensely hydrate, revitalize and smooth the most sensitive area of the face.

    However intense hydration is hard to say, I have used the Aqua-Serum Light for a month and while I do notice improvements in hydration levels, it wasn't a big jump to being intensely hydrated. Guerlain claims that after 30 hours, 72% hydration and 27% reduction in wrinkles would be apparent. I do notice an instant plump on using it but after 3 weeks, the results is the same. I could be having not much wrinkles to work on since my skin is properly moisturized for weeks.

    Take a tomato as an example. You'll notice a dry up tomato is more wrinkle up than a juicy fat one with water content. I believe that hydration plays a key role in anti-aging, one which I hope I would not neglect due to my busy schedule. It's also a growing concern in today's society (many factors - environmental, lifestyle, diet, etc)

    water inspired serums with a ergonomic design

    I am not a big fan of eye creams to begin with for personal reasons. I gave this a go because I wanted to know if I could trust an eye cream again. However the Super Aqua-Eye Serum is too rich for my liking even if it's already in a light texture. I do prefer water based eye creams as I do not want to get oil seeds. A little goes a long way for this, only 1 dab was enough to cover my eye area for the night. Due to personal reasons I cannot show my eyes in the photos below! So sorry. 

    after 3 weeks of using the Super Serums

    I thought I show a photograph based on 3 weeks of usage on the results of testing this product. You can see improvements in hydration and effects of plumping. Skin tone remains not change, my face is naturally more prone to redness due to sensitivity to weather (heat). A Guerlain fan would would to complete her collection of skincare by purchasing this two super serums (I know I would to complete any collection I adore). Sometimes its just to satisfy a certain need to have a complete range of skincare under the same brand.

    What I like?
    That a 25 years best seller is now in a improved textured formula - LIGHT and comes in the form of an eye cream for it's fans. The amazingly light, velvety texture with quick absorption is a thumbs up. The eye cream does not contain any fragrance! Both products works in hydration as it claims.

    What I don't like?
    The eye cream is too rich for me and I would prefer the Super Aqua-Serum Light to be also fragrance free (smells powdery for me). The products are luxury moisturizers with textures suitable for our warm weather, but that is just about it. It is not a anti-aging product but it does give a bonus of plumping up wrinkles and lines (temporarily). I am not overly excite about the price of the eye serum.

    You can purchase the products from Guerlain counter near you and request for an introduction from the promoter about their best selling Super Aqua Serums.

    Super Aqua-Eye Serum - RM 310 (15 ml)
    Super Aqua-Serum Light - RM? (30ml) RM 606 (50 ml)

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    Re-Gen Oil Review: Same Same But Different


    meet my friend re-gen oil

    You probably guess I was high when I did the photography shooting for this product review. I was making a batch of homemade bath salts and couldn't resist the beautiful light pink color of Re-Gen Oil which matches my beautiful bath salts. DIYs are a cheaper alternative to having to purchase products outside which costs a bomb. I used Re-Gen Oil, Himalayan Rock Salt and Lemon Grass Essential Oils to whipped up a batch of deliciously spa foot treat.

    Just an example of how you could be creative with your products at home other than using it directly as it is. The homemade bath salt not only smells heavenly of lemon grass but also moisturizes my dry chapped legs while the soothing Himalayan salts eases the tension away.

    DIY Homemade Foot Bath Salts

    During the winter, oils come in handy to moisturized and protect our outer skin layer from dehydration and dryness. However in Malaysia, there is no such thing as winter hence many of us neglect the importance of "oiling" ourselves until it's too late (like when we notice how dry and burnt our skin looks). Being lazy as I am, I try to make use of the "me time" I have to mix and match things up in my kitchen. Creating a combination of products that would give me more than one benefit in a nick of a time. Here's my DIY recipe if anyone wants it:

    DIY Homemade Foot Spa Ingredients:
    Himalayan Bath Salts or Epsom Salts
    Your Fave Essential. Oil (not burning fragrance oils. Oils (Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil or Re-Gen Oil.

    There is no right or wrong to the measurements. I just do it like Jamie Oliver style. A pinch of that a dash of this, walah. Of course you just need a few drops of Essential Oils for aromatherapy while the good oils for moisturizing can be a 1/3 cup or less depending on how you want the texture to be. The mix them all up and throw a handful into your bath tub or foot bucket.

    P.S: Re-Gen Oil has 4 types of natural botanicals @ essential oils - Lavender, Rosemary, Chamomile and Calendula and 4 types of carrier oil in it's formula. You can skip adding essential oils, I just wanted the scent of lemon grass.

    Rich in Vit A (regeneration) & Vit E (anti-aging)

     light red-pink color with a oily but non-greasy texture

    There is another product similar to this that I have reviewed before called Bio-Oil. Both products are very identical in terms of packaging, ingredients and it's use. However if you peek into the ingredients list, Re-Gen Oil has less ingredients used than Bio-Oil. Whether that is good or bad comparison factor remains questionable. There is one thing for certain that makes you reach out for Re-Gen Oil, the price factor. Since both products gives the common benefits of moisturizing, improve skin condition (scars, blemishes) and prevents stretch marks, ultimately it's a customers choice in terms of affordability and ingredient research. Re-gen oil is slightly less fragrant than Bio-Oil, which is a good news to those who don't favor oil scents but needs to use them. Say I was from Thailand I will say "Same Same but Different".

    essential oils, carrier oils, vitamins in one bottle

    contains active ingredient PCL liquid inside!
    to promote skin regeneration)

    Readers if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to improving skin appearances (scars/blemishes/pigmentations), to condition your skin or to prevent stretch marks you can consider buying the Re-Gen Oil at any Watson pharmacies near you.

    What I like:
    Cheaper alternative to the existing anti-stretch mark and improving skin conditions on scars. Makes it an affordable good oil to do homemade beauty products to moisturize skin. The texture of the oil is oily but does not leave a long greasy effect on your skin. The absorption rate is fast thanks to the carier oils and I like to say, a little goes a long way. I use this oil to massage my legs and arms in hopes to improve my sun barbecue looking skin.

    What I don't like:
    Look too identical to the existing product in the market. Maybe they can come up with another design to stand out from the crowd? Also maybe Re-Gen Oil can consider upping up the fragrance department a bit for aromatherapy suckers like me. Perhaps maybe adding some botanicals like Lavender bits inside too?

    Price & Product List:
    Re-Gen Oil 75ml - RM29.90 
    Re-Gen Oil 125ml FREE - RM45.90 

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    you can diy bath / beauty products using it or use it straight to reduce scarring, pigmentations or hydrate your skin. Re-Gen Oil Malaysia will courier the prize to you! (so there's no delay waiting from me coz I'm busy haha)
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    My Kitchen By Unity Kitchen


    the famous Unity Kitchen, Kajang 

    Early this year my fiancĂ© has finally some funds to build a kitchen for our new home in TTDI. Of course we were tight with our funds as the terrace house was crazy expensive! Even for an old house. We had a contractor who did a makeover for our home at a reasonable price so many things were changed, from electrical to plumbing to flooring. Kitchen was an important part of our home and it was the second big project after we move in. Having to cook using kettle pot and microwave, I begun to miss the luxury of having a kitchen ready. 

    With many research on affordable but still good quality and presentable kitchen contractors in the Klang Valley, I saw a promotion on Unity Kitchen (UK) Facebook and made an appointment to see UK and the showroom, all the way in Kajang! It was worth the journey because UK explained many things to us. 

    Finally my fiancé agree to engage UK after I convince him this is the best place. Affordable, good service, nice designs and friendly! I heard many good feedback a from lowyat forum about them too. All I needed was to make a consultation session and UK will send 3D plan for approval. If I like what I see, I confirm the design and pay deposit :D balance to pay when they come to install the kitchen.

    My Kitchen - BEFORE

    arrived on the dot, UK Lorry
    UK Team hard at work

    In January, UK came to our house after a 2 month wait (they're so popular until there's a waiting list!). We took off from work to see them in action. I took many photographs haha. It's all in my Facebook! Click here to see my FB Kitchen from Zero to Hero Album.

    before empty kitchen just fridge only

    the kitchen plan - let's start work!

    whole day for installing my mega big kitchen
    almost crying to tears when it was done!

    I ordered Blue Pearl granite top
    (their granite price is also not bad)

    what do you think of my dream kitchen?

    This is a quick post to show a before and after of my dream kitchen. I choose a white kitchen with nice granite top along with Blum fittings. There's many drawers and UK even helped fitted the kitchen appliances for us! Though there is some mistakes, UK was quick to help and solve it all for us. Which I think is the most important element of having a kitchen contractor - the service level must be good. Otherwise you will have headache trying to communicate with your kitchen contractor. 

    I also contracted UK to do my walk in wardrobe

    Best price, design, and workmanship at an affordable package. I highly recommend Unity Kitchen for your dream home. My kitchen and walk in wardrobe costs in total about under 24K with all the ad dons I included (Blum fittings, aluminium skirting, additional drawers, granite top, 3G Glass, anti cockroach). It's cheap compared to other kitchen contractors I have contacted! One in particular is charging me double the price. Again I highly recommend getting Unity Kitchen, you can contact Eugene (he was the marketing sales taking care of me) for Klang Valley areas. He's a patient and friendly guy, will answer and explain what you need to know about getting your kitchen done.

    P.S: I bought my kitchen accessories from Builder's Hardware (highly recommend too for affordable kitchen and bathroom accessories) and another shop near Sunway Giza at great package price too. Ask me if u want to know yeap.

    No.39A, Jalan Prima Saujana 1/1A, Taman Prima Saujana, Seksyen 1, Kajang, 43000 Selangor
    Working Hours: 10am-5pm (Closed on every Tuesday & Wednesday)
    Tel : +603-8737 3708
    Fax: +603-8737 3308
    Email: enquiry@unitydesign.com.my

    *CLOSED ON Tues & Wednesday.

    TGV Beanieplex Birthday Bash with Tammy


    beanieplex birthday bash *yipee*

    Time flies, one day I was deciding if I should start blogging and the next thing I know it's already been 5 years. Though I have grown so much more from when I started, I still believe I can do so much more and chase my dreams. One of my dreams is about to come true, a birthday movie party in a Beanieplex! Yes that's right sitting on a bean bag while watching an awesome movie is well... AWESOME right? The newly revamped TGV 1Utama has a beanieplex so I have booked the whole hall especially for my blog birthday celebration!

    it's a bird, no it's a plane, no it's Tammy's blog birthday!

    What's the awesome movie we're watching? Jeng jeng jeng, it's going to be Man of Steel! I can't wait to see who's the new guy wearing that red cape. I am looking forward to catching a glimpse of his superhero attire. I heard there's no more red underwear! (seriously? what happened to his red underwear?). Now who wants to catch superman with me this coming 22nd June, 2013 at TGV 1Utama from 10am - 2pm? The whole hall is ours to enjoy and well I'm not sure what else can be done in a movie hall? anyone has any ideas to share please comment!

    this is your bean bags at home
    image source: mydecorative.com

    Example of how a Party Face looks like!
    image source: http://www.mebophoto.com

    this is a instagram photo contest readers! sorry something different this time okay? Just instagram your party face with a bday wish for me & tag #plusizekitten #tgvcinemas

    Now here's the catch. You know I like exciting parties and that means I like exciting entries from my readers as well! No more simple slogan winning giveaway here. For my Blog Birthday Giveaway, I would like to see my readers in their party mode face wishing me an awesome birthday wish on INSTAGRAM! Be creative, be adventurous I'm going to invite 18 awesome readers & their date to watch Man of Steel with me. You're going to have popcorns and drinks too, all thanks to TGV Cinemas.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Terms & Conditions:

    1. Giveaway starts from now until 18th June, 2013 midnight.
    2. Open to my blog followers who wants to watch Superman with Tammy at TGV 1Utama (click here on how to follow).
    3. Followers must share a party face photo with a birthday wish and hashtag #plusizekitten and #tgvcinemas.
    4. One invitation per reader only. No dates or plus one allowed. Ask them to join this giveaway! Total of 38 readers will be invited to my birthday movie party.
    5. Photos shared will be used for promotional activities on facebook.
    6. Don't forget to leave a blog comment to tell me your ideas for the beanieplex movie hall!

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    The OnlyBeauty Giveaway


    Have you heard of Onlybeauty.com.my yet? If you haven't you should click www.onlybeauty.com.my and find out what's in store today to try! Every weekday there is an exciting experience for you to try something, be it a facial or a beauty product sample. This week OnlyBeauty.com.my is giving out FREE JuiceBeauty RM500 Facial Treatment Voucher! I have not tried Juice Beauty products or facial before so I'm going to apply to get this!

    OnlyBeauty is giving away 20 Beauty Prizes to 20 lucky members! Register as a member now and just click here to join the giveaway.

    Juice Beauty Facial Treatment Package RM500 Voucher

    Voucher Terms and Conditions
    Redeemable only for Facial Treatment Package at Mid Valley Green House
    Voucher must be presented for redemption
    Voucher is valid from 1 June - 15 July 2013
    Exclusively for OnlyBeauty members only
    Voucher is non-transferable or exchangeable for products
    Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
    Green House reserves all right to cancel or change promotion without prior notification

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    SK-II Cellumination Essence EX & Whitening Spots Specialist


    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

    Do you have "atas skin" I overheard girls talking one day in a cafe. Apparently "atas skin" means high class skin and people with this skin loves luxury skincare line. Among the brands you can think of would be SK-II, well known for the their luxury care of translucent bright skin all thanks to the miracle ingredient called Pitera, a naturally-occurring liquid from the yeast fermentation process.

    Of course who don't know the amazing story about SK-II? It all started when a group of scientists noticed the "ah ma" (elderly) workers at a sake brewery in Japan had wrinkled faces but extraordinary soft and youthful hands. Scratch head how come? It was due to the constant contact with the sake fermentation process. 

    SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, a holy grail product
    (also known as The Miracle Water)

    shifting all 5 dimensions to Crystal Clear Skin
    (yes this is all my collection haha)

    Everyone knows that the SK-II's Miracle Water is a must have if not must try product for every girl who can afford it. I for one tried this when they had the starter kit that comes with a free mask. That was years ago, granted with the abundance of skincare products in the market I could never be satisfied not trying everything there is, however expensive they may be! (as I mature, I become more believing in "atas skin" theory). Some may say the product is too rich for them, while others swear by it. It's really a matter of your skin's preference to drink which cocktail they want.

    which one is the shining star today?

    Cellumination Essence EX & Whitening Spots Specialist

    Speaking about cocktails, one particular cocktail called the "Aura Bright Cocktail" was introduced to me during the SK-II Translucent Aura Bright Skin event at SK-II Isetan. Customers, media and beauty bloggers got to know more about the two star products. You must be wondering what star products right? other than the famous Miracle Water? It's the SK-II’s No. 1 globally awarded whitening series comprising Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist for translucent aura bright spot free skin. This is my first time knowing about it too as I don't particularly go for whitening skincare (more towards hydration and anti-aging).

    spot Denise Loong? SK-II Malaysia Country Trainer
    (hint the lady in white)

    Seeing is believing says SK-II country trainer, Denise Loong who taught us a step-by-step whitening regime on how to get amazing skin like hers (she's also a SK-II user of course) and beauty tips. With her spot-free face, I was almost wanting to murder her on the spot. Seriously need to start using whitening products now, I can see so many spots on my face *ugh*.

    Here's WHY It's No.1:
    1. Highest sales numbers for SK-II’s whitening products!
    2. Cellumination Essence EX is the first essence within SK-II to achieve the aura effect.
    3. Most talked-about whitening essence  (March-June 2012 on SK-II’s official webpage).
    4. First to invent the in-store Magic Ring™ test to see through skin and educate on the science of whitening. 

    I got to try the Magic Ring™ test to analyze my skin
    (you can find out your skin age with this test!)

    come closer! come closer! no spot see!

    About the No. 1 globally awarded whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist:

    Cellumination Essence EX Is Designed To Help Refine And Radiate Skin
    SK-II’s Cellumination Essence EX is designed to improve both RGB balance and RGB variance for brilliant translucent aura skin, as if you are wearing light foundation. Its Aura Bright Cocktail with Pixel White™ evens out texture and tone from a microlevel on top of treating spots or freckles as well as epidermis plumpness and collagen glycation.   In one week, feel the healthy radiance. Four weeks later, 91% of women feel that the product makes them like their bare skin.

    Eradicating The Root Of The Problem With Whitening Spots Specialist
    The Whitening Spots Specialist dives deep to the root of the problem to reduce dark spots by cutting and loosening their roots. As a preferred option to laser treatment, the Whitening Spots Specialist aims at macerating five-year old stubborn dark spots in just four weeks¹. 

    The gel-type Whitening Spots Specialist caters to both morning and night use. When you apply the moisture serum over the entire face, the active ingredients penetrate deep into skin to cut “the root of dark spots”, which is the root cause of dark spots. 

    Apply Whitening Spots Specialist over the entire face after cleansing, spreading this evenly on skin. For best results, apply twice daily, once during the day and once at night. 

    information source: SK-II Malaysia

    an award winning product in my hands

    aura bright skin in just 4 weeks*
    (source: SK-II website)

    radiance enhancer with watery light essence

    Now this post is just about what I discovered at the SK-II event, I have not even begun using this product due to another skincare commitment. Since I am going to get married soon, I better use this award winning whitening product to the max! (not a drop wasted). It's what all brides wish for right? "atas skin" on their wedding day. 

    How To Use Cellumination Essence EX ?
    Apply it twice a day, once in the day and once before you sleep after cleansing and miracle water (or toner). In about 4 weeks of religiously doing this, you'll see improvement on your skin texture. After 8 weeks, you'll be able to see improvement in your skin tone. 

    What I like about Cellumination ESSENCE EX?
    The light powdery scent of "astas skin" on my face. The product is packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper. Texture wise, I absolutely love how fast the product gets absorb into my skin with minimal effort! Two drops of white lotion, massage it onto your skin it turns into a translucent watery light texture that fades away quickly leaving no oily residue or stickiness behind. You have a barely there feeling using an essence!

    What I don't like
    That I have to buy the Whitening Spots Specialist to use together for a the full spot-free radiant effect on my wedding day. "Atas skin" is not cheap mind you. Since I have not used it for 4 weeks I can't comment what I don't like other than the price factor.
    Availability & Pricing
    SK-II’s No.1 whitening series of Cellumination Essence EX and Whitening Spots Specialist are available at all SK-II counters in all major department stores nationwide. 

    SK-II Cellumination Essence EX RM499 (30ml); RM709 (50ml)
    SK-II Whitening Spots Specialist RM419 (30ml); RM609 (50ml)

    #SK-II’s whitening series is SK-II’s No.1 series with over 200 awards received from 2004 to 2012 
    ¹Please note that results may vary between individuals for claim.

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    A Thai Dinner by Tammy


    what's on the table tonight?

    Finally it's time to show off my cooking skills as a graduate of Krabi Thai Cookery School by Ya. I invited my fiance and his closed friends to try my cooking for the first time. They were a bit hesitant at first! Only big motor mouth Victor Botak (because there's two Victors, it's easier to identify him with his best trait) agree instantly on What's App to eat my home cooked Thai food. My best friend was "busy" or rather maybe she would like to see what happens first before agreeing next time to eating my food.

    Anyway it's just a few simple recipes I learnt from Ya, from the picture you can see how humble I am with my food. I'm still learning to cook! forgive me sob sob.

    yay finally made the mango sticky rice!
    (but will be better the next time)

    My mango sticky rice didn't turn out well because I didn't soak them long enough *cries* or either that the Phillips steamer was drying the rice up. I got to try again maybe after I come back from Hong Kong. I'm going to the airport soon in an hour and thank goodness I have packed! Rushing this post first so everyone can "cuci mata" while I am away for 5 days. Surprisingly it still taste really nice with the mango! Such sin dessert oh yeah ~ it was awesome showdown after eating spicy Thai food. I still have some Jasmine glutinous rice left and will attempt again to make Mango Sticky Rice until I got it PERFECT!!!

    which dish do you want to try first?

    friends & home cooked food = happy family

    empty plates means it was good right?
    (our they're all too scared of me & emptied their plate quickly)

    The white fluffy rice on a big bowl was centered around the dishes. Both Victors goggle everything up and even went for seconds and thirds! I guess this means my cooking is not bad right? Mark and Daniel was quietly eating their food (I think wishing their ordeal would end quickly). Mark isn't the spicy kind of guy and Daniel if I'm not wrong, has a weak stomach? He talked about emptying quickly his "factory". I quickly served the mango sticky rice to them, not giving them a chance to run away.

    Perhaps another try again and this time I'm going to invite my girlfriends to eat too. As promise here's the recipes from the Krabi Cookery School by Ya. I maintain the text because it's written by Ya and Ya, although her English is not perfect, it has the reminisce of being in Krabi and listening to her Bang Bang Chop Chop and funny English way of teaching us how to prepare Thai food. Please leave a comment if you like the recipes or my cooking horror story (my fiance says I torture the guys).

    there's many types of Jasmine rice, use the right one okay?
    (click here to see the difference & how to cook)

    Jasmine Fragrant White Rice
    1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water

    Hot and Sour Prawn Soup (Tom Yam Goong Nam Khon)Ingredients
    2 tbs Tom Yam paste
    300 grm Prawns - washed, peeled and deveined.
    2 cups Chicken stock or water
    2 stem Lemon grass - lower part 1/3 only, slice into small pieces
    5 Kaffir lime leaves torn into pieces, discarding the stems
    3 Shallots - sliced
    2 Tomatoes - cut each into 8 pieces
    5 Thin slices of galangal - peeled
    200grm Straw mushrooms - halved
    5 - 6 Hot chillies cut lengthwise
    4 tbs Fish sauce
    1tsp White sugar
    3 tbs Lime or lemon juice
    1 stem Coriander leaves - chopped

    Heat the stock until boiling. Add the lemon grass, galangal, shallots, prawns and mushrooms. Season to taste with lime juice, fish sauce and chillies. Add kaffir lime leaves and chopped coriander. Remove from heat and serve hot. Eat with boiled rice. Only soups are served hot in Thailand. All other dishes are eaten at room temperature.

    Fried Spicy Chicken with Basil Leaves (Phand Ka)
    300 grms Chicken breasts - thinly sliced
    10 - 20 Basil Leaves
    60grm Tender green beans - chopped fine
    2 Big red and green chillies - thinly sliced
    3 tbs Fish sauce
    1 tbs Sugar
    Discard the stems
    2 - 2 Sweet basil leaves
    2 tbs Oil

    Put 2 tablespoons of oil into wok. Add the chicken and fry for 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add half the red Chillies, Stir and add the fish sauce to taste. Add the green beans and basil leaves just before you remove from the heat and garnish with the remaining red Chillies.

    Green Curry Chicken (Kaeng Kiaw Wan Kai)
    2 tbsp Green curry paste
    300g Chicken - cut into long thin slices
    2 1/2 cups Coconut milk
    2 Kaffir lime leaves
    2 Stems sweet basil - take only leaves
    2 - 3 Red chillies - cut into strips
    1 - 2 tbsp Fish sauce
    1 tsp Palm sugar
    A pinch of salt

    Fry chillies in coconut milk until fragrant. Reduce the heat and add chicken, coconut milk, egg plant, palm sugar, fish sauce  a pinch of salt and then taste it. When the meat is cooked through add the sweet basil leaves and remove from heat. Pork or beef can be used instead of chicken.

    Mango Sticky Rice
    1/2 kilo Jasmine glutinous rice
    1 cup sugar
    3 cup coconut
    1/2 tbsp salt

    Soak the glutinous rice overnight for 8 hours. Steam the rice for 25minutes. Boil the coconut milk with sugar and salt under low fire, it's ready when sugar is dissolved. When rice is ready, put into a bowl and a spoonful or two of coconut milk and let is absorb. Served with fresh yellow mango sliced into pieces.
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