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Guerlain Aqua-Serum Light & Super Aqua-Eye Serum

25 years best seller - new lighter texture

Today I will be introducing Guerlain's Hydration Skincare products, the new Super Aqua-Serum Light and Super Aqua-Eye Serum. Now you know May - June is like the hottest seasons in Malaysia. It's so hot that your skin becomes unstable. I have dry skin and my skin went  berserk like old lady on menopause. I was given a chance to test out Guerlain's star product - Super Aqua-Serum which now comes in the form of an eye cream to complete every skincare junkie's collection and the newly improved version of the Super Aqua-Serum but lighter and made   for Asians with a normal to combination skin.

meet the best sellers in a new light!

lotions that turn into light watery blankets
(Aquacomplex Purifies Cellular Water*)

Now these are your basic hydration skincare but with an added omph. Both aims to hydrate, plumps and revitalize your skin to look healthier, juicier? and of course younger. Younger how? by plumping up your wrinkles to create a youthful outlook. I love how when I pump the products onto my hand for testing, it appears to camouflage as a cream but once you make a gentle swipe it immediately turns into a lotion transparent like liquid that lets us this cooling sensation. Massage it into your hands and you'll see how fast it gets absorb by you skin. 

P.S: The Super Aqua Serum Light is lighter in texture than the Super Aqua-Eye Serum.

the story of a 25 years best seller

the Aqua-Serum Light is my fave!

I tested the products over a month and came to a conclusion that over the two, I much prefer using serums than eye creams. Serums that hydrated and plumps up wrinkles making my dehydrated face and lines look younger is hard to say no to especially when they come in nice glass bottle. The texture is what I would say gives its second attraction in our hot and humid country. You notice skincare products are going through a change, Asians in warm countries are preferring to use lighter liquids that has fast absorption rate so they don't end up with a oil slick face by noon. Beneficial for ladies who wear make up for work, a lighter skincare that could hydrate and plump their face up to maintain a longer lasting make up is much beneficial compared to a creamy moisturizer in our weather.

Super Aqua-Serum Light  is the improved version using Aqua Complex for double the benefits in anti-wrinkle hydration. *The advanced technology acts on water quality within the skin to purify cellular water and stimulate the production of collagen. Now in a lighter serum texture, the new formula re-launches hydration flows and restores youthfulness while filling the skin with pure and active water. Skin is left fresh, revitalized, radiant and plumped. Perfect for warm climates and normal to combination skin.

With Super Aqua-Eye, Guerlain provides women with all the moisturizing anti-ageing power of its star product, Super Aqua-Serum, in a formula specially adapted to intensely hydrate, revitalize and smooth the most sensitive area of the face.

However intense hydration is hard to say, I have used the Aqua-Serum Light for a month and while I do notice improvements in hydration levels, it wasn't a big jump to being intensely hydrated. Guerlain claims that after 30 hours, 72% hydration and 27% reduction in wrinkles would be apparent. I do notice an instant plump on using it but after 3 weeks, the results is the same. I could be having not much wrinkles to work on since my skin is properly moisturized for weeks.

Take a tomato as an example. You'll notice a dry up tomato is more wrinkle up than a juicy fat one with water content. I believe that hydration plays a key role in anti-aging, one which I hope I would not neglect due to my busy schedule. It's also a growing concern in today's society (many factors - environmental, lifestyle, diet, etc)

water inspired serums with a ergonomic design

I am not a big fan of eye creams to begin with for personal reasons. I gave this a go because I wanted to know if I could trust an eye cream again. However the Super Aqua-Eye Serum is too rich for my liking even if it's already in a light texture. I do prefer water based eye creams as I do not want to get oil seeds. A little goes a long way for this, only 1 dab was enough to cover my eye area for the night. Due to personal reasons I cannot show my eyes in the photos below! So sorry. 

after 3 weeks of using the Super Serums

I thought I show a photograph based on 3 weeks of usage on the results of testing this product. You can see improvements in hydration and effects of plumping. Skin tone remains not change, my face is naturally more prone to redness due to sensitivity to weather (heat). A Guerlain fan would would to complete her collection of skincare by purchasing this two super serums (I know I would to complete any collection I adore). Sometimes its just to satisfy a certain need to have a complete range of skincare under the same brand.

What I like?
That a 25 years best seller is now in a improved textured formula - LIGHT and comes in the form of an eye cream for it's fans. The amazingly light, velvety texture with quick absorption is a thumbs up. The eye cream does not contain any fragrance! Both products works in hydration as it claims.

What I don't like?
The eye cream is too rich for me and I would prefer the Super Aqua-Serum Light to be also fragrance free (smells powdery for me). The products are luxury moisturizers with textures suitable for our warm weather, but that is just about it. It is not a anti-aging product but it does give a bonus of plumping up wrinkles and lines (temporarily). I am not overly excite about the price of the eye serum.

You can purchase the products from Guerlain counter near you and request for an introduction from the promoter about their best selling Super Aqua Serums.

Super Aqua-Eye Serum - RM 310 (15 ml)
Super Aqua-Serum Light - RM? (30ml) RM 606 (50 ml)

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  1. Nice detail review as usual :) Keep it up Tammy

    1. thanks Illy ^___^ nah just normal reviews I do.. it's not very detailed as I don't show ingredients list etc

  2. Hi Tammy ,Liked the tomato example... hit the nail right on the head... Time to start taking that skin care regiment ever so seriously.

  3. Hi tammy.. Any recommendations for eyecream for dark eye circle ? :D:D

  4. the result is quite noticeable! actually i have the same question with Swee San here... my dark eye circle.. :(

  5. I must say it's a good review. The growth result of this product not so bad. I have tried lots of serum to make my lashes longer and darker and stop fallen, but I didn't get the result one of my best friends have suggested me to use xlash eyelash serum form After using xlash my lashes did not fall out constantly and my eyelash looks darker as well as longer. So i will suggest to everyone to use it.

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