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Discovering Beaute & Vie from Nadine Salembier

have you been to Beaute & Vie, Hartamas?

It's been some time since I last went for a facial and I was dying to get one too. With most of my time taken up by work, free lance jobs and blogging projects I was left with a face crying for a much needed tender loving care session. Having live in Mont Kiara for 3 years, I pass by Hartamas Shopping Center almost everyday from work. Guess what's blue and white with water symbol outside the shopping center that grabbed my attention?

Beaute & Vie salon by Nadine Salembier

This is probably one of those facial salons that upper class ladies goes to. The salon name, Beaute & Vie itself is classier than my condo name Hartamas Regency 2. The founder, Nadine Salembier a aesthetician who travel around the world in search of the perfect ingredients to create natural beauty products for women in the name of beauty. Hence the "Vie" in her salon name Beaute & Vie, means life.

in the market for over 30 years can you believe it?

a complete range of natural products from France

Fragrance free, suitable for all skin types (especially sensitive skin) I couldn't wait to try their facials and enjoy Nadine Salembier's greatest efforts on my skin. The beautician explains to me that the Nadine Salembier created unctuous creams, liquid and light lotions, fruit masks, a panoply of natural products to meet the needs of the modern men and women today. This made me even more excited.

On the plate, I was recommended to try their Hydraderm Facial Treatment (NP RM325 1.5hours) that would instantly hydrate, plump up and revitalized my face using remineralising mask with seaweed. My face is constantly dehydrated due to my lifestyle so a hydrating facial always is good for me. Since I got time to kill, I went for their Body Whitening Treatment (NP RM250 1.5hours) using Marine Peeling Sea mud as well (sounds like I'm about to go for an island spa right?). 

I asked for a tour around the place so here's some pictures to show you! It's a small place with a few treatment rooms only and one seriously amazing room that looked like the facial suite of the rich and famous. The beautician told me it's their VIP ROOM for VIP customers. A dedicated beautician would perform her work of art here. That beautician is no other than the manager of the salon herself, Andreen Low.

VIP Room: the Rolls Royce of facial rooms

normal treatment rooms for facial & body

My first treatment was the whitening body treatment using Marine Peeling Sea mud. My journey starts with my masseuse giving me a back scrub before applying the mask for better absorption and penetration of the minerals that would make my skin glow. I was given rest time while letting the mask do it's magic on my body before showering off. During shower, the sea mud was hard to wash off, but when I finally cleaned up, my skin was feeling and looking fantastic, it's definitely brighter than before! Now that's not all just for 1.5hours because with my fine looking skin now, I'm off to an aromatherapy body massage using therapeutic oil to further pamper my whole body! I asked for a slow, soft massage as usual and slept for an hour.

My beautician woke me up for my facial treatment next. I was still 1/2 conscious from my dream. I didn't really remember what went on facial because of that! I do remember the smell of the remineralising mask with seaweed (healing properties). I love the moisturizer used on me while the beautician gives me a facial massage, it has a light scent of France (like I've been to France?!). My face was hydrated while I look sheepishly sleepy and happy from my treatment. Plump up cheeks with a lift that made me look younger, I couldn't be happier. I can't report there's magical changes that happen because this is, after all a combination facial techniques with the use of natural beauty skincare. 

small but cozy salon that focuses on quality of products

I had the chance to meet the manager, Andreen Low and asked her about the facial treatments and products used. She showed me the moisturizer and the sea mud that was used in my body treatment. Again my photographs were lost! (a pity I couldn't show it). Andreen tells me that their although their salon in Hartamas was small, they focus more on quality of their services and products. That is one of the major reasons why their customers keep coming back for many years. I for one has never heard of Beaute & Vie if not for the signboard outside.

watch Nadine Salembier Facial Experience video here
(this video is on Nadine Salembier's salons overseas)

Of course my facial was the hydration series treatment, it would take more than 1 session to see the glorious results that their customers has to show. What other reasons there is that a salon would be standing tall for many years without hardly any advertising and marketing activities? 

I'll come back again, especially for the whitening body treatment with marine peeling. Highly recommend this treatment because your dull looking skin from being baked under the sun will be thanking you for this restorative session. There is no before and after photographs because I lost the photos in my camera! But take my word for it, if you're looking to indulge yourself with luxurious care using natural beauty products, try Beaute & Vie from Nadine Salembier for a change. Their range of services is not limited to facial and body treatments, they have pre and post natal body massage and treatments for stretch  marks, slimming treatments, hair removal (ipl & waxing) and bust care treatments.

Beaute & Vie
F13, 1st Floor, 
Hartamas Shopping Centre,
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
tel: 6201 1652 / 5041 

Her World featured Beaute & Vie for a luxurious break!

Call them to inquire about first time trials, buy 1 free 1 or current promotions. I spotted a one hour anti-stress full body massage with therapeutic oil for only RM80! Early birds gets 1.5hours at RM99 (Mon-Fri, 10am - 12pm only). 

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  1. Haha I used to pass this facial place every day after college :) It really looks very nice. Guess it's somewhere wives of billionaires would pamper themselves :D

    1. Hi Chiqess, I'm guessing you're studying in.. TAYLORS?! the one right beside Hartamas Shopping Center. The place is luxurious, but their previous outlet in Mid Valley was nicer and bigger! Definitely the rich and famous would come here to have some quiet time. I do like their body treatments <3 shall see if they have another promotion to try.

  2. everytime i walked pass this salon but no one intro until i read about it here :) the vip room so spacious

    1. now u can go try XD coz you're tai-tai too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's beside ur mont kiara place only

  3. This one for all rich tai tai.. Mayb i can afford to try the early bird eh... But when will the promo ends?

    1. faster go now before over.. no date woah.. I'm interested in buy 1 free 1.. they were featured by Her World Magazine as one of the luxurious beauty breaks to try.

    2. No money for buy one free one la.. I poor fag...haih...

    3. after Hong Kong trip.. I'm going to ikat perut for few months..oledi... aih... cry together

  4. wah bestnya Tammy...the room!! wow

  5. my office is just above there in Plaza Damas!

  6. ohhh....... havent read a facial review in a while, tammy..

    good work.


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