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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • MAC Wonder Woman X Acca Kappa Party!


    3 March 2011 Thursday
    Centre Court Mid Valley
    Limited to 20 guests only.
    RSVP to Elaine Lim

    *1 invite entitles to 2 person

    Esmeria Organics: Certified Organic Skincare That Keeps It Real

    do your body care products on a holiday too?

    Last month I finally muster up the courage to pay for a luxury spa retreat in Ipoh. Of all places Ipoh you asked? Yes Ipoh, why? because of the wonderful hot spring spots I have been hearing about. Thanks to The Star Newspaper, I found out about this wellness escape in Ipoh that offers geothermal hot spring facilities, even at the privacy of your own villa. This place called The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat also strives to be Eco-friendly and maintains the lush green beauty around the hot springs. One of my favorite packing for holiday activity is to pack my body care products! guess which one came up in my mind? ESMERIA ORGANICS!

    Villa Samadhi Kuala Lumpur's Ultimate Treat to Nest In


    Villa Samadhi is next on my list to stays

    After coming back from the Mas Traveler's Blogger's Party at the beautiful Neo Tamarind (Tamarind Hill) at Jalan Sultan Ismail (next to Wisma KFC) I picked up a brochure of what seems to be a beautiful beach like resort but on further reading it, it's not a beach resort but it's a retreat in the city of Kuala Lumpur itself! *gosh*. The photos looks amazing, a place to unwind, relax and get back your spirits, Villa Samadhi would be perfect place to just check out from your office and check in minutes later. I suspect it would also be luxuriously priced! Their tag line:
    "Rekindle Your Spirit At Villa Samadhi, In Absolute Russet Harmony. And in the still of the urban drone, reinstate the rhythm of life in the wake of a complete dream state".
    oh lord...

    oh my god...

    I want to come here!!!

    Oh yes baby, you got me at hello. Wish I could come here real soon to unwind. I wonder when :(

    Information about Villa Samadhi:

    Villa Samadhi is best described as an intimate urban retreat; KL’s ultimate ‘treat to nest in’. This chic villa-in-a-room concept offers a trendy collection of contemporary Asian-inspired rooms, each spanning from 600 square-foot to over 2000 square-foot of living spaces.
    The 21 polished-concrete private rooms are fitted with refined salvaged- timber floors and interior, plush beds, over-sized plunge tubs, romantic balconies, furnished with tech-amenities. While some ‘villas’ are fully-equipped with modern kitchens and private gardens, ground-floor rooms are with room-to-water access to the ‘lagoon’.
    Bumbung, (the layered roof structure in the pic) the laid-back rustic rooftop tea lounge is premeditated for chill-out sundowns amid KL’s urban drone. Housed within a quiet, upscale residential locale just minutes away from KL city centre, Villa Samadhi is a dream state. 

    Check out their website here http://www.samadhiretreats.com/

    Times Book Fair Fahrenheit 88

    bought the books that I always wanted

    The Times Book Fair at Fahrenheit 88 (opposite Pavilion KL) Concourse, Ground Floor started on the 23/2/11 and will go on until 6/3/11 10am-10pm everyday. Discounts up to 90% off, super hot deals on best sellers/new releases 30% off and books as low as RM3! For TPC members free RM10 voucher with purchase of RM180 and above in a single receipt where else non-members will have to spend RM200 & above to get it. 

    I didn't get the chance to go earlier but yesterday since I was at Fahrenheit 88 for a meeting, I drop by the Times Bookstores Book Fair and scan through the place. It's mostly 30% off for books but on books that's actually best sellers like Jamie Oliver's Cook Books. Yes those thick hard copies are going for 30% off. There's also the soft cover copy which retails for RM89? I think and that's before the 30% discount. I bought Kylie Kwong heart & soul at 50% off! (RM78.65) and Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (RM135.00) at 30% off.

    I love love this book by Jamie
    (Jamie's Ministry Of Food)

    My Jamie Oliver's Collection:
    Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef (a gift from Fariza Fauzi)
    Jamie's Ministry of Food (Anyone Can Learn To Cook in 24 Hours)

    My Kylie Kwong Collection:
    Kylie Kwong heart & soul

    View Larger Map

    Fahrenheitt 88 (opposite Pavilion KL)
    179 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 WP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
    55100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Times Book Stores customer service 2148 8813

    I NUOVI Singapore Relocation Sale up to 90% off!


    calling all Singaporeans this is sale u should not miss!
    (click on poster for more information)

    Avene Sensitive White Press Launch and My Testimonial


    Some time back I had the chance to try out Sensitive White, the 1st whitening program with Avène Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin. I did a couple of reviews with it and used the product for 5 months. In the end, I submitted a testimonial to OnlyBeauty.Com.My a beauty portal where they have activities like sampling programs, contests and a forum where members share reviews and testimonials (check the site for more activities). The good news was that my testimonial was selected by OnlyBeauty.Com.My and I was invited to attend the Sensitive White Press Launch on 23rd Nov, 2010 at Fullhouse Cafe, Sunway Giza Mall Kota Damansara.

    Avene Sensitive White Press Launch

    the latest products from Avene

    Avene Sensitive White speakers

    The media were invited to witness the launch of the Avene Sensitive White where the speakers Dr. Didier Guerrero (Dermatologist and Medical Advisor of Pierre Fabre Laboratories) and Ms. Anais Paranthoen, International Trainer of Pierre Fabre (Asia Pacific) introduced and explain the science of the whitening program and the range. I met some editors from magazines, online sites, newspapers and organizers at this event. They were friendly!

    Dr. Didier explains about Sensitive Skin

    if we don't take care of it

    Ms. Anais Paranthoen introduces Sensitive White
    Whitening Lotion
    Whitening Emulsion
    Whitening Serum

    my testimonial using Avene Sensitive White

    the media trying out the products

    I admit it was pretty scary standing in front of everyone giving my 2 cents on choosing the right whitening products for sensitive skin. Everyone was watching and I had public speaking fear! But I push myself and told them what I think about Avene Sensitive White and how it has improved my skin. I don't remember the full testimonial but it goes something like this:

    my testimony using Avene Sensitive White

    "I was a really bad girl, not using sun protection when I go out so sooner or later pigmentations started to  pop out. I wanted to do something about it so I came upon this website called Only Beauty and signed up to try the Avene Sensitive White program. I have sensitive skin, it's not that severe but whitening products normally cause irritation to my skin especially my cheeks area so I wanted to try Avene's Sensitive White and see if the same happens. Lucky for me, I was chosen and I tried the products for 5 months. It didn't sting or cause irritation to my face. In fact it's gentle and has helped improved my complexion and when I went for my regular facial, my beauty therapist said what happened to me? my pigmentations has reduced!" - I was so happy to hear that!

    sun protection is important!!!

    SO for those who has sensitive skin and is looking to improve their dull/dark complexion or reduce pigmentation/brown spots you can try the Avene Sensitive White range. Sensitive doesn't mean it's just  for sensitive skin, it means that its gentle enough for anyone (which is really good for sensitive skin). This range comes in three products - Whitening Lotion, Whitening Serum and Whitening Emulsion. They can be found in selected pharmacies and shops. Since it's gentle, don't expect immediate or miracle transformation. You can read about the OnlyBeauty.Com.My & Avene Sensitive White campaign here and a brief introduction about the range and the products. It takes dedication to maintain a whitening regime couple with a good sun protection product. You can try the Avene's Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+. 

    To join review & sampling programs go to OnlyBeauty.Com.My. I would like to thank them & Avene for giving me the opportunity to try the Sensitive White range. A fun program to join and I'm happy the results was a good one but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself as results varies from one person to another. Mine was great.

    Max Factor Make-up Demonstration by Winnie Loo


    the make-up of make-up artists

    False Lash Effect Mascara a must try

    The only thing I know about Max Factor is the awesome mascara that vowed me. It was like no other mascara I have ever seen. The easy to use mascara lengthens in one coat and after two it looks like you have put on a false eyelash! No wonder it's called the "False Lash Effect Mascara" I said to myself when I first witnessed it on Fatin at the Max Factor counter in Lot 10. Surely it would be loved by everyone? it's ranked as the top selling mascara in the global market! what do you think? have you tried it yet?

    Winnie Loo shows her magic with Max Factor

    live make-up demo from day to night look

    Well the False Lash Effect Mascara isn't the only thing that Max Factor has to offer as I stared intensively at Winnie Loo's skillful hands magically turning the model into a meooowwww hot panther! It was a working day on 17th December, 2010 but I managed to apply leave just to come see Winnie Loo in action (fuh!!!).

    Winnie Loo using the False Lash Effect Mascara

    ready to party girls!

    Dubbed the make-up of make-up artist, Max Factor was recently launched in Malaysia (a brand of Procter & Gamble, distributed locally by StarAsia Malaysia) and has many women raving about the mascara that I just mention! And yes Winnie Loo is the selected make-up artist for Max Factor!!! Who don't know Winnie Loo right? she's like a household name now. The Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above shares her make-up tips with us in a live demo on a pretty model. She shows us that with a few easy strokes, brushes & shadows from the existing Max Factor range top with the magic "False Lash Effect Mascara" wand any girl could turn into a Cinderella with eyes ready to kill the prince at midnight! Forget the glass shoe honey, just leave that mascara behind as evidence.

    the crowd at the live make-up demo

    After the make-up demo, there was a special promotion just for us that day with lucky draws to be won too! I bought the RM88 set consisting of a False Lash Effect Mascara & Lifinity Color & Gloss (I swear the swatch on my hand lasted a week even after showering and washing!) it comes with a cute small pouch studded with bling-blings (Kaviar Gauche Bag). This would normally cost RM139 so I had a good deal. I bought this for a dear friend's Christmas wish list, she really wanted to try the mascara after hearing me raving about it. 

    my Max Factor Loyalty Card

    Also don't forget to get your Max Factor loyalty stamp card! you get to collect stamps from shopping at Max Factor and with every level achieved, you get a free makeover! and once you reach to the bottom (last stamp) you get Max Factor products worth RM200! to find out more info about this, please ask your Max Factor Make-up Artist. I recommend trying the waterproof False Lash Effect in Black RM66 (also comes in Black-Brown and in regular shades Black & Deep Blue).

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


    I celebrated my 10th Valentine at Avillion Port Dickson

    It was a fun, relaxing and romantic trip down Port Dickson. It's the first time me & my bf for Port Dickson and we stayed at the luxurious Avillion Port Dickson. Apart from the bad service (only got our rooms at 4.35pm after waiting from 1.30pm & failure to call us after assuring with me they will many times) we still manage to make our 3D2N getaway fun by ourselves. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, muaks.

    Show Your Love For Shu Results


    will be out soon! we have 5 special judges giving their votes for the top 3 finalists :D but who's going to walk away with the Plain Jane pouch and Shu goodies? stay tune! one final judge to respond back before I tally it all up and announce!

    Valentine's Day Lucky Draw Results!

    the lucky followers are 1, 26, 17, 32 & 21

    Congratulations girls! The lucky draw numbers is out and I have spotted the following 5 lucky readers who entered my Valentine's Day RMK Nail Polish Giveaway! I will be checking if you're my follower! (non-followers will result in void entry). An e-mail notification will be sent out this week for you to confirm your prize and mailing address. Congratulations & Happy Valentine's Day!

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    Away on Valentine's Vacation


    Avillion Port Dickson here I come...

    Dear readers, I will be away on a Valentine Vacation starting early morning later driving from Kuala Lumpur to Avillion Port Dickson. It'll be my first time staying there, I bought the Valentine's Package so it's filled with love love goodies which I will share later (will snap lotsa photos). I can't wait to catch the crabs at the beach and go for my couples spa at Avispa (contemporary luxury spa place in this resort). On 15th I will be checking out and be on my way to Serendah for a post-Valentine celebration a.k.a BBQ & bonding session with my friends at Serendah's popular Glass Shed House in Rawang for one night. The same day we check out, we'll be rushing to Marie Claire's Bursleque Cocktail & Movie party! This seems like a crazy planning out of a sudden, but yeah we are suppose to be all mad/crazy/spontaneous once in our life to spice things up a bit? Hope you have something crazy plan for Valentine's Day too! Happy Valentine's Day! see u all back later.

    Starbucks Valentine's Day Set


    yay got my starbucks valentine set!

    what's in the set?

    It came out in January, price at RM148 was a bit eeerr.. for me so I waited until this week to go buy but it's now all out of stock! Through facebook, I sent out a S.O.S wanting to buy this and thank goodness for a few kind souls who helped me scout, reserved and buy it. The exclusive Happy Hearts pack comes with a Bear Hugs (Valentine's Bearista), My Heart Beats For You (80z Mug), Heartily Yours (80z tumbler) and Heart to Hear (2 pcs complimentary starbucks vouchers). 

    Many thanks to Wai Quan & Candy for helping me get my set! 

    Valentine's Day Giveaway XOXO


    Fancy some RMK Nail Color to paint the town red?

    This is a very easy game to play and it's only by LUCKY DRAW! Just leave a comment why you love my blog and a lucky draw will be held on Valentine's Day (while I'm at Avillion Port Dickson) using a randomizer. 5 lucky followers will win a RMK Nail Polish worth rm70! Which colors? I'm sorry that's up the randomizer too! so mysterious yeah baby. One comment per follower only!

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    Starts 9th February, 2011. Lucky Draw starts 14th February 12.00AM. Results announced on Valentine's Day! International followers are welcome to join as well. 

    Lullabelle Handmade Soap Workshop at your Home!


    If you cannot make it to one of our classes, how about a private class? We can teach you to make soap from scratch in the comfort of your own home or at a location you choose. That's right; we come to you; save money on gas, and effort!
    All that we require is a minimum of 4 people (invite friends and relatives!) in order to schedule an in-home soap class! Get a group together to celebrate an occasion and have great fun!

    Please call us for more details at 019-2171015 or e-mail us at lullabellesoap@gmail.com. Click here to read more info.

    Body Bar's 15 Days Of Fabulous Chinese New Year Deals!

    (click on poster for larger view)

    From 3-17 February 2011, we will be running 15 great deals! Body Bar is also a Bonuslink partner so customers can collect Bonuslink points with them! Check out the details below or at Body Bar's Website:

    15 days of Lunar New Year, 15 GREAT Deals

    03-05 FEBRUARY 2011
    • Free MADARA Day Moisturiser (worth RM128) with purchase of Cleanser + Toner (purchase value RM166.00)
    • Get MUKTI Experience Kit at only RM80 (worth RM167.70). Kit consists of Cleanser + Scrub + Moisturiser + Eye Gel in travel friendly sizes
    • Get cash rebate of RM10 with every RM50 spent on YUAN soaps. Cash rebate valid for next purchase.
    06-09 FEBRUARY 2011
    • Free ORGANIC BLOOM Body Lotion (worth RM38.90) with purchase of Body Wash (purchase value RM38.90)
    • Free SANCTUM Gentle Face Exfoliant (worth RM92) with purchase of Soothing Cream Cleanser + Moisture Replenish (purchase value RM176.00)
    • Buy 2 get 1 free for LOGONA Daily Care items (price ranges from RM14.90 to RM46.90)
    • Free SHIZEN Makeup Remover (worth RM70) with purchase of Lip Scrub + Lip Serum (purchase value RM139.80)

    10-13 FEBRUARY 2011
    • Free TANAMERA Body Wash (worth RM39) with purchase of Body Lotion (purchase value RM50.50)
    • Get extra 50% free when you purchase MADARA Deep Replenishing Cream (worth RM64) (purchase value RM128)
    • Free LIVING NATURE Nourishing Night Cream (worth RM240) with purchase of Radiance Night Oil (purchase value RM430)
    • Free ORGANIC Care & Protect Hand Cream (worth RM28.90) with purchase of Shampoo + Conditioner (purchase value RM77.80)

    14-17 FEBRUARY 2011
    • Free LOGONA Calendula Lip Balm (worth RM18) with purchase of LOGONA products above RM100
    • Free ELEMENTAL HERBOLOGY Facial Glow 30ml (worth RM161) with purchase of Elemental Herbology products above RM280
    • Free MUKTI Rejuvenating Eye Balm (worth RM98) with purchase of MUKTI products above RM200
    • Free MADARA Firming Body Oil (worth RM128) with purchase of Anti-Cellulite Cream (purchase value RM138)
    Collect BONUSLINK points with us!
    For BODYBAR members, spend above RM1000.00 from 03-17 February 2011 and be entitled to a treatment voucher worth RM250.00.

    BODYBAR Outlets: 
    Tropicana City Mall :: L1-31, Level 1, Tel 03 -7727 8966
    Pavilion KL P5.00.01, Level 5, Tel 03 - 2145 5866
    Ampang Hilir 12, Jalan Ampang Hilir

    Join their facebook http://www.facebook.com/bodybar for more information!

    Lerbolario Beauty Secrets: Another Body Care Addict's Shop


    get ready to be pampered with all kinds of scents here!

    My Christmas shopping list had L'erbolario written on it! I bought shower gels, massage oils and even swapped with Nicole for the sun block. L'erbolario is the latest body & skincare shop to hit our town. Officially launched on 8th December, 2010 at the ground floors of Bangsar Shopping Center, the shop has in fact opened it's door a few days earlier and started selling their products and becoming popular with ladies in the Klang Valley. I received an invitation to attend the launch from their operation manager but being shy & timid as usual, I asked if I could bring my colleagues with me. By this I meant shopaholic blogging comrades who love body care products as much as me! words spread by us would be like virus if we stumble upon gold.

    An Intimate Affair with Xixili & Wevents


     the Desire Series organized by WEVents
    (Women Only Men Not Invited Event)

    An interesting tale I shall share about the Wevents's event called "An Intimate Affair" (the fourth and final installment of the Desires Series) held at Itallianies Restaurant, The Gardens Mid Valley last week. As usual so far I have only been a spectator of such events, snapping away photos, chatting up with girls, having "kodak moments" with my good friends. However this time it's different. Why different? because this time, I am actually the one peering out from my table and looking at everyone. 

    tadaah! I'm a volunteer this time!

    Yeap you bet your pink toenails that I volunteered myself to help WEVents committee and guess what I was put in charge of? my all time favorite activity in an event, "GOODIE BAGS"! instead of receiving this time I am actually giving the goodie bags to everyone who registered for the event! (awesome I get to peep at what's in the goodie bag before everyone else!).  My friends were surprised that I didn't tell them I was not joining them as a participant but actually greeting them one by one when they arrive. It was a really cool experience! I love it.

    xixili goodie bags for everyone

    pick an apple to reveal what WEVents think about u

    My job was to welcome the ladies and give them their goodie bag after they registered and got their name tags stickers. I'll then ask them to pick an apple from the basket! This just reminds me of Desperate Housewives TV Drama where they use red apples to show passion. Under each apple there's a sticker which says what WEVents think about them. It can be pretty, sassy, brave etc. Since Valentine's Day and Lingerie do give a meaning for this event, everyone gets a red rose too! 

    the yummy finger food

    pizza yummy pizza

    friends Yvonne, Elle, Fatin, Stacey & Camie

    the speakers & Xixili Owner Joanne!

    It was pretty fun being a volunteer that night, I had a great view from my table overlooking the entire event. I saw ladies getting excited with the model showing off the Xixili's latest collection, which is perfect for Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day! especially the garter type garments, really cool and tomboy sexy in a way for me. I can't show you the photos here to respect the model. The place was strictly guarded from letting outsiders peering into our event area. There's curtains and bodyguards there! (kudos to Aileen and the rest for guarding heavily).

    what's the ideal fruit shape? orange

    bras can help you according to type

    yes that's very important, it's your assets!

    Anyway I manage to learn a thing or two while I was busy guarding my table. How to keep your assets in good shape, how to measure, what fruit size is our breasts (lemon, cherry, orange etc) and whether it is centralize or not! yes believe it or not, it could be wide, narrow or standard (middle). Then the types of bras that could help make your shape better/comfortable/suitable to wear. After the event, everyone got a free Xixili bra voucher fro Xixili! (the voucher is valid until 14th February, 2011) and Gorgeous Magazine (one of the sponsors) had a special table for subscription sign ups! A year's bi-monthly subscription for RM38.00. I sign up to support our new magazine in Malaysia! 

    next event is on books 10/3/11

    Hope everyone had a good time there. Wevents will be having another event soon in March and you need to sign up as a member to get the latest news on it. Anyone interested in being a volunteer could also contact them at their website or facebook

    Many thanks to dear friend Fatin Feisal (chocolatecatz.blogspot.com) for helping me to snap photos while I'm busy at work!
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