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Avene Sensitive White Press Launch and My Testimonial

Some time back I had the chance to try out Sensitive White, the 1st whitening program with Avène Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin. I did a couple of reviews with it and used the product for 5 months. In the end, I submitted a testimonial to OnlyBeauty.Com.My a beauty portal where they have activities like sampling programs, contests and a forum where members share reviews and testimonials (check the site for more activities). The good news was that my testimonial was selected by OnlyBeauty.Com.My and I was invited to attend the Sensitive White Press Launch on 23rd Nov, 2010 at Fullhouse Cafe, Sunway Giza Mall Kota Damansara.

Avene Sensitive White Press Launch

the latest products from Avene

Avene Sensitive White speakers

The media were invited to witness the launch of the Avene Sensitive White where the speakers Dr. Didier Guerrero (Dermatologist and Medical Advisor of Pierre Fabre Laboratories) and Ms. Anais Paranthoen, International Trainer of Pierre Fabre (Asia Pacific) introduced and explain the science of the whitening program and the range. I met some editors from magazines, online sites, newspapers and organizers at this event. They were friendly!

Dr. Didier explains about Sensitive Skin

if we don't take care of it

Ms. Anais Paranthoen introduces Sensitive White
Whitening Lotion
Whitening Emulsion
Whitening Serum

my testimonial using Avene Sensitive White

the media trying out the products

I admit it was pretty scary standing in front of everyone giving my 2 cents on choosing the right whitening products for sensitive skin. Everyone was watching and I had public speaking fear! But I push myself and told them what I think about Avene Sensitive White and how it has improved my skin. I don't remember the full testimonial but it goes something like this:

my testimony using Avene Sensitive White

"I was a really bad girl, not using sun protection when I go out so sooner or later pigmentations started to  pop out. I wanted to do something about it so I came upon this website called Only Beauty and signed up to try the Avene Sensitive White program. I have sensitive skin, it's not that severe but whitening products normally cause irritation to my skin especially my cheeks area so I wanted to try Avene's Sensitive White and see if the same happens. Lucky for me, I was chosen and I tried the products for 5 months. It didn't sting or cause irritation to my face. In fact it's gentle and has helped improved my complexion and when I went for my regular facial, my beauty therapist said what happened to me? my pigmentations has reduced!" - I was so happy to hear that!

sun protection is important!!!

SO for those who has sensitive skin and is looking to improve their dull/dark complexion or reduce pigmentation/brown spots you can try the Avene Sensitive White range. Sensitive doesn't mean it's just  for sensitive skin, it means that its gentle enough for anyone (which is really good for sensitive skin). This range comes in three products - Whitening Lotion, Whitening Serum and Whitening Emulsion. They can be found in selected pharmacies and shops. Since it's gentle, don't expect immediate or miracle transformation. You can read about the OnlyBeauty.Com.My & Avene Sensitive White campaign here and a brief introduction about the range and the products. It takes dedication to maintain a whitening regime couple with a good sun protection product. You can try the Avene's Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+. 

To join review & sampling programs go to OnlyBeauty.Com.My. I would like to thank them & Avene for giving me the opportunity to try the Sensitive White range. A fun program to join and I'm happy the results was a good one but don't take my word for it, try it for yourself as results varies from one person to another. Mine was great.


  1. WHOA! great for avene for launching this! It would sell so well here! But canada probably wouldn't let it launch here because they are so strict with "whitening" products.... thanks for sharing
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  2. wah so brave lar u. speak in front of so many ppl. if me confirm faint d. haha.

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