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Day 1 of Avene Sensitive White Campaign


Avene Sensitive White Skincare

I received my products from OnlyBeauty.Com.My as one of the selected bloggers to participate in the Avene Sensitive White Campaign. I am very happy and thankful for this! u know why? because I have a skin concern which is sensitive, so harsh skincare products are not suitable for me, especially whitening products. I have to be really careful when I use whitening products if not the ingredients would be spicy on my face! haha what a word to use! it's a tingling sensation, burning sensation that some people experience when their skin react to a cosmetic product. There's plenty of reasons to why this happens and well we'll talk about it next time!

products that I'm going to be using

When I received the products, questions soon fill my mind. Would it trigger anything? would it cause an reaction? what are the ingredients? can there be such a thing as whitening sensitive skincare?  It's not like I don't know what Avene is (hello! it's the famous thermal spring water from Avene Baths, Southern France that has soothing and softening properties) I'm becoming so drama suddenly?. Anyway when I asked these questions, I was told that sensitive skin products don't mean it's just for sensitive skin people. It could also be that the ingredients use is gentle and is less likely to irritate. Sounds great?

The results from Avene Sensitive White

Well who's not concern about being fair and lovely in Malaysia? I am and this gives me great opportunity to bust the myth that sensitive skincare can't include whitening! I will be back again talking about this after 10 days so in the mean while if you're interested to find out more about Avene's soon to be on the shelves Whitening range, please read the brief introduction below from Only Beauty. FYI OnlyBeauty.Com.My also has cool activities for it's member e.g free samples, contests, and a forum for discussion. 

understanding, sampling & sharing

Sensitive Skin is more at risk of developing pigmentation defects than other skin types. This is because it reacts in an excessive manner-remove to everyday aggression and as a result is more prone to irritation. This, particularly when combined with even low exposure to the sun, frequently results in the formation of unattractive blemishes-remove. Over the long term the skin and the complexion becomes irregular and lacks radiance.

As specialists of sensitive skin, Avėne Dermatological Laboratories have developed SENSITIVE WHITE, a new range of whitening skin care with Avėne Thermal Spring Water-remove. It contains a unique combination-remove of 3 complementary –remove actives combining efficacy and good tolerance to meet the needs of sensitive skin while also respecting its fragility!

  • Avėne Thermal Spring Water - reduces skin sensitivity. This active water has natural soothing, anti-irritant and antiradical virtues.
  • Ascorbyl Glucoside (Vit C precursor) acts at the surface by increasing skin renewal. It eliminates excess melanin produced.
  • Extract of myrtle acts deep down to regulate the pigmentation process. This plant extract, rich in polyphenols and anti-free radical flavonoids, reduces the amount of melanin produced by melanocytes.
Avėne Sensitive White range is formulated for Sensitive Skin and it is Paraben, fragrance and alcohol free. With its 3 complementary –remove products, this program will quickly become the invaluable ally of sensitive skin, and restore its translucence.

Whitening Lotion smoothes the skin's texture and prepares it for receiving the other products in the range, which as a result are better absorbed for maximum efficacy.
It has a very pleasant texture upon application. It is delicate on the skin, and leaves a subtly soft film-remove Rich in moisturizing agents, the Whitening Lotion leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated*.

Whitening Essence has a high concentration of actives to help effectively fight the formation of brown spots and to maintain a pale and translucent complexion. Its efficacy is reinforced by the presence of moisturizing agents.

Whitening Fluid helps to prevent skin discoloration and to maintain a clear and translucent complexion. It guarantees a perfectly shine-free finish.

*Available in September 2010 at selected Guardian Pharmacy, Watson’s Personal Care Store, Sasa Cosmetics and Independent Pharmacies.


  1. Hi Skyline,

    You can purchase from selected Guardian Pharmacy, Watsons, Sasa (easier). Some independent pharmacy do carry too but I am not sure which ones.

  2. hi..how to wear all these three Avene sensitive white products?

  3. can i know the price of Whitening Essence and Whitening Fluid in malaysia?thank you

  4. Thanks for the info! anyway I have registered but I don't see any free samples there.


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