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  • Open Eyes Chrome Intensity by L'Oreal Paris


    Butterfly Lady ~ Open Eyes Chrome Intensity

    butterfly butterfly~ I have the latest e/s palette from L'Oreal!

    Yes yes I must be really late in getting this! I didn't know what colors to choose from, wanted to try something different more gold-ish or bronze-ish so I choose the Magic Amber palette from the L'Oreal Paris's latest eyeshadow palette "Open Eyes Chrome Intensity". This reminds me of Jenny, whom I met last year at Stila Cosmetic counter in Parkson KLCC. She loves eyeshadow colors in bronzes, gold-ish chrome-ish colors. I thought maybe there's something I am missing out on here? I never try these colors before. Why not adventure sikit kan? before I "use" my eyeshadow palette, I like to do a "photo-shooting" session first. Feels I can preserve my cosmetics longer when they're captured in photographs. 

    the shades:
    (top) Magic Amber, Open Highlighter,
    (bottom) Addictive yellow and Open Deep Brown

    the swatches! arghh finally touched my palette already!

    The Addictive Yellow and Magic Amber is Chrome-ish indeed! now I know why it's call Chrome Intensity. From the palette u'd think they won't be so reflective in colors, but upon swatching it, the colors shows! see! addictive yellow so glow-y. Must be nice trying to make an EOTD using these colors and matching with the butterfly like the ones here, called the Monarch Butterflies

    Magic Amber = Monarch Butterflies?

    other shades available from this collection

    L’Oréal Paris Open Eyes Chrome Intensity are priced at RM 33.90 and RM 45.90 each. Get your intensive colors from all L’Oréal Paris. 


    1. Ohhh i LOVE LOVE LOVE Loreal eye shadows palette! I ada yang 'Star' something palette tu. Ahh must have this Chrome Intensity. But like u, don't know what color to buy.

    2. buy semua! ahha... no no.. hmm coz other colors i have oledi, so i am going to try something else :D macam rama-rama je... no wonder got rama rama on their palette.

      Star something? which color tu? ada purple one?

    3. Yeah got purple one but mine brown/earth tones. In fact, almost all my eye shadows are brown/earth colors. And this one, brown also. Haha.

    4. chrome is a nice colour.. reminds me of google chrome.. lol =P

    5. reena: eh.. hmm i thought magic amber is the only brownish palette for this collection. Just now i try, brownish after blending with yellow kinda..look very natural smoky look. I was thinking of dramatic look tak jadi..aih... need to practice more. I wanna create butterfly out!! wuwuuw..

    6. Ken: HAHHAHAHA... but not same colors!

    7. I like Loreal eyes shadow..they really good...saw this one and been thinking to get one myself as well...because they really good...long lasting and the colour really outstanding... :D

    8. Fiz: heyy.. this same palette came out in seventeen magazine sept issue! they feature magic amber too... kekekke...


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