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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale Review


    the much awaited annual sale in 2010

    It's no surprise that the biggest and most anticipated sale of the year goes to Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale which was held today at The Grand Ballroom of Renaissance Hotel, corner of Jalan Ampang and Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. With luxury brands such as Bobbi Brown, MAC Cosmetics, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Origins and luxury perfumes like DKNY, Aramis to name a few, Malaysians are lining up as early as well 1am! believe it or not! I am one of them but I only came at 3am (still in the first row of the waiting line). Much sale horror stories, love and hate experiences are shared throughout the years from those who brave through this once a year "shopping" experience to get their hands on what we shopaholic calls a "good buy". My FB status reads:

    "Last Sat (Estee Lauder Sales) me & my posies camp from wee morning until 7.30am where the doors open. Mad Barbaric crowd rushed in, till the extend of pushing one another at Bobbi Brown table. My butt also become rock already from sitting nearly 5 hours on carpet. If I was pregnant, my water would broke upon the opening of the door to the sale"

    the serene surroundings of the hotel at 3am

    it's quiet in the morning as the hungry wolves stayed low
    the 1am-1.45am group, I met Nikita (reader) here!
    (John from everyday is snapping pic at the back)

    2am-3am wolves - Fatin, Buaya Wing & Vina Kaur

    I asked a few girls who came early, one of them Nikita (1am) if she was sleepy. She's still smiling, looks like the night won't stop here from shopping! Outstation students Anna Y Jia and her friend came all the way to Kuala Lumpur just for this sale said they could not sleep at all due to the excitement of waking up early to catch the worm. Vina Kaur (reader) who was suppose to meet me came at 1.45am and sat alone, wondering if we stood her up. Her target was on ORIGINS this year and boy did she hauled back a lot of that home! her whole family loves Origins. Met Electronic Fly (reader) and her friend, still smiling away in the morning! I was grumpy, groggy due to 2 hour sleep (I need like 12 hours) and brain not working! argh.. no more no more I don't want to camp anymore! Boon Boon (reader) came all the way from Kajang for this sale! I had an extra invitation for her. 

    camping scene outside the grand ballroom

    can you believe that McDonalds delivered our breakfast?

    the location? outside of the Grand Ballroom! 
    (McDelivery is now 24 hours and so good service!!!)

    BELIEVE IT, WE ORDERED MCDONALDS coz we completely forgotten to bring anything to eat! and since we have to camp from 3am-8am without leaving our "camp site", the next best thing was to call 1300-13-1300 and ask if McDonalds deliver to our "camp site" which is lol this place here. In about 20mins, suddenly a guy in red came holding McDonalds paperbag! I was so happy my food is here, I jumped to tell Wing! see the photos? Wing is paying the McDonalds delivery guy. GOOD SERVICE!!!

    From this time onwards, I was using my phone to snap pics coz there's no bag or camera allowed later in the grand ballroom. Went to car park and put our stuffs there and rushed up again just in time for the guards to start collecting our invites.

    saw familiar faces among the camp site! this is at 5am

    Anyway the timing was at 4am, the 4th lines were filled up and 5am the 6th line were filled up. Around 6am, the line stretch down to the stairs and from there onwards I have no idea how long the Q went up to. All I can say is this year, the amount of people that showed up to Q from morning until 7am were not half as bad as last year or the year before (2008). However, the crowd was unbearable inside the sale hall as they let people in non-stop. It was so cramped I could not stand being inside anymore and decided to give up shopping n go back home. Car Park can be validated outside of the ballroom at the table for RM10.

    at 5am

    more snapshots of the crowd at 6am

    finally allowed in at 7.30am

    the scene at 9am

    I came out after paying about 9am, the line wasn't that bad outside but it filled the ballroom waiting area. Girls were sharing their conquests (shopping hauls) among each other outside by the wall and sofa areas. Husbands and boyfriends waiting too. I was really exhausted! even now I am still exhausted while writing this, and it's 12midnight already. My hands are aching, I carried two heavy shopping bags for hours. I am quite happy with my haul but wished I could spend more time at the Origins counter. Bobbi Brown this year was awesome, there were loads of palettes to see when the first batch went in. I went to check out MAC counter but couldn't find anything I want. Most of the cosmetics were pre-packed, same as other counters like Bobbi Brown. Estee Lauder gift sets were snagged up so quick, I regretted not taking them! it was huge, so I thought later! argh. Going back to Bobbi Brown after an hour, the palettes were all gone! Prices went up too which was disappointing. It's no longer going to be a sale anymore if it's just going to be 30-40% off averagely. Sales use to be up to 70% off. I guess there's even more demand now as Malaysians become more aware of the sales scene and since Malaysians still don't mind paying the price (hey still cheaper than normal!) heck the price going up yearly won't matter right? WORD: I HATE PREPACKS. NO FREEDOM!

    A shocker was BeautyBanks skincare products going as low rm25-rm30! they were suppose to be launch in Malaysia but something came up. Anyone bought them? the eye firming cream rm25! and the anti-oxidant face cream was rm30? I didn't grab them as I have too many skincares at home already, sad.

    a sneak peek at my hauls!

    Check out my earlier post on my shopping hauls :) yummy pics of the things I bought especially on Bobbi Brown! and I love the Origins Ginger set I got! Rest of the items are for my friends. If I have anything to let go I'll do a shout out! Click here to see my hauls. My shopping gang today kept me company haha! thanks to Buaya Wing, Vina, Fatin, Camie, Donna, Sexymummy, Pigita, Boon Boon, Cynthia, Anna Yjia, Electronic Fly, Tutu J and their friends for stopping me from sleeping! I had a good chat with them. 


    1. i saw weizhi's haul just now! whoaaa, really a great deal but crazy crowd. next year i must pay attention on this liao ><

    2. Saw your other pics! Looked like fun. Luckily had friends right. Spotted my old classmate in your pics. Wee!!

    3. hi miu!

      I'm surprised u got the mac lip pallet for rm 30..I got it for rm 70 but i think my colors r more pink..

    4. hi miu!
      u r rite san.. i bought the lip palette at rm 70 also

    5. ops zara n san sorry.. typo.. it's rm70..dun worry! hahaha...

    6. i go back eat dim sum with fren until i cross road got car i also no see so tired like zombie...i salute u as personal shopper....OMG this is madness the heavy load for the stuff is unbearable especially at those hours n hours n hours u waiting.....want to faint n vomit feelin when going back time.....kekkekeke

      tutu j

    7. Thanks Miu for giving me a invitation card , this is my 1st time to participact to EL Staff sales . It is really worth to start Q early at 3am. I managet to grab so haul and this need thank you Miu ever so much.

    8. Hi. Im letting go of some Bobbi, MAC & Origins stuff. ANyone keen , do drop an email at naviakim@gmail.com

    9. wah. alot ppl :D hehe.. good haul cant wait to see more :D

    10. the mcd's delivery was the bomb!! i'll do it all over again next year!! lol!

      despite still being exhausted nearly 36 hours later, it was well worth it! i know you said you're not gonna do it again next year.. but pretty sure you will.. *so evil lauff!!*

    11. @Abby you should have spotted two! hahaha That's Evelyn with me :)

      @Miu: And you should do it again! Hahahaha.. I'm confirmed going to skip next year's, but if 2012/2013 got I think I'll be there :D

    12. OMGoshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Miu!!!!! You all are the greatest shopaholic!!!

      hands down hands down.... respect....

    13. 1am!!! It's so so so so crazy!
      I think I will never make it once..

    14. Miu...still waiting for to email me...hehehe... =)

    15. I din talk much bcoz I was very sleepy+ blur + I was lazy to open mouth ady...haha..but It was fun to see you girls bilibala non stop beside. lol...

    16. i m d one who called d Mcd n d Mcd guy called me n asked me where m i ..told him tat its East Wing..aft 10 mins..he appeared in front of me (how the heck he knew tat i m d one who ordered Mcd huh?)
      well..i realised tat tis yr is more tiring than las yr...i guess i m really aging...my body is alarming...lol

    17. perasaan lah u.. i gave u the number to call McD and also saw the McDonalds guy coming, so i pull him to you lah! coz i am on phone!

    18. omg..you were one of the first few fellows on taht day? when they sales girl told us about the story of 1am earliest customer we thought it was crazy..mana tau see at your post.. proven..

      dashyat nyerrr..this sale..

    19. Hi there...i saw your blogs online. Theyre really interesting. Got a qs for u. Ive always been wanting to attend the estee lauder staff sales that happens only once a year but never got the chance to. Could u pass me the details on how we could get hold of the tickets and when will the next staff sale be? Would be a great help :) thanks loads...ciao ☺

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