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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Sneak Peek: Estee Lauder Staff Sales


    one of the Estee Lauder Gift set RM80

    has 8 items inside for eyes & lips
    (1 bag, 1 pouch, 1 e/s palette, 1 masacara, 
    1 lipstick, 1 lipgloss, 1 eye curler, 1 eyeliner)

    the Onyx Palette
    (e/s colors: sugar cube, ivory box, pale moon, 
    sandbox, cinnamon, smokey, onyx and slate)

    sample photo of shades from papaya

    clinique happy heart set rm95

    Clinique Clarifying Toner (Type 3) 400ml RM80
    Moisture variant type 200ml rm55
    moisturizing gel 125ml rm95 

    Origins Haul

    Origins Ginger Body Gift Set RM130

    Origins Ginger Body Set RM90

    DKNY Brown Men Gift Set RM110

    DKNY Candy Apples 50ml RM120
    (also available  in other colors)

    MAC E/S Palette RM30

    6 e/s colors with a mini brush

    my Mac haul

    my mac mineralize kit RM190 (np rm300)
    (blusher, msf, e/s, kabuki brush)

    Mac lip palette RM70

    3 nice shades inside with mini brush

    Mac Gift Set with lipsticks RM30

    comes with a red pouch

    lip glass and two lipsticks

    BB blusher pack rm80 
    Mac face powder RM70

    Mac pearlmatte face powder rm70

    Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick RM75

    in Diamond Copper

    Bobbi Brown Lip Palette RM65

    glitter lip balm palette (shimmering)

    crystal rose, diamond, pink and gold

    Bobbi Brown Cream/Gel liner Palette RM90

    Honey glaze & Dove Grey 
    Long-Wear Eye Cream Shadow
    Mahogany Ink & Black Topaz 
    Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

    comes with a brush

    Bobbi Brown Eyes Palette RM90
    (7 shades with double sided brush)

    pastel like e/s colors

    ivory, baby pink, champagne quartz, platinum, 
    iced blue, rockstar, mahogany

    That's about it. I haven't got the time to check my receipt to see if they charged me correctly! My damage costs over RM2.3k. I did personal shopping for my readers but could not buy most of the things they want due to the crazy crowd and items all in pre-packed form. I grabbed palettes for them to see if that would be a better option. Hope they like it? will be emailing them soon to update them what I manage to buy and what they would like to have. I am so exhausted! but quite happy with my buys. Wondering if I could them all, coz I am suppose to be on shopping ban! argh.


    1. most of the colours are brownish.... cant find nice pinkish colour...

    2. wow...do tell me if u have anything for sale..

    3. Aww...i want to see BB palette!!!

    4. good war lor this ........same feelin like last yr always no enuf......post damage cause also kekekekee

      tutu j

    5. WOW I wanna buy some of the MAC stuff!!

      bday girl Adeline

    6. tammy,if u want to sell origins items let me know...

    7. Hi, Just wondering if you have any products of Bobby Brown available to be sold. I am interested.

      My email is at wongwaisee_3017@hotmail.com.

    8. yea..do let me kno if ur sellin any of those mac lipgloss o lipsticks of brown tones..o any bb o mac products alright miu..forgot to ask for the personal shopper :(

    9. Oh Tammy, don't you think that the MAC palette and BB color almost de same? I got extra for dat and I din noticed. Lol..Dunno wan sell a nt.

    10. I totally regret not getting more of the MAC E/S Palette :( I took one for myself and another for my friend, but when I thought of getting more for my friends' birthdays no more d T.T The MAC gift set also I wanted to get, but the last one someone else took d :(

      And my friend and I only went to BB area at the end, all the palettes all gone d :(

      This time the sale not as nice as what you reviewed last year IMO. There's stuff that's cheap for the brand, but no more stuff that's cheap for the item. I was hoping to get the loose Clinique ES and blushes but don't have :(

      And MAC so bad la. The mix the stuff in the packages now until not that worth getting d :( I want my fluidline and pigments!

      One very happy bit though was the EL creme shadows. RM40 for 2 and zomgggggggggg DAMN CHUN! My friend and I ngam ngam got the last two sets that had all the colors one :D The rest was Pink Blush + 1 more color.

    11. this yr bb founda n powder ROX !!....clinuque no amek up but the skincare ROX ma........grab like mad....perfume PHUI...so much tis this yr....but EL perfume sux big time lor tis yr........but ok la i hepi with MAC this yr...i grab some nice lippie i wanted n blusher MSF all......btw e/s all pallete is nicere than prepack lor......

      okay come again next yr ......

      tutu j

    12. Hey dear, thanks very much for your extra invitations ! I truly enjoyed myself :D

    13. wah the EL giftset with the black bag so nice one ah?!?!?! I should have gotten it! The ES alone also worth it d~~

    14. the gold colour EL gift set more worth but the gold pallete not as nice as black one.......colour wise ...bcus i have 1 each kekekkee

      tutu jennifer

    15. Great haul babe, as always.
      I love your Mac Mineralize Kit and Estee eyes palettes the most :)

    16. Miu, if you're letting go of the EL Giftset's ES palette and/or bag can inform me? Thanks!

    17. I'm eyeing on the mac mineralize kit and bobbi brown gel liner!! nice hauls!

    18. Nice haul, within one hour after they opened the main door, all the pallet at bobbi brown and mac gone...sob sob..still got lots more at Estee Lauder but amount of people inside there make was crazy and really hard to move as well....

    19. i 1 the bobbi brown shimmer brick...i cant find any set of nice pallet at BB counter :-( sob sob....

    20. nicole: shimmer brick pls email me :) tammylci@gmail.com

    21. Miu, i love the the MAC ES Palette .. And also the shimmer brick.. Please inform me if nicole dont want the shimmer brick..

    22. And the lipsticks in the pouch.. the color is so nice ;) wanna let go? (haishh im going crazee)

    23. Hey Lina, can u email me :) tammylci@gmail.com

    24. hai miu, th0se EL & BB stuff are so tempting. if they are available & u wanna let go, can u email me at 86hidayah@gmail.com plz...thnx a bunch.

    25. wah2...i didnt notice the DKNY FOR MEN in the brown box (bought different one). Envy with ur MAC lipstick with pouch huhu....didnt notice it there.

      ~~~promo a bit~~~
      "Im letting my shopping haul at Estee Lauder haul for reasonable price.Those interested people can look out the picture in my album ---> link my name"

      thanks tammy :)

    26. Hi dear,

      Please let me know if you have any of MAC and Bobby Brown items for sale, sure will grab it.

      Pls email me at sharmilanairr@gmail.com.

      Thanks dear

    27. Miu..i love all of these...if you don't want it anymore please sell these items to me:
      1.Estee Lauder Gift set
      2.MAC E/S Palette
      3.mac gift set with lipstick

      please email me at yunitae@gmail.com

    28. sorry not for sale yunitae >_<

      SHam: will email u

    29. great haul! such a shame they don't have anything like this over here in Melbourne =(. Are you up for selling any of the Bobbi or DKNY?

      Ta x

    30. OMG OMG MIU those look soo delicious!

      i want ze bobbiBrown shimmer BRICKS!!
      can i tarpau?
      COD COD lol

    31. do u wanna let go the Clinique Happy Heart set?

    32. so sorry orieko :( not letting go..


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