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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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    in conjunction with opening sale! a giveaway!

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    IBE International Beauty Expo Facebook Giveaway!

    LAST DAY TO JOIN! (28/12/12)

    The International Beauty Expo is back again! this time on 5th - 8th May, 2012 at KL Convention Centre. Before they roll out the pink carpet, they want more fans on their facebook! so what do they do? they're going to give freebies to winners who can share this poster to 5 or more of their friends! Check out their shout out below:

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    My 2012 Wish List


    New Year's coming and everyone must have a resolution for 2012 right? All I can think about it having these cool stuffs to make my 2012 a great year. Looks like it's going to be roti canai and Chinese tea for meals until I could save up enough to get something from this list. 

    1. Apple IMAC 27 inch or Thunderbolt Display 27 inch
    2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s Hello Kitty
    3. Canon camera lens (that can zoom longer?)
    4. Flash for my Canon 550D camera 
    5. Cathay Platinum Movie Suites Priority Card
    6. Annick Goutal Petite Cherie perfume
    7. Coach Sunglasses
    8. A Blog Makeover
    9. Jamie Oliver Cookbooks/Magazines
    10. Sex & The City DVD Collection (not fakes)

    Stay tune for my top 5 destinations  I would like to go in 2012.

    My Christmas La Senza Pin Up Haul

    I don't know what it is that makes me go crazy whenever I stepped into a La Senza store. Perhaps it's the candy filled fun girly posters or hot pink lingerie calling me. The warm soft PJ's and fluffy bedroom shoes are to die for. Whatever it is, it was amplified like 10 times when La Senza open it's first all new pin up store in One Utama. Feels like Christina singing burlesque over and over again. I spent like RM600 over here - first it was because of the pin up store gifts! free limited edition tote bag & rm50 sassy rebate with purchases of rm300 or more in a single receipt. Secondly it was because I wanted the La Senza iPhone 4 casing that comes free with purchases of rm200 and above. 

    1. Micro Plush Robe RM139 
    2. Poplin Boxers RM59 
    3. I Love Cotton Panties 5 for RM89 
    4. Satin Kimono RM189

    P.S: La Senza's semi annual clearance is happening now - buy 2 free 1 bra or buy 4 panties free 2. Check out their facebook to find out what's sexy this year end ;)

    Create Awesome Scrapbooks With Your Photos

    I was surfing the other day, checking out cool stuffs on the net and came across this nifty site called Beeclip. It's a site that let's you upload your photos and compiles them into mood boards, scrapbook pages, collages and portfolios. To test it out, I used photos from my blog party and created an image, but in order to download the image, I needed to register at Beeclip (which is free of course). Check it out =)

    Bali Day 2: Naughty Nuri's Pork Ribs


    A Must Eat In Ubud, Bali 

    Warung Nuri's FAMOUS! 

    the best pork ribs in Bali (or Asia?)

    barbecue in progress

    tasty lil devils

    yeaaha come here cowboy

    Naughty Nuri's is one of the must visit and eat place in Ubud, Bali. They're popular  for their wicked barbecue pork ribs in special sauce. My bf and I agreed it was the best thing that happened to us in Bali. We wanted more! but alas we didn't have time to revisit the place again. How to get to this place? we tried to walk there from Monkey Forest Road but it took too long and then it started raining so we got a taxi to drive us there. Best to just have your tour guide/driver drop you here for lunch after or before tours around Ubud.

    dam sedap pork ribs

    Naughty Nuri's a street side food haven, for Rp85,000 (about RM30) you get a plate of pork ribs enough to fuel you for the day. The succulent juicy meat in between the ribs just leaves you craving for more. The sauce is finger lickin good! I wonder what's in the recipe. Better than Tony Roma's Beef Ribs (even if it's beef). A must eat in Ubud, Bali! Don't miss it out.

    Naughty Nuri's Warung: 
    Jalan Raya Sanggingan, (Across Neka Museum)
    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.
    (62) 0361 977 547
    Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner


    Motosports@Petronas Episode 2: Jorge Lorenzo


    Vroooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Motosports@Petronas is in Spain this week! Watch what they do in Barcelona and get cozy with Yahama Factory racing team riders. Get to know the 2010 MotoGP Champion, Jorge Lorenzo better! Vrrrrrrrooooooooooooom.

    For more updates join : PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS FB
    To subscribe to videos: PETRONAS Motorsports You Tube

    Never Been K.I.S.S (My First Kinetin Experience)


    watch my video to see my journey!

    Well my first kiss was way back when I was nineteen years old. Yeah nineteen, I don't even remember who was my first kiss but you know what I will remember? crow's feet and fine lines!!! haha sorry. That must have sound scary for a minute.

    K.I.S.S 12 week trial program

    Yes so I got selected to participated in the K.I.S.S 12 week trial program, among a group of five people from four countries in Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan). What's K.I.S.S? well in short it's a 12 week trial program where I use an anti-aging product that contains Kinetin in my daily skincare regime to help improve my skin concerns.

    What? I am young and shouldn't worry about aging? No that's a misconception that just because you're not old you're not aging. Everyone ages! Healthy skin starts with a good skincare regime and the right products. Caring, prevention and maintenance of your beautiful skin should start early because when it's too late, it's going to be hard to reverse the clock!

    anti aging solution?

    My skin care concerns for now are fine lines and crow's feet. I would like to start early and be young and feel young. This is where Kinetin comes in. What's Kinetin?
    Kinetin is a bio growth factor that is proven to delay and reverse the visible signs of aging*. It is suitable for all skin types. It nurtures delicate skin and can safely be used even after aesthetic procedures. Your skin will be healthier with a younger look and feel that shows in better overall complexion and improved fine wrinkles, especially in the crow's feet area. 
    To kick start my 12 weeks Kinetin journey, I went to a professional for consultation and skin check with Dr. Koh Chuan Keng , a renowned dermatologist around town. Just google him up and you'll find many articles about Dr. Koh. I had the opportunity to ask him about Kinetin and how it could help me.

    My journey was recorded and all the questions I asked can be viewed in the video above! Just leave me comments, questions anything.

    *Rattan, S. I. S.; Clark, B. F. C. (1994). "Kinetin Delays the Onset of Aging Characteristics in Human Fibroblasts". Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 201 (2): 665–672

    Marie France Bodyline 12 Months Passport!


    My Passport To Slim!

    Today I went to Marie France Bodyline Mid Valley to collect my prize from wining the Marie France Bodyline 30 days Bloggers Challenge! When I got the letter, I was very happy. I can't believe my efforts in the challenge paid off and I won a year's free slimming from Marie France Bodyline *happy*. However since I have been traveling around, I indulged in many feasts that left me with a big number on the scale *shrieks*. I'm so glad I won this, I'm going to make sure I keep going to the treatments at least twice a week!

    wow comes with a gold card

    camwhore with my gold card

    My prize came in a cute red box called "S12 Passport To Slim". I am a bit confused and blur about what this package is about. There's vouchers inside where I get discounts on MFB's treatment/products and a Svenson Hair Care Session that cost nearly RM500. For the passport, there's a list of treatments on it and how many limit per sessions for each list. I don't get it still though. Anyone has done this before? care to explain how it works?

    slimming journey

    proud of my passport!

    Passport To Slim: Journey To Transformation
    (Packed with Markdowns)

    The first treatment I did was Guam Body Treatment (GBT). I was given a tummy & thigh medicated mud mask for 20mins and it was so itchy. Hope my skin can tahan it the next time I do again. Then my deep detoxifying massage began (35mins) and wow very painful massage. I tried to tahan again coz I wanna be slim. After all slimming massage is to help break fats and soften our tough meat so I must tahan! I wonder what I will do on Wednesday. Perhaps try something else with machine.

    Petronas Motorsports Episode 1: Ben Spies


    BEN SPIES!!!

    Do U know know that the motorsports@PETRONAS Program is now on PETRONAS? They have weekly episodes featuring someone cool! This week's episode is on their Moto GP rider name Elbows. Check out this youtube video to see what he has to say about Kuala Lumpur! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1rwUlNhX7E.

    For more updates join : PETRONAS MOTORSPORTS FB
    To subscribe to videos: PETRONAS Motorsports You Tube

    Oh My Ankle Hurts! Tiger To Rescue!


    I Need Tiger Balm Plaster!

    It's been weeks since I sprained my ankle and I decided to buy Tiger Balm Plasters to relief the pain. It's not a serious sprained just uncomfortable at times. The Tiger Balm Plaster will help stimulate blood circulation on my sprained area and speed up the healing process. I drop by my local Guardian Pharmacy at Solaris Mont Kiara to grab a plaster.

    Tiger Balm Plasters Warm & Cool

    There's two types of Tiger Balm Plasters at Guardian. You might be wondering why is there two types of plasters? WARM serves as a lasting and effective relief for chronic pain such as arthritis and rheumatism. COOL is for lasting relief for acute pain such as muscular strain, sprain and backache. 
    plaster comes with easy to use instructions

    I bought the Tiger Balm Plaster in Cool for sprains. It is a hydrogel plaster and is non-woven ventilated material. Long lasting and comfortable to use, the plasters are easy to apply and leaves no residue on the skin. It's a quick and effective muscular pain relief for hours. Available in two sizes either:
    • Small (10cm x 7cm) - For neck, arms, legs and joints
    • Large (10am x 14cm) - For back and shoulder blades
    I got the large one because well the bigger the better! the more love for my aching feet. There's two plasters in one package so I am keeping the spare one for any future muscle pain relief and relief from general aches, strains and contusions. Tonight I'm sleeping well :)

    Limited Edition Stila Red Carpet Cosmetic Cans for Sale


    RM10 each. Limited quantities available

    Stila is long gone in Malaysia but you can still keep a Stila Cosmetic memorabilia! These cosmetic cans are good for your brushes, your lip glosses, your cosmetics :) They're new and in good condition. At a affordable price now. If you're thinking of Christmas Gifts, these may come in handy for u! It's not for sale anymore in Malaysia and rare overseas. E-mail tammylci@gmail.com. 

    Pos Laju RM6 WM RM8 EM

    Shills Meet Beauty Bloggers Event! (By Guest Blogger Hannah)


    Life isn't all peachy for Miu. Sometimes she gets so busy she can't even go out anymore from her cage! *meow* so what's a kitty to do? send for help! For the Shills Meet Beauty Bloggers Event, I've sent a SOS to my girlfriend Hannah to be my guest blogger! it's her first time attending such an event! Check out her post on the Shills Beauty Blogger Event, it's so darn pink!!! I love it!

    Early last month, I had an opportunity to attend this terrific beauty event at Berjaya Times Square. During this collaborated event by SHILLS and Sakae Sushi in a late afternoon, everybody had some fun time getting to know about the brands' latest "movements". For SHILLS it was their latest star products while for Sakae Sushi it was their new iPad Ordering System - Malaysia's very 1st.

    I remember seeing SHILLS products being introduced and recommended on Taiwanese show 女人我最大. And apparently it made an impression on my Mom too because when we last shopped together at Times Square there was this rented stall SHILLS had to promote their merchandise. At that time, their star product used to be this thing called Bamboo Charcoal Black Mask? Mom was really tempted to try it out with the promotional price and all, but she passed it up after all.

    Having attended this event I've learned that SHILLS has moved on to quite some extent. They now have several new star products from different categories. Some are for body, some for face; some are skincare/bodycare, some lean more towards cosmetics. Anyway, there was this SHILLS girl who was very nice and friendly, let me try every product that interested me haha.

    And on beautiful Esther too :)

    Actually met up with Esther before we headed to the event's venue together, mingled a tiny bit and the presentation to introduce all the new star products began.

    I being attentive, of course. Lols

    I figured can never be as pretty as Esther so I'll just be ugly lah.

    There were quite a few products being introduced to the audience but the ones that caught most of my attention are gonna be listed down below:

    1. -5°C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray

    I know the claim saying that this will drop your skin temperature by 5 degree Celsius might raise your eyebrows by 45 degrees, but this really is a very cooling, very icy spray that I picture will be of great great use during a vacation in a summery destination.

    Containing Hyaluronic Acid, Silk extract (both for good hydration), Arnica extract (for promoting blood circulation and anti-inflammatory properties) and Grapeseed extract (as a dose of antioxidant), this spray cools your skin off hence is able to tighten your pores, provides sebum control and is hydrating at the same time! Spray this on your body or on a cotton pad to apply on your face before make-up, and it shall prep your pores to be smaller in appearance, less oily and your skin will feel super cool.

    I'm not sure if it precisely decreases skin temperature up to -5°C but it really does leave my skin surface much much cooler and the best part is that the coolness remains for, I'd say, at least 10 minutes. When one of the staff sprayed a good amount of this on the back of my hand, this spray actually turned into a piece of white ice 0_0 and dissolved into liquid the next few seconds. I know right, shocking. From the goodie bag each of us received during the event, I got this among some other stuff and now I can't wait to try spraying it on everybody hahaha

    2. Quick Clean Gentle Body Exfoliater (Cleanses, Peels && Brightens)

    Was quite fond of this Gentle Body Exfoliater as well since I thought this would be one of the easiest ways to execute an all-body exfoliation. Also a spray but the product comes out as a super fine greyish foam that you can apply on wherever you need; rub it in and dark-coloured flakey residue will appear.

    My high school Science teacher used to tell us all about the various benefits and possible usage of papaya enzyme, said it's extremely good for skin and even for weight reducing, albeit I don't know how. Nonsense aside, this exfoliater contains papaya enzyme as well as pumpkin enzyme and hamamelis extract to gently melt dead skin cells away and provide skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness.

    3. BB Dewy Cream SPF50 PA+++

    Finally here comes my favourite!!!

    To be honest this BB cream kinda rocks. No greyishness for the first half an hour, no risk of applying too much = no risk of having thick mask-like face make up. Applies like a dream with a very interesting texture. Once you let it set, it feels very smooth, looks very smooth, not sticky at all. I cannot say enough good things about it, my bf even thinks it looks better than Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 0_0.

    The only downside to some people might be the coverage and amount of product needed. Compared to using my other BB creams, I apply quite a lot of this product, in several layers (depending on how much time I have in the morning and how much coverage I need). I would say it isn't a full coverage BB cream, but it is buildable. And even when you build the layers up, it hardly cakes. The fact that it doesn't cake up is extremely convenient for me because I wouldn't have to think while doing my face. Super duper love.

    After the event, all the bloggers got treated to a savoury meal at Sakae Sushi...... (to be continued)

    Stay tune for Hannah's next episode! =) 

    L'occitane Malaysia Week 1 Special


    Week 1 Special: 1st - 11th Dec
    Almond Delight RM99 (worth RM151)
    Shower Oil 250ml and Milk Concentrate 50ml

    Day 2: Discovering Ubud & Ubud Food



    The next day we woke up at 8am, pack our bags and left our rooms to go for our breakfast (came with the stay). I love Purik Manik Cottage's two-storied Balinese Houses, green walls and lush tropical gardens. There's a swimming pool at the back but it looks old. The beds are not comfortable and the bathrooms are gloomy. My flush's broken. The good thing is it's cheap, has room air conditioning and the location is great (nearby Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, shops).

    two storied Balinese Houses

    lush green garden

    swimming pool to relax

    Anyone interested to stay here just for a night if there's no other choices can go to their website to check out more info. I did my booking via www.booking.com and paid only USD30 for a night's stay. I check in at night and the staffs knew I was coming! (great job). I heard stories where people didn't know where to check in at night or if they manage to find the place at night, the hotel lost their booking. Well stories from the Internet. The cottage has van drivers who was nice enough to drop us off at our next hotel, the Royal Kamuela Villas, Monkey Forest Road.  The Villa is conveniently located next to Monkey Forest (popular tourist sight seeing spot) and 5 mins from Ubud central market. It's walking distance to all restaurants, shops and bars.

    The Royal Kamuela Villas Entrance

    we came here too early lol

    the surroundings

    sneak peek of the villa pool, living, bed and bath

    It was too early to check in so we left our luggages and head off for some Ubud sightseeing. It's Day 2 and on our itinerary? Ubud Market, Ubud Palace, Monkey Forest, Temples and Cultural sight seeing by ourselves. Also must eat on this day - Ibu Oka (babi guling for brunch), Warung Nuris (late lunch),  Bebek Benggil (dirty duck dinner) and Cafe Wayan (cakes for supper).

    morning schedule

     Ubud Palace

     junction between Ubud Palace and Market

     what's this colorful thing on the road?

    While walking around Ubud, we notice many colorful packets of what seems to be flowers, rice, misc things  on a banana leaf basket. Obviously handmade. Culture shock here! we see them on the streets, on houses, shops, vehicles almost everywhere. It's called "Canang Sari", Canang means small coconut leaf basket and Sari means Essence. In Bali, it's a daily routine to have these offerings for peace and wealth.  We were careful not to step on the offerings but it seems some has been damaged by tourists or dogs. There's quite a number of dogs in Ubud (they come out at night to bark at people).

    Culture shock 1: Canang Sari, Balinese Offerings

    Ubud Market

    hustling n bustling with people

    arts and crafts aplenty

    culture shock 2: wooden penises
    (Hindu Deity Shiva phallic symbols)

    all kinds of things in this market 

    tiger balm?!

    bf seems to like lookin at the artsy stuffs

    We didn't buy anything from Ubud Market, saving ourselves for Sukawati Market just outskirts of Ubud instead (Day 4). It was also going to rain (again Nov is not the season to visit). Our tummies were rambling already so next on our to see was Ibu Oka for famous babi guling (nearby walking distance). The Ubud Palace is opposite Ibu Oka and there's a public hall just right before Ibu Oka where Balinese people gather around to dance and train.

    children being taught the cultural dance

    from Ubud Palace, walk to Ibu Oka

    famous babi guling Ibu Oka

    warning! not halal

    kitchen show

    famous babi guling in Ubud

    this is what we ordered Rp50k (about RM17)

    full house during lunch time

    shared a meal together

    Set "Pisah" Rp50K & "Kulit" Rp40k

    Our first taste of babi guling. It's wet and sloppy because of the sauces. We ordered the Rp50k set which comes with rice, vegetable soup and complete meat (like a meat sampler). My boyfriend wanted to try Bali Coffee Rp15k but had no comments on it. I don't quite like it but its an experience. Do try the "Kulit" dish Rp40k (roasted pork skin), it's crunchy like roast duck skin but harder. Lots of people eat here including locals as well. However it's a road side restaurant, cleanliness is subjective. U have been warn.

    here's the sets you can try here: (not inclusive of 10% tax yet)

    "Spesial" Special Set Rp30k (rice, veggie + fried meat, skin and sausage)
    "Pisah" Separate (complete meal) Rp50k (rice, soup + meat sampler)
    "Daging" Meat Sampler Rp40k
    "Kulit" Roasted Pork Skin Rp40k

    With Ubud Palace nearby, we decided to just drop by and have a quick look. It's a small palace and won't take much of your time. The stone carvings are quite interesting. Be sure to camwhore here. Click here to read an overview about Ubud Palace.

    peculiar sights at Ubud Palace

    he's attracted to buildings and architecture

    It's afternoon and we are still walking around Ubud. There's quite a number of things to see just by walking around (don't need tour). I'm going to split this post into two coz there's still many pics and stories to tell for Day 2 e.g Warung Nuri's, Bebek Benggil, Museums, Loccitane Spa at Kupu Kupu Barong, Monkey Forest and lots more!

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