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  • Day 2: Discovering Ubud & Ubud Food



    The next day we woke up at 8am, pack our bags and left our rooms to go for our breakfast (came with the stay). I love Purik Manik Cottage's two-storied Balinese Houses, green walls and lush tropical gardens. There's a swimming pool at the back but it looks old. The beds are not comfortable and the bathrooms are gloomy. My flush's broken. The good thing is it's cheap, has room air conditioning and the location is great (nearby Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, shops).

    two storied Balinese Houses

    lush green garden

    swimming pool to relax

    Anyone interested to stay here just for a night if there's no other choices can go to their website to check out more info. I did my booking via www.booking.com and paid only USD30 for a night's stay. I check in at night and the staffs knew I was coming! (great job). I heard stories where people didn't know where to check in at night or if they manage to find the place at night, the hotel lost their booking. Well stories from the Internet. The cottage has van drivers who was nice enough to drop us off at our next hotel, the Royal Kamuela Villas, Monkey Forest Road.  The Villa is conveniently located next to Monkey Forest (popular tourist sight seeing spot) and 5 mins from Ubud central market. It's walking distance to all restaurants, shops and bars.

    The Royal Kamuela Villas Entrance

    we came here too early lol

    the surroundings

    sneak peek of the villa pool, living, bed and bath

    It was too early to check in so we left our luggages and head off for some Ubud sightseeing. It's Day 2 and on our itinerary? Ubud Market, Ubud Palace, Monkey Forest, Temples and Cultural sight seeing by ourselves. Also must eat on this day - Ibu Oka (babi guling for brunch), Warung Nuris (late lunch),  Bebek Benggil (dirty duck dinner) and Cafe Wayan (cakes for supper).

    morning schedule

     Ubud Palace

     junction between Ubud Palace and Market

     what's this colorful thing on the road?

    While walking around Ubud, we notice many colorful packets of what seems to be flowers, rice, misc things  on a banana leaf basket. Obviously handmade. Culture shock here! we see them on the streets, on houses, shops, vehicles almost everywhere. It's called "Canang Sari", Canang means small coconut leaf basket and Sari means Essence. In Bali, it's a daily routine to have these offerings for peace and wealth.  We were careful not to step on the offerings but it seems some has been damaged by tourists or dogs. There's quite a number of dogs in Ubud (they come out at night to bark at people).

    Culture shock 1: Canang Sari, Balinese Offerings

    Ubud Market

    hustling n bustling with people

    arts and crafts aplenty

    culture shock 2: wooden penises
    (Hindu Deity Shiva phallic symbols)

    all kinds of things in this market 

    tiger balm?!

    bf seems to like lookin at the artsy stuffs

    We didn't buy anything from Ubud Market, saving ourselves for Sukawati Market just outskirts of Ubud instead (Day 4). It was also going to rain (again Nov is not the season to visit). Our tummies were rambling already so next on our to see was Ibu Oka for famous babi guling (nearby walking distance). The Ubud Palace is opposite Ibu Oka and there's a public hall just right before Ibu Oka where Balinese people gather around to dance and train.

    children being taught the cultural dance

    from Ubud Palace, walk to Ibu Oka

    famous babi guling Ibu Oka

    warning! not halal

    kitchen show

    famous babi guling in Ubud

    this is what we ordered Rp50k (about RM17)

    full house during lunch time

    shared a meal together

    Set "Pisah" Rp50K & "Kulit" Rp40k

    Our first taste of babi guling. It's wet and sloppy because of the sauces. We ordered the Rp50k set which comes with rice, vegetable soup and complete meat (like a meat sampler). My boyfriend wanted to try Bali Coffee Rp15k but had no comments on it. I don't quite like it but its an experience. Do try the "Kulit" dish Rp40k (roasted pork skin), it's crunchy like roast duck skin but harder. Lots of people eat here including locals as well. However it's a road side restaurant, cleanliness is subjective. U have been warn.

    here's the sets you can try here: (not inclusive of 10% tax yet)

    "Spesial" Special Set Rp30k (rice, veggie + fried meat, skin and sausage)
    "Pisah" Separate (complete meal) Rp50k (rice, soup + meat sampler)
    "Daging" Meat Sampler Rp40k
    "Kulit" Roasted Pork Skin Rp40k

    With Ubud Palace nearby, we decided to just drop by and have a quick look. It's a small palace and won't take much of your time. The stone carvings are quite interesting. Be sure to camwhore here. Click here to read an overview about Ubud Palace.

    peculiar sights at Ubud Palace

    he's attracted to buildings and architecture

    It's afternoon and we are still walking around Ubud. There's quite a number of things to see just by walking around (don't need tour). I'm going to split this post into two coz there's still many pics and stories to tell for Day 2 e.g Warung Nuri's, Bebek Benggil, Museums, Loccitane Spa at Kupu Kupu Barong, Monkey Forest and lots more!


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