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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • It Takes Two To Rock!


    back from Krabi with love

    Ahh... anyone notice that I was missing from action for a week this month? ahem that's because I went on a short getaway with my fiance to Krabi, Thailand thanks to Air Asia Go Holidays. It was an amazing experience for 4 days there. It was also during the Songkran Festival a.k.a Thai "New Year" in the hottest month where everyone come out to splash water at everyone! via water guns and whatever water splashing methods there is. We packed light knowing everything will get wet the minute we touch down in Krabi. Only the essentials - light weight, comfortable clothing, camera and skincare products that would refresh our dirty face! (coz they also splash talcum powder and food coloring on our faces!!!), moisturizer and sunscreen.

    this is Ao Nang Beach, Krabi
    (people take speedboats to the beautiful islands from here)

     Ao Nang Town, Krabi
    (tourist spot everything dam expensive)

    The first day was exploring Ao Nang town, we walked from our resort to the beach checking out grilled seafood, spas and restaurants there. We stopped at a tour centre and bought ourselves a full day Kayak tour to Bor Thor. Having being to Krabi for the first time, we didn't want to spend our time exploring beautiful islands but instead we opted for something more adventurous - KAYAKING! It would be our first time doing something exciting like this together. I read reviews about how enjoyable kayaking around the mangrove forest, caves and river would be. It also look beautiful in the pictures of the tour brochure. 

    finally reach Bor Thor kayak stop

    heart pumping looking at the kayak

    We paid RM260 for two person full day kayak tour with lunch and elephant ride. The day starts with tour van coming to pick us up from resort at 8.30am and we reached the Bor Thor kayak area after an hour. The tour guide taught us the basic skills of kayaking which was simple. The challenge comes when we actually have to get on the kayak in the water while praying we don't "sink" or worst turnover the kayak coz we're so big size (hahahahha). When we finally got into the kayak safely, we started to paddle. It was really tough and tiring paddling for hours but we knew that we can rock it together as a team. Our kayaking efforts paid off when we finally visited the beautiful mangroves, stigmatic caves and the famous "airy cave" where 3,000 years old painting can be found.

    our kayaking adventure together
    scary, fun and exciting!

    not many photos of the kayaking & scenery because we can't hold our cameras during paddling plus water is splashing everywhere. I might drop my precious camera into the river to donate to crocodiles

    the "airy cave" Tham Pee Hua Toe

     beautiful rock formation

     cave is really airy & beautiful

     the 3,000 year old paintings

    After the cave visit, we got back on to our kayak and paddle away. I think we lost like 10kg that day hahahahhaha and our arms almost break off. Worst scenario? rain and it really did rain heavily while we're paddling back. Fearing the rain would flood and sink us down, we pull all our strength and paddle power LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT (if paddle opposite way the kayak boat will will not move!!!) and reach our destination, all soaking wet but happy that we rock this together! (writes in diary this momentous day).

    I hope you get the moral of my Krabi Kayak "kisah benar" (but nothing tragic happenlah) because I'm going to ask everyone a question. What question? Just tell me what takes two to rock! The best 3 rocking comments will win a special hamper filled with Mentholatum products worth RM100 each! Giveaway starts from now until 6th May, 2013. Open to readers with a valid Malaysian address. Prizes will be delivered to you :)

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    Raising Funds for Projects

    Mother's Day Gift Set RM80 foc pos laju
    handmade mini keepsakes album

    keepsake [ˈkiːpˌseɪk] n
    anything kept, or given to be kept, as a token of friendship or affection; remembrance.

    I made a Mother's Day mini keepsakes album, packaged it with a "revamped" Stila pink box (covered it with a cute handmade tag) and a beautiful beauty gift suitable for moms, the Elizabeth Ceramide Gold Capsules for face & eyes (worth RM120). Yes if you take a deep look, there's 2 compartment, the bigger compartment house the capsules for face and the smaller compartment has capsules for the eyes. Pretty neat right? The box has pink fillers in it. I like to keep boxes and packagings. It comes in hand sometimes!

    Spring Time in Japan RM60 foc pos laju
    handmade Japanese mini albums
    (unique designs, only 6 for this collection)

    using Japanese papers (more expensive)

    Here's 6 special handmade mini albums made using Japanese paper. I fell in love with Japanese papers since I step into Kinokuniya more than 15 years ago. Experimented using the papers, 6 unique designs were created. They have side pockets so you can slot in pictures. A beautiful Japanese girl in Kimono (cut from cloth) greets the spring as the cover. Dragonfly and a string with a bling bling locks the mini album. Will not be making these anymore because the Japanese papers are expensive so :) grab them while they're still here.

    buy a body puff today RM10

    Ginger Body Wash 100ml RM30
    (scrub sold out)

    make up palette RM180 (np RM280)

    Since I started the Butterfly Project, I got an idea to raise funds to support my projects by selling bargain buys hunted from my sweat & effort from sales. It will help me pay for a recent project I sponsored. Seeing everyone's happy faces made me so happy so I will work hard to raise funds to make awesome events for my community. If you see anything you like here, do e-mail me at tammylci@gmail.com. Pos Laju is RM6 (WM) RM8 (EM).

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    La Sardina, Golden Half & A Pocket Hole


    La Sardina & Golden Half which is your poison?

    Just want to share an exciting haul today from Bargain Corner, One Utama. I was on my way back from the post office when I saw Rip Curl Sales banner. Though to check out the bikinis there, the moment I enter the shop I saw a rack full of accessories or stationary (so I thought). Upon further "inspection" my heart drop from heaven when I saw lomo cameras at the next rack! Next to it a big sign that says "50% OFF". I asked the promoter if this is for real and why it was being sold 1/2 off? was there something wrong with the cameras? She says it's a clearance and that they were not spoiled and even comes with warranty. On top of that as a One Card Member, I get 10% additional discount off! *omg screams* Finally I am about to realize my dreams of owning a lomo camera, something that I have always imagine having during my college days. Couldn't afford it then, couldn't afford it now but at this sale? come 'ere to mama my babies!

    I'll take you through what to expect in this sale but I can't tell you the prices! I can only give you the range which is after 50% off you can lomo cameras from RM80 onwards. There's also film packs, accessories, collectibles like badges, sampler books. I'll go check them out again tomorrow! Diana, Fish Eye cameras and limited edition cameras are all gone and this sale started last month and will be ending this month.

    Diana 35mm Back+ 

    Golden Half is fun to play with!
    (takes 2 in 1 photos)

    See anything you like? drop me a pm to ask. I most probably could identify them for you coz I asked so many questions to the promoter. Hot items that you should get? the LC Wide, Spinner, Ring Flash, Diana 35mm Back and Lomokino according to promoter. If you're a beginner she says you can start with Holga or Pop 8 camera (which is under RM100 after discount). For professionals she highly recommend the LC Wide which comes in a black box. I was quite fascinated with that but urm I'm only a newbie so it won't do me good owning such an expensive lomo camera at the moment. Don't want it to be collecting dust after one time playing haha. I was really bummed that Diana was sold out and that I missed the Golden Half limited edition designs like Hello Kitty and Chelsea Maika. I finally decided to get a Golden Half original (dam good choice too because it's quite a popular design if you google Golden Half out!) after reading A Beautiful Mess's review on her Golden Half experience.

    Golden Half Designs

    really like the Chelsea Maika LE design

    but I'm also really happy I picked this design yay!

    Emma showing off her Green Trees Golden Half
    photo credit: A Beautiful Mess
    photographs taken with Golden Half (2 in 1 pics)

    Hope you enjoy my haul experience and sneak peek at this sale. Really recommend anyone who has been wanting to get a lomo camera to come here to start picking one out to bring back (like adoption haha). I really think Golden Half is a good camera to own mainly because it's a fun camera that takes 2 in 1 split pictures. For a roll of 36 films you can capture 72 pics. I "sapu" the last remaining sets of La Sardina, I don't know why I have this fixated lust for La Sardina. It's because of Caroline showing off her sardin camera last 2 years ago in office that got me hooked on sardin camera haha. Serious.

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