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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Babylon A.D Review (After much complains)


    Seems people don't like the new short & simple Miu! fine, I'll give a longer review ok! stop complaining haha. Let's see, I anticipated Babylon A.D to be GOOD after watching the trailer. However this is one of those shows where the trailer is great but movie not-so. Still not a total flop because Vin Diesel did give his Riddick & xXx stunt moves and death defying actions. He really can't shake off those sticky roles anymore because he sounds like Riddick in this movie haha.

    Well as you all know, he's Toorop in this movie and he's an escort agent with a task to "deliver a package" @ a.k.a Messiah like Virgin Babe name Aurora to New York. Along with them is Aurora's babysitter nun Michelle Yeoh who is like a "mother" to her ever since she was abandon as a baby at their NeoLite convent. Neolite is some kind of religion in this movie which should be emphasize more politically to bring out it's impact in this show.

    Aurora is a freaking pain in the ass. She feels people's pain and even their death. She goes berserk over "bad things done to innocent people" but somehow manage to express no loving emotions to her babysitter Michelle Yeoh for reasons unknown to us. Michelle Yeoh was like protecting her ass throughtout the movie until she dieds, and this "wannabe Oh I feel People Dying" did not even help, listen, save or care for Michelle Yeoh. Yes isn't that something?

    I guess she's more interested to screw Toorop in the bathroom. Oh this is where you can see Vin Diesel's yummylicious macho tatoo body.

    Also her identity is so freaking boringly potrayed in this film that until the end, I think nobody would remember why she's important. This was suppose to be the ultimate plot but the end could make you go "wtf is that it?" yeah a lot of people in the cinema went huh? what? and still staring at the credits. The movie could've been so much better and I heard 15minutes was cut off from the movie and the director is complaining it's now ruin.

    I never heard of a director condeming his own movie.

    I guess if you like Vin Diesel, Michelle Yeoh you got a reason to watch it. It's not bad, it's not good either. It's the most expensive version of "children of men" and the weakest sci-fi movie I've seen this year. I will give it 2 stars.


    Lost your wallet? Maybe I found it..


    I can't say how many times I've found wallets, handphones and even newly bought jewelry around me. I think the most expensive item I found was a bag of Habib Jewels left at Kinokuniya 2 years ago. I was just sitting and reading some craft books when I notice a nice paper bag calling my name "tammy tammy". Turns out it's some expensive jewelry from Habib Jewels! well I didn't take it home. In front of me is the customer service counter which I promptly told the person someone left this behind and might come back looking for it. I quietly sat back my place thinking "dam! shouldn't I just take it?" ok it's my bad half talking to me. Minutes later, a malay family looking quite stressed came around the area. I look at them and pointed to the customer service counter, in which they retrieve back their expensive stuffs and walk off. Well I guess they must've thought Kinokuniya folks are very kind and honest.

    The same year, I found a wallet full of $$ at GSC cinema. My friends sat next to whoever who lost that wallet but never notice such an item left behind. I caught sight of that, took it, check for a contact number and called the owner. When I finally return the wallet to the rightful owner who wanted to reward me. All I did was said no, smile and walk away. However my friends didn't and was talking to him like "they've found it". Well it seems pretty real because few months later, I receive a card thanking -not me- but my friend who chatted with him. I got so angry I tore that card. I even e-mail that guy (who left his email on the card) scolding him that he should know better who to thank. Yea I was really piss off, maybe because my friend (whom I work with) acted as if she was the good samatarian and even after some time later, proudly professed she's the one who found the wallet (omg i can't believe how that could happen?) and here I was reading a thank you for the kindness bla bla which was not meant for me. Bah Humbug.

    Today while I was having lunch, a coin purse drop right beside me. You must be thinking I can hear money dropping? I wish it was God giving me the wallet as I sure could use some $$. Being the good samaritan again, I pick up the purse quickly (who knows what strangers also saw it drop n decided to lug it home?) check for details (none! people should really write their contact in their purse/wallet!) I manage to find a AmBank business card belonging to some I guess sales man, because when I called him up, he said he has just spoken to her a while ago at the same place. He was even shock when I said I just found this Siti (purse owner) purse. I asked him to give her a call, letting her know that I found her purse and I am at XXXX.

    Minutes later, we met. She thank me for finding her purse and she promptly walked off.

    Imagine if some bad person found her purse? inside some 50 dollar notes, bank card, driving license, I.D etc. I would be cursing at myself for having to cancel my credit cards, bank card, applying all my I.D back. Thus, my day was spent thinking, a thank you and good bye? I should've gone shopping.

    Am I good? I don't really know anymore.

    Penelope, Star Wars, Death Race & Babylon A.D


    Well I just saw Hurley post up his movie reviews and I realize we watch almost the same movies but I was too lazy to review them haha. Anyway I will review the movies previews I've been to this month and keep it short & simple (so not to spoil anyone's day!)






    ok is that short and simple enough?

    Thanks to those who came and you might want to read their reviews which is longer than mine haha.

    1. Uncle Frog
    2. Hurley
    3. Ice Nyior

    Counting Down to Merdeka 31/8/08



    I'm counting down until 31st August, 2008 which is Malaysia's Independence Day! and to those who has been reading my blog, knows I'm going up to the cozy cooling hills of Genting Highlands to celebrate Merdeka! I've invited a total of 18 people including myself, booked 2 apartments, 18 magic tiger show tickets and also organizing a Merdeka pot luck party dinner from 4pm - 8pm at GENTING!

    Exciting? yes. I forgot to mention I'll be giving away prizes for contests and lucky draws on that day. I've assigned my friends Zuhri to be in charge of Pot Luck Food arrangement & Olina to be in charge of the games (hope she's got some brilliant ideas up soon) and one of the highlights that I brainstormed up is a MERDEKA FACE CONTEST! yes we see football fans painting their faces for the occasion so why not Merdeka as well? be creative and be patriotic I say! coz hey you may win something fabulous! (like a goodnight kiss from me?)

    merdeka face paiting anyone?

    A Multi-Racial Party, this is not just a epitome of unity, friendship and love. It's about us, about Malaysians. It's about our Home and we all love each other no matter what color, race and religion you are (also including whichever party you vote for during elections). I dedicate this song now to my fellow Malaysians and to you =)

    here's to making our merdeka party a success because we are a success story


    1st Cuppacake - immortalized

    Pea Kit by Rhonna Farrer

    Today I tried digital scrapbooking. It seems to be the cheaper alternative to scrapbooking but I must say as challenging! I dig out some old pictures (last year oct) and tried my hand on it. I love the colours! I guess I might do a review on cuppacakes too?

    I bought my first cuppacakes (by wondermilk) from the Apartment, Curve last year late Octoober. I was waiting for Jasmine to celebrate her birthday at TGIF. Darn I forgot that she is allergic to milk, butter, cheese & some times chicken, so she could not try them. Well all the more for me! hoho

    I must say the cupcakes are colorful, cute and adorably tempting! but the cups are a nuisance as it was messy for my first bite. Seems like you have to eat the whole thing at one go while squeezing the cup. It's buttery and very darn sugary! almost diabetic stage! My verdict? Good for Party Decorations but it's too sweet for one human alone.


    scrapbooking ! i want

    Ever since I was a lil' girl, I would collect stickers, lots of them. I would stick them piece by piece on my sticker book and bring them to school to show off. My mom helped me to decorate my sticker book, making it amazingly cool until my classmates would droll on it. I like to collect scraps, nifty trinkets, anything that catches my eye, store them in boxes or in my drawer, all in hope that one day I would build something amazingly fantastic with them.

    As I grow older, I realize this hobby isn't that new but the market has expanded it's horizon and started earning big bucks on scrapbooking, keepsakes, embelishments and what not. Craft isn't cheap now and having a hobby is for the rich (or not with Digitalize Craft!).

    I still passyby the craft shop every so few days, admiring whatever nifty gadgets and thingamagits they have for sale knowing I cannot afford them. I guess there is no harm in admiring from afar and counting my pennies till I can someday afford to buy a kit to start my own.

    There's no Ghost in the Ghost House


    I've watched the preview of Penelope, Death Race and now this. I didn't blog about the first two, probably because I'm not so happy about it, same goes to this Ghost House movie preview today at Cathay Cineleisure. I actually had another choice of movie (same place, same time, same day) which is Money No Enough 2, but I watched "The Ghost House" anyway because I dislike free seating and second because I thought Thailand ghost stories were tops.

    Ghost House = Don't go watch it, I'll give you 3 good reasons:
    1. it's not a ghost story
    2. it's boring
    3. not all Thai Ghost Story Movie is tops
    Take my advice, maybe "Money No Enough" would be more interesting.

    Funny thing happened on the way to Pavillion


    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Funny thing happened to me on the way to Pavilion on the 4th August, 2008 (Monday) 2 days just before my trip to Bangkok. I saw this man wearing a dress? crossing the roads with a bunch of people including me. Not wanting to make him nervous, I took pictures of him from behind. He seems to be rather cool and relax holding his helmet, in Bukit Bintang like that. I wonder if it's a contest or a radio dare or something? Anybody know?

    Happy Birthday Timmy :)

    Custom made figurine originated from Taiwan –
    Mine Alesi’ simply means “something of your own

    Dear Timmy,

    Thank you for the wonderful yummy dinner party and thanks to Debbie for preparing the food and cleaning up >.< !! I hope you (and deb) like our birthday gift 2 u. We pre-order this caricature figurine from Taiwan and had it on urgent basis 2 be deliver back to Malaysia within a week. Before that, I had to get a picture of you n deb from somewhere without ruining the surprise. As we were running out of time, I decided to steal your wedding picture from your facebook and Debbie sent me the most cun picture of herself to me last week. Everything was then in order and we just needed to wait for it (praying that it be made in time). Since you're into collectibles and figurines/toys, we figure that you might love the idea of having your very own figurines to display as collector's item (hey from generation to generation hint hint).
    Hope you like our birthday present to you and we hope that you will be happy always.

    Hean Keat
    Adrian Ku
    Adrian Lim

    check out their birthday invitation card, it's so cute:
    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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    OMG! MAC FAFI DOLLS limited edition!

    omg i just came back from Timmy's birthday party and he has a superb collection of toys & collectibles. First thing I spotted was this.. and I'm so jealous. He has all three colors and he bought them during Mid Valley M.A.C event for rm35 each! limited edition somore! HOW CAN!! I WAN ALSO!! GRRR

    Loreal Malaysia Great Deals


    I decided to be adventurous and go to Loreal Sales.

    I hereby name this land - Miusia!

    Crowd Time Line

    note that although I was first to arrive, Loreal Management for crowd control is still a failure as they had 4 waiting line, 1 door = 4 lines rushing into 1 door which made me not first anymore!
    Btw there's VIP Line as well (they get to go in at 9am) n a lot of people complain about the "VIP abusing their privileges to bring guests". Some of their complains:
    1. wasn't it max 1 guest? why some people bring up to 5?
    2. y vip able to bring in guest inside, n then come out again to bring more guest?
    3. y vip able to come out and bring in guest from queuing line?
    4. y already close vip time, still let vip in? (witness this in front of me)
    well u know it doesn't really matter as the sales was expensive and crampy.


    Finally inside at 10am


    {Price Spy}

    shu fragrance

    Blusher 1- rm40 / 2 - rm70
    Nail Polish 1 - rm20 / 2 - rm30
    Eye Shadow 1- rm35 / 2 - rm60
    Lip Gloss 1- rm35 / 2 - rm60
    Mascara 1 - 1- rm35 / 2 - rm40
    Liquid Foundation rm60
    Foundation Refill rm60
    Foundation Case rm20
    Eyelash rm25
    White Brightening Gel rm65
    Whitening Cream rm50
    Whitening Essence rm50
    reinforcing booster rm140
    trimming @ anti aging wrinkle rm140
    fragrance rm70 (rose/source/terre)

    Diesel Fuel For Life (limited edition) 30ml - rm80

    Hypnosis Set rm140
    Miracle Homme 50ml - rm120 / 75ml - rm150
    Lancome Hypnose Men 50ml - rm130
    Miracle Forever set rm170
    Magic noire 50ml - rm80
    50ml + lip gloss rm120
    Treson 100ml - rm150
    Attraction 50ml - rm110
    Miracle forever 50ml - rm150
    Oh So Magic Set 100ml + lip gloss - rm200
    O Lancome 75ml - rm80
    Lancome Miniatures (1men, 3 woman) rm60

    Loreal Shampoo

    rm60 lipgloss & eyes

    Lancome Set of 4 skincare (lifting, cleasing milk etc) rm180
    Lancome Set of 4 skincare (anti-aging, lip gloss etc) rm140
    Lancome Maquilique UV 1 - rm60 / 2 - rm100
    L.M Moist Perfect Forever (foundation 2 - rm100)
    Compact Foundation 1 - rm60 / 2 - rm100
    Casing rm30
    M.UV Foundation 1 - rm20
    Lancome Juicy Tubes Set of (4 mini) - rm50
    Lancome Juicy Bar Desserts (3 mini) - rm40

    Ralph Lauren Polo
    Polo Explorer 40ml - rm100
    RP Hot 50ml - rm40
    RP Rocks 50ml - rm40 / 100ml - rm50
    RP Rocks Set RM80 (Lotion, Shower Gel & perfume)
    RP Turquoise 100ml - rm150
    Romance Men (silver) after shave rm40
    Romance Woman 100ml -rm180 / 50ml - rm150
    Romance Men rm170-180
    Polo Classic Set (Deodorant Stick + 59ml perfume) rm120
    Black Polo Set rm150
    Black Polo 75ml - rm120 / 120ml - rm150
    Black Polo 75ml - rm130
    Double Black 125ml - rm170
    Double Black 75ml - rm130
    Black Set 125ml perfume + after shave - rm200
    Black Set 75ml + after shave - rm180
    Polo Explorer 50ml - rm100 / 125ml - rm170
    Polo Classic Set 59ml + Deodorant Stick - rm120

    Victor & Rolf
    Antidote Men 40ml - rm150
    Flower Bomb 30ml - rm150

    A. Code EDT 50ml - rm120 / 75ml - rm150
    A.Code Set EDP 75ml + lotion + gel = rm200
    Mania Black 75ml - rm120
    S.Mania Homme 75ml - rm120
    Summer Mania 75ml - rm120
    Armani Night Her 50ml - rm100
    Sensi 75ml - rm180
    Armani Men 100ml - rm180
    Summer Mania Shower Gel rm20

    Noa 30ml - rm50
    Noa Shower Gel rm20
    Noa rm80
    Anais Anais Set (perfume, lotion, gel) rm100 (Anais Anais, Noa Perle, Promesse)
    Anais Anais 100ml rm100
    Amor Pour Homme 125ml (sunshine) rm60 / 75ml - rm50
    Amor Pour Homme Amor 125ml rm60 / 75ml - rm50
    Cacharel Set (men 50ml & female 75ml ) rm130
    Amor Pour Homme Set (75ml + After Shave) rm60
    Amor Pour Homme Set (125ml + Body Spray) rm80
    Deodorant/Shower Gel rm20

    Biotherm (to be updated, for now pls refer to the images)
    D-Stress energy Booster rm20
    Age Refirm eye force men rm50
    Aquatic lotion Men rm60
    T-Pur Moisturrizer Men rm75 50ml
    Anti-Blemish Men -acnoclean rm50 50ml


    Going Home

    7am - 1pm I think I must be out of my mind but you know what, I had an enjoyable time taking pics and price listing! it was such an adrenaline rush to beat the crowd and thanks to Brenda (a new friend I met from sns's site) we chatted until 10am and tried to help each other to scout for our must-buy list. After we came out at 11am, it didn't take us long to go back in to scout around again for deals. We finally came out at 1pm and say our goodbyes, but i think Brenda is going back again to see if they price slash before closing time! lol.

    All in all having to wake up at 6am, take taxi to Park Royal Hotel and park myself on the carpet at 7am to just realize again that Loreal sales are still pricey as compare to other perfume warehouse sales. It's just averagely 30-40% off and this sale was much smaller compare to their previous sales. Crowd Control still needs improving and they need to train their Bouncers to be more strict than to be push around by VIPS (who kept coming out to bring in more of their friends). The VIPS also got to enter early at 9am while all of us waited for our turn. I would like to be a VIP too! how do I apply Loreal? haha.


    OH and not to forget a few girls who had asked me to help them get stuffs were all disappointed as I couldn't get them anything they wanted. Well all except for tubbies whom I manage to get:
    1. Armani Code Set (75ml+lotion+shower) rm200 (it was the LAST one)
    2. Ralph Lauren Turquoise 100ml - rm150 (not too bad it's 100ml)
    3. Ralph Lauren Hot 100ml - rm50 <-- this one cheap
    4. Lancome Juicy Set of 4 lippies for rm50!

      (tubs turn down Ralph Lauren Romance as it was too pricey)
    I bought Juicy Bar Dessert Set x 2 for myself as I couldn't find any perfume to my liking, they're dam adorable as a gift set ^_^

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