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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Loreal Malaysia Great Deals


    I decided to be adventurous and go to Loreal Sales.

    I hereby name this land - Miusia!

    Crowd Time Line

    note that although I was first to arrive, Loreal Management for crowd control is still a failure as they had 4 waiting line, 1 door = 4 lines rushing into 1 door which made me not first anymore!
    Btw there's VIP Line as well (they get to go in at 9am) n a lot of people complain about the "VIP abusing their privileges to bring guests". Some of their complains:
    1. wasn't it max 1 guest? why some people bring up to 5?
    2. y vip able to bring in guest inside, n then come out again to bring more guest?
    3. y vip able to come out and bring in guest from queuing line?
    4. y already close vip time, still let vip in? (witness this in front of me)
    well u know it doesn't really matter as the sales was expensive and crampy.


    Finally inside at 10am


    {Price Spy}

    shu fragrance

    Blusher 1- rm40 / 2 - rm70
    Nail Polish 1 - rm20 / 2 - rm30
    Eye Shadow 1- rm35 / 2 - rm60
    Lip Gloss 1- rm35 / 2 - rm60
    Mascara 1 - 1- rm35 / 2 - rm40
    Liquid Foundation rm60
    Foundation Refill rm60
    Foundation Case rm20
    Eyelash rm25
    White Brightening Gel rm65
    Whitening Cream rm50
    Whitening Essence rm50
    reinforcing booster rm140
    trimming @ anti aging wrinkle rm140
    fragrance rm70 (rose/source/terre)

    Diesel Fuel For Life (limited edition) 30ml - rm80

    Hypnosis Set rm140
    Miracle Homme 50ml - rm120 / 75ml - rm150
    Lancome Hypnose Men 50ml - rm130
    Miracle Forever set rm170
    Magic noire 50ml - rm80
    50ml + lip gloss rm120
    Treson 100ml - rm150
    Attraction 50ml - rm110
    Miracle forever 50ml - rm150
    Oh So Magic Set 100ml + lip gloss - rm200
    O Lancome 75ml - rm80
    Lancome Miniatures (1men, 3 woman) rm60

    Loreal Shampoo

    rm60 lipgloss & eyes

    Lancome Set of 4 skincare (lifting, cleasing milk etc) rm180
    Lancome Set of 4 skincare (anti-aging, lip gloss etc) rm140
    Lancome Maquilique UV 1 - rm60 / 2 - rm100
    L.M Moist Perfect Forever (foundation 2 - rm100)
    Compact Foundation 1 - rm60 / 2 - rm100
    Casing rm30
    M.UV Foundation 1 - rm20
    Lancome Juicy Tubes Set of (4 mini) - rm50
    Lancome Juicy Bar Desserts (3 mini) - rm40

    Ralph Lauren Polo
    Polo Explorer 40ml - rm100
    RP Hot 50ml - rm40
    RP Rocks 50ml - rm40 / 100ml - rm50
    RP Rocks Set RM80 (Lotion, Shower Gel & perfume)
    RP Turquoise 100ml - rm150
    Romance Men (silver) after shave rm40
    Romance Woman 100ml -rm180 / 50ml - rm150
    Romance Men rm170-180
    Polo Classic Set (Deodorant Stick + 59ml perfume) rm120
    Black Polo Set rm150
    Black Polo 75ml - rm120 / 120ml - rm150
    Black Polo 75ml - rm130
    Double Black 125ml - rm170
    Double Black 75ml - rm130
    Black Set 125ml perfume + after shave - rm200
    Black Set 75ml + after shave - rm180
    Polo Explorer 50ml - rm100 / 125ml - rm170
    Polo Classic Set 59ml + Deodorant Stick - rm120

    Victor & Rolf
    Antidote Men 40ml - rm150
    Flower Bomb 30ml - rm150

    A. Code EDT 50ml - rm120 / 75ml - rm150
    A.Code Set EDP 75ml + lotion + gel = rm200
    Mania Black 75ml - rm120
    S.Mania Homme 75ml - rm120
    Summer Mania 75ml - rm120
    Armani Night Her 50ml - rm100
    Sensi 75ml - rm180
    Armani Men 100ml - rm180
    Summer Mania Shower Gel rm20

    Noa 30ml - rm50
    Noa Shower Gel rm20
    Noa rm80
    Anais Anais Set (perfume, lotion, gel) rm100 (Anais Anais, Noa Perle, Promesse)
    Anais Anais 100ml rm100
    Amor Pour Homme 125ml (sunshine) rm60 / 75ml - rm50
    Amor Pour Homme Amor 125ml rm60 / 75ml - rm50
    Cacharel Set (men 50ml & female 75ml ) rm130
    Amor Pour Homme Set (75ml + After Shave) rm60
    Amor Pour Homme Set (125ml + Body Spray) rm80
    Deodorant/Shower Gel rm20

    Biotherm (to be updated, for now pls refer to the images)
    D-Stress energy Booster rm20
    Age Refirm eye force men rm50
    Aquatic lotion Men rm60
    T-Pur Moisturrizer Men rm75 50ml
    Anti-Blemish Men -acnoclean rm50 50ml


    Going Home

    7am - 1pm I think I must be out of my mind but you know what, I had an enjoyable time taking pics and price listing! it was such an adrenaline rush to beat the crowd and thanks to Brenda (a new friend I met from sns's site) we chatted until 10am and tried to help each other to scout for our must-buy list. After we came out at 11am, it didn't take us long to go back in to scout around again for deals. We finally came out at 1pm and say our goodbyes, but i think Brenda is going back again to see if they price slash before closing time! lol.

    All in all having to wake up at 6am, take taxi to Park Royal Hotel and park myself on the carpet at 7am to just realize again that Loreal sales are still pricey as compare to other perfume warehouse sales. It's just averagely 30-40% off and this sale was much smaller compare to their previous sales. Crowd Control still needs improving and they need to train their Bouncers to be more strict than to be push around by VIPS (who kept coming out to bring in more of their friends). The VIPS also got to enter early at 9am while all of us waited for our turn. I would like to be a VIP too! how do I apply Loreal? haha.


    OH and not to forget a few girls who had asked me to help them get stuffs were all disappointed as I couldn't get them anything they wanted. Well all except for tubbies whom I manage to get:
    1. Armani Code Set (75ml+lotion+shower) rm200 (it was the LAST one)
    2. Ralph Lauren Turquoise 100ml - rm150 (not too bad it's 100ml)
    3. Ralph Lauren Hot 100ml - rm50 <-- this one cheap
    4. Lancome Juicy Set of 4 lippies for rm50!

      (tubs turn down Ralph Lauren Romance as it was too pricey)
    I bought Juicy Bar Dessert Set x 2 for myself as I couldn't find any perfume to my liking, they're dam adorable as a gift set ^_^


    1. miu...you are my hero...all hail miu as queen of shoppholics kingdom...i love the pic that you took..thank you 4 buying the stuffs...

    2. You are definitely amazing, and u definitely have our vote as the Queen of Shopperholics!

      Almost 100 photos at the Loreal warehousesale, the first to leave, and were u the last to go? :)

      Keep it up MIU! :)

    3. Wowwy!!!Lots of pics!!I agree with sns, you are our one and only Shopperholic Queen!!~ Judging from the price range, it is slightly more expensive than the other warehouse sale. Luckily I didn't go >.< I really love your review >.< Thanks for your hard work!!~

    4. i nearly fainted! i am taking note, must refer you to pyschologist. hahaha

      but nice, it's unfortunate they don't have safari, i would love to get that at a discount, some other days perhaps. oh, thanks for the look out.

      if got CK, then, any one also i would ask you to buy D, hahaha. can nvr go wrong with ck fragrance but not confident on polo range, twice D the edt not up to expectation (romance for men and double black - don't whether it's pirated or original, though bought in departmental store...)

    5. Hey Miu!! U r one hell of an amazing queen of shopaholic!! :)
      I have to salute u for able to snap all the products and price listing!! Am wondering why no other hands grabbing the products in ur pictures?? Cause u took very clear pics.:) bravo to u!!

    6. miu!! thought of leaving a comment on your chatbox but limited words only...so don't wanna spam it haha. anywayz EVERYBODY WHO IS READING THIS THIS PRETTY GAL HERE KNOWS HOW TO SHOP!! so take a few pointers from her n although i don't know her, i can tell u that she's a very nice person n will be a very good friend. =)

      p/s: miu, would like to go shopping with u 1 day =P

    7. Wow Miu, I normally dont leave comments in blogs but this particular post really prompts me to write something.

      Superb job in getting all the pricing and pictures done ! It gives everyone a good idea what was on sale and also a pricing comparison. Great work there girl !

    8. Walau...my hats off to you la Miu! Thanks to people like you that people like us who cannot go get updates on warehouse pricing :) Thank God for people like you! You are one amazing shoppaholic!!! Kudos to you!!!

    9. keep up the good job... thank u and a salute 2 u

    10. miu...
      i salute you with all the pictures...i went there for the previous sale..takmau pegi lagi! the crowd was wild and the management sux so i decided not ot go last saturday!but u rawk okeh!!!

    11. all hail queen miu. i dont know how u have the patience to take all these photos... anyhow.. i was just wondering, u mentioned on the sns website about a stila stock clearance? do thy actually have stock clearances? im interested in their products.. when and where do they usually have their sale? feedback will be much appreciatedd..! :)

    12. but.. i didn't buy much things.. here (how can be shopper? ahhaha)

      thank u girls! glad u all like it! i'll take more pics next time haha!

      ancient: no stila dun have warehouse sale but if they do, it'll be under luxasia (the distributor) n they commented there will be no sale (don't know believe or not?)

    13. Thanks for sharing such informative info and pictures... Bravo!
      Keep it up...

    14. miu, I think you are fantastic in shopping :D hehe.. being the first reach there. :D

      so detail of pics too :D

    15. hahahthx sherry.. i been doin crazy stuffs last year and so..

    16. whoa! Tammy, I salute you. hahaa

    17. hahah totoro.. thx! but i already retired from price spying n reporting.. old liao.. kenot tahan.


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