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Treazures D.I.Y Craft Workshop on 19/7/08

I can't say how much fun me & my girlfriends had during the Treazure's D.I.Y Craft Workshop. From making our very own beaded necklace, learning how to preserve our memories by scrapbooking, making our own flowers using origami paper to learning the art of flower arranging! I was so busy creating trinkets that I didn't have all the time to snap pictures! but a blogger must always have something to show and I did manage to capture these cool pictures just to show how much fun we all had!

The Eastin Hotel Meeting Room where the workshop was held.

Our tables were already ready with tools & materials!

We had 4 Gurus sharing their knowledge, giving us a tip or two =)

Beading - Chong Pei-Lin from Bedazzled.
Scrapbooking - Macy Chew from Papier.
Origami - Datin Ho Choy Meng from the Japanese Language Society of Malaysia.
Flower Arranging - Grace Lim from One Red Lily.

#Lesson 1
Making Our Very Own Necklace

Using these!
(my necklace is almost done!)

See how my girlfriends are doing?

#Lesson No.2 Scrapbooking Basics
(we're to recreate the above sample)

Olina & Jasmine thinking how to make their scrapbook special.

I like Jasmine's colour combination!!

Olina's so sweet =)
she brought a picture of her sis & her to scrapbook

My "in the making" of a wonderful memory =)

#Lesson 3 - Origami
(I was having my teabreak during this period so only manage to capture 2 pictures)

#Lesson 4
Fleur Decor a.k.a Flower Arranging

We're given fresh flowers to start with & u know how girls are with flowers.
(Jasmine & Olina going all lovey dovey posing with the flowers)

Olina's masterpiece!

Jasmine's short & sweet =)

My Precious

I happen to snap this picture as I was amazed by Scrapbooking.
(the organizers set up small stalls at the back of the meeting room in case anyone wants to start their very own hobby. They have materials, classes and tools for sale at a special price! I manage to buy a birthday scrapbooking set for RM48-00. Will put it to good use soon)

Ta Dah!! These are my very own D.I.Y crafts I made during the workshop.

It was an amazing day creating our very own masterpieces. We didn't win any lucky draw though :( sad, but we did bring back a small plant pot home to care. Everyone gets one! my hands were tied up carrying all these home. I do wish they gave a better goody bag for us to bring back like a scrapbooking kit, a how-to beading guide & freebies. All in all, I really enjoy these workshops and I can't wait for the next Treazures Workshop to come! (I hope it's beauty/Crafts/Cooking!!!)

And just to let u know Treazures are giving out free memberships here & as a member you get free magazines sent to your doorstep. I get them every now and it's on fashion, shopping, places & beauty. There's also a membership card that gives you discount on places like Cupcake chic.


I made my own scrapbooking page after learning the how to basics from this workshop! Please tell me it's beautiful! I think it's so adorable.



  1. you people are creative.

    yep, your scrapbook is very nice (finger crossed behind my back, u know what I mean)

    how much is the workshop costs? may be can send auntie there too :)

  2. For members is RM95, For non-members is RM120. For group rate is RM90 (group of 4 minimun.

    Yer uncle finger cross..

  3. ok, i will ask my wife. next time you go, let me know, i send her, then i can have one day freedom to do noti things :)

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wut notti things?? lol u also come workshop lah! there's uncles who also came to the craft workshop u know, n he won a rose flower pot to bring back!

  5. i m not creative one lah, stone2 one. it'll be a waste of time and money.

  6. overall is gud...but if u wanna buy swarovski crystal in bulk, den let me know...give u the contact n see if u can get it cheap or not.

    jasmine's bouquet = typical bride's bouquet



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