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  • End of Cinema Online Magazine! Rise of the Clones


    I received a very sad letter and issue of Cinema Online Magazine this month. It states that August 2008 will be their last issue as they are expanding their "business" online and to Singapore etc etc. Looks like they want to cut cost and just bring everything online. Delivery charges and printing is not cheap nowadays since our Gov Binasakan our Economy by increasing petrol prices and letting inflation takes it place. It all happened because our Gov wants to save money, cut subsidiaries and what not. However it seems the Gov (and we) are spending more money now ever since petrol price went up. Look at the amount of money Gov is spending now? last i read in the newspaper, Gov is goin to HELP the bumiputra contractors who is complaining they charge too cheap to Gov for doing projects and with the hike they cannot do anymore or will bankrupt doing so. Bravo GOV for smart thinking, what about the non bumiputra contractors who is also suffering from the domino effect of your adoring decision to raise petrol price and cause a mayhem of inflation throughout our country? oh and is the GOV racist? only give projects to bumiputra contractors? (which u may even start to think is under whose wing?)

    the poor is getting poorer, the rich is getting richer
    and cinema online is cutting their magazines now!
    (ok la maybe not bcoz of inflation?).

    Reasons CO give out on cutting of Magazines:

    If being able to 'serve a thousand times more readers' is not a good enough reason, then saving paper and conserving the earth's natural resources should.

    Gone are the days where we can actually feel our reading materials & it looks like our future of being fat and lazy like the humans in Wall.E is becoming more apparent (haha). Well I am sad that Malaysia's best movie magazine (and only one in English) is going to be extinct! Why not use recycle paper to conserve earth? but actually we're not that dumb about marketing strategies so well if I can cut cost and make more money I would too so I can't condemn CO for cutting it's magazine off. Other magazines would be rejoicing on this? like maybe SpotLit(e)? who's main target audience is so obviously smack in our faces. I can't even read chinese but I was bought by their sales to believe without reading it, I can still redeem free screening tickets!


    Hell I regretted subscribing! you know why?

    1. they tell u one thing during sales n a totally different thing happen after (DAMMIT)

    2. they don't speak english WELL

    3. they don't understand you WELL

    4. BAD RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE upon redeeming tickets at cinema !

    5. it's cheaper - NOT!
    if u do the maths, it's more expensive than CO!! 1 sms @rm1 to redeem 1 ticket only! and that's even after u paid for SpotLit(e) which says u can get free 2 tickets every month if u r member (not free... ALSO! have to spend money to redeem it! and if the movie out of stock have to sms again for another movie!)

    6. not for PJ people to subscribe
    DAMMIT.. which already reduces which movies u can redeem for that month. Worst come to worst end up watching a show u didn't like because it's the only one available near u! Car Park at Pavilion u know how much? Sunway Pyramid? jam construction area. Mid Valley another horrendous jam place with no car park.

    I was feeling like a criminal and belittled just because it's my 1st time redeeming and just because I didn't have my membership card which they are keeping right under their noses in front of me. "WHERE IS YOUR CARD? RECEIPT? NO RECEIPT HOW TO REDEEM" the man sling shot to my face. FUIGEO so action this ah beng?! got style when say this and dam unfriendly!

    Member card? I had a question mark on my face. Receipt?! omg need receipt? I said. No receipt cannot redeem??

    hello? don't u have a list of names which have my name, handphone and IC NO.? why do u need to ridicule me just because I didn't bring my receipt to redeem the tickets when you haven't even send me my membership card which your sales people said they will by post! and what's more funny the guy sitting next to him give me my membership card slowly after the 1st guy was so dam rude to me". Is it because I am not a HOT PRETTY SLIM chick that upon 1st impression you decided to be so dam rude and not friendly at all? BAH HUMBUG!

    and can u believe I was on time to redeem my tickets and already I am being given the 4th row from the screen to watch! (corruption goin on or I not pretty enough??) what's the use of posting what time to collect when you don't honor it? (Hot Magazine another crazy one, sometimes dam late sometimes dam early. Will heart attack if u go at the time specified and sit near screen).

    - miu getting pissy again as this is one of the reasons I don't want CO to stop it's magazine subscription. I love CO! CO is the best! BEST service! COPS MOVIE PATROL! FREEBIES! BEST BEST BEST!!!

    *note what I experience from SpotLi(e) is MY ACTUAL EXPERIENCE so don't come here telling me u had a great experience bla bla spotLi(e) is good bla bla I am bullshiating and dramaing. I can go swear at Commisioner of Oath = =!



    1. Go and make statutory declaration, it is the IN thing now, hehehe.

      Nvm lah, may be CO will be better ONLINE leh?

    2. i wonder how's their marketing strategy like when fully online.. nation wide.

      guess they cut cost and expand online, while readers spend money to enter contest and subscribers cannot have viewing privileges anymore?! sob sob

    3. that is the principle of business mah, minimum cost, maximum return. lain from kerja, minimum effort, maximum salary... hehehe.


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