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  • Wall.E is AWESOME!


    I'm back from Bangkok and already I'm watching a movie preview, this time "Wall.E" by Pixar, thanks to Advertlets who gave away free tickets to bloggers like me. I saw Thomas & Son, Ewin (sat very far from me! sob sob) and many unidentified flying blOggers. It's a pity the movie invite pass is a piece of photocopied color paper because I love to collect really nice movie tickets. The movie was also free seating which I hated the most for reasons you may imagine. The movie however was an awesome display of Pixar's creativity and never ending gift to surprise, secure and sedate us in our seats with eyes wide open (except for an uncle who slept beside me from the start of the movie, so it wasn't the movie's fault yeah!).

    Here's my review in stupified mode as I am no Lim Chang Moh.

    Wall.E is the last and only trash clearing robot (in my own words) on earth. His duty is simple - gather trash, stuff it into his square body and inject it out (pangsai) as a square thingy that he then stacks up like the empire building. Interesting? yes but it don't just stop there. Wall.E has a mind of its own too, probably being left alone on earth made him develop a personality (like Tom Hanks in Cast Away who suddenly befriended a ball on a lonely island) and just to prove movies do affect people and robots alike, Wall.E learns about love through a oldie movie with romantic songs. Longing to also "touch" and be with another being/robot, he falls in love with EVE (love at first sight to be precise) and tries to woo her. Eve is a hot temper robot like all female beings She's sent to earth to look for plants and she kinda shoots things down when she's piss/alarmed/shock/disturb (what is pixar tryin 2 potray!).

    OPS too much SPOILER? well go see the movie! because there is nothing bad I can say about it! It's the greatest animation I've ever seen this year! You may learn an important thing or two from the movie as well besides from laughing, smiling and going "Wall.E" throughout the movie.

    Wall E


    here I go again..

    Wall E..

    I rate this movie 5 stars!


    1. ya ya ya, me too, i would say it is five star.

      thanks for the "chopping" the seats for us, you know lah, one young, one old, how to "chop" places.

      nice review, mine also out but not much review. go, read and wall.e me back ok...

    2. hurley after a few sux movies, u miss out on a 5 star movie! it's so awesome u must c it ok! i cant wait 2 read what u'll write LOL.

      uncle: no problem.. I become babaric for old n young boys. It's like "survival of the fittest during free seating shows". You either lose out by walkin slowly and sitting in the front rows bcoz ppl all book the seats or u run like mad (me) and book for an uncle and a cute boy.

      One may wonder what will happened to pregnant woman, grandpa, grandma or handicapped people?

    3. that is what canes and crutches are for tripping and beating your way to a good seat!
      Jamie know these are good weapons to get your way and who is going to say the poor cripple did it!
      Have not seen wall-e but know one person who thought it was one of the worst movies she had seen, I guess it is a movie you love or hate no middle ground! Good to hear your back!

    4. how can anyone hate Wall.E? except kiddos perhaps because they don't understand the complexity of emotions (uuh, now i know why hurley much watch, too much emo). the first quarter, it was slow but it gets better, just like wine. give it a shot.

    5. re-post from my blog (www.tmithomas.blogspot.com)

      "malaysian salary" also quite low - make 1000 ringgit suit
      "malaysain salary" also quite low - go 250 ringgit spa
      "malaysian salary" also quite low - can not save 500 ringgit a month, some more can not survive without parent's help....BAH HUMBUG :p

      hahaha...you all had it good, old people like me, we have seen what it was like not to have, so, we tend to value money more :d


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