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  • Shaolin Girl: Literally Unbelievable..


    Shaolin Girl is a crazy film about this Japaneses girl name Rin who was sent to China to learn Shaolin Kungfu as a child. Little did she know, that it was actually to protect her from the Dark Side (Star Wars Hello). Well you may wonder what's the big deal? over protective grandpa huh? actually Rin is like Goku in Dragon Ball. Has some inner firey power and is able to perform "kame hame haaa" that either blow the bad guys away or turning the bad guys into good guys (Sailormoon Love Power). Ok sound silly enough yet?

    Over dramatizing and power effects of "Shaolin Kungfu" makes one look down on the chinese kungfu series we see on TV and Movies. It's also unbelievable really. Don't spread kungfu-ey goodness by making cheesy drama! And I think Kitty Zhang is an alien. Always smiling, neat hair, cheongsam, never angry and 100% purely oozing out female pheromones? (feminine, gentle to the max) makes me just think it's Stephen Chow's ideal woman that he tries so hard to push in his every movie now.

    Seems like his handpicked actress all have similar roles to portray in his movies. Chinese, Cheongsam, Sweet, Demure, Smiling, Gentle and calm?

    The movie is not worth it lah, even if it's produced by Stephen Chow. He's not acting in there neither did he publicize this movie much. I laugh when the credits came out because it seem the credits was more entertaining and more like the movie than the 1 hour 30mins movie itself (the end credits was a short play on what happens to them all next with funky Japanese music).

    1 star for cute Japaneses girls running in their cute lacrosse uniforms.


    Special thanks to Uncle Thomas, Cun Wife, Tiffany & husband & Hurley for coming =) Can't wait to read your reviews and laugh about it. Too bad u guys won't be around to do Meet Dave preview sob sob. C u guys after my Bangkok Trip!

    Uncle's Review


    1. Unbelievable its the type of movie Jamie would be happy to see, Jamie would enjoy the similarities to all those other movies you compared it with, sweet But will I be able to get a copy of it in Canada?

    2. lol jaime!

      u serious about wanting to watch it? if it comes out in msia in dvd, i'll send u a copy =)

    3. Jamie used to watch 100 and 100 of what you would call "B" movies (BAD) and every so often you would find a great movie or even a cult classic before it ever became a cult classic.
      Like everyone likes Rocky Horror Picture Show, but except for the actor and actress who played brad and Janet the whole cast was in another show called "Shock Treatment"
      I always find something redeeming in even the worst movies I have watched

    4. jamie: you dont wanna watch this, trust me. Unless...you believe the power of love =P

    5. What is this Love thing you talk about, don't you mean the power of wove for people who don't want to commit! Jamie understands that! Long story but ends happily when she became enormous and ugly!

    6. hey, how come you sempat lagi kasi komen? i thought you rushed back after the movie? or, was it "pre-recorded" like those "comments-in-absentia"?

      Quote "Tammy Lim: "This movie is not as good as I had expected it to be. It was over-dramatic and boring. However, I did enjoy the ending credits, as it was very entertaining. I love Stephen Chow's movies but this wasn't up to par with 'Shaolin Soccer'. If I were that physically strong, I would go rob a bank! All in all, I'd rate this as a 1 star." Unquote


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